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Kinkverse posts

So I did these originally for the kinkverse comm, but I figured I'll post them all here now so here they are under the cut.

Notable Masters

Most masters or mistresses are content with one, or several, slaves. Others, though, have much more influence. These masters/mistresses control towns, regions or even whole countries. Each one handles things differently. Some rule with an iron fist, having complete control of their territories, ruling through force or fear of force. Others just have nominal rule, leaving their regions to become lawless. Most fall between the two, controlling certain aspects or leaving things to fellow masters. In short, ruling styles are as different and varied as the particular master doing the ruling.

Some Masters chose to rule not solely, but as part of a couple, partnership or team. The sucess of these teams vary. Sometimes they go smoothly, with all of them working towards a shared goal, while other times one Master may end up enslaving or killling the others.

Becoming a top Master is usually, wherever it may be, a lifelong commitment, often ending with the master being killed by a usurper. Anyone who kills a master, regardless of status or even if they are a slave, then gains their role. As such many masters become skilled at self defence, while others employ bodyguards or even have their personal slaves trained to kill. Killing a master is risky and, if you should fail, the punishments are severe, ranging from torture, enslavement to outright death. Dominant masters tend to make public examples of usurpers, as a warning to those that may have ideas on their station.

Of course there are exceptions. Some Masters are respected and their rules unchallenged. Either through fear or fairness, these Masters survive long enough to hand their reign over to someone else. Sometimes a parent hands the Mastership over to a child, like the Toro's in New Jersey, while othertimes they chose someone whom they deem as a worthy successor like the appointment of Master Boucher.

The early 48 hours of a new Master's rule is generally considered the most important, especially if they kill their predecessor. If a previous Master proved to be particularly popular than their killer may quickly end up being deposed in retribution. Likewise, if a new Master changes things too quickly than they could end up being killed and replaced as well. Even hereditary or chosen Masters can sometimes find themselves facing issues at tis time.

Conversely if an incompetant or disliked Master gets deposed than their sucessor is oftem welcomed more warmly.

An unwritten rule between Masters of different countries (or states) is that they respect one another's rule and don't harm one another. Under the rare circumstance where a foreign Master has killed a Master of a different country, the natives rarely follow and accept them. As such it's considered foolish to even try such a thing.

What follows is a list of some of the most noteworthy Masters. It's far from a complete list and will be updated as more Masters ascend.

California: Master Andrew Black
-San Diego: Master Adam Driver
Illinois: Master Patrick Stump
New Jersey: Master Raymond Toro
New York: Master Adam Lambert
Pennsylvania: Master Christopher Cerulli

Austria: Mistress Anna
Croatia: Mistress Meri
England: Master Nick Holmes
Finland: Master Bobby Undertaker
-Helsinki District: Master Trollhorn and the Moonsorrow Collective
Germany: Master Till Lindemann
Russia: Svartby
Scotland: Master Ali Richardson
Sweden: Master Jens Rydén
Switzerland: Mistress Anna/Mistress Meri
Wales: Master Richard Boucher
-Pontypridd: Master Lee Gaze

Former Masters
California: Master Shadows
Finland: Mistress Tarja, Master Tuomas
Switzerland: Master Chrigel
Wales: Master Tom Jones

Timestamp: 3rd April 2017, 4:30pm
Citywide message: Newerk, New Jersey, transmitted both audio and visually on all stations

"Citizens of Newerk, it is I, your master Raymond Toro.

I am sure many of you noticed the fire late last night that destroyed Frank Iero's home. I am here to inform you that fire was not an accident, but an intentional blaze to cleanse this city of the filth that was Iero. Hereafter it will be referred to as filth. It's name is no longer to be spoken.

Last night I sent one of my slaves on a routine errand. My slaves are, of course, well known and familiar to you all. It is also well known that my slaves are to be left alone, unless you have my express permission.

Last night I recieved a phone call from Master Robert Bryar. He had spotted filth with my slave, forcing him into it's car. Master Bryar had followed filth to it's house and wanted to inform me and ask how he should proceed. I promptly joined him there.

