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The Buck Part 1

The Buck
Pairing: Moose/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Warnings: Au, BDSM, pony boys
Notes: So I was going through my Jay tag on tumblr since I lack Jay pics on the new laptop and it sent me on a Jay kick. So I went back and read some old Jay fic and got inspired after reading, like, three fic where Rich was a pony boy. As such it's not the fic I mentioned in my last post and I'm going to see how it goes (and the start has turned out to be different than I expected too). It's also turned out longer than I expected. The original idea I had in mind for this will likely be in part to of this, if I do it that is.

Cardiff had a burgeoning pony boy scene, at least that's what I'd heard from my boss Gavin. "I want you to look into it, it might make an interesting story." So off I'd been sent to look into it and see what I could find out.

I worked for a magazine, Between Order And Model, that Gavin had started back home in Bridgend. It was dedicated to various aspects of the Welsh scene, so it was part about bands and gigs but also partly fetish stuff, which made it different from other magazines.

Gavin had provided me with the name of a fetish club in Cardiff which was meant to be a place where these pony boys hung out. As soon as I'd checked into a hotel and had something to eat, I decided to head straight there to check the place out.

The bar, called Constant Illuminations,was located on the edge of the city center, fairly out of the way. Most fetish bars I'd seen were like that, so that didn't surprise me all that much. Once I was parked up in the car park I checked myself in the rear view mirror. I was dressed fairly simply, in a black t-shirt and leather trousers. My goal tonight was just to check the place out, get a feel for it and to see if I could find someone willing to have an interview. I knew that some people could get cagey about talking about their kinks when questioned directly, even shy, so I always tried to strike up a conversation and build a rapport first.

Satisfied with my appearance, I got out and locked my car before making my way to the bar's entrance. There wasn't a bouncer or anything so I got inside easily, taking in the sight of the place. In appearance the bar was much like others I had been to, albeit with a bit more light. The was a bar along one wall, with various bottles on the shelves behind it and a series of stools set up in front of the counter. Spaced around around the walls were booths, some which looked like ones that could be found in any bar or pub, while others contained fetish gear such as harnesses or sex swings. There were a fair few guys here, in various states of undress and I made a beeline for the bar.

The bartender smiled at me as soon as I approached, his eyes looking me up and down. I gave him a similar once over. He had jet black hair that hung to his shoulders and he was dressed in black rubber which shone in the light. "Hey, what can I get you?"

"Just a beer thanks." I replied, taking a seat on one of the stools as he poured me a drink from one of the pumps. He set the glass down before me and I smiled, grabbing my wallet from my pocket. "Is card ok?"

"Sure." He smiled, grabbing a card reader from beneath the bar and I tapped my open wallet against it, hearing the familiar confirmation beep of the contactless payment going through. I returned the wallet to my pocket and took a sip from the beer, pleased to find it was nice and cool. "So, I've not seen you around before. Are you new in town or just visiting?"

I set my glass back on the counter after taking another drink from it. "I'm visiting, but I heard about this place so figured I'd come check it out." He nodded with a smile, no doubt having heard that before. "I'm Rich by the way, what's your name?"

"Darran." He replied, wetting his lips slightly. "So what are you in to? I can point you in the right direction if you have specific kinks that you wish to indulge in."

"Thanks." I returned his smile, glad he was so friendly. I'd been to a few bars, both regular and fetish, where the bartenders were gruff or were too busy for small talk. I decided to take advantage of the current quietness at the bar to ask him about what I'd come for. "Well, I heard this is the place to come in regards to pony boys. Do you know anything about that?"

His eyes sparkled and he smirked slightly, nodding. "Oh yeah. We've got quite a few regulars now actually. Moose is probably one of your best bets, he's usually around Fridays so should be here tonight."

I raised a quizzical eyebrow at that. "Moose? Why's he called that?"

He chuckled softly and shrugged. "It's a nickname he's always had, I think it's because he's well hung." He grinned at that. "I'll point him out to you when he gets here, but he'll be pretty noticeable since he always brings one of his ponies with him."

"One? How many does he have?"

