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I'm on the hunt I'm on the prowl

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We're owl exterminators

About me:
*I'm 31
*I'm a guy
*I'm pansexual/bisexual, though with the amount of times I talk about guys, most people assume I'm gay, which is ok
*I love Star Wars
*I can be both shy and loud, depending on who I'm with
*I don't ascribe to any religion, but I do believe there may be a higher power

I love doing slash roleplaying on aim: so if anyone wants to, just aim me :D

I take fic requests here

Archive: +44 - Madina Lake
Archive: Matt Willis - Zack Hall

Currently being written fic list

Pairings that simply do exist
30 Seconds To Mars: Jared/Shannon, Jared/Tomo, Shannon/Tomo
Apocalyptica: Eicca/anyone
Black Veil Brides: Andy Six/Ashley Purdy
Blink-182: Mark Hoppus/Tom Delonge/Travis Barker
Blue: Duncan/Lee
Bring Me The Horizon: Oli/Anyone
Bullet For My Valentine: Jay/Padge, Jay/Anyone, Matt/Jay, Matt/Padge, Matt/Anyone,
Busted: James/Matt/Charlie
Fightstar: Charlie/Dan/Omar
Good Charlotte: Benji/Joel, Benji/Paul, Billy/Paul, Benji/Billy/Paul, Paul/Anyone
Lostprophets: Ian/Ilan, Ian/Anyone, Ilan/anyone
Madina Lake: Matthew/Nathan, Matthew/Dan, Dan/Mateo
Mcfly: Dougie/Harry, Harry/Tom, Dougie/Tom
My Chemical Romance: Mikey/Gerard, Gerard/Bob, Ray/Bob, Frankie/Bob, Ray/Anyone, Bob/Anyone
Panic! At The Disco: Ryan/Spencer, Ryan/Anyone, Spencer/Anyone
Phixx: Andrew/Mikey
Resident Evil 4: Leon/Luis
Son Of Dork: Dave/Anyone
Star Wars: Anakin/Obi-Wan, Anakin/R2-D2, R2-D2/C-3P0, Padme/Her handmaidens (come on! what else are they for?!), Anakin/Kit, Grievous/Kit
The Automatic: Pennie/Anyone
The Blackout: Sean/Anyone
The Legend Of Zelda: Dark!Link/Link, Ghirahim/Link, Link/Colin, Link/Morpha, Link/Ralis, Link/ReDead, Link/Sheik, Link/Shad, Zant/Ganon
The Umbrella Academy: Cha-Cha/Hazel, The Kraken/The Seance
The Used: Quinn/Bert, Jepha/Dan
Torchwood: Jack/Ianto

Crossovers: Bert Mccracken/Bob Bryar, Charlie Simpson/Harry Judd, Charlie Simpson/Matt Tuck, Charlie Simpson/Will Simpson, Frankie Iero/Jay James, Ian Watkins/Mikey Way, Ian Watkins/Sean Smith, Jack Harkness/Doctor, James Bourne/Tom Fletcher, Jay James/Omar Abidi/Bob Bryar, Mikey Way/Quinn Allman, Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes, Sean Smith/Ian Watkins, Sean Smith/Oli Sykes, Tom Delonge/Gerard Way

Fandoms I write:
Active: Apocalyptica, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Doctor Who, Fall Out Boy, Fightstar, Lostprophets, Madina Lake, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Star Trek, The Blackout, The Umbrella Academy, The Used, Torchwood
Inactive (temporary): 30 Seconds To Mars, AFI, Busted, Good Charlotte, Mcfly, Son Of Dork, Star Wars, The Academy Is..., The Automatic, Zelda
Inactive (indefinate): Aiden, Blue
Upcoming: Battle Royale, Brigade

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Credit for the mood theme: iharthdarth and halffling

Get Your Five-Man-Band Now <3

Communities I own:

Communities I mod:

Communities I post in:


Dunklee exists

10th doctor, abarai renji, abby sciuto, adam lambert, adipose, aliens, andy six, animals, apocalyptica, ashley purdy, astrophysics, aurra sing, axolotl, bassists, battle royale, bdsm, black butler, black veil brides, bleach, blue harvest, bob bryar, bob bryar's solo project, brian cox, bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, calvin roffey, charlie simpson, coruscant, dan torelli, dan whitesides, dan/jepha, deadpool, death note, deep space nine, doctor who, doritos, droideka, drummers, enterprise, europa, exoplanets, family guy, fightstar, finntroll, funeral for a friend, futurama, gay marriage, ghosts, gilmore girls, gir, glee, gore, hazel and cha-cha, heroes, hiro, hollow-ichigo, hotel dusk, ianto jones, ichimaru gin, ilan rubin, invader zim, ishida uryuu, japan, jay james, jimmy urine, karen walker, kit fisto, kurt hummel, kylie minogue, l, lego star wars, link, lorelai gilmore, luke smith, lwaxana troi, madina lake, majora's mask, mamma mia, mandolorians, mateo camargo, mock the week, moose, ncis, nightmare before christmas, oli sykes, omar abidi, padge, pepsi, pokemon, portal, prince ralis, qi, queen of the damned, r2-d2, ray toro, resident evil, rhod gilbert, ricky rebel, ringu, saw, scat, sean smith, shad, sheep, show pony, skyrim, smosh, spencer smith, star trek, star wars, sushi, t-virus, team rocket, tentacles, the blackout, the clone wars, the legend of zelda, the new regime, the sarah jane adventures, the smoking hearts, the used, the very hungry caterpillar, tokio hotel, tony dinozzo, torchwood, toy story, tribbles, umbrella academy, unicorns, virta, voyager, wales, wall-e, watersports, waycest, weasleycest, wii, will and grace, writing, zero, zombies, zora

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