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Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Watersports, dub con, fisting
Notes: The Motionless song Hatefuck is such an inspiring song, I knew I'd do something for it. So here is that something. It seems like it's taken so long to do this though, due to all the recent nonsense and all.

I pulled up outside a familiar house in Bridgend. I rarely bothered coming back to my hometown since I moved, only paying the odd visit to see family or the few friends that still lived here. This place belonged to neither, although at one time the owner was a friend.

Once I removed my key from the ignition, I undid my seatbelt and then opened the car door and got out. It was a short distance to the front door and I slipped my keys into my jeans pocket on the way. At the door, I pressed my finger against the doorbell and waited. P

I didn't have to wait long.

The door opened and I was greeted by a man who was slightly shorter than I was. His dark hair hung down to his shoulders and his chin had a dusting of stubble. He had piled on the pounds since I saw him last, as his t-shirt barely fit him, exposing the skin of his stomach. He glared at me with dark eyes and I knew he wasn't happy to see me. In fact, I was well aware that he hated me.

"Hello Jay." I saw his fingers grip the door tighter.

"Matt." He replied through gritted teeth.

I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. "I have something for you." I unfolded the paper so that he could see what it was. A cheque. I'd kicked Jay out of Bullet awhile back now, but he still was entitled to money from our older albums and merch. It used to go directly into his bank account but I soon put a stop to that. "If you want it you're going to have to let me inside. Otherwise..." I let the word hang in the air between us.

He sighed and then opened the door, letting me inside. I replace the cheque into my pocket before stepping in. The place was a shadow of what it once was. It was dark, the curtains were closed and the place was a mess. No surprise really, being thrown out had really fucked the little shit up. I pushed the door closed behind me, leaving me alone with him.

He turned around to look at me, slight sadness in his hazel eyes. "What do I have to do for it?"

I took a few steps towards him and slapped him around the face, hard. "What was that?"

He reached up and rubbed his cheek. "What do I have to do I have to do for it... Master Tuck?" He hated to say the words, I knew he did. I had made him do some pretty demeaning things for the money. It was fun, thinking of shit to make the slut do.

Jay was a talented bassist, sure, but he was also a filthy, little cock slut. At first that wasn't much of a problem. He was a fantastic cock sucker, the best I'd ever had, so I tolerated it. Eventually though, his slutiness became too much and it wasn't worth keeping the whore around. So I convinced Moose to back me and kicked Jay out the band. I did feel bad about it sometimes though, mostly because I missed those lips of his when we were out on tour. Jamie was a talented bassist but boringly straight. Moose, before I ditched him too, was someone who got sucked not sucked themselves. That left Padge, who gave sloppy blow jobs when he was pissed. It wasn't the best, but it was satisfying. I'd have to make sure his replacement would have some dick sucking experience.

Returning my thoughts to the present, I looked over at him. "You do exactly as I say. Starting by stripping naked, a slut like you shouldn't be in clothes around me." He narrowed his eyes at me, but he reached down and pulled his t-shirt up and off himself, exposing his upper body. His arms were still fairly muscular, but he was now overweight. With the t-shirt off, his rounded belly was even more obvious. He tossed the fabric aside and reached down, grabbing his lounge pants. His weight meant he could only wear trousers with elastic waistbands, which made me smirk. He pushed the material down his chubby thighs. He'd always had pretty thick thighs but they were even bigger, plumper now. He didn't have any underwear on, which was good for me, his little soft cock and full balls hanging between his legs.

I smiled, licking my lips at the sight of him. He looked better like this, I thought, naked and fat and desperate. And best of all pathetic. Of course there were ways of making him look more so and I took great pleasure in coming up with new ways of making him earn his money.

"On your knees you little fucking shit!" I growled, reaching between his pudgy thighs and grabbing his balls, giving them a harsh squeeze. He cried out in pain and when I let go he crumpled to the floor. "Better."

I licked my lips and looked down at him, our eyes meeting. I could see the hate in his hazel orbs before he looked down towards the ground. He always became more obedient once he was on his knees like the whore he was.

I reached between my legs and undid my flies, pulling my soft dick out of the opening. Seeing him like this did make me hard usually but now... I smirked, aimed my dick at him and let loose a stream of hot piss. I didn't give a fuck that this was his living room and doing this would make the place reek of piss for a few days at least. It didn't take long for him to lean into it, turning his head up towards the stream. His eyes were closed, his mouth open wide and I chuckled, aiming for his mouth. Watching him swallow the golden fluid down reminded me of when I first caught him doing this. It was backstage at one of our gigs. I couldn't make out who it was, but I could tell that it was Jay on his knees. It was my first hint of how truly depraved the little slag was.

"That's it slut, drink it down." His throat bobbed as he swallowed it down and I licked my lips. I shook my dick, so that my piss sprayed over his face and hair. Being covered in piss suited him. It made me wish that I knew somewhere where I could get a bunch of guys to piss over and in him. I should really look that up, for his next cheque.