He looked thoughtful for a moment before responding. "He has two permeant ones, though he sometimes takes other guys on who are interested in seeing what it's like." I nodded slightly, taking in another gulp of my beer. This Moose guy sounded like a promising candidate for an interview. Maybe I could even get an interview with one of his pony boys too.

"Hey Darran, could I get a drink over here?" I looked at the source of the voice, a young guy with bleach blonde hair at the other end of the bar who had just arrived.

"Yeah, yeah, keep your pants on Sean." Darran smiled at me and headed down there to attend to him. I turned around in my seat, hearing the sounds of moans from various parts of the room over the music. At least the place wasn't playing the obnoxious kinds of dance music that these kinds of places were known for. Instead it the music was much more my kind of thing, heavy rock music. No matter how this interview went I'd definitely give this place a recommendation in the magazine. As well as the booths there was also a more public stage along one wall, which was raised above the ground so much that I wondered if this place had used to be a music venue. On the stage there was various pieces of bondage furniture and there was a man currently restrained to a rack being whipped. I couldn't see their faces from here or make out anything else about them. I knew I could go closer to check them out, but I didn't want to get to involved and miss an opportunity to speak to this Moose, so I turned my attention away from the stage and back towards the entranceway.

"Sorry about that, Sean's one of our more... vocal regulars." Darran smiled as I glanced back over at him.

"Yeah, he looks it." Sean had left the bar now and I could see that he'd gone over to one of the booths and I could tell he was talking to whoever was there. "But talkers like that always make some of he best noises."

Darran chuckled at my words and nodded, confirming I was right. "Yeah, that he does." He brushed some strands of his black hair from his face. "So if you don't mind me asking, what brings you out here to our fair city, business or pleasure?"

"A bit of both actually. My boss sent me here to write an article." Darran raised an eyebrow and I knew he was going to ask what so I beat him to it. "I'm a reporter for Between Order And Model and..."

"Oh man, I love that!" Darran grinned brightly. "It's the only magazine I'm subscribed to, you guys do awesome work." I returned his grin, his praise giving me a sense of pride. As a rather niche publication, I didn't get to meet the readership all that often, so I was glad he was one of them. "Next drink is on me!"

"Thanks." I smiled in appreciation at his offer and he nodded. I hadn't meant to let slip that I was a reporter, but Darran had the kind of face that I suspected meant a lot of people told him things. "Just keep it quiet for now you know?"

"Of course!" He nodded and made the motion of zipping his mouth shut, which made me wonder if he had a rubber hood to match the rest of his outfit. I shook such thoughts from my head, at least for now. "Oh, here he comes."

I turned in my seat to face the doorway and caught sight of two guys coming into the bar. The first was rather unassuming, dressed jeans and a t-shirt with a beanie hat on his head, he looked a little out of place. Following a few paces behind him was another man. Unlike the man he was following he was mostly naked. He had boots almost up to his knees and there was a bit in his mouth. I couldn't see his arms but at a guess they were restrained. He had a cute face, with hair in a mohawk and a decent looking cock.

The man, who I guessed was Moose, was coming towards the bar until he was stopped by Sean who was talking to him. "That's Moose then?" I asked Darran, my eyes still on the three men.

"Yeah and the pony is called Jay." I made a mental note of that, watching as Moose pulled a crop from his back pocket, handing it over to Sean. I wondered what was going on and was about to ask if Darran knew anything but he spoke up. "Moose loans his ponies out, last time he was here I knew Sean was asking about it so... I guess he's first in line."

I nodded slightly, watching as Sean parted from Moose, leading Jay to one of the booths. I had been right, Jay's arms were pulled behind him, bound at the wrists. He also had a plug up his ass, with a long tail coming out the base of it and hanging between his legs. Moose watched them for a moment, then came over to the bar, taking one of the stools next to me. "Darran, beer me up would you?"

"Sure thing!" Darran nodded, grabbing a glass and filling it up with the golden fluid. As he did so, Moose glanced over at me, looking me up and down as he did. I could tell he was sizing me up.

"I've not seen you around here before. I'm Moose." He smiled, taking a swig from the glass that Darran handed him.

"I'm Rich." I returned his smile, finishing the last of my own drink. "That's a nice pony boy that you came in with."

