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Welcome to the random post. The post of everyting random from the past few days bunched together in a giant ball of random.

First off, I'll be writing later today. Probably Catvision, but if anyone wants the older stuff (Slipped Away, Obviously) updated then I'll do that insead.

Star Wars Episode III is out in just under 100 days. *spins*

I finished Majora's Mask again last night. All I have to do is get the last bottle and then I've got everything that is gettable.

I need to remind mum to bring her credit card.

I need to actually open the Attitude mag.

I seen Girl, Interrupted last night. Twas good, Angelina was hot. And when they found the body... *shudders*

And finally random porn stuff. (cause there was a program on 5 that I seen, it was quite explicit too). 11,000 porn titles are made each year. 80% has girl on girl action. Straight porn actors get paid upto $600 for one sex scene, whereas gay porn actors get paid $3000 a sex scene! Sigh if only I was hot enough.
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