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Le brits 2005

8:00 - Oh dear god Chris Evans! Mmmm awards
8:03 - Fuck off Chris!
8:05 - EEE Scissor Sisters! Take Your Mama Out. Not the best song but hee they're mad! Does Jake own any clothes? What's with the house?! And fruit! Flamingos! haaa! And yellow! WTF eggs!? Ahhhhh! he has feathers!! Peacocky thing!!
8:09 - Fuck off Chris!
8:10 - Ahhhhhhhh! First award! Matt and David taking on to Take That! hahahahha! Nomininations
Winner of best song (since the brits started): Robbie - Angels! YAYA! Easily the best. 'I am on pills because of you! Judas!' And I'd like to thank my boyfriend Jake of the Scissor Sissters'
8:13 - MEH! Take Me Out! They shoulda done Micheal! Everyone loves Michael! Bah!
8:17 - Thank god that's over, now the ads
8:21 - Fuck off Chris!
8:22 - Nother award, Breakthrough. Winners: Keane! Wooish.
8:24 - *kills Chris*
8:25 - Best Rock Act Award. Franz, meh!
8:27 - Grrr you still alive bah!
8:28 - Dan and Tash perform. Ain't Nobody. It's good, slightly incestourus... What's with the drums?
8:31 - Best International Breakthrough. Winner: Scissor Sisters! I wanted Killers to win *pout* and shock they;re wearing clothes! He's thanking everyone in existance!
8:35 - The Streets - Dry Your Eyes. It's a good song.
8:39 - More ads meh.
8:43 - Best British Live Act. Winner: Muse. *shrugs* Not really bothered about the award.
8:47 - GREEEEEEEEEEN DAYYYY!! Mmmm Billie-Joe! Wowza! Boom!
8:51 - Best British Single. Ohh shush woman. Winner: Wil Young -Your Game. Mmmmm.... What is he doing with his face?! And the award=sooo shiny...
8:54 - Chris has redemed himself... Best Pop Act: Mcfly.
8:57 - Eeeeeee! Tom covered in champagne! And and hotness! BUT... WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T THEY SHOW WHAT DOUGIE/DANNY SAID?? INJUSTICE!
8:58 - Meh Joss Stone
9:02 - Mcfly backstage. Completely incomprehensible. Ha! And meh ads!
9:06 - Best International Female. PLEASE BE KYLIE! Winner:Gwen Stefani?! WTF? She's only released one single! And why are the Japanese following her?
9:10 - Best International Male. Winner: Eminem. Grr!
9:13 - WOoooooooooo! Robbie! Wooo! Oh fuck Joss! Nooooo!!!!
9:17 - Best British Male. Winner: The Streets. hee meh. Where's Mike?
9:20 - Keane. Why Everybody's Changing? Why?
9:23 - Ads meh.
9:28 - Best British Female - Joss Stone Meh!
9:30 - Jamelia and Lemar - Addicted To Love. MEH! Dear god. Are they shagging? *shudder*
9:35 - Best Urban - Joss Stone WTF? she ain't urban!
9:38 - Best International Group. PLEASE LET GREEN DAY WIN! Scissor Sisters. bah But mmm shot of Billie.
9:41 - Gwen Stefani. Tick tock tick tock!
9:50 - back from ads. Best British Group. Sharooon! Winner: Franz. bah
9:53 - Best International Album. PLEASE BE THE KILLERS! Scissor Sisters AGAIN!
9:58 - Pharrel/Snoop Dog MEH!
10:02 - Best British Album. Winner- Keane: Hopes And Fears. hee
10:06 - Meh ads again.
10:10 - Final award. Outstanding Contribution. Bob Geldof.
10:15 - Meh that's it. Bah.
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