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Pairing: Christopher Cerulli/Raymond Toro, Austin Diaz/Raymond Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Raymond
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: So I was thinking of doing this after the last Motionless fic so here it be. This isn't how I envisaged it starting originally either. Title from The New Regime (though, ironically, Ilan isn't in it). This is probably gonna be one of my last kinkverse fics for awhile (any others that get posted lately will be the ones I've got partly done and so I figure I may as well finish them).
Notes 2: Due to the recent run of bad things happening (from pretty much the start of the year) this may end up being one of the last things I write for awhile. Whether it will be or not, we'll see. I could get inspired tomorrow and just end up writing, or I could end up in writing hibernation for awhile. I may take awhile and just game for a bit, I dunno. (I do have so many games to do after all, but you watch now I've said that I'll get inspired tomorrow) Anyway, onto the fic

Looking at myself in the mirror, I ran a hand down my dress shirt, straightening the black material of it out. I was more comfortable in t-shirts, and, back home, I was topless often. I sighed, running my fingers through my thick curls. In my reflection I saw my slave, Austin, smile at me. He didn't have such clothing worries, as he was dressed much like he would be at home, in his collar and cock cage and nothing else.

"Come on, let's go." He nodded slightly and I turned from the mirror, leading us both to the door of my room, before heading out into the corridor.

The Cerulli mansion was abuzz with activity, with slaves and masters of all kinds moving around. The ones that noticed me gave respectful nods as I made my way though the corridors, my slave following closely at my heels. I had been to this mansion many times over the years, so knew where I was going despite the increased number of people.

Eventually, I arrived at my destination, a room that was close to the throne room which was the focus of activity. I rapped my fingers on the doorway, hearing a voice yell from the other side of the wood in response. "Come in!"

I smiled and reached for the doorhandle, but before I could open it I saw Devin. Clad only in a white rubber collar and matching chastity device, his fae softened as soon as he saw me. "Please come in Master Toro."

I nodded as he opened the door and stepped aside, allowing us both to enter the room. There were various articles of clothing strewn across the bed and it was obviously most had been tried on before being discarded. Master Cerulli was standing there almost half naked, running his fingers through his hair in apparent frustration. "Raymond, I'm so glad it's you. I'm, fuck." He gestured at the clothing across the bed. "I have no idea what to wear."

"Ok, just calm down." I smiled slightly, shaking my head. "Just wear what makes you feel comfortable, that's what's important."

"You're right, yeah, I know." He reached for a previously discarded skirt, a mix of purples and blues and slid it up his legs. Christopher Cerulli wasn't exactly a conventional master. He always had some form of make up on (blue eyeshadow and purple lipstick at the moment) and he skirts and dresses. I knew that, as a result, he had been mistaken for a slave before more than once, especially during that time he'd been in Germany. He sighed once the skirt was pulled up to his waist and then he went to grab a sheath with a blade to go around his waist. He turned to face me once he bucked it in place. "So, how do I look?"

"You look very you." I smiled, looking him up and down and nodding. "Which is to say you look great."

"Thanks Raymond." He returned my smile and pulled me into a hug. "For everything." I nodded slightly, returning his hug. It had been a tough few weeks for him. His father had died suddenly and I had helped him make the arrangements for his funeral, as well as for today. I'd known his father and knew he wanted Christopher to take over after him. He had been hoping to hand the reigns to him much like my own father had, but well, nature is cruel sometimes.

"I'll wait for you in the throne room, ok?" He nodded against my hair, letting me go. I smiled and turned from him, letting him finish up as I made my way out.


The throne room was pretty much filled to capacity now. I recognised a few of the local state Masters that were towards the front of the room, Master Thomas and Master Lambert, but most everyone else was local and, thus, unfamiliar to me. I took up a place near the throne, knowing my presence would help give an air of legitimacy to the whole thing.

I spent much more time in other people's throne room's than my own back home. I preferred to meet people on a level playing field rather than above them like this.

After a few more minutes, Master Cerulli entered from one of the doors behind the throne and I smiled, glad that he was here. He smiled and nodded to the crowd, then took his place on the throne. "Thank you all for coming. It is my great honour for me to become the Master of Pennsylvania, your master. I vow to respect and continue my father's legacy. As such, there will be no sweeping changes to the state. I intend to keep things running much as he left them. My door will always be open to the people of my state. Now, please, enjoy yourselves and my hospitality."

As he said that a few slaves entered the room, carrying trays of drinks for the assembled guests. And he leaned back into the throne, a small gesture, but I noticed it. He had been dreading making that speech and now it was over I knew he was relieved.