He looked back to the booth Sean had took Jay and his lip quirked into a smirk. "That he is." He paused and I saw him take a long swig from his drink. "Have you ever had a pony boy Rich?"

"I... No I haven't." I replied and he nodded slightly as he turned to face me.

"You should try it. Although..."

"Although?" There was something about the way he said that would, something begged me to follow it up.

He leaned in closer to me and then he whispered in my ear. "I think you'd look better as a one." I bit back a groan and he smirked. "A big strong man like you would look great in the gear."

He leaned back to take another drink, keeping his blue eyes on me, gauging my reaction. It would certainly give me an interesting perspective for my article and give me a unique angle. "And if I was interested, what would that entail exactly?"

Moose smiled, resting his glass on the counter again. "Well, you would have to come back to mine of course. You'd strip off from me and then I'd fit you with the basic kit. The bit, boots and plug. What happens next depends on you." He glanced me up and down, his eyes lingering on my crotch and it was clear what he was implying. His eyes met my own again and ge took a swig from his glass again.

"You're rather forward aren't you?"

He shrugged slightly. "Of course, I think things go better that way don't you? Besides, this is a fetish bar, guys come here to fuck or get fucked, or to watch. The question is, which are you Rich? Why did you come here tonight?"


Before I could answer he leaned in close again and he whispered. "Or is this for that magazine of yours." My eyes widened and he smirked. "I recognise you from your profile pic on the website. So, I'll ask again, why are you here Rich?"

He settled back again, watching me intently. "Gavin, my boss, sent me here to do an article. He'd heard that there were pony boys here, so he sent me here to do a piece on them." I could almost swear his eyes were sparkling as I said that. "Darran mentioned you'd be coming in tonight." I paused, wetting my lips. "Would you mind giving me an interview for it?"

He looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded. "Sure, if you agree to come home with me." I returned the nod, his proposition was intriguing and seeing his home environment would be interesting to see. Plus I might be able to get some pictures, maybe even talk to Jay. "Darran, get us both a refill." He waved over the bartender, who had moved down the bar to serve other customers. "Come on, there's a quiet spot we can do this."

Drinks in hand, he led me over to a corner booth. A round table occupied the space before the seats, so it looked much like a booth in a regular pub. It was far enough from the speakers that the music was fairly quiet. We set our drinks down on the table then took our seats. "So I'm going to record this to make notes from is that ok?" Once he nodded, I took out and unlocked my phone, opening up a dictaphone app and setting it before us. "So, your name is Moose, yeah?"

"That's right."

"And you have two full time pony boys is that right?"

He grinned at me before replying. "Ahh rubber boy sure is a talker. Yeah, I have two. There's Jay, who you saw when I came in tonight. Back home there is Padge. I always try to bring at least one of them with me when I come here."

"Would I be able to ask them a few questions as well?"

He tapped a finger against his chin in thought, then shrugged. "Sure." He reached between us and took a drink from his glass. I decided to do the same, mirroring his actions.

"So, well, I guess one think I want to know is how did this come about. What got you interested in pony boys?"

He tapped his fingers against the side of the glass. "Near where I grew up there was a field that used to have horses in them. I was fascinated by them, they're such beautiful creatures. I never learned how to ride, it's something that I really should do." He paused, taking another drink of his beer. "One day I found a porno mag in the park. Remember how there used to be random porno mags like that? Now with the net you just don't see that anymore." He shrugged slightly. "But I digress. It was mostly women which I'm not terribly interested in, but one of them was dressed up in pony gear and it just... stuck in my mind. As soon as I was able to I got some of the gear and... well, the rest as they say is history."

He smirked slightly and I took a drink, taking in everything he said. "So how did you meet Jay and Padge?"

"We've known each other since school. They were actually with me when I found the mag that started this. We fooled around a lot over the years before they became a permanent part of my life as my ponies." He smiled fondly and I knew that they weren't just pony boys to him, he genuinely cared for them. I'd done interviews with some doms and they generally fell into two categories. Either they were like Moose here, obviously caring about their subs or their dominant side was so strong it overrode it, at least in public.

"It's nice that you're so close to them."

"Yeah, they'll always be my friend's before my pony's and I never do anything with them that they don't want to." He smirked slightly. "But they're both pervs like me so they're up for anything. Plus, they were my firsts so they will always be special to me."