Together we subdued the filth and recovered my slave. Filth had also taken the slut guitarist of the band The Used. Master Bryar ensured he was returned to them after joining me at my property. Once I assred that my slave was taken care of, I dealt with filth.

Over the next hour filth was tortured. It was beaten, burned, violated until it begged for death. Or it would have, had I not sliced it's vocal chords. Select footage of this will be made available shortly.

Once I was certain it was dead, I allowed Master Bryar to take any items from filth's house. My slave Aaron then set the building alight, wiping the filth from this town.

Let this be a reminder to you all. My slaves are not to be touched without my permission. Anyone that does will be dealt with severely, like this filth."

[Master Toro holds aloft the severed head of filth, bruises and cuts clear on it's pale, lifeless face]

"I will be contacting local artists over the next days for how to best make use of this filth's body. Let it serve as an example to anyone who might cross me."

Transmission ends.

The Used

Bert Mccracken - vocals
Dan Whitesides - drums
Jepha Howard - bass
Quinn Allman - guitar


The Used formed near Salt Lake City, Utah. Then Master Mccracken and his childhood friend come slave Quinn were the founding members, soon joined by Master Steineckert and his slave Jepha. After doing a few demos, the band created one album and proved to be quite popular, with a demand for them to play gigs. After a second album were ready to play their first gigs in their local area. However it wasn't to be.

While Master Steineckert was a capable performer, he couldn't handle the aftershows. This resulted, on the third show, with him being fucked by a knife and then killed in front of his bandmates after he proved uncooperative.

The band almost disbanded that night, but Quinn stumbled upon information about Master Toro, the then newly appointed master of New Jersey. He had invested in an ad campaign to bring more musicians to his state, which resulted in the band moving there a few nights later.

They soon met Master Whitesides, an aspiring drummer also drawn by the program. After a session it became clear he was the perfect replacement drummer for them. The line up has remained unchanged ever since, although Bert has since become Master Whitesides slave along with his fellow bandmates.

The band has since become a noted favourite of Master Toro and they play regular gigs at his venue.

The Used
In Love And Death
Lies For The Liars
Imaginary Enemy
The Canyon

Master Raymond Toro

Master Raymond Toro is the current Master of New Jersey and is the latest in the ruling Toro dynasty. Master Toro was groomed for the role of Master from an early age and showed much more promise than his brothers. At age 27, he assumed the role of Master, due to his father, the then current Master's ill health.

Master Toro is both well liked and well respected, a rare occurrence for a someone of his role. He is always willing to take the time to meet with anyone that wishes to see him, giving him an approachability that many others in his role lack. As a result, he rarely uses the throne room in his mansion accept for the mist official masters. No one has made any attempt to remove him from his role and it is considered unlikely that anyone would try.

He is considered one of the most influential stateside Masters and is on good terms with virtually all of his counterparts. His levelheadedness has also led him to represent the states at international Masters meetings.

Master Toro is a patron for the arts, something his family has always been well known for. He has funded a sizeable expansion to the state's art college, and pays frequent visits to look out for up and coming artists. He is also noted as having a strong appreciation for music, which has led to Newerk becoming a hive of musicians and bands. He owns the local music venue, which has a strict no killing policy for after shows.

Master Toro has three current slaves. Aaron runs the day to day operations of the venue, his other slaves, Austin and Ilan, reside with him in his mansion almost full time and have full protections extended over them. In early 2017 one master made the mistake of assaulting and kidnaping one of his slaves, which resulted in the master's prompt torture and execution. As a result, one of Master Toro's rooms is filled with items made from the former master, now known only as filth.

When Master Toro is away on business one of his slaves is usually left in charge in his stead and all three are considered capable enough to handle the role.

The Motionless

Master Christopher Cerulli, the current Master of Pennsylvania, has a cadre of slaves that are known as the Motionless. Not much is known about them, even how many there are, but what little details there are of them are compiled here.

