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On a night like thattttt

Wow. Just wow. It's the only way to truly describe it.

Well we got there at just after 6:30. It was cold so I had 3 extra layers on. We got in. Got a t-shirt and glowy stick. Then sat down as the opening band came on.

They were Melody something, Swedish and the lead looked like Gerard dreamysigh. He wore tight pants and odd red shoes. They were goood!

Then cammera guys climbed up a ladder to the cammeras up top.

Then finally she came on. God it was fantastic. I can't even remember the playlist it's as if all the songs melded into one. But when she did Your Disco Needs You I squeed. The first few songs were her in feathers. Mmmm the dancers were so hot and so topless. The next songs were her in retro shinyish stuff with retro dancers. Then she was on the moon. Then a gym. Which was by far the hottest cause it had Glenn in a shower. Then she was shiny again with two different hats and finally she was in green.

She did pretty much every song except Breathe, Did It Again and Kids. Dreamysigh. It was wonderful. Words can't describe it. Not at all.

From curious_duel
Thirteen random things you like:
1. Slash
2. Harry's singing voice
3. Topless guys
4. Revenge of the Sith pictures
5. Being random
6. Poking
7. Building lego sets
8. Music
9. Having a constant internet connection
10. Spinning
11. Going to concerts
12. Spending money
13. Shiny things

Twelve favorite movies:
1. Star Wars Series
2. Lord Of The Rings
3. The Ring
4. Resident Evil Apocalypse
5. Kill Bill
6. Queen Of The Damned
7. Battle Royale.
8. Pokemon :[
9. The Matrix Reloaded
10. The X-Files movie
11. Get Real
12. Thunderbirds

Eleven favorite bands/artists:
1. McFly
2. Green Day.
3. Kylie! <33
4. Phixx
5. Blue
6. Busted.
7. Natalie Imbrulia
8. My Chemical Romance
9. The Killers
10. Darren Hayes
11. V

Ten songs:
1. Kylie - Your Disco Needs You
2. Phixx - Love Revolution
3. My Chemical Romance - Vampires Will Never Hurt You
4. V - Stop The Tears
5. Natalie Imbrulia - Big Mistake
6. John Williams - The Immolation Scene
7. Green Day - Blood, Sex And Booze
8. Blue - Walk Away
9. Busted - 3am
10. Darren Hayes - I Like The Way

Nine interesting things about you:
1. I can be really girly sometimes
2. I HATE cattle grids
3. I have too many fics on the go
4. I often hide my feelings
5. I'm allergic to pencillin
6. I don't like most meat.
7. I want to travel the world, but I don't want to live in another county
8. I want to learn how to play my guitar
9. I like curling up in bed

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
1. Bagettes
2. Prawns
3. Sushi
5. Pepsi twist
6. Galaxy chocolate
7. Cheese strings
8. Pizza

Seven things that annoy you:
1. People slagging off my taste in music.
2. Homophobia
3. So called 'Christians'
4. Bullying
5. Missing the bus
6. Having my name being yelled by people I don't know
7. It not being may 19th yet

Six things you wear daily:
1. Glasses
2. My bullying wristband
3. Ear ring
4. Underwear
5. Ear bar thing
6. Ear phones

Five things you touch everyday:
1. Laptop
2. My glasses
3. My hair
4. Tv control
5. My jacket

Four shows you watch:
1. Will And Grace
2. Desperate Housewives.
3. The Simpsons
4. Little Britain

Three celebrities you have a crush on: (only three?)
1. Harry Judd
2.Andrew Kinlochan
3. Mikey Way :[

Two people you'd like to kiss:
1. Harry Judd
2. Andrew Kinlochan

One person you could spend the rest of your life with:
1. Not sure...
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