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Of The Forest

Of The Forest
Pairing: Jay James, with mentions of various Jay pairings
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Plant based bondage and body horror (eventually)
Notes: So I kinda blame Shadowhunters for this and kinda Groot from watching Guardians. Honestly, as I start this I dunno where this is going, but I guess we will see.
This will possibly be my last fic for awhile at least, unless inspiration strikes of course

People thought being in a band was great, because you got to travel and see the world. In reality, though, we rarely saw much of the places we went to. If we had a few days in a particular town or city we had the chance to see the sights, but most of the time we couldn't venture far from the venue if at all.

In short we went everywhere and yet saw nothing.

Don't get me wrong, I loved performing and meeting fans after the shows, but sometimes I just wished I could have took the time to enjoy the places that we went to.

Those days were, sadly, behind me though. It had been awhile coming really and I hated it, but there was nothing I could do about it now. It gave me time, though, to do this, drive out into the wilds of my native Wales and get in touch with nature. I dunno why I'd felt the need to do it, it was like this strange feeling inside. Every time I walked through some woods I felt rejuvenated, like being around all this green, all this life, was somehow healing. Every time I left, though it felt like I was missing something. It was strange.

I was walking now through some woods that were miles from home. Actually they were miles from anywhere really. It meant it was nice and peacefully, except for the sounds of nature. The wind rustling the leaves of trees, birds tweeting high up in the canopy above. There was a river nearby, judging by the soft sounds of flowing water that I could hear. Occasionally I'd hear the rustling of something else, some other kinds of animal. Sometimes I'd manage to catch sight of the fluffiness of a squirrel tail as it scurried away

Everything about this place was nice, peaceful. Being out here made me forget about everything that had happened the past few months...

I took a deep breath of the fresh air, which helped to banish such thoughts from my head before they even fully formed. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, focussing on the peacefulness of this place.

When I opened them I started moving again, walking deeper into the forest, stepping carefully over twisted roots and fallen tree branches.

After a little while I stopped again, reaching into my shoulder bag and feeling around inside. I always brought it with me on my trips and it carried a few things that I decided were essential. There was food, water, a torch and a small medical kit. So far I'd not had to use the latter, but it was better to be safe than sorry. I also had my phone tucked in a side pocket, along with a usb power pack in case it died. My fingers wrapped around the curve of apple and I pulled it out, bringing it up to my lips and taking a bite. Some of the juices from it dribbled down my chin as I chewed and swallowed it down.

After that first bite, I resumed walking, taking occasional bites and wiping my chin every few steps. I listened to the birdsong and I wished I could identify the birds from them. I could make out at least four different calls clearly now, though when I looked up I couldn't see any of the birds that made them.

When I finished the apple so that just the core of it was left, I tossed it to the ground, watching it land behind some ferns. Soon it would be eaten, by insects or small mammals, maybe by some of the birds that sang in the branches above. I gave my chin a last wipe, then continued on my way, going deeper into the woods.

It felt almost like there was something, something urging me to keep going. I'd felt it before, on my other excursions into the wilderness of my native land. It was a feeling deep in the pit of my stomach, something I couldn't explain. I'd not felt it before I'd started doing this, had dismissed it as some primal urge to be among nature. As the weeks went on I started to wonder, if the feeling was something more. I wasn't sure what that meant, or if it meant anything at all.

After a few more minutes of trekking through the trees, the tree line parted, opening up into a glade. The space was pretty big and I guessed it was easily big enough to fit my house. There were flowers of various colours sprouting across the floor, with insects flitting about between them, bees and butterflies with brightly coloured wings. Carefully I stepped around the edges of the glade, towards a tree stump that was covered in moss and I sat down atop it, letting out a soft sigh of relief. I shifted the bag over my shoulder until it was seated upon my lap and I opened it up, rummaging inside until I pulled out a bottle of water and some more food.

I ate and drank atop that stump, watching the fluttering insects as they went between the various flowers. I recognised bluebells and foxgloves but others were unfamiliar to me. I knew so little about the nature I'd come to observe, about the plants and animals of my homeland. Looking between them, I couldn't help but feel ashamed by my ignorance of them.

