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The Buck Part 2

The Buck Part 2
Pairing: Moose/Rich Boucher, Jay James/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Warnings: AU, BDSM, pony boys
Notes: Obviously second part to The Buck. Not much else comes to mind to note really, it was mostly covered in part 1's notes (it's still lacking elements of the original idea but ah well)

I awoke with a yawn, stretching my limbs out across the soft sheets that covered me. As I opened my eyes, taking in the sight of the room, the events of last night came back to me. My ass twitched around the plug, which was still seated deep inside me. Looking across the bed, I discovered I was alone and I wondered where Moose had gone. I considered what I should do as I shifted to sit up in the bed. I could stay here in bed and wait for him to come and get me, or I could go and look for him. After a few moments of fully waking and rubbing sleep from my eyes, I decided to go with the latter.

I got out of the bed, ran my fingers through my hair and headed towards the door, which was slightly ajar. Once I was out in the corridor I could smell the scent of cooking. I followed my nose, figuring that's where Moose would be and it took me downstairs. The stable door was open and ai couldn't resist the urge to peer inside. Neither Padge or Jay was where they had been left last night which made me wonder where they were.

I went through another doorway across from the stable, which led me into a living room. It looked much like my own back home, with the usual expected furnishing filling it. I walked through it, towards the source of the smell. It took me through another doorway, which was a kitchen and dining area and there was Moose, seated at the table. "Ah Rich, I'm so glad you're up." I returned his smile, looking around. Jay and Padge were in the kitchen, their hands free and their bits out, but they still had their tail plugs and boots on. Both of them glanced over at me and I could see Padge look me up and down, his gaze lingering on my cock for a few moments. "Once we've had some breakfast he's going to give you an interview." They shared a look and Moose chuckled. "Please Rich, take a seat." I sat down across from Moose, the plug bumping in my insides making me let out a soft groan. "How was your sleep?"

"It was great, thanks." I replied and he smiled, leaning back in his seat.

"I hope you like pancakes. My boys are very good at making them." I nodded and he smiled, looking up as Padge came over, setting a plate before Moose and another before an empty place. Moose gave him a nod and he sat down, starting to eat. A few moments later Jay came over, setting a similar plate before me as well as before the place beside me. Another nod from Moose and Jay sat down, starting to eat as well.

There was a comfortable silence as the four of us ate together. They were easily the best pancakes I'd ever had. "These are amazing!" I looked between Jay and Padge, not sure which one was most responsible for them. The pair both smiled, finishing off their meals. Once we were all finished they stood, taking the plates back into the kitchen area, putting them int he dishwasher.

"How about you head up to get your phone, then you can come interview my boys." I nodded and rose to my feet, heading out of the room and back upstairs to the room I woke up in. Going to the box my clothes were in, I felt for my trousers and pulled out my phone from the pocket. I didn't bother dressing, instead I just headed back to them. I figured being dressed like them would also make them feel more comfortable.

I found them all sat around the table and Moose smiled at me. "Ah good, well, I'll leave you three to it. Feel free to ask them anything." He looked over to them with a smile, stroking Padge's arm. "And answer him as best you can." Moose then got up and left the room, leaving us alone.

I set my phone down on the table after starting the app up and I looked between them. "I'm Rich and I'm a reporter for the magazine Between Order And Model. My boss sent me to do an article on pony boys, so I interviewed Moose at the bar last night before coming here. So he's given me permission to interview you." I paused, the pair of them nodding. "So you're Jay and Padge, right?"

"Yeah that's right." It was Padge that spoke up, his eyes on me.

I considered my first real question for a moment before asking. "So how long have you been Moose's pony boys?"
I could tell from the looks on their faces that they were working it out. "6 years." Jay's voice was surprisingly soft as he replied to me. Looking at him like this, there was something about him, something almost captivating. "We became his ponies together."

Padge nodded, running his fingers through his mohawk mane. "We grew up together and we're each other's firsts." He shared a look with Jay and they smiled. "We agreed to it long before Moose got the gear."

I nodded with a smile. It was obvious that they cared for him a great deal as well as each other. It was in the way they looked at each other, the way they talked. I'd not seen that very often before and certainly not like this. "Do you always wear the plug and boots?"

Jay nodded, wetting his lips and I caught sight of a flash of metal in his tongue. "Yeah, pretty much."

"We take the plugs out when we need to shit." Padge added with a sly smirk. "Sometimes Moose will fuck us or we'll fuck each other." Jay nodded as well. "Our hands are often bound too, especially if we go out or for the night."

"Speaking of that, do you always sleep in the stables like that?"

"Most nights." Padge replied with a slight nod. "Probably five out of seven nights we're in the stable, sometimes more sometimes less.

