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Birthdays are dumb

Most of my personal thoughts are over on dreamwidth now. Anyone is welcome to follow there not that there’s anything too interesting.

Last few days have been tiring.

My puppy, Naryu, escaped Thursday and ran into the road. Thankfully she wasn’t hit by anything. But fuck, did it scare me.

On Friday I found Finn, one of my guinea pigs, dead in his cage. I felt so sad, partly for his cagemate Padme but also because I felt I’d not loved him much lately (due to Naryu). I was sure to give Padme cuddles as we buried him.

Yesterday was my birthday. I’ve disliked my birthdays for years. They’ve not been the same since I lost my grandparents. It was, better than some, though mostly that was down to building Lego all day. Plus there was cake so...

I watched Coco today and it was pretty good. The afterlife is pretty but also sad too. Plus Coco was sad too.

I’m now cuddled up with Naryu on Elder Scrolls for a bit
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