Once I finished my sandwich, I balled up the clingfilm that I'd wrapped it in and tucked it back into my bag. I took a last swig from my water bottle, swallowing it down before screwing the lid back on and returning it to my bag. I brushed the few crumbs from my legs onto the floor, then removed my phone from my bag. Activating the camera app from the lock screen, I took a few shots of my surroundings, marvelling at the beauty of it all. I wasn't much of a photographer, but I hoped I could capture some of the place's beauty.

"What are you doing?" The voice startled me and I turned to the source of it, blinking at the sight. There, a few meters away from me, was a figure. They were dressed in green and it almost looked organic somehow, like it had been grown on them. The face was equally puzzling. Intricate markings went up their neck and across their cheeks, swirls that looked like the parts of a plant, culminating in pale purple flowers near the corners of their eyes. Most puzzling though, was they looked like Matt Tuck, my former bandmate. His hair was long, past his shoulders, like it had been years ago when we first became big. He looked scrawny, like the muscles he had accumulated over the last few years had faded away.

"What are you?" I asked of this strange not Matt. I probably should be scared of this strange figure, yet I wasn't. They tilted their head, giving me a quizzical look.

"I am... of the forest." It whispered, voice soft and almost lyrical. It didn't sound like Matt, I realised as it spoke, it only looked like him. "As are you."

I frowned a little at that, shifting my bag off my lap. "What, what are you talking about?'

Not Matt was looking around, distracted by a butterfly that was flying past. Once it had fluttered onto one of the flowers it turned to face me, looking me up and down. "I see it in you. There is something of the forest in you."

I shook my head, rising up from the stump I'd been sitting on. "Wait, back up a bit." I closed my eyes, taking a steadying breath through my nose. This all felt so strange, I wasn't sure what what this was, what was going on. When I opened my eyes again, I almost stumbled back from the shock.

Not Matt was gone, replaced instead by a face that looked just like Padge. "I sensed my previous form left you... displeased." I blinked, looking not Padge up and down. He wore the same outfit as his previous form, even down to the facial markings. Like It's previous form of Matt he looked younger. When our eyes met it spoke once again. "I am... what you might call a spirit of the forest."

I thought such things only existed in folklore and anime, I never thought such things actually existed much less had one standing in front of me. I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't just switched from looking like one of my former bandmates to another. I could be hallucinating or even dreaming, though I somehow doubted my imagination could come up with something like this. "Why are you showing yourself to me?"

It paused, head tilted to one side slightly as it examined me. "I am showing myself to you because you are of the forest too."

"Yeah, you said that but, what does it mean?" I gestured at myself then around at the glade and then at him.

He nodded and pointed towards me, to my hand. "Look."

I looked down and blinked at what I saw. One the back of my hand there was a mark, glowing green and it was kinda shaped like a leaf. I reached for it with my left hand, then saw there was a similar mark on that too. "Wh... What is this?" I looked from my hand over to him, my eyes wide.

"You are of the forest Jason James. Your bloodline includes one of us." It explained, it's eyes following a beetle that was flying past it's eyeline. I wasn't surprised it knew my name, after all it must be able to read my thoughts somehow to appear like Matt and Padge.

"You mean one of my family is one of you?" My head spun a little at the thought, flooding my mind with even more questions.

"Yes. That it why you are here. You are a child of the forest." Not Padge smiled, nodding slightly and gesturing with his arms. "Welcome home."

Everything he said just made me feel more confused, although there was something about what he said that made me feel like what he said was true. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a breath moment. When I opened them again I looked back over at him. "What do you mean by that?"

"Come with me. You may leave your bag there." I hesitated for a moment, then shifted the bag from my shoulder, setting it down beside the stump I'd been sitting on. Not Padge nodded and turned, walking further into the open space of the glade. His movements were precise, so that he didn't step on a single flower. I endeavoured to do the same as I followed him. "We live in the forests, we protect them, we maintain them, we help them grow." He gestured around, at the flowers and insects that surrounded us. "All this is here because of us."