"The other days we're up in one of the bedrooms." Jay added with a slight smile and I suspected he was thinking about what happened in there.

"Moose told me he brings guys back here does that happen often?"

After another shared look it was Padge who answered. "Probably once a month. A lot of guys from the bar have shown an interest, but he doesn't bring just anyone back." His words gave me a slight a surge of pride, that he had decided to bring me back after just meeting me.

"Are any of them repeat visitors?"

Jay shook his head, which, I had to admit, surprised me. It must have been clear on my face because he soon spoke. "Some guys, they come to see what it's like to be a pony. It's a curiosity thing, something they want to try once and never again." He paused for a moment and nodded. "Others, they want it. I've seen them talk to Moose at the bar and I can tell they want to join us but..." He shrugged and looked over to Padge.

"Moose is looking for the right man to join us. He just hasn't found him yet." Padge elaborated and I looked between them.

"What makes you think he's after someone else?" I asked, more out of my own curiosity than for the interview. They were both so attractive I wasn't sure why Moose would want someone else with them.

"Well for one the stable has a third stall." Padge replied with a slight nod.

"You mean it's not used by those guys that try being ponies?" When I saw the empty space that's what I'd assumed it was used for.

They both shook their heads before Jay spoke. "No, never. The third stall has never been used by anyone. Not yet anyway."

Strange. "Well, here's hoping he finds the right guy to fill that stall." I paused for a moment, looking between the pair. I couldn't help but wonder what Moose was looking for in a third pony. Internally, I shook the thought from my mind. "So, how about you give me some idea how an average day goes for you."

"Moose comes into the stable and he undoes our hands. Usually then we use the toilet in the stable then we come and sort out breakfast. We eat, then usually we watching something. Moose then usually gets in the mood and one of us fucks him." Padge paused and I could see in his eyes that he was thinking about it. He shook his head after a few moments, his fingers brushing through the hair of his mane. "Sorry." His cheeks flushed slightly and I smiled at him. "We usually do a few circuits of the house or back garden. If it's raining, there's two running machines for us to us instead. Then there's lunch, another fuck, usually more running and then dinner. We usually watch something before a last fuck before being put in the stables for the night."

"Are your arms tied while you run?"

Jay nodded with a slight smile. "Yeah, our arms are tied when we fuck, when we run. We often wear bits when we run. Moose loves when we're finished, lips and chins covered in drool from the effort."

The image that the thought bought to mind made my dick ache between my legs. Before I could say anything else Moose spoke from the doorway. "How's the interview going?"

"I think I've got everything I need." I reached for my phone, stopping recording and saving it. "Do you think I could get a few pictures of you and your ponies for the magazine?"

"Oh of course." Moose smirked, with a slight nod of his head. "What did you have in mind?"

"A few shots of them of them in their full gear and at least one in their stable should do. And one of you of course."

Moose licked his lips and nodded to Jay and Moose. "Come on, let's start at the stable." The pair of them rose from their seats and I could see they were both hard. Out of the pair of them Padge was bigger though Jay's was thicker. I picked up my phone and followed them, switching to the camera app in preparation.

Once they were inside the stable, Moose grabbed one of their bits, slipping it between Jay's lips and securing it behind his head. Jay then backed up into his stall, his strong arms raised above his head. Just like last night, Moose secured his wrists up above his head. I took a few pictures as Moose did the same thing to Padge, his lips parting to accept the bit before his arms stretched up above him.

I took a few shots of the stable and both of them in their stalls, before nodding over to Moose. "That's great thanks."

Moose grinned and returned my nod, reaching up and freeing their hands, first Jay then Padge. He took one of the straps and went to Jay, securing his wrists together. Then he took ahold of Padge's strap and did the same to him. There was just something so sexy about them in their full outfits, if that was the right word for what they wore.

"I think that you need a few shots outside." He led the three of us out of the stable and down the corridor to the back garden. It was quite a large garden, mostly taken up by a lawn. There was some trees and plants alongside the tall walls around the edge. The walls were high enough so that no one could over them, which gave the place some privacy. Jay and Padge strode out onto the lawn and started to do a circuit. I took a few pictures on my phone of them and smiled as Moose spoke up. "Just one lap for now!" The pair nodded and I watched them move, their tails swishing against their strong legs.

Moose leaned in to me and he whispered. "Would you like to fuck one of my ponies before you go?" He reached over, running a finger up along my stiff dick as he spoke those words.

"Y... Yeah." I swallowed, my dick twitching at the slight touch.

"Which one would you want?" He asked, tracing his finger from my head and down my shaft.