People applauded, him, which I could see helped settle him, before they took drinks. Some of them made their way to the exit, toward the nearby ballroom that had further food and drinks laid out. I knew some would, of course, just leave as well. He mouthed a thank you to me, then started talking to someone who approached the throne.

There was no doubt in my mind that he would be a good Master.


The day after Christopher formally became Master, I was due to head back home. I knew things would be working out just fine without me. I'd left one of my brother's in charge, against my better judgement, though they didn't have the ambition to overthrow me. Still, as nice as it was here I'd feel better to be back in my own bed.

I opened the door to the throne room, to tell Christopher I was ready to go and I was greeted by raised voices. "You are a fucking disgrace! Just look at you!" A man I was unfamiliar with snarled at Master Cerulli. "Well your reign is going to end today, before you can fuck this state up." The man drew a knife from his hip and I watched, moving slowly into the room. I was certain that Christopher could handle this and didn't want to spook this guy.

"Master Sitkowski, I suggest that you calm down. If you sheath your blade now and leave, I will forget this ever happened." Master Cerulli spoke, his voice fairly calm, calmer than I would have expected him to be.

"Never! You fucking freak!" He lunged forward with the blade and then he screamed, his body falling as the ground vanished from beneath him. I guess I should have expected there to be a trap door.

Master Cerulli rose from his throne and looked down, into the hole where master Sitkowski was wailing in pain. "I gave you a chance, you didn't take it. You're stripped of your mastership and shall be punished accordingly." He nodded back to Devin and the trap door was sealed, blocking out whatever the former master's response would be. Christopher sighed, sinking down into the seat of his throne. "Ah Raymond, I'm sorry you had to see that."

"Are you alright?" I asked, making my way over to him. "Do you need me to stay longer, help punish that bastard?"

"No." He shook his head slowly. "It's ok, I can handle this, thank you. I know exactly what to do with him." A small smile played on his lips. "Though I think I'll leave him down there for awhile first. Please, if you're ready you should go. I'll come show you out."

I nodded, feeling more certain than ever that he was ready for this.


Every Master dealt with problems differently. Some carried out public punishments and executions, while others dealt with things more quietly. Personally, I thought killing people was rather distasteful. I'd tried whenever possible to avoid it and so could count the people I had killed on one hand.

After I had left Master Cerulli I had wondered which direction he would take with the guy that had questioned him, who I'd found out before I left was called Ryan Sitkowski. I suspected he would be made an example of, though I wasn't sure which way Christoper would go with it. I knew Master Lambert had the head of first person that challenged him mounted on the wall, though I couldn't see myself displaying someone like a tropy like that way. I couldn't see Christoper doing so either to be honest.

After a few days I began to think that he had dealt with Ryan quietly, which I could understand. I was in my office, going over some paperwork for a new building permits, when the tv in the corner of the room turned on by itself. That meant that there was an announcement from one of the north east masters. My father had made sure we were hooked up to automatically get announcement transmissions from them even if they were only meant to be statewide. I set my papers down, learning forward with interest.

The screen displayed Master Cerulli, seated on his throne. "Hello citizens of Pennsylvania. I am transmitting this message to you because of an incident that happened a few days ago." He paused for a second, gesturing around him. "I had a visitor, a master by the name of Ryan Sitkowski. He was extremely rude... and then he tried to kill me, so I've decided to punish him. Shall we see him?" He nodded and the camera feed changed.

The video was now an image of a square hole from above. Within the hole there was a figure a figure dressed in white rubber. It looked like he was completely encased in it, though I couldn't be 100% sure from the angle. There were three tubes extending from him. The first was from his head, roughly where his mouth would be. The second was from his crotch, while the third was from his ass. As such it wasn't terribly hard to figure out what the purpose for each was.

After a few moments Master Cerulli spoke again. "What you are seeing is beneath my throne and this is where Ryan is going to be staying. He's going to be staying there for the rest of his life, immobile and with the position he coveted forever out of reach." The camera changed back to him sitting on his throne. "Thank you for your time." He smiled and the screen went black.

Well, that was certainly a statement. It was much like him, unconventional, but it felt fitting. I smiled and nodded to myself, grabbing the remote to turn the tv off.


It was a few months after Master Cerulli's announcement when I came to visit him again, to check how he was handling things. There'd not been any announcements from him since the one with Ryan so I assumed things were going well.