I nodded slightly, as if I understood, but I didn't, not completely anyway. All this was so overwhelming. "You say us... Do you mean I'll be doing this too?"

"Yes, you will. That is why you are here. This is what you have been looking for. The reason you come out among the trees, the purpose you desire deep down." Not Padge turned then, looking me in the eyes. It was true. Since Bullet, I felt lost, like a balloon who's string had been severed and was left floating in the wind. The way Not Padge was looking at me, it was like he could see into my soul. It should be disconcerting, but it somehow wasn't.

I swallowed, before finding my voice again. "So what will I do exactly?" Was I expected to visit this place regularly, or was I meant to stay here? Maybe there was a cabin or cave here, obviously Not Padge stayed somewhere. Although did forest spirits need that? Regardless if they did or not, I'd need somewhere.

He smiled at me and turned back around, resuming walking. "You will see." I frowned a little at his none answer, but maybe it was something that would be best explained by seeing. After a few moments, he stopped. We were now in the middle of the glade and he turned and smiled. "Please, sit."

There was a flat stone, which was about knee height and large enough for me to sit on. So I sat atop it was watched him, not sure what to expect. "You have a... specific role to fill. Because of you, the forest will continue to grow and flourish." He paused and his lips curved into a smile. "Don't worry, you'll enjoy this, I can see it in your mind."

What did he mean by that?

I felt something move against my foot. I almost dismissed it, after all this was the wilderness and there was bound to be creatures moving among the flowers. That soon changed however, when I felt that something wrap around my ankle. "What the..." I gasped, feeling something wrap around my other one too, forcing my legs apart. "What the fuck is going on?!" I exclaimed and looked down, seeing... roots or branches wrapped around them. Either way it was made of wood and tightening. I was about to reach down, to try and pull it off when I something grabbed my wrists and pulled them back. I looked to my hands, seeing thick green vines hold my hands, pulling me back until I was lying on the rock.

Not Padge stepped closer, a smile on his face. "Just relax, don't fight it. This is your destiny." I ignored his suggestion and struggled, not that it did me any good. The vines and roots tightened around me my wrists and ankles. A third vine wrapped around my waist, pining me down against surface of the rock. My arms were pulled so that they hung either side of the rock and I could feel my heart pound in my chest. For all my strength I was completely helpless and at the mercy of this thing.

"Let me go!" I growled, trying to sound threatening even though I really wasn't. I couldn't even struggle any more, as futile as that had been thus far. I glared at Not Padge, who was just smiling serenely, an expression I'd seen on Padge when there was a free bar. On Not Padge, though, it felt sinister. Another vine entered my field of view, swaying slightly like a snake. This one, unlike the ones holding me, had a barb protruding from it's underside, near the tip. My eyes widened and I shook my head, another surge of fear going through me.

"Stay still." Not Padge whispered again and I froze, eyes on the sharp edge of the barb. It swayed for a few moments more, then it descended down towards me. It hooked under the neck of my t-shirt and it went down, tearing through the material with ease. My heart hammered and I could only imagine what it could do to me. Once it had torn through my tee, the barbed vine moved back, shifting over the one that was around my waist. From my position, I couldn't see what it was doing but I could hear and I could feel. The barb cut through my jeans, waist to ankle on each leg. The material fell away, leaving my legs bare. There was another rip and my boxers were torn as well, leaving naked apart from my ripped t-shirt. I let out a shiver when the barbed vine pulled away, which at least was one good thing, but I was now naked out here.

Not Padge moved around me, looking me up and down. He was taking in the sight of me, I could see that. His fingers brushed away the tatters of my clothing from my body and I trembled slightly. I'd been naked in front of people before, backstage while changing and of course during my various sexual encounters over the years. Drunken fumbles with my bandmates, blow jobs in cramped corners, fucking in hotel rooms. Nothing like this though, nothing where I was so exposed outdoors.

I gasped as my ankles were raised up into the air, a not unfamiliar position for me. My legs were spread and I knew my ass was exposed. My new position meant I could guess what was going to happen, not that I could understand it or the reasoning. "Please, don't do this. Let me go."

