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Pairing: Gerard Way/Nick Cave, Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Au, incest
Notes: AU where Nick is the dad of the Ways. The bits in the video are from an rp I’ve been doing the past few days

Mikey Way slipped into his brother’s basement bedroom, glancing around. Over the years Mikey had spent a lot of time down here with his brother, reading comic books, watching sci-fi and horror films and doing various other things. He had a lot of fond memories here. Today, though, his brother was out, though Mikey knew he wouldn’t mind him coming down here.

Mikey looked around the room for what he had come for, before finally spotting it. Strange, Gerard usually left his laptop on his cluttered desk or coffee table but today it was on his bedside table. He must’ve been using it in bed last night, or maybe this morning.

Mikey shrugged and took ahold of it, shifting it over to the coffee table, opening it up and turning it on. While it loaded, Mikey grabbed the power cable and plugged it in, taking a seat while he waited.

It didn’t take long for it to load up, the familiar home screen greeting him after he typed in their shared password. He was in the mood to watch one of the shows Gerard had downloaded for them. It was illegal, sure, but some of these shows and films just weren’t available any other way. Once the laptop was fully loaded, he opened up the video player, clicking on it to open the files. He was about to do a search when he spotted the most recently viewed file.

Nick.mpeg? That was the name of their dad, their biological one anyway, what had Gerard been watching with him? Curiosity piqued, Mikey pushed his glasses up his nose, before loading the video up. Gerard wouldn’t mind him watching, whatever it was.

Mikey’s breath caught in his throat when the video began to play. It was Gerard, naked, which wasn’t anything new. He’d made a few sex tapes with the laptop’s webcam before, some featuring Mikey. What surprised him was the other man, sprawled on the couch. Nick, their father, as naked as Gerard. “All ready to go.” Gerard’s voice, before he leaned over and kissed their father.

Mikey gasped as he watched them kiss. It was passionate, Nick stroking Gerard’s face as they did and from the sweat on their bodies he had a feeling this wasn’t the first thing they had done before filming. Mikey swallowed as he watched. He had no idea that they had ever done this. Why hadn’t he told him about this?

As he watched he felt his dick harden in his pants, Nick lying down across the couch. Fuck, it was the one he was sitting on right now. He looked down at the stained material, wondering if any of them were from his dad. He shook the thought from his head, returning his gaze to the screen as Gerard adjusted the webcam for a better view.

Gerard was kissing Nick’s neck, as their father wrapped his legs around him, Gerard pressing his hips against him. “Tell me want you want daddy.” Gerard purred in his ear, though it was loud enough for the laptop’s mic to pick up. “What do you want to do to me?”

“Fuck.” Mikey whispered, his cock aching at the words, at the sight. Subconsciously he reached down, groping his own crotch. The contact made him realise exactly why the laptop was where it was. Gerard had been watching this, no doubt beating off to it.

“Ahwww. Maybe you can get a dildo? I don’t expect you to be hard all day...” Nick’s low voice confirmed that this wasn’t the first thing they had done. Fuck.

It must be something that they had inherited from him. Both he and Gerard had a strong sex drive once they got going, though most people couldn’t keep up with them. Dad must have given it to them.

“You always make me hard.” Gerard replied and Mikey could practically hear the smile in his voice. “Though I do have one, want me to get it?” Mikey’s fingers undid his flies, getting out his cock. He knew Gerard had more than just one, though that didn’t matter.

“I don’t know...” Their father sounded doubtful, like he was changing his mind. “Mmm... can you do me again? Like before?”

Mikey’s eyes widened at his words. Gerard was mainly a bottom, his pretty plump ass perfect for taking things. Seeing him fuck someone, and especially his father was... fuck.

“I’ve done a lot of things to you, what do you mean?” Gerard replied, as he licked at his neck.

“Well, I meant like, go inside me again, but if you could think of anything else then I’m all yours.” Fuck... Mikey bit his lip, starting to stroke his erection.

“Mmm, you want me to fuck you again daddy?” Gerard purred, his voice filled with lust as his fingers parted Nick’s legs. Mikey always melted when he spoke to him like that.

“Ahhhhw... yeah.” Nick moaned, the words obviously turning him on as much as they did for Mikey.