This time I was meeting him in his office, which was near to the throne room. We weren't alone though, there was a rubber-clad figure hanging above a bed. I'd swallowed when I saw them, but said nothing.

"Ah Raymond, so glad to see you again!" Master Cerulli grinned from behind his desk, standing up and circling it to greet me. He pulled me into a hug, which I returned. "Please, take a seat. Do you want anything?"

"Thanks, yeah, I'll have a drink." He smiled and nodded, grabbing a pair of glasses from the cabinet as I sat down opposite his desk. He was dressed in a loose fitting black t-shirt and baggy pants, which covered his boots. "So, how are you finding things?"

"You know, it's ok." He smiled, grabbing a bottle of wine and unscrewing the top of it. "I think after Ryan a lot of people grew to respect me, you know? That helped a lot." I nodded as he poured it into the glasses. "But things here have always been fairly peaceful, that helps too. I've spent the past weeks making connections with various buisnesses and such." He inclined his head and I noticed a sword hanging on the wall, which looked new and extremely well crafted. Clearly one of those buisnesses sold swords, possibly making them as well.

He came back over, handing me my glass before seating himself again. "And you, how are things in New Jersey?"

"Things are well there too. We've had a few new bands come into the city, plus the university is expanding a little more." Both were things that I was very proud of, that and how peaceful things were back home. My father had told me how chaotic things had been in places like England years ago and I had vowed never to let things become like that. I took another drink and glanced up at the figure above the bed.

Christopher must have noticed because he smiled. "Do you like them?" He sat his glass down on the desk, studying me.

"That's not Ryan is it?" His nose wrinkled a little at the mention of his name, then shook his head. "Then who..."

"They are one of my Motionless." I raised an eyebrow and he continued with a smile. "I've always liked the idea of having people encased in rubber, immobile for me. For some reason the idea of the rubber being white... appeals to me."

I glanced sidelong at this Motionless of his. The figure was covered completely in featureless white rubber, which glistened in the light. There was no way of knowing who was inside. All I knew was who it wasn't. It was neither Devin (who had greeted me at the door) nor Ryan (still in his prison). Had Christopher got another slave or were they someone else?

I looked away and took another drink from my wine. "How long have they been there?" I inclined my head towards the Motionless above the bed.

"Since this morning." Master Cerulli replied, swirling his wine before taking a drink. "They'll be there until morning, well, unless I decide to move them." He licked his painted lips. "Which I might later, just for fun."

My mind was racing with questions, which I knew I would ask before I left. For now though, I finished off my drink, humming along to the music that Master Cerulli was listening to, settling into easy conversation with him.


I had a few answers during the rest of my stay, which I mulled over on my way home. There were nine Motionless in total. Ryan wasn't the first though, Devin was. Some of the nine were local sluts from Scranton. After they were put in the rubber suit they would be injected with a paralyising toxin, Master Cerulli was vague as to what it was, but it meant that the person was immobile. They could see and breath and think, but that was about it. The standard duration for the injection was 24 hours, although there were ones that lasted for shorter and longer periods.

While there were some Motionless that were willing, others, like Ryan were Motionless as a punishment. The other person (he didn't give me a name) had been Motionless for a week, rather than Ryan's permanent state.

With the Motionless Master Cerulli had found something that was perfect and oddly fascinating. It was something that sluts wanted to be as well as a thing that could be used as a punishment for masters. It was ingenious really.


I found myself unable to move. My whole body was covered, encased completely and I was sweating. I looked down and could see through a hood, that covered my head completely. My body was covered in a layer of white, from my neck down. I tried to look around, but I couldn't see where I was. I tried to move, tried to do anything, but I couldn't.

I should be scared. I should be angry. But I wasn't.


I gasped as I awoke, taking in my surroundings. I was in my bed, in my room. I reached down, feeling my chest and found my skin was bare, slightly sweaty, but otherwise I was as naked as I always was in bed.

"Master? Are you alright?" It was Austin's voice, from where he lay in bed beside me. I knew most masters caged or otherwise restrained their slaves at night, but I didn't feel the need to do so.

"Yeah, just a... dream is all." I replied, resting my head back on the plush pillows, taking in a deep breath to steady myself. And that was when I realised I had an erection and I just knew it would be one of those that wouldn't go away. "Actually, I have a boner, could you put you pretty mouth to work on it?"

"Of course Master." He smiled and shifted under the covers, his lips wrapping around my cock. I closed my eyes as he worked his magic on me.