Not Padge shook his head, that smile still on his face. "Shh Jay, calm yourself." He paused and reached down, grabbing a flower from the floor. It was bright purple, looking unlike any one I had seen before. "Here, this will help." He held it up to my face and I had no choice but inhale it's sweet scent. He kept it there, the scent flooding my senses and I started to feel strange, relaxed.

When he moved the flower away, I didn't want to fight anymore and my head felt fuzzy about why I even was. Not Padge smiled wider, nodding as he looked me over. A single word left my lips. "Please." Not Padge nodded again and grinned, stroking his fingers along my chest gently. "Please." The word bubbled up from my lips again and I felt this deep need, replacing the fear I'd felt before. Why was I afraid? I couldn't even remember anymore. Between my legs I felt my dick twitch to life, becoming fully hard and aching. "Please."

I felt something brush against the cheeks of my arse and knew, without being able to see, that it was more vines. How many of them were they exactly? I groaned as one grasped each of my cheeks, prising them apart gently. Another one ran along my crack and I felt it wiggle against my opening. Unlike the others the tip of this one felt slick and I could feel it, like it was squirting more of it's slickness inside me. I groaned deep in my throat as the tip of the vine pushed into me. It wasn't very thick, probably the width of a finger, so it slid in easily, especially with whatever it was producing covering it. Whatever it was, it felt good and I wanted more.

The vine filled me up a little more and expanded inside me, a weird sensation, but one that made me ache. "Please..." The word left my lips again my voice sounding needy to my ears. It felt as if that lone word was all I could manage. "Please..." I whispered again, feeling the vine stretch me open further, readying me. But readying me for what? Not Padge? Another vine? Some sort of animal? My cock ached with each thought, ached more at each twitch and spurt of the vine as it slicked me up.

"Almost ready." Not Padge whispered, he sounded a little more like the Padge I knew now. He was standing between my legs, looking down, no doubt towards my stretched hole. A whine left my lips as the vine stretched even more, my eyelids fluttering. I could feel even more of it's slickness filling me, wondering in the back of my mind what exactly it was, but not caring.

And then, the vine slithered out of me, making me whimper at it's loss. "You're ready now." I looked to Not Padge and looked him over. He was naked now, though I wasn't sure when that happened. He didn't have any of he tattoos I knew he had, instead his chest and arms were curved in the markings much like the ones on his cheeks. There were more colours than the purple flowers on his cheeks, there were blues and reds and yellows, retching out from the swirls that extended over his body. I wondered if they went down over the rest of him too.

"Please..." My voice came out more needy and desperate than I'd ever heard it before. Not Padge smiled and leaned in, kissing the soles of my feet. When had I lost my trainers? The thought dissipated as soon as I thought of it. I didn't care about that, all I wanted was what was between his legs. "Please..." I keened out the word and I would have spread my legs if they weren't already raised and open. I wished too that I could see it, but the vines holding me meant I couldn't.

I felt it brush against my opening and then I saw his hands as he gripped onto my legs. It felt like the head of any other dick I'd had before, but it was bigger, definitely bigger than Padge was. I groaned as he pushed forward, the shaft entered me. Although it easily filled me due to the vine's stretching, and whatever it had used for lube, I still felt the ache of it. It was big, bigger than any dick I'd had before. It wasn't the biggest thing I'd had though, since I had taken a fist or two in my time. My dick ached all the more, the memory flitting across my mind.

Moose, holding me down, not that it was required at all as Luke (was that his name?), loomed between my legs, a dopy grin on his face as he worked one of his fists in and out of my hole...

I was brought back to the present as Not Padge pushed deep into me, my eyelids fluttering. A moan left my throat as the huge cock slide home, filling me so easy it was like it belonged there. My fingers gripped around the vines that held my wrists and then he started to move.

A backstage fumble. The sounds of a festival off in the distance, the bands on the various stages distant enough to be indistinct but still loud enough to here. My three quarter lengths were down past my hips, enough for my ass to be exposed for the guy I who was currently fucking me. He was well endowed and a great kisser, his tongue exploring my mouth as he hammered into me. My legs tightened around his waist, moans swallowed by his hungry mouth. His strong arms, drummers arms, held me up against his band's bus. The Used, my mind supplied, not that the information was of any use or importance.