Firsts huh? I guess that he lost his virginity to them. Maybe he fucked one, got fucked by the other? "That sounds nice." He smiled and I could tell that he was sizing me up again, I could see it in his eyes. I swallowed another gulp of my beer before asking my next question. "My boss said this place had a burgeoning pony boy scene, so I'm guessing you're not the only one that has them."

"Your boss is right." That smirk placed on his lips again. "At the moment there are three of us. There's me, Jocko who's a dirty Brummie and then there's Snoz." I raised an eyebrow and he chuckled. "Long story, but he's Welsh too. They each have a single pony so far, though I know they want more."

I nodded slightly, wondering if I could get interviews with them as well. It wouldn't be necessary of course, after having an in depth experience with Moose, but it would be a nice addition to get their perspectives. I'd ask have to ask Darran if they had regular times to come in like Moose. "Do they treat their ponies like you do?"

"Uh huh. Same outfits and equipment. Snoz and his pony got inspired by seeing mine so asked me for advice."

"And Jocko?"

"He already had his boy has a pony when he came here." He licked his lips and I could tell that he was remembering it. He looked past me and his lips curved into a smile. I turned my head, seeing a rather flustered Sean approach with Jay following behind him. I wasn't sure what they had done, though Jay had a few fresh welts from the crop across his chest. "Have fun?" Moose asked once they were close enough to hear.

"Fuck yeah." Sean replied, voice slightly breathless as he handed the crop over. "Who's your friend?" He asked, glancing over at me with a curious look.

"This is Rich." Moose replied as he took the crop and I nodded slightly. "Now, go and get yourself a drink Sean, you look like you need one."

Sean took one last look at me and then turned and headed toward the bar. I noted he was walking awkwardly. With him gone, I got my first proper look at Jay. His chin was glistening with saliva from where the bit must have made him drool. He was fairly muscular and I could see his arms were tattooed, though I couldn't make them out exactly. Between his legs his cock hung limp so he must have came with Sean. His balls hung low between his chunky thighs and I felt him watching me.

"Are you ready to come back with me to mine?" I looked back to Moose, who was sat back in his seat smirking.

"Yeah, I'll just finish this." I stopped the recording on my app, saving the file and then I returned my phone to my pocket. I then took my glass in hand, downing the remains of my beer in one quick gulp, setting it down. He grinned at me as he got up from his seat, and I followed suit, rising to my feet. "I think I need to have a piss first though."

Moose chuckled and pointed to a door a short distance away. "It's just through there, we'll wait here for you." I gave him a grateful nod and headed off towards it. The door lead straight into a men's room. There was a trio of cubicles along one wall, with a few sinks along another. There three urinals against the remaining wall which I headed towards. At first glance they seemed like ordinary urinals you'd find in any men's room, but the pipes at the base of them didn't just go into the wall that they were attached to. Instead the three pipes joined together under the middle one and headed down beneath a grate on the floor. Through the grate I could see the pipe lead to the head of a figure clad completely in rubber. I'd heard some fetish bars had something like this but had never seen one before. I wondered if this was a punishment or reward for the sub down there.

I stood before the middle urinal and I undid my flies, pulling out my soft cock and letting out a sigh as I started to piss. I watched as the golden fluid filled the bowl, draining down into the pipework towards the sub in the space beneath me. I couldn't help but wonder what kind of sub was in there, wrapped in black rubber, swallowing my stream down. Was it a cute twink, or did he look more like the other guys I'd seen? I had no idea and I doubted I would ever find out. Somehow not knowing made it even better.

Soon I finished up and I zipped myself up, giving the bound figure a smile, though I was unsure if they would be able to see. I quickly used the sink, then made my way back out to where Moose was waiting for me. He was smiling as he saw me, stroking his right hand down Jay's side. "All set?" I nodded and he led the way through the bar towards the entrance, Jay following obediently behind him.

Once the three of us were outside, he walked towards the car park where I'd parked my car. "Did you come in a car?" He asked, his tone conversational. "Because if not you can ride with us."

"I did come in a car, yeah. Will there be a place I can park it up at yours?"