It was the first dream about it, but it wasn't the last. It wasn't always me in the rubber, though. Sometimes I had no idea who it was, I was just in a room with them. They would be standing in the middle of the room, or on all fours, or hanging from the ceiling, or across a bed. Sometimes there would be more than one. With some of them I would... know who they were despite being featureless, like Devin or Austin.

While for most of them it was just me and the Motionless sometimes Christopher was there too. He'd watch as I touched the smooth wide rubber, running my fingers over them. "You want this, don't you?" He whispered in my ear, his body pressed against mine. "It's ok, you can say it."

I always woke before I answered.


"Are you alright Master?" I looked over at Austin, who was standing in my office. I'd not even noticed that he'd come in. He smiled at me, glancing over at the screen of my computer, which was turned off. "You were looking at the screen..."

"I was just, thinking that's all."

He nodded, his thick dark brown curls bouncing from the movement. I'd always loved men to have curls like my own, like Austin. It was infuriatingly difficult to find other guys like that though, so Austin was precious. "Thinking about what Master? Anything I should be worried about?"

"No." I smiled, shaking my head. "No, not at all." I let out a soft laugh, our eyes meeting. "How about we go away for the weekend?"

"Where did you have in mind Master?" He asked with a smile, taking the seat in front of the desk when I nodded toward it.

"Master Cerulli's. But..."

"But?" He asked, voice soft as he leaned forward slightly, an eyebrow raised.

"What do you know about his Motionless?" I asked, settling in my seat, studying him closely. Austin wasn't a fool, he would of course know something about them.

"Master Cerulli has an unknown number of slaves called the Motionless. They're covered head to toe in white rubber. Some say they're immobile somehow." He paused for a moment, wetting his pretty lips. "I'm sure you know more than I do Master."

I nodded, but chose not to elaborate. "And what do you think of them?"

He looked hesitant for a moment before he spoke up. "There's something about them. It's strange, there's something about them..." He paused and I could see that he was searching for the right words. "I wonder what's it like..." He bit his lip, although he could speak freely when we were alone sometimes he was nervous about speaking his mind sometimes, even now. It was sweet really.

"It's ok." I smiled, and got up, circling around the desk to stand before him. I reached over to him, giving his shoulder a squeeze. "Would you like to?" His eyes widened a little as he looked at me. "Because you can if you want."

"Yeah, I would. Thank you Master." I smiled, running my fingers through his soft curls fondly.


We were in a room and I was leaning against the wall, watching as Master Cerulli circled Austin. He was looking him up and down, sizing him up. He'd seen Austin naked before of course, he'd fucked him before now, but this time felt different. Maybe it was part of the process.

"You're very pretty Austin, I can see why Master Toro loves you." Austin's cheeks flushed a little. Master Cerulli ran his fingers across his skin, smiling to himself. "I'm going to ask you something and I want an honest answer Austin." Austin nodded a little as Master Cerulli continued. "Being a Motionless, it's your decision isn't it?"

"Yes Master Cerulli." Austin replied without hesitation, nodding again.

"Good." Master Cerulli replied, nodding himself. "Usually I like my Motionless to be motionless for a full day first time, however you will be for just four hours. This is what is going to happen. I'll put my own collar here, just above your own." He stroked Austin's throat as he said that. "It will be, like everything, white rubber. A plug will be inserted into you, which I am sure you will have no problem taking." Master Cerulli smirked at me as he said the words, then continued. "Then we will get the rubber suit on you, which will cover your body up to the collar. Have you ever wore rubber before Austin?"

He shook his head. "No Master Cerulli." I preferred him to be naked, so 90% of the time all he wore was the collar and cage he was wearing now. Of course when we alone he shed the cage and sometimes I dressed him up. He looked quite fetching in a mini skirt.

"I think you'll like it." He smiled, before continuing, tapping Austin's neck. "Then I will inject you here. It will paralyse you and all you'll be able to do is watch and breathe. Then I'll put your hood on and then, finally, I will put you into a position of my liking. Any questions?"

"No Master Cerulli." Austin's voice sounded a little breathless and I suspected if he wasn't caged he'd be hard.

"That's good. Let's get started hmm?" Laid out across the bed were the items Master Cerulli had listed. Collar, plug, suit, hood. He took ahold of the collar, wrapping it around Austin's throat. I felt an oddly possessive streak run through me at the sight. Strange that I could comfortably watch Austin get fucked by other men and yet it was this simple act that made me feel like that. I quickly shook it off though, watching as my friend lubed the plug up, inserting it into Austin's ass, a soft groan leaving his lips. The plug was a decent size, pure white and it easily filled Austin. Master Cerulli nodded, pleased and he picked up the suit, setting it onto the floor before him. "Ok, step into this and I will pull it up you."

