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Coherence is for losers! Aka: random shit from gj

Here's a llama, there's a llama and another little llama, funny llama, fuzzy llama, llama, llama, duck!

Le sigh, she's gone off to Scotland. Le sigh.

Le sigh, aol is still being a bitch. Technical difficulties my ass.

Le sigh no sushi.

But yay! Star Wars figures in sci-fi shop. And I mean Revenge of the Sith ones which shouldn't be out yet. There was. Padme (which I'm not so impressed with now that I've seen it), C-3P0, Battle Droid, Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Kit Fisto, Senate Guard (Red), Shaak Ti, Chancellor Palpatine, a Jedi (I can't recall which) and the preview stuff. So.. mehish.

But yay! Easter eggs and money.

Tommorrow (before or after cd:uk or totps I haven't decided yet, annyone know who's on?) I shall be going to Walsall.


Well two reasons. First, is to get Mario DS. Woot. Apparently it's the best DS game out. Second is to go to Blockbuster, exchange two videos and two dvds, and take the money to msic zone and get... UNDERWORLD EXTENDED! (9.97 Music Zone) Yay we finally have it! More Erika stuff yay! The rest i shall try and save for Monday to get The Ring Collectors edition (14.97 Music Zone). If I get good money I'll get a Friends dvd or Simpsons dvd too. Or Dawn of the Dead. Or Shawn of the Dead. Or The Grudge. Hmm. I might take more old stuff, depending on what I find that I hate/have on dvd

Le sigh I hate Blockbusters. I took in my Ring dvd, Matrix video, Underworld dvd, Angel season 2 and 3 on video, Buffy season 5 and Interview with the Vampire on video and got... 14:50! >:-O Grrr

I got Cabin Fever *blames Katie*, Shattered Glass *blames hayden* and King Arthur *blames Keira* in a buy 2 get one free thing there though so meh.

I also got Mario DS so yay.

This also means I have to beg for money cause I haven't got Underworld yet. Sigh.

Why do I have to like odd pairings? Why is there so few Star Wars slash sites? AND WHY ARE NONE OF THEM ANAKIN/MAUL OR ANAKIN/KIT? WHY??

le sigh

Anyone that read through that and undrstood gets a cookie.
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