He nodded with a smile, stopping at a black car which I assumed was his. "Sure, the driveway is big enough, just follow us."

I headed to my own car, which was pretty close to his own and I got my keys out, opening the front door and getting in the drivers seat. I buckled myself in, started the car up and waited, checking the rearview mirror. His headlights flashed and then I backed up, following his car as he led the way.

The journey took about 25 minutes and I made it in silence, not wanting to be distracted and lose sight of him. Eventually, though, he pulled his car into a driveway and I did the same. We both parked up and I took in the sight of his house. It was pretty ordinary looking from the outside, but looks could be deceiving. I got out and locked the door, watching as Moose helped Jay out of the backseat.

"Come on, follow me." I nodded, following them both again to his front door. He took his keys and unlocked the door, pushing it open. "You can take your shoes off if you want." I toed off my shoes, setting them by the door after pushing it closed. "I'm going to put Jay here to bed then I'll see what I can do with you, alright?"

"Yeah, sure." I replied, before following them both again. He took Jay into a side room and I looked around as I entered it behind them. The room had been converted into a stable. Across from the doorway were three stalls, one of which was occupied. I guessed that was Padge. His arms were pulled up above his head, bound at the wrists and attached to a hook on the ceiling. A bit that looked just like Jay's was between his lips and he was looking at me, curiosity in his dark eyes. He wore boots much like Jay's and his dick was twitching slightly between his legs. He was quite well hung and he let out a soft whiny.

"This is Rich Padge, he has come for a visit." I glanced over at Moose, who was freeing Jay's bound arms. He set the leather strap that had held them down on a nearby countertop, then pushed Jay into the middle stall. "Arms up." Jay did as he was told and Moose smiled fondly. "Good boy." He fastened Jay's wrists in a manner matching Padge's.

"Do they sleep like this then?" Standing up?" I asked, curious.

"Uh huh." He replied, finishing restraining Jay's wrists. "They've learned to sleep like real ponies." That fond smile crossed his lips as he stroked down Jay's arm, cupping his face. "Goodnight Jay." He leaned in and kissed his forehead, before moving into Padge's stall. "Goodnight Padge." He smiled and kissed him too, stroking his face gently.

"Now, come on Rich." He parted from Padge and went to the door, waiting for me to leave the stable. He turned the light off once I did, closing the door behind us and he gave me a smile. He turned and led the way again. I followed him up the stairs until he stopped outside a door, when he turned to look at me. "Now, once we are in this room you are going to do exactly what I tell you ok?"

I nodded, the implication of those words making my cock twitch in my trousers. "Yeah, sure. Do you want me to call you anything?" It was almost best to ask, some had a preference for a certain thing over the default sir or master.

"Whatever you feel like." He replied with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Do you have a safe word or anything I should know about?"

"Funeral, that's the one I always use." He raised an eyebrow but didn't comment on it. A safe word had to be something you'd not accidentally let slip and, for some reason, funeral just felt right to use.

"Funeral it is then." He smiled and opened the door up, gesturing for me to enter as he flicked the light on. As soon as the light came on I took in the sight of the room. It was obviously a spare bedroom that had been converted in a sex room. There were dildos and other toys sat atop the various furnishings in the room. Moose took a seat on the edge of the bed and he looked over at me. "Alright Rich, lose your clothes." He nodded to a box that was by the door. "And put your things in there."

I nod and removed my t-shirt first, exposing my chest for him. I tossed it into the box, feeling his eyes on me. My fingers then went to the zipper of my trousers and I tugged it down quickly, before popping the button above it. I hooked my fingers below the waistband of my leather trousers and started pushing them down my legs. I had forgone underwear due to the nature of the bar and so my dick was freed as soon as my trousers were opened. Moose made an approving noise at the sight as I removed them completely, adding them to the box.

I straightened up and stood before Moose, fully naked and hard. He looked me up and down, rising from his seated position and then he slowly circled around me. I knew that he was examining me from every angle. After his first circuit around me he nodded to himself and then he ran his fingers over me. He stroked my arm, then down my back to caress the cheeks of my ass. When he was back in front of me he traced his fingers over my tattooed chest, stopping at my pierced nipple, circling it before moving lower towards my dick. He ran a finger down the underside my my erection, stopping to cup my balls. "Mmm a nice big cock. You'll make a nice stallion."