Austin nodded, stepping into the pooled rubber and Master Cerulli bent down, pulling it up Austin's legs. I watched with interest, my dick twitching in my pants as I watched the rubber cling to Austin's skin. Master Cerulli slipped his hands into the sleeves in turn, pulling them up Austin's arms, concealing his skin. It didn't take long for Master Cerulli to get the suit on him fully and he pulled the zipper up the back, sealing him in it. "Ready?"

"Yes Master Cerulli."

Master Cerulli stepped aside and grabbed a syringe, returning to Austin. He brushed his curls away from his neck and injected him with it. I watched Austin's face as it took effect, studying him for any signs of it working. I knew it worked fast and Master Cerulli had moved to stand before him to watch as well. I wasn't sure what I was looking for exactly and yet somehow I could tell when it took effect. Austin's eyes darted left and right, but his head didn't, couldn't move.

Master Cerulli nodded, apparently satisfied. He went back to the bed and picked up the last part of Austin's outfit, the hood. I was curious how it would fit, due to Austin's thick curls. Master Cerulli carefully bunched them up, sliding the hood onto Austin's head. It was obvious to me that the hood was bigger than the ones I'd seen on previous Motionless which would helped to accommodate his hair. That made me wonder though why he had a hood like that. Did one of his Motionless have big hair or was he just super prepared? I would have to ask.

Once it was fully on Master Cerulli smiled and nodded, running a hand down his chest. "There, you look beautiful." He turned and looked over at me a smile on his pale blue lips. "What do you think Raymond?"

I pushed myself off from the wall and stepped to them, crossing the short distance in only a few paces. The white rubber made Austin look just like every other Motionless I had encountered. The hood was the only difference and I was sure that was only because I had been here to see it. If he was lined up with a bunch of other Motionless would I even know which one was him? I ran a hand down Austin's chest, mirroring Christopher's actions and I nodded. "Yeah. Beautiful."

"Usually for the first time I put a Motionless in my office. Like the one you saw when you came a few months back. But Austin, I think he needs to go somewhere else." He tapped his chin thoughtfully for a few moments, then clicked his fingers. "I know."

He lifted Austin up into his arms with ease and I opened up the door for him, following them out. He carried him along the corridor, past several other Motionless who were standing against the walls. I counted four on our journey, making the total eight since we had arrived.

When Master Cerulli stopped at a door, I pushed it open for him and then followed him inside. The room was larger than his office and the wall across from us was mostly windows, which overlooked the back garden. The room itself looked fairly normal, like one you'd find in a more ordinary home. There was a sofa and chairs, angled so someone could take in the view or watch the widescreen tv.

Master Cerulli headed over to them, settling Austin down on the floor, adjusting his limbs so he was on all fours. "Yeah, that'll do nicely." He nodded, straightening up and looking over to me. "What do you think?" I nodded and Master Cerulli smiled. "Good, I'll call Devin to get us some refreshment."

As he went to do just that, I moved closer to Austin's rubber form, running my fingers along his back. It was obvious from his positioning that he was going to be used as a table for us. I wouldn't be surprised if Master Cerulli did this often with his Motionless. I took a seat near to Austin's head and settled down.

"Let's see what's on shall we?" Master Cerulli smiled and put the tv on, taking the seat beside me as we waited for Devin.


"What was it like?" I asked Austin, as soon as we were alone in my room. I tried not to sound eager, though I had been curious since the moment he was injected.

"It's strange. I could see and hear everything the whole time. I could feel it when you and Master Cerulli touched me but... I couldn't do anything. I couldn't move." Austin paused, wet his lips. "Yet it wasn't scary. There was something... I dunno." I watched him as he thought, seeking the right words. "There was something nice about it, because I was just there. I didn't have to do anything or think about doing anything. I didn't have to worry I'd move and knock over your drinks." I smiled at that and he did too.

"Would you do it again?" I asked, curious about his answer. Master Cerulli had told me that some only tried it once, but most came back to do it again.

"Yes Master, I would." Austin replied, not even giving it a moment's thought. "That is, if you'd let me of course." I smiled at his attention and leaned over, kissing his pretty lips.

"Yeah, I will. For now though, I have something that needs your attention."

His lip quirked into a smirk and he looked down at my crotch. "Of course Master."


