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I aiin't posted here in over a month, so let's summarise. Emotional breakdown. Telling Mum what happened. Birthday. Shopping. Seeing Apocalypise. Getting Kylie tickets. More shopping. Half term. Fucked up new timetable. Now.

He's won. I haven't confirmed this but all sources are pointing to him winning. How? How the fuck? As I said before it's screwed up to hell, and I'm glad I'm here and not there.

I feel so sorry for all that have lost out there. Read this and tell me it's right this happened. Read it and tell me that world hasn't completely fucked now. Look me in the eye and tell me that they did the right thing voting him in to office, when people will suffer because of it. And then do it to all those that are going to feel this. Tell them that is what is right. God how can they be so stupid.

I've cried for them. I truly have.
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