I felt a small sense of pride at that. "Thank you sir." He smiled at me, giving my dick a single stroke from base to tip, enough to get a feel for me.

"Mmm let's get you fitted up." He licked his lips and let me go, walking towards the wardrobe. He opened the door up and felt inside, pulling out a pair of boots that looked much like the ones Jay and Padge wore. He handed them over to me, licking his lips. "Put them on." I nodded and did as I was told, sliding my feet into the boots. They were a nice fit, slightly bigger than my regular shoes but that was ok. I zipped them both up quickly and straightened back up, looking over at him. He held up a plug with a tail, looking between it and me before nodding. "Yeah that looks right." He closed the drawer he got it from, then grabbed some lube from the top of the drawers.

Despite the size of my dick I had experience with taking things up my arse. I enjoyed to get fucked as well as fucking, so I had had all kinds of things inside me over the years. Moose came close to me and handed me the plug. "Hold this for me, while I give you a good fingering." I bit back a groan as I took the plug from him. It was black and quite big, the horses tail from the emerged from the base several inches long. Moose then went behind me and I heard him slick up his fingers. "Now, stay still alright?"

"Yes sir." I replied, feeling his left hand on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart gently. The fingers of his other hand pressed between them, circling the rim of my opening. I closed my eyes, as he pushed two of them into me.

"That's it." He leaned in and whispered the words into my ear. "I know a big strong pony like you can take this." His two fingers filled my ass, a gasp leaving my lips. Once they were fully inside me, he started to move them, spreading and twisting them. I stayed as still as I was able, while his fingers opened me up. After a little while he started pumping them in and out of me, his fingertips brushing against my insides. It didn't take him long before they were bumping against my spot, making my legs feel weak. I managed to stay standing despite myself, even as a third one joined them. The trio of fingers opened me up further, preparing me for the rubber of the plug. "Mm almost ready." He whispered against me, as he twisted them. Part of me didn't want him to stop, wanted him to keep working his fingers until I'd shot my load across my belly. He pumped them a few more times before removing them, a soft gasp leaving my lips.

"The plug." He whispered after I took a breath and I reached back with my hand holding the rubber for him. He took it from me and I heard him pop open the lube, which meant he'd put it in easy reach. "There we go, nice and slick for you." His voice was low as he said the words and he must have returned the lube to where he'd put it as he parted my cheeks again. "Ready?"

"Yes sir." I replied, as he pressed the tip of the plug against my cleft, running it up along my crack towards my opening. He held my ass tighter as he pushed the rubber into me, the tail brushing against the backs of my thighs. It was a strange feeling, slightly distracting me from the fullness of the plug. The bulb of it was slightly bigger than his three fingers, but his stretching had done a good job of preparing me for it. The base of it was soon pressed up against my cheeks, a sign that it was fully inside me.

"Mmm it suits you." His fingers stroked the curve of my ass and then I heard him grab something else. I heard the soft sound of a shutter clicking and I knew he was taking pictures. That was confirmed when he walked back in front of me, holding his phone up to take a few more shots with it. "You are a handsome stallion."

I smiled at his words and he slipped the phone back into his pocket. He was still as fully clothed as when I first saw him back at the bar, so I felt that he was overdressed, but I didn't comment on it. "One more thing. Hands behind you." I did as I was told, watching as he grabbed a leather strap that was much the same as the one Jay had worn. Once he was behind me he wrapped the strap around my wrists, pulling the strap tight, securing it in place. "There, all set."

I wondered why he hadn't put a bit in my mouth like Jay and Padge, but maybe that was because this was my first time. "Now, you are going to walk around the room until I tell you to stop." I nodded and started to walk as he'd asked, feeling the tail swish against the backs of my legs with every step.

For the first few minutes he just watched me move, but then he started to remove his clothing at last. I kept walking, trying not to let it distract me, the plug bumping against my spot every few steps I made. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him shed his t-shirt, jeans, even his beanie hat. He tossed his clothing onto a nearby chair and all that was left next to him on the bed was the crop and lube. He started to slick his fingers up again with the lube and with he raised his other hand, signalling me to stop.