It wasn't hard for me to make up an excuse to go back to Master Cerulli a month after Austin had been inducted into the Motionless, if that was the right term. What I found harder though was telling Austin he'd have to stay behind. It was necessary though, I didn't want him knowing why I was really coming here. That is, if I follow through on it.

"Ah Raymond, it's so good to see you." Master Cerulli was in his office and this time I noticed there wasn't a Motionless above the bed. "Is Austin with you?"

"No, it's just me this time." I smiled as I took the seat before him and he looked me over, raising an eyebrow but didn't comment. "How are you doing?"

"Things are well here as always." He replied, studying me for a few moments before adding. "I get the sense that you're not just here for a social call. Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong." I considered myself to be perceptive and it would seem that some of that had rubbed off on him. "There is something I've been meaning to ask though." He nodded and leaned forward in his chair. I took a deep breath, deciding that it was now or never. "When I came here and saw that Motionless for the first time... ever since then I've been having these dreams."

"What kind of dreams?" He asked and it was obvious he was curious.

"Dreams about being in a room with some of the Motionless. Of Austin being Motionless." I paused for a moment. "Sometimes I am too."

He nodded slightly but he didn't seem surprised. Was it because a lot of people felt that way after seeing one or had he noticed something? "You're curious."


"And now the curiousity has gotten to be so much that you are here." He smiled, his dark eyes sparkling as he looked me up and down. "Is that what you want Raymond? You want to see what it's like, you want to be one of my Motionless?"

"Yeah, I do." He raised an eyebrow and then I quickly added. "Yes Master Cerulli."

A smirk played on his lips before he spoke again. "How about you get naked for me Raymond." I nodded and got up from my seat, reaching down to remove my t-shirt. This wouldn't be my first time being naked with him, so I felt completely comfortable stripping naked. After settling my t-shirt on my seat, I reached down and undid my flies, watching as he stood up. He headed to the door and out of the corner of my eye I saw him lock it.

By the time he came back my pants had joined my tee across the chair. All that was left was my shoes and they were easy enough to remove. Master Cerulli stepped around behind me and he leaned in, his breath against my ear. "Tell me Raymond, have you ever been fucked?" His words sent a shiver through me.

"No Master Cerulli." I replied honestly. The most I'd had was Austin's soft, wet tongue against my hole a few times.

"Pity, you have such a nice ass." His fingers stroked over the curve of my left ass cheek. "It's all because of this." He reached around my waist, his fingers cupping my semi. "The biggest cock I've ever seen outside of a zoo." His voice was low as he said the words, the tips of his fingers brushing against my dick, which was swelling to full hardness. He shifted slightly behind me and when he spoke again it was in my other ear. "You know that I fuck my Motionless before I inject them for the first time. So that means I'm going to fuck you Raymond." He let the words hang between us for a few moments. "Do you understand that Raymond?"

"Yes Master Cerulli." I replied, noticing that my voice was a little higher than usual.

"And you still want to go through with this?" His tone was a little softer and I knew that he was offering an out. I could end this now and that would be it. I knew him well enough to know that he'd not push it or mention it again unless I did first.

It was a point of no return.

"Yes Master Cerulli, I do."

"Good, I was hoping you'd say that." I could practically hear the smile in his voice as he said the words. "From now on you do what I say, understand?"

"Yes Master Cerulli."

He ran a finger along my dick, from the head down to my balls. "I wonder how many men have had this freak dick. Masters and slaves all come to you, begging and drooling for it." His finger slowly traced a path back up to my head. "I bet you've had most of the guys back in Newark and those that you haven't yet you will." He paused for a moment and whispered, his voice soft as he stroked my dick slowly. "Really this thing between your legs makes you a slut, just a different kind." His head switched sides and he breathed in my ear. "Face it, you're a glorified dildo for all these men." A small groan left my lips at his words, a shiver going through me. No one had ever talked to me like this before and every word made me ache.

He let go of my dick and whispered in my ear. "But your freak horse dick isn't what's important right now. The only dick that's important here is mine." He pressed his hips against me and I could feel his erection through the soft fabric of his skirt. "I want you to tell me you want it."

"I want your dick Master Cerulli."

He grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling my head back, the action surprising me so much that I groaned. "You can do better than that Raymond. Try again."

I knew that I could draw upon what many, many guys had said to me over the years, from masters, slaves, sluts, musicians, fellow Masters and yet I couldn't bring any of it to mind. "Please Master Cerulli. I want, no, I need, you to fuck my ass. To fill me with your cum. To be my first. Please..."

