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Kinkverse intro post

So, this is for anyone that stumbles here and wonders what the kinkverse tag/warning/memories means, especially now it’s essentially over and done with unfortunately.

So, several years ago back on lj I did the first kinkverse fic. Called Collide it was basically done so I could do Jay getting fucked by Jay. I never expected to it to still be going now (which is in large part due to lc_ffaf being inspired by it), or for it to expand like it has.

Basically the kinkverse is an alternate reality. I largely based it on the Mirror Universe from Star Trek. I've not decided where exactly the point of divergence was exactly, but there isn't really organised religion (and in a recent one I established that America went differently).

Anyways. In the kinkverse the basic difference is there are two classes of people masters (and mistresses) and sluts (most of which are slaves). Masters tend to own a slave and can do whatever they like to there (fuck, torture, modify even kill and eat). Instead of governments each country is ruled over by a Master (or Mistress or group) who basiclly runs the show. Becoming a Master usually means you killed you predecessor though some are appointed. A Master can do what they want essentially, including the aforementioned torture and killing, bur each one is different.

Sitting alongside the kinkverse is the 'vanillaverse' this one is essentially like our own. The two universes are, however, connected. Things and people fall between them. How this happens is unclear but there is generally a balance (an equal number of people who leave one enter the other, although there are still a few gaps there).

I started the kinkverse doing Bullet For My Valentine and then ended up doing Funeral For A Friend, The Blackout, Lostprophets and Bring Me The Horizon. I did a brief few in Germany with Nachtblut and Tokio Hotel, and then one in Finland with Finntroll and Apocalyptica.

However recently my main ones have been in America which have included: My Chemical Romance, Black Tide, The New Regime, Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White and The Used.

I might go back to Wales (I have meant to do Padge) and I started a uk one then stalled.

Anyway, I hope that makes sense/helps, though reading it back I'm not sure how much it does for those that have no idea.

Edit 24th July: As of March 22nd the kinkverse ended. On my side anyway, fuck knows what lc_ffaf is doing with it, if anything at all. Our friendship is dead and, with it, the world we'd made together. I felt there were many stories left in it, had so many ideas planned or partially started but eh, they'll never get done now.

It's sad and I hate that what we bult together has ended up being destroyed, but... Ugh.
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