Not Padge started to draw his cock out of me, inching out until just the head of it remained inside. The hands that were gripping onto my legs held tighter onto me and I knew that they would surely leave marks. I groaned into the woods as he slammed back into me, my whole body trembling from the force of it.

We didn't know what we were doing. We'd kissed a few times, Padge and me, and I'd wanked him off a few times but now, on my knees in front of him, he seemed very... Big. And there was nothing I wanted more than to have him inside me, to be my first. Our eyes met and I took a deep breath, my lips parting as I engulfed the head...

"Please..." Between the moans and groans that left my lips, it was still the only word I could manage out. What was I wanting? For him to go fast? To pound into me until I saw stars? Or did I want him to touch me, to stroke my cock until I came, hot and thick over my belly? More likely it was some mix between the two. "Please..." Not Padge held me tighter, the thrusts of his hips speeding up, the sounds of skin against skin sounding through the clearing. Was what he had even skin? I dunno and it didn't matter, all that mattered was that thick cock filling me up.

"Can't you go five fucking minutes without a cock in you?" Matt growled, bringing a paddle down against my ass, each blow sending fresh pain down through me. Tears were pricking the corners of my eyes and, despite it, my dick ached. "I should have known an interviewer would catch you one of these days! Do you know how much fucking money I had to pay to get him not to run that story?" He was practically screaming the words now at me, every other word accompanied with a blow from the paddle. I guessed I should be lucky that he was using that, instead of just punching and kicking. Though I was sure that would come, especially when he threw the paddle across the room.

The memory made me shudder slightly and I could feel tears in my eyes. Why did these flashes give me that one of all things? And why was I having them at all? There was concern on Not Padge's face as he looked down at me. "Ah, that explains why my previous form displeased you so." I wasn't surprised by that comment, of course he was seeing these memories and he had demonstrated already he could see into my thoughts. He reached down between my legs, his fingers wrapping around my erection, he started to pump me as he fucked me, my eyes lidding slightly.

Fingers were around my dick, stroking steadily. I was laid out across the soft sheets of the bed, a low groan leaving my lips as the other man fucked me. This wasn't some sleazy backstage fumble like so many of the men I'd been with before. This was slow and almost sweet. The pair of us were naked, in his hotel room. He was sweaty, some of it left over from the show he'd just played, while the fresh stuff was from exertion of his hips rolling against me. "Fuck Jay, you are amazing..." He breathed and I knew I'd miss this once this tour with Fightstar was over. I tightened my hold on my legs, my knees pressed up against my chest and I smiled as Omar increased his pace.

Fingers squeezed around my erection and I groaned. Not Padge was fucking me at a rough pace, his hand gliding along my dick, bringing me closer to orgasm. "Please, please..." He rocked forward and I felt something at the base of his cock, that hadn't been there before. After a few thrusts it entered me as well, locking us together. I groaned, feeling him rock inside me, unable to pull back anymore.

A bunch of memories came through in a jumbled rush.

A shock of bleached blonde hair between my legs, it's owner sucking on my dick...

Familiar gun tattoos filling my vision as I took their owner down to the base...

My face pressed between a pair of large cheeks, mytongue wiggling in their hole...

A shock of brightly coloured tattoos, it's owner bouncing on my cock...

My fingers running through a mass of thick curls as I brought Ray Toro to orgasm...

I cried out, my head tipping back as I came, spilling across my belly and the vine that held onto my waist. I was sure my howl of pleasure would be heard for miles around, not that anyone could possibly hear. As soon as I could bring my head up I did so, looking over at Not Padge. He was still balls deep inside me and he ran his fingers through my cum, bringing it up to his lips. His tongue darted out, tasting me and I groaned, despite how breathless I was from my orgasm. As soon as he'd done so he returned his hand to grip my leg, his blunt nails digging into his skin.