Once I was finished up, I wiped my dick head across his forehead and stepped back. "See, you really are pathetic."

His eyelids fluttered opened and his gaze had softened a bit. He knew I was right, no matter how much he may fight and deny it. "Say it."

He bit his lip and swallowed, before speaking in that soft voice of his. "I am a pathetic little slut Master Tuck." I smirked and narrowed my eyes at him, which he knew that meant he should continue. "I am a fat, worthless piece of shit. A whore, a slag. A filthy little cocksucking bootlicker." He got a bit more confident with each sentence and I had a feeling he was getting hard. "A desperate, needy piss drinker." A whimper left his lips and our eyes met. I could see the need in his eyes. No surprise really, the little fuck was sex starved apart from his hand. "Please..."

I chuckled, smirking down at him. How easily his true self came to the surface. "You have to earn my dick." I zipped myself back up, denying him even the small pleasure of seeing my cock.

"Earn how?" He asked and I licked my lips at his utter desperation. I knew I had him when he said those words. Now all I needed was to decide how. I narrowed my eyes at him and he quickly spoke again. "Earn how Master?" He corrected himself and I smirked.

"Stay there you little cunt." I growled and moved around until I was behind him. "Arms behind you." He obeyed without a word, his chubby tattooed arms perfectly framing the lizard tatt of his. It was amazing how effective being doused in piss was at bringing out his natural submissive side. Now to keep him like that. There was a small chest here that contained a selection of toys and restraints, so I went over to it and opened it up. Peering inside, I looked through the things within, running my fingers over the rubber and metal. I settled on a pair of simple cuffs, removing them and clicking them around his wrists.


If it was up to me the fat pig would always be like this, naked and restrained on his knees, preferably surrounded by men. I gave my bulge a squeeze at the thought of him being abused like that. Too bad there was just me to do it.

I returned to the chest and pulled out one of my belts that I had left in there. I carried it back over to him, standing firm behind him. He was squirming slightly, probably wondering where I was. Ah well, time to make my presence known again. I raised the belt up high and bought it down hard against the curve of his fat arse. He cried out in pain, or surprise I didn't know which, didn't care to know either.

It was just the first of many blows that I rained down on him. I circled him as I did so, catching his arms, his belly, his thighs, his back, even his slutty little face. Each hit resulted in him making sounds of pain from whimpers to moans to cries. They were music to my ears, much better than his screams on our songs.

Once his body was covered in bright red welts, I stopped. I looked him over from my position standing behind him. He was trembling, taking deep, shaky breaths. He was obviously in pain from the blows I'd made on him and that went straight to my cock. He'd not get it just yet though, so I gave my bulge a squeeze before returning the belt to the chest.

He was still shaking slightly when I came back to him and my eyes were drawn to the plump curve of his arse. His arse needs to be filled, just not by my dick yet. I planted a booted foot between his arms and shoved, pushing him forward. The force from it meant his torso fell forward, so that his head was towards the piss soaked floor. Due to the mass of his belly his head couldn't meet the floor, but that wasn't important. His new position meant his ass was up high in the air, readily available. He wiggled it slightly, probably hoping that I was just going to fuck him now and go. I had to stop myself from chuckling at his eagerness.

Such a fucking slut.

I removed my foot from his back and grabbed a bottle of lube. As much as I would have liked to do this without it to hurt him more, it wasn't worth it. I popped open the top of it, spreading some onto my fingers. I knelt down behind him and, with my other hand, I pulled his cheeks apart. "You have such a fat ass you cunt." I growled and spat on his crack, watching the saliva slide down to his pucker.

I didn't give him chance to respond, shoving my middle finger into him roughly. He groaned at the intrusion and I smirked. Looking like he did he got much less action, if any at all. More likely he had to make do with his own pudgy fingers, maybe one of his dildos if the fucker was real slutty. "When was the last time you were fucked huh?"

He whined as I twisted the finger inside him. "When you were last here Master Tuck." I smirked, retreating my finger enough to push another finger back into him.

"Poor fat slag." I did feel almost sorry for him as I worked my fingers inside him. Then again if he hadn't been such a filthy cockslut he wouldn't be in this position. Or he would, but under different circumstances more to his liking. After a few more moments I drew my fingers back again, this time to tuck a third in alongside the first two. "Well, if you hadn't spent so much of your time on your knees sucking every dick you could get your whore lips around you might have had more." The bitch whined at that, or maybe it was just because of my fingers working him open, either way I couldn't help but laugh at his desperation.

I kept ahold of his ass while I fucked him with my fingers, spreading them open to stretch him wider. I wondered if he realised why yet. Probably not, he was so needy for anything at this point. After thrusting my fingers into him a few more times, I tucked my finger and thumb against my middle three fingers and then eased them into him. He let out a growl at the intrusion and I spat on him again. "Oh shut up slut, I know you can take it."

