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Every writer has some sort of an ego. They desire to know weather their work is good. Passable. Hot. What a writer really wants is to provoke a reaction, be it awww that's sweet!, OMG that's so hot or *sniffs that's so sad. In the end, that's what a writer wants. Even if they never show it, they do.

As a slash writer, that's what I desire, though I rarely show it. I started out on the small platform of Blue slash, which let's face it, never has and never was anywhere near mainstream. But I had fans. A small cadre of them. Barely more then five. Then, slowly I progressed. I moved on to Mcfly slash. Again, it's a fairly small fandom when you think of it, but it's much bigger then Blue slash. So said cadre grew even more, and that's how I encountered most of you.

But now... now I've only posted a single Mcfly fic in a month. And I assure you, there will be more Mcfly within a week.

But now, finally, I've encountered a much larger fandom. One, which, in just 4 parts of the same fic has had more seperate commentors then practically all my Mcfly and blue stuff put together.

MCR. Gee/Mikey. And in four days I've wrote four parts, simply because of that. Because each part brings more comments. And each part floods my e-mail with replies to it. My ego, normally small and concealed, has now increased profusely. In just four days.

And I would like to thank _trixie_ for without her I would never have actually knew who MCR were.

Anyway, I'm babbling randomly. Strictly speaking, I shouldn't even be here. But I see no point in going to a lesson where I'll have to leave half way through. To me, that's beyond pointless. And if I did go, that dumbass teacher would try and get me to stay, or work over lunch. Which I know if said anything like that I'd snap.

Why not go? Because I have a funeral to go to. I actualy told Lisa about it and she was ok, even nice about it. But him. I can't stand him. So hopefully he can put two and two together and if he doesn't.. le sigh.

How brilliant was Dsperate Housewives? Very that's what. It's only floor was no pool making out this time sigh.

Anyway, I need MCR icons so off I go to find. Byes.

And on a side note: 4 weeks today.
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