Sex tapes were great and all, especially when someone as sexy as his big brother was one of the stars, but there was one thing Mikey hated about them. The view was static, immobile which meant that you couldn’t see everything. It meant that a lot of good stuff was missing, unable for Mikey to view. Like right now, he couldn’t see his dad’s dick. His legs and Gerard was blocking the view. This was especially annoying as Gerard moved down, planting kisses along his chest, stopping to lick along his unseen erection. (Mikey has to fill in the gaps there.) Now he could see his dad’s bare chest and he could see that there was a cut there over his heart, one which matched one Gerard had sported the other week, not that he would say how he got it. His thoughts were interrupted as he saw Gerard lean in between Nick’s cheeks, pressing his face between them.

He knew from experience that Gerard was amazing with his tongue. Kissing, cock sucking or rimming, Gerard was amazing at them all. Nick threaded his fingers through Gerard’s hair, sounds of pleasure leaving his lips as Gerard did his thing.

Mikey let out a soft groan of his own, stroking his dick slightly harder. His mind started to drift as he watched them. He imagined himself walking in, catching them in the act. His big brother with his tongue buried deep up his dad’s ass, as he lay sprawled over the couch, moaning. What would he have done? Just watched? Or would he have stepped closer, been bold and joined in? He didn’t possess Gerard’s natural confidence but he hoped it would be the latter.

His imagination broke when he heard his name from his dad’s lips. “Gerard, does Mikey know?” Mikey kept stroking, his hand pumping his cock as he paid attention fully to them. He was rapt, enthralled that they’d even mention him, especially while filming.

“About us?” Gerard’s voice was breathless as he kissed his thigh, Nick spreading his legs even further. Fuck, he was flexible.

“Ah, yeah.”

“No I haven’t.” Gerard replied, head tilted so that they must be making eye contact. “Do you do this with him?”

“I wish.” Mikey’s brain supplied, the words leaving his lips unbidden.

“I don’t remember what I did... I don’t think he was well after... take good care of him alright?” Mikey wasn’t sure what their dad meant exactly by that. He was sure him and his dad hadn’t done anything (Gerard was his first). Mikey had been sick several times in his life, so any time could be what he meant though everything was a haze. It didn’t help that it felt like all the blood had been diverted from his brain to his dick.

“I will, of course.” Gerard kissed his thigh, then bought his fingers up. From the sound Nick made it was clear he was being fingered by them. “I’ve thought about it before though. You and him. Us. Together.”

“Shit.” Of course Gerard would think that, the kinky fuck. Mikey knew that his big brother thought of him, no matter who he was with. They’d never had a threesome before, Mikey was just much too shy for that, even though he thought the guys his brother had rode before were hot. (Especially his one friend, Ray Toro, he was sexy, all thick curls and plump lips. Plus he was fucking packing.)

“But Mikey.... would he be interested?”

“Fuck yes I would!” Mikey growled at the screen, despite knowing they wouldn’t be able to respond.

“I hope so.” Gerard replied and from the way his arm moved Mikey just knew he was moving his fingers. That was another thing he was good at, using his fingers.

“Ah yeah, me too.” Mikey moaned to himself, hoping his dad would return soon, wanting this to happen. He’d need to talk to Gerard about it beforehand of course, which might be awkward but would be so worth it.

“So hot...” Gerard purred, removing his fingers from him. Curse this webcam. He wished he could get closer, that he could see his dad’s pucker twitching at the loss.

“You make me forgot about a lot of bad things, like in that song Perfect Day.” Had something happened to his dad before he came to Gerard? Mikey had no idea.

“Mmm I’m glad. You do it from me too.” Gerard’s hips shifted, his dick no doubt rubbing against Nick’s thigh. Nick moved a hand between Gerard’s legs, to do what Mikey was unsure. Was he stroking his son’s dick or balls?

“Beg for it.” Gerard purred and that set Mikey off. He came all over his t-shirt and he cursed himself at that. He’d not even fucking got to see the good stuff! But fuck, Gerard being all dominant like that was hot. Too hot for his brain to handle.

He was in a daze for a few moments and he completely missed whatever exchange followed. All he saw when he refocused on. The screen was his brother fucking their dad on the very couch he’d just jerked off on.

“Mikey?” He turned, seeing Gerard there, halfway down the stairs. He’d not heard him come in, too blissed out to have noticed. Gerard’s eyes widened when he saw the screen, heard the sounds that he and their dad were making.

Well, maybe this talk wouldn’t be quite so awkward to start after all.
Tags: fic, gerard way, mikey way, my chemical romance, nick cave, slash
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