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Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Nick Cave
Warnings: incest, bdsm
Notes: Same au as the last fic. I dunno why I’ve switched from first person for these but ah well. Thanks again to perfectactor for the immense inspiration

Mikey Way was reeling as he laid in bed, his mind still focussed on the video that he had stumbled upon. He knew that he wasn’t the only one fucking his big brother. There were about five others that he knew about, six after watching the video. Most of them were infrequent, happening every few months, apart from Ray, Gerard’s best friend who was more regular than that. It also wasn’t the only video he had seen of Gerard having sex. But this one was different for two big reasons.

First, Gerard was the top in it. Gerard was usually a bottom, his pretty, plump as was just begging to be filled. Mikey knew he had topped before though, he had with him a handful of times, though that was rare. This time, though, was different, Gerard seemed more confident in his position and it gave Mikey chills. The good kind.

Secondly it was who he was with. It was Nick Cave, their biological father and sometime gang leader. Nick had a swagger about him, one that Mikey would have assumed meant he was the one fucking, not the other way around.

Gerard had caught him watching the video (just after a Mikey had shot his load all over himself) and that had led to an interesting discussion. Mikey had questions of course and, once he had come own from the high of his orgasm, stopped the video and changed his tee, he asked them. Gerard, as always, was kind enough to provide him answers.

It had been going on for some time now, over a year.

Nick did top Gerard and often too.

He was insatiable sexually, just like the Way brother’s.

He knew they were fucking before the day the video was filmed.

The video was filmed just a few days ago.

Mikey wanted in. Thankfully the video made it clear that Nick was too and, from what Gerard told him, he’d probably pay Gerard a visit next weekend. Even more perfect since their parents were going away for that weekend, leaving them with the place to themselves.

Mikey snaked his hand down his slender frame, towards his dick. Mikey was aching hard and he wanted, no, needed to get off. He took his erection in hand and started to stroke, letting his mind wander.

He should, if anything, be picturing himself in Gerard’s position in the video. Thrusting into his dad’s ass, gripping onto him as he fucked him hard and deep, making him moan in pleasure. He should, but that’s not what his mind came up with. Quite the opposite in fact.

Mikey thought of himself on his knees, between the older man’s legs. His lips were on his cock, kissing and licking along the large erection. He’d seen pictures so knew just how big he was, so he knew he would struggle to take it whole, unlike Gerard who could take it down his throat with ease thanks to having no gag reflex.

Mikey squeezed his cock, a gasp leaving his lips. What would it taste like? Was it as good as Gerard’s? He pumped his cock with his hand and his mind switched to something else.

He was naked, sprawled out across Gerard’s bed. His hands were tied with the rope from the chest in Gerard’s basement room, his slim legs spread wide. ‘Daddy please...’ He looked at Nick, his eyes wide and pleading behind his glasses. ‘Fuck me, make me your little whore.’

Nick grinned, looking down at Mikey’s slim body, presented to him like a gift he pushed Mikey’s legs up and apart, moving so that his cock pressed into him. Mikey moaned, his own cock aching, needy...

Mikey gasped, his hips thrusting upward as he fucked his hand. He cursed himself for not having a dildo up here, or even some lube. All the action happened down in Gerard’s room so it seemed to make sense to keep them down there.

Note to self: tomorrow I’ll bring them up. For now Mikey had to make do with his hand on his dick and his imagination. Thankfully he was good with both.

His mind wandered again. This time he was on his knees, his hands hands bound behind him, a gag in his mouth stretching his lips. A collar was secured around his throat, by Nick who stood before him gazing down at him possessively. Mikey was hard as a rock, but a ring was secured around the base of him. He couldn’t cum, not with it strangling him.

‘Such a pretty little twink aren’t you Mikey.’ He reached down, stroking his hair, soft and gentle. The touch made Mikey close his eyes slightly and drool around the rubber of the gag. This felt so right, the three of them together like this.

Gerard was there, on the used couch and Mikey could see him out of the corner of his eye. Naked, legs spread, hand pumping his cock as he watched us.

‘Eyes on me you dirty little whore.’ Nick growled and Mikey looked back up at him, his attention fully on him now. Nick was dressed in a pair of black leather pants, which clung tight around the bulge of his hard cock. Mikey’s mouth watered more, wanting to touch it, to taste it, to take it up his ass. His hole twitched at the mere thought of taking it. ‘Gerard, stop jerking over and make yourself useful by fingering your brother.’

Mikey let out a soft moan' his sharp hips arching up against his bedsheets. He loved the way his mind worked sometimes. Biting his lip, his focus returned to his fantasy, though he knew he was close.

Gerard was there, he could feel his presence behind him even before he felt the fingers penetrate him. Gerard’s fingers were plump and slick with lube, stretching him open and making him moan behind the gag. His attention was focussed on their dad though, as Nick undid his fly, pulling out that huge dick of his. ‘Soon this will be in you, and you’ll be my pretty little bitch.’

Mikey whined, pushing back against Gerard’s fingers, hard and needy. He wanted that dick in him, more than anything in his life. He’d beg for it if he could, like a wanton whore. All he could do was lean into his hand and gaze up at him.

Gerard’s fingers had him worked over, open and ready for cock in no time, much faster than they would in life. ‘He’s ready for you daddy.’ Gerard’s voice made Mikey squirm, the tone of it as well as the words themselves.

Nick smirked, before he circled around me. Gerard’s fingers left Mikey’s ass, all three of them and he felt hands parting his cheeks. ‘Such a pretty little hole, all open for me...’ Mikey felt Nick’s dick against his opening, his body shivering in anticipation...

Mikey gasped, thrusting up into his fist and he came, all over himself and the sheets. “Fuck...” He whispered into the darkness, breathless. He wished it could have gone on longer, that he could have seen where his mind took him next. Hopefully he would continue it further in his dreams tonight.

Laying there he bought his slick fingers up to his lips, snaking his tongue out to taste himself, like he always did when jerked off alone. Soon. Soon he would get his chance to make that fantasy a reality and then the cum he tasted would be his.

He closed his eyes, smiling and stretching out beneath his covers. For now, though, he would sleep and when he woke it would be one day closer.
Tags: fic, gerard way, mikey way, my chemical romance, nick cave
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