He raised his leg and reached between his legs and I saw him start to finger himself. "Here is what is going to happen. You are going to fuck me until I cum. I will use this on you." He held up the crop with his free hand, twisting the fingers inside himself. "When I do it means you go faster understand?"

"Yes sir." I replied, not sure what I had expected to happen.

"And no talking." I nodded and he smirked, retreating his fingers enough to slip in a third. I watched wordlessly as he opened himself up, driving his fingers in and out, spreading and twisting them much like he had in me. It was impressive how he kept his composure, though I suspected it was due to practice. His dick ached against his belly. He was fully hard and a decent size and quite thick. I wondered if he ever fucked anyone with it. "Come here." He pointed to the end of the bed as he removed his fingers, wiping them on the bedsheets.

I moved into position and he scooted down until his ass was at the end of the bed. He raised his legs up until his knees were against his chest and then he reached around, grabbing the base of my cock. He lined me up with his hole with an ease that showed he'd done this many times and he looked up in the eyes. "Fuck me."

I nodded and pushed into him, the pair of us groaning. I rocked my hips, filling him with my erection. He gripped ahold of his crop, locking eyes with me. He took me so well, not showing any discomfort as my balls slapped against his cheeks. He slapped my chest with his crop and I let out a groan from the sharp pain.

I took the hint and started to fuck him, rocking my hips against him at a steady pace. I groaned as his ass squeezed around me, his crop hitting me again. I decided to speed up enough further and I fucked him deep with each thrust. Without my arms to use for purchase it on his legs it was a little awkward and I almost stumbled a few times but I managed to keep my balance. "That's it, fuck me hard you fucking stallion!" He growled, pushing his ass back against me.

I groaned, fucking him as hard as I was able to. Even so he hit me with the crop a few times, each blow going straight to my aching cock. I wished I could touch and stroke him to get him off, my wrists squirming against my bonds. He parted his legs, giving me a full view of his hard-on. "I bet you want this stallion. Want to touch it, stroke it, taste it. Too bad ponies don't have hands huh?" I groaned and he smirked, his arse squeezing around me. "Come on, make me cum."

I fucked him good and hard, pounding into him at a rough pace, going as hard and fast as I was able. My chest was covered now in red welts from the blows from the crop. He let out a low groan, his head falling against the sheets as he came across his belly. Fuck, he looked beautiful like that, his body trembling from his orgasm.

"Keep going..." He whispered, voice a little breathless as he looked back at me. "Don't you dare stop until you fill me." I nodded, watching as he dragged his fingers through his cum. "You want this huh?" He held his hand up, the pearly fluid glistening on his fingertips. "Have a taste pony."

I leaned in, parting my lips and sucking his fingers clean. The taste of him and the sweet sounds he made, was enough to finally tip me over the edge and I came deep inside him. "Fuck that's it, fill me up." I moaned around his finger, my tongue flicking against him. "Mmm yeah good pony."

He retreated his fingers from my lips and he licked his own. "Now, be a good stallion and clean up your mess."

I nodded and pulled out of him steadily. It took me a few moments to sink awkwardly to my knees and he held his own knees in place, allowing me access. After taking a breath, I extended my tongue and worked it inside him, tasting my own cum as I twisted it, lapping it all up. He let out soft groans as I wiggled my soft tongue inside him. It didn't take me too long to finish up and then he reached down, stroking my hair. "That's it, now get up."

Getting back up with my hands bound was more awkward than getting down there, but I managed it eventually. An amused expression covered his face and I could tell it was at my expense. "You did well for your first time as a pony. Now turn around." I did so and he reached up, his fingers removing the strap holding my wrists, letting it drop to the floor. "I can't be arsed moving from this bed, so I'm going to sleep here tonight. You're welcome to join me and then you can ask your questions of my ponies in the morning."

I nodded, though I had completely forgotten that, lost in the pleasure that came with fucking him. "Thank you sir." He smiled and moved up the bed, getting in under the covers.

"Turn off the light, then you can join me." I nodded again going to switch it off before joining him under the soft sheets off the bed. It didn't take long for him to fall asleep, his arms wrapped around my chest. I soon followed him, expecting that I would have interesting dreams tonight.

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