"Shit Raymond." He whispered, his voice breathy. He didn't say anything for a few moments, instead remaining pressed against me. "Well since you asked so nicely I will." He licked at the curve of my neck, then stepped away. I remained still, watching as he went behind his desk and grabbed a bottle of lube. He popped open the top, squirting some of it onto his fingers. "Since this is going to be your first time I'll be gentle opening you up."

"Thank you Master Ceruli." I replied and he smiled, setting the bottle down on the desk before he stepped closer to me.

"Reach behind yourself and hold your ass open for me. I want to see that virgin hole of yours." I nodded and did as I was told, each of my hands taking a cheek before gently pulling them apart. It was strange how easy this was, doing what I was told to do, surrendering control to someone else. Was this how slut's felt? Master Cerulli stepped around back behind me and I could feel his gaze on me. "So pretty." He whispered, voice soft almost reverential. His fingertips pressed against my opening, circling the rim slowly for a few moments. He pressed the tip of his middle finger against my hole and then he pushed it into me. My body tensed at the intrusion and he whispered, voice low. "Relax."

I nodded, taking a breath to steady myself. He worked his finger deeper into me, wiggling it around once it was fully inside me. It hurt a little, but it wasn't a bad kind of hurt. After a few moments he withdrew his finger until just the tip remained. He waited a few beats and then he pressed it back inside, with another, a groan leaving my lips.

"How does it feel huh? To get your first fingering." He whispered the words in my ear, pushing them in deep. I shivered at his words, my own fingers digging into the fleshy cheeks of my ass. He fisted his left hand back in my hair, pulling my head back. "Answer me."

"Fuck, Master Cerulli. Feels good." He scissored his fingers inside me, making me groan again. My cock ached between my legs at every move his fingers made. When one of his fingertips caught my spot, I gasped. "Fuck..."

He chuckled softly, rubbing his fingers against it gently. "That's it." He whispered before retreating the fingers again. This time when he pushed them back in me they were joined by a third finger. My eyes lidded as they filled me, opening me up even further. "I think that's enough, don't you?"

"Yes Master Cerulli." My voice was even higher, even more breathy.

"Good boy." He twisted and wiggled his fingers in me one last time before removing them. "Since this is your first time I am going to give you a choice Raymond." I heard him wet his lips before he continued right in my ear. "You get to decide which position you get fucked in for the first time." The words made me shiver and he licked at the curve of my neck again. "Since I am sure most of your blood has been diverted from your brain to that monster cock of yours, I will give you some choices."

He drummed his fingers against my thigh his words making my dick ache. He was right though, I couldn't think and I wasn't sure how he was able to. Then again when the roles were reversed my mind was always clear, despite being hard as a rock.

"Alright." He spoke up after what had to have been just a few moments but felt like longer. "Here are your choices: you can get on all fours down on the floor and I'll fuck you like the animal you are. Or I can lay you out on the bed, face up so you can look me in the eyes as I fuck you. The choice it yours." He whispered the last part, which sent a shiver through me. "So which is it to be hmm?"

I considered the options. There was something about the idea of being treated like an animal that made me ache. Every comment that he made about my dick made it twitch and throb. Yet there was something appealing about looking him in the eyes at least for the first time. "The second one Master Cerulli."

"Good." He replied stepping back from me. "Lay down on the bed, with your legs off the edge." I nodded and moved for the first time since he'd asked me to undress. I got on the bed, laying as instructed and I saw him strip naked. I'd seen him naked before of course, much like he had me. He'd seen me fuck Devin, I'd seen him fuck Austin. Before now our roles had been reversed too. His skin was pale and he had various tattoos across his arms in various colours. Looking at him like this it was obvious how some confused him for a slut at first sight and yet he always had the air of a master to me despite his unconventional appearance. He set his clothing over his own chair and spread some lube over his dick while I watched. "Are you ready for me Raymond?"

"Yes Master Cerulli. Please, give me your cock."

He smiled at my words and crossed the space between us, getting between my legs. His head bumped against my opening and he gave me one last look. I nodded, my thick curls bouncing and as soon as I did he pushed into me. I moaned, my head tipping against the sheets. His three fingers had adequately prepared me for him, so I could take him down in one movement of his hips.

"Fuck." He groaned, staying still inside me. "Look at me." I turned my head so that our eyes met again. He smiled, licking his lips and he rolled his hips, his hands stroking my thighs. "Look at you, taking cock for the first time. Taking it so well." I nodded in response, unable to form words in response and not sure if he wanted one. He drew his cock out then thrust back into me. I groaned, but kept my eyes on him, watching him. "I bet you want me to touch you don't you? Want me to wrap my fingers around your cock and stroke until you cum all over yourself like the depraved beast you are?"

