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This is gonna be my last post I make here. (Well that’s the intent anyway, who knows?)

I basically did the repost of stuff as a courtesy to lc_ffaf/freeflowfall so that they’d always be able to access the stuff. But, well, I just don’t see too much point reposting the fic posts from dreamwidth here since I’ve fully moved over there.

(And, let’s face it, no one is really here anyway anymore)

I’m still gonna keep everything up on here (the Lostprophets and YMAS fic is still locked and will likely stay that way).

Ive has some awesome times here and I really miss a lot of the people who I’ve ended up meeting here along the way. I wish I hadn’t lost touch with so many people and I hope they’re doing ok.

So yeah, I’m over on dreamwidth now, if you haven’t already then hit up on there. Content there is mostly fic, (locked) personal posts and ramblings. I’ve also started up picspams and (hopefully) a monthly fic meme thing.

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