The Motionless are all dressed in the same manner, covered head to toe in white rubber. They are featureless and, as the name implies, motionless. While some believe that they are simply well trained slaves, others believe that drugs are used to keep them immobile. The slaves are posed in various positions around Master Cerulli's mansion, including the throne room and Master Cerulli's private chambers.

Being Motionless is not just confined to slaves. It is often Master Cerulli's preferred punishment for Master's that cause trouble or cross him. Master's that are known to have gone through the process have declined to share the experience.

One master that is known to have been punished in that manner is Ryan Sitkowski, a former master in Pennsylvania, he was dissatisfied with Master Cerulli taking over the role after his father's death. The day after Master Cerulli officially became Master, he made an attempt on his life in front of several witnesses. However he underestimated Master Cerulli and was easily subdued. While many Masters kill or torture people that try such a thing, often publicly, Master Cerulli instead made him into one of the Motionless (after a public and brutal fucking).

During a series of interviews with Masters of the US in 2017, Master Cerulli decided to do an interview and naturally the subject of the Motionless came up. While he didn't discuss much in the way of specifics of the process, he did give some insight.

"The Motionless broadly fall into three categories really. First are my permanent slaves. All of them, including Devin who you may have seen in the porn film I did, are part of the Motionless. They're not Motionless all the time, some like Devin serve me in other ways as well.

The second are my quests. These are people that come to me willingly to be Motionless. Some try it once and never come back for it, but many choose to come back repeatedly. How long they stay with me is largely up to them. Of these two groups, trust and discretion is essential, that's why there's not much out there about them, because I trust them not to talk about it!

The final group are the ones that I make Motionless as part of punishment. Masters that cross me or cause trouble are made Motionless as part of their punishment. I generally just leave them somewhere where they can't cause trouble and let them think about what they've done. I find masters that go through it improve as a result.

And, of course, there is Ryan. He made the mistake of trying to kill me, which I am sure he regrets, not that I would know. He is permanently sealed in his suit, locked in a space beneath my throne. I think it's fitting, him locked down there, under the position he coveted so much."

To some the Motionless are more than simply a collection of sluts and punished masters. To them, the Motionless are considered to be another form of cult. But, when asked, Master Cerulli declined to comment on that. Cult or not, the Motionless are an important part of the slut culture of Pennsylvania.

The Broken Mirror Conspiracy
Broken Mirror is an online conspiracy which sprung online several years ago. The believers are widely regarded as insane and, as a result don't generally make their views public. Broken Mirror believers believe that there is another universe entangled with our own. They offer up all sorts of 'evidence' ranging from books to photographs and even albums, however they are widely condemned as being fakes.

While Broken Mirror mostly operates online, under the shroud of anonymity, there has been at least one incident that the group perpetrated in the real world.

On August 14th, 2014, a master named Benjamin Madden came before Master Thomas of Maryland. He claimed that he had been visited by himself. He presented his double, calling himself Benji to Master Thomas. Benji claimed to be from another universe and Master Madden wished to make this public.

Master Thomas got the men to submit to examinations and tests, what he discovered astonished him.

It was a lie. Benji wasn't from another universe, in fact Benjamin and Benji were brothers. According to records stored in the Master's mansion, Benji was born Joel and they were, in fact, twins. They had both been brainwashed, Benjamin to forget he had a brother, Joel to believe he was from another universe.

The perpetrators were discovered to be Broken Mirror, led by the twins brother Joshua, a fanatic who would do anything to get his crazy theory believed. He killed all of his family members who remembered the twins and erased as many records of them as possible before abducting and brainwashing them.

Joshua and his cohorts were all interrogated and then executed, while Master Thomas helped the twins by placing them in rehabilitation in hopes to recover their memories.

The matter was originally kept private, however on the urging of two of his neighboring Masters (Cerulli and Toro) he made the information public in October 2014, in hopes of showing how dangerous Broken Mirror had become.

However, it seems that Joshua Madden's group were a rogue element, as nothing similar has happened since (or rat least made public record). As a result, most members of Broken Mirror, those that come out with it, are dismissed complete as cranks (or even outright shunned).
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