Fuck. "Yes Master Cerulli, please touch me."

"Touch you where?" He dug his nails into my thighs and I didn't care that he would surely be leaving marks. He stilled his hips, his length fully inside me and he fixed me with an intense stare.

"Touch my horse cock. Please. Please."

He smirked, licking his lips. "You look so pretty when you beg." He started moving hiis hips, shifting his right hand and taking my cock in hand. "I'm going to stroke you now." He started to move his hand as he said the words. "You're going to cum before I do, which shouldn't be hard for you to do."

I nodded and he thrust into me, his fingers pumping my cock in time to his movements. He didn't say anything else, he just watched me, looking me over as I gripped the sheets. I kept my eyes on him, his dick catching my spot every time now, making me groan each time. He knew what he was doing, I could see it in the eyes, in the way his lips curved into a smirk. I knew deep down that this may be the first time, but this wasn't going to be the last.

"Once I have deflowered you. I'm going to plug you up, so you have my cum in you once I put the suit on you." His words made my whole body tremble, my hips aching up off the bed. "That way you have a reminder of this. Of how you begged for my dick."

I groaned and I lost eye contact with him as my head fell back against the bed. His words triggered my orgasm and I felt my load land across my chest. "Fuck, you animal..." He groaned, his fingers letting go of my dick.

He rocked his hips a more few times and then he growled, digging his nails into me. I felt something in my ass, something hot and wet and I knew he had came inside me. I looked back at him, panting as our eyes met again and he licked his lips. I glanced down at myself, my chest stained with my cum. "Don't you dare clean yourself up, not one drop of that cum is to move." I nodded, too breathless to respond as he eased out.

He grabbed a plug from... somewhere. I didn't doubt that he had several in here just in case he needed them. He pushed it home inside me and I groaned. It was bigger than his dick and I felt it. He then went to the closet beside the bed and he opened it up, reaching and rummaging inside. "Usually I let my Motionless have some time before I suit them up after their first fuck. But not for you." He pulled a suit out of the closet, tossing it to me. "Put it on. Now."

I nodded and, although I was shaky from the orgasm, I pulled the suit on in the same manner that Austin had put on his. It fit snugly, the rubber clinging to my sweaty and cum stained skin. Unlike Austin's though, or any other Motionless I had seen, there was a whole at the crotch, which my dick and balls fit through. I set up on the bed once I had slipped my arms into the suit and then he did the zipper up on the back. Then he slipped a collar around my throat. It was, I noted, smaller than the rest.

"I always knew that one day you would come to me. That you would become my Motionless. So I had this suit done specially for you. Same with the collar." I looked at him and wondered if something had given me away, or maybe it was a hope that he always had. "You'll have a quick drink and then I will inject you."

I nodded, watching as he slipped his skirt on, before pouring me a drink and bringing it over. I drank it gratefully and I watched him as I did. My mind was swimming with thoughts, too many to voice right now. "Good boy." He threaded his fingers through my hair, stroking the curls gently as I finished the drink.

Once he took the glass away he gathered a few things. There was a hood placed on the bed, but it was different than the rest. It was more a mask then a full hood and I wondered if it was custom made too. There was also a syringe and he looked at me. "Are you ready?"

"Yes Master Cerulli."

He nodded and held the syringe up. "This is a slightly different version of what I usually use. You will see why soon." He brushed my curls from my neck and then he injected me in the same place he had done Austin. He leaned in then and kissed me, setting the syringe down and then he put the hood on me, adjusting the strap of it through my curls. I knew it meant that I wasn't anonymous like the other Motionless, but that didn't matter, not now. I felt the injection do it's work and he laid me down on the bed so I was full on the sheets. It was a strange sensation, becoming immobile like this. It soon became apparent what the difference to it was though.

I could see my dick as it swelled back to full hardness. I knew other Motionless, the male ones anyway, were kept soft the whole time, unable to get aroused. "You will be like this for four hours. Unable to move, unable to get off, completely at my mercy." He smiled and kissed my forehead and then he moved out of my view.


Being Motionless was a strange thing and yet there was something freeing about it. It sounded like a contradiction, but laying there unable to move, with none of the usual responsibilities or worries that came with my position... it was relaxing. I knew that I would do it again, maybe even make it into a regular thing if my schedule allowed for it. Fuck it, I would make the time.
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