He had taken fists before, it was just that he was out of practice. I sneered as I forced my whole hand into him, filling him up to the wrist and hearing him hiss in pain. I kept my hand still in him, giving him a few moments to adjust to the extra stretch. As much as I wanted to hurt him I didn't want to do lasting damage, as much as I had thought about it before.

After awhile I started to move my hand, my fingers flexing inside him. I circled my wrist slowly, looking down at him as I did. If he was on his back with his legs in the air, I bet I'd not be able to notice the bulge my hand made inside him. The thought made me smirk. I removed my hand from him until just my fingertips remained inside and then thrust it back in hard, causing him cry out in pain. "Yeah, a bitch like you should always be in pain. Should always be stretched open, ready for dick even though no one but me would want your fat, useless arse."

He let out a groan as I moved my hand in him, thrusting it in and out, a little more going in each time. "When did you last stick something up here huh?" I asked with a growl, spreading my fingers as wide as I could in him.

My actions made him groan, so I gave him a moment before he responded in a shaky voice. "Three weeks ago." I slapped his ass when he stopped talking to elaborate further. "Two fingers master, it's hard to finger myself now." He whined as I moved my fingers inside him. If he kept on piling on the pounds he'd soon not be able to even wank much less finger himself. The thought made me smirk and twist my wrist.

"Did you at least get one of your dildos up here you pathetic slut?" My hand moved again inside him, to emphasise where exactly I meant by here.

A low whine left his lips at the mere mention of a dildo, or was it at my probing fingers? Either way he sounded like the needy whore he was. "No Master."

I tutted in apparent disappointment, but secretly I was glad. Soon the only things that were inside him would be there because I put them there. My cock ached with need at that. I decided that this was enough. I removed my fist from him, giving it one last twist on the way out. "I want to hear your pathetic little voice beg for my cock. Now."

A little whimper escaped his lips at the loss of my fist and I heard him take a breath. "Please Master Tuck. Please fuck my fat ass. I need it so bad. I'm desperate for a fuck. Please give it to me." He pushed his ass back, his newly gaping hole twitching slightly. "Please I need it, I need your perfect cock. Fuck."

I licked my lips and undid my fly, pulling my erection out and pushing my jeans down my legs. I kicked them to one side once they reached my ankles. I kicked his chubby legs apart, then got between them. "Ok cunt, now keep your whore mouth shut." I growled, gripping onto his ass and ramming into him hard, filling him easily.

It didn't take me long for me to get into a rhythm. I'd pull out most of the way, until little more than my head remained buried inside him, before slamming back into him. He managed to remain quiet the whole time, apart from a few muffled grunts, and I was sure if I saw his face he'd be biting his lip. "You should see yourself. You look like such a desperate little whore." I growled the words out, slamming into him on every other word. "Arse up in the air, practically begging for someone to ram into it." I licked my lips, spitting on his back again, watching as the saliva slid down the ink of his lizard tattoo. "Look at that fat jiggling with each thrust I make into you. You fucking slut."

I dug my nails into his pudgy flesh, increasing my speed. I know I was getting pretty close already. Hurting him always made me hard and I wasn't exactly known for my stamina. A pity really, but it meant that he wouldn't get off unless I touched him.

"You have a choice cunt." I growled, reaching around and running a finger along his dick. He was as hard as I was. "You want me to wank your little prick, you have to beg me to come back this time next week. And make it good."

"Please Master Tuck." His soft voice was practically a whine at this point. "I want, I need you to come back next week. To use and treat me like the whore I am." He let out another groan and I could feel his insides try to futilely twitch. "To hurt me and piss on me, make me beg for it." He let out another whine, low and needy. "Please."

"Alright you filthy slag." I chuckled and wrapped my fingers around his cock, stroking him firmly. "I'll come back and treat you like the whore you are. Now cum for me." I grinned, spitting on him again, aiming for the lizard just as before. He let out a familiar sound, a part growl, part groan and I felt his cock twitch in my hand as he came all over himself. It was probably all due to the stimulation he'd gotten from my fist in him.

I removed my fingers from him, glad I'd not gotten any of his filth on my fingers. Planting my hands back on his ass, I held him tight and fucked him deep. It took me just a handful of thrusts after he came for me to do the same, pumping my load deep into him with a growl of my own.

I stayed inside him for a couple of moments and then pulled out, going back to my jeans. I grabbed them off the floor, pulling them up my legs and tucking my dick away. "See you next week whore." I reached down, freeing his cuffed hands. I gave him a swift kick in the side and then I pulled my cheque out of my pocket, dropping it before his face. "Enjoy."

With a sly smirk I headed out the door, leaving him there, panting and dripping cum from his hole.
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