I looked over at them as they ran. They were over halfway round the lawn already. The decision was easy, I didn't even need to give it a moment's thought. "Jay."

He chuckled softly and his finger left me. "I knew you'd say that." I glanced at him, wondering what gave me away and he just smirked. I lifted my phone up and took a shot of him looking like that and he grinned so I took another.

It wasn't long before the two ponies came to a stop before us. They were slightly sweaty, drooling around the bits in their mouths. "Come on, let's get fucked." Moose turned and we went back inside. He led the rest of us into the living room, turning to face me. "Set you phone down Rich, hands behind you." I sat the phone on a side table, then I moved my arms so they were against the small of my back. He secured my wrists in place just like Jay and Padge, and I knew that it was the same strap that held me last night. "Alright, Padge you're going to fuck me. And Rich here is going to fuck you Jay." Jay gave Padge a look and there was something about it that seemed strange. Was this unusual?

Moose went over to Jay and he turned him around, giving me a view of his plump ass. Now, this close, I could see a tattoo on his back. It was covered by his mane but it looked like a lizard. Moose reached down and lifted the hair of the plug's tail up. His plug, I realised, was different to mine. The tail was higher at the base and there was a small ring in it. Moose hooked his finger through it, twisted and then pulled gently. A part of the plug came away as he did so, exposing a round opening. Moose set it on the table beside my phone and then he grabbed a bottle of lube, squeezing some out onto my shaft. He then pulled me close, lining my dick up with his hole and I eased into him. "Now stallion, stay like that until I say."

I let out a soft whine and he smirked, watching him go over to the couch. He beckoned Padge close to him and then the pony's arse obscured my view. I could guess though. Moose fingering himself, covering Padge's dick in lube, lining him up and then... Moose groaned. "Fuck him."

I didn't need telling twice. I plunged into him, my cock filling him up. It was strange, the softness of his tail against my skin, the feeling of the rest of the plug against my dick. I heard Jay groan around the bit and I started to fuck him. It was a little awkward with us both standing and having our hands bound, but Jay clearly had a lot of practice at it. He remained completely stable as my hips slammed against his cheeks.

I wished I could hold onto him, could grip his hips for purchase as I thrust into him. Instead, all I could do was grip my hands and roll my hips against him. The plug meant that I couldn't feel his hole clench around me, but I could feel his insides squeeze around me. Like with many things, I suspected that was down to practice and training.

From over his shoulder I could see see Padge's ass move back and forth as he fucked Moose. I could hear the sounds of something slapping against skin and I could tell without seeing that Moose was using the crop on him. Padge's movements got faster from the hits and he was so well trained he didn't need to verbalise what he wanted. He knew instinctively what to do, which I guessed wasn't too much of a surprise.

As I looked over Jay's shoulder I looked down and I could see his dick, hard and aching against his belly. I wished my hands were free so that I could reach around and wank him until he came all over himself. Instead, all I could do was fuck him harder and hope he could orgasm hands free. The only other thing I could do, I realised, was use my mouth. So I leaned in and I kissed, licked and bit along the expanse of his neck. Everything I did made my cock ache all the more, especially when I heard him let out moans behind the bit.

After a few minutes of that he let out a particularly loud groan, his body trembling slightly. I looked down and I saw that he had came, his belly glistening in it. My eyes lidded and I slammed deep inside him, letting out low moans of my own. I had been pretty close as well and the sight of him like that, well it was enough to tip me over. I bit into the flesh of his shoulder as I came deep inside him.

I stumbled back into one of the chairs, knowing I'd not be steady enough to stay standing for very long. I panted, taking ragged breaths, my whole body aching as I came down from my orgasm. I would definitely have to thank Gavin for this assignment.


That night I was back in my hotel room, working on my laptop. My fingers were typing up my article, feeling that I should get a first draft done while everything was still fresh in my mind.

After we had disentangled ourselves and cleaned up, Moose asked me to stay for lunch and I had accepted. The last hour of my stay hadn't been as eventful as the rest of the time had been. Moose gave me his number after I had dressed and I gave him mine in return. From the looks Jay and Padge shared, that wasn't usual, but I never got chance to ask.

Looking at the screen I was almost done with the main part of the article. I'd just need to type up the interviews, which I would do tomorrow and then I could submit it to Gavin with the pictures. I was certain that he'd be pleased with it. I probably could have gone to the bar to see if I could meet up with the other pony boy owners, to ask them their thoughts, but I figured it would take away from Moose and his ponies.

After saving the file and closing my laptop, I slipped under the covers of the bed, my phone in hand. I flicked to the pictures I had taken, then slipped my hand down between my legs. This would be my first time jerking off to them, but not the last.
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