Not Padge let out a sound I was now familiar with, the mix of a grunt and groan that signalled Padge's orgasm. This time it was different, it felt different. I could feel that it wasn't just cum, or whatever his version of it was, but there was something else in it as well. I couldn't place what it was though. His dick stayed locked inside me, pumping me with whatever he had for cum. It was more than any guy I'd had before and it felt like it would never end.

I took shaky breaths, dazed when it eventually did end. Although it had felt like a long time in reality it was probably only a few minutes if that. The flow of 'cum' subsided and whatever it was at the base of his dick shrank, allowing him to slip back and out. "You did so well Jay." Not Padge whispered, his voice soft and soothing. I felt something else against the opening of my ass, a vine maybe, and I knew it was there to stop whatever he'd filled me with from coming out. He stepped back from between my legs, which were lowered back to the floor and he circled around me, kissing my forehead. "You will look so beautiful."

Out of the corner of my eye I could see things in the forest. Various creatures were watching us. Birds, squirrels, even a deer. How long had they been watching? Not Padge stroked my face and my gaze returned to focus on him. Questions bubbled in the back of my mind, though none of them reached my lips. What was going to happen to me? What had he put in me? Why had I seen those things? If he heard those things in my mind, he didn't show it, just kept stroking my face and arms. I just lay there, still bound by the vines, taking deep breaths as I recovered from our fuck.

I wasn't sure how long I lay like that, but all of a sudden I felt this strange sensation. My skin suddenly started to feel itchy. My thighs, my lower legs, my chest, but especially my belly. I looked over to Not Padge as I squirmed, trying to get some relief. "Please..." I whispered, in a completely different tone from before.

Not Padge smiled and looked me over, seeming to find the places that were itching with his gaze. "Your body will make a beautiful addition to the forest."

I blinked, his words making no sense and yet... somehow they did. The itching got worse over time, a distraction from my thoughts and I still couldn't ask him the questions I wanted to. I flexed my fingers, tugging to try and wiggle free to scratch myself, but the vines held firm.

And then I saw it, on my thigh. Something burst through my skin, a slim green stem that terminated in a small flower, much like the ones that surrounded us. My eyes widened at the sight of it, I couldn't quite register what was going on. It wasn't long before others burst forth, from the other areas that had been itching. I cried out in surprise, though it didn't hurt which was perhaps more surprising.

I looked over to Not Padge, wishing he would give me an explanation as to what the hell was happening to me. All he did was smile and watch. More of my skin itched, especially my belly which hadn't had anything spring forth from it. More flowers sprung forth of various colours, out of my arms, my chest, even my cheeks. I couldn't see my legs, though I knew they had some too. I wanted to ask what was happening, what this meant, but the words wouldn't come. Only one word did. The one lone word I could manage. "Please..."

For awhile nothing else happened, no where else itched apart from my belly and no other flowers emerged from my body. The ones that had swayed slightly as I squirmed, almost like there was a breeze going through them. It would have been beautiful if they weren't coming out of me. No, they were beautiful.

Not Padge kissed my forehead again, the flower from my cheek brushing against his face as I did so. It felt strange, final. A few moments later he stepped back and I realised why. The itching in my belly intensified all the more and then something emerged from it. It was a sapling, about as big as my wrist and growing up, up, up.

The last thing I saw before being consumed by darkness was Not Padge, humming as it grew out of me.


It was a strange sensation, looking down at your own body. I wasn't sure how long it had been. Seen the tree sprouted from my chest, ending my life as a human. The tree was about as tall as I was, a few branches already growing from it's trunk. Roots had emerged from out of my back, sinking into the earth below the rock that still held me. My right eye staring back at me, completely lifeless which was disconcerting, especially since my left eye had been pushed out of it's socket by a new flower, one which was the same shade of hazel as the eye it had emerged from, with steaks of white running through it.

I looked over to Not Padge, who stood across from me, smiling. I had only a few of the spirals that covered his body, though I knew that more would come. Somehow I knew it. "So, what happens now?" I asked and Not Padge nodded, reaching over and stroking my face.

It wasn't an answer, but maybe it was. I looked down at my body, at the flowers swaying in the breeze and I smiled. He was right, I was making a beautiful part of the forest.
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