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For The Taking

For The Taking
Pairing: Ilan Rubin/Tim Sköld
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ilan
Warnings: Boot kink, D/s
Notes: Curse the discord for this.
Notes 2: this was a request fic. I never did find out if the requester even read it

Festivals were a thing I'd gotten used to over the years. From playing in Denvar Harbor through Lostprophets, Angels And Airwaves and currently Nine Inch Nails, festivals were part of being a musician and something I found fun (once Trent stopped stressing anyway). I liked that they gave me a chance to check out other bands. Right now I was at the side of the stage, watching a band called Motionless In Whte. There was something about about them, about the singer, that was captivating. I nodded along to the beat of the drums, watching him strut across the stage, all pretty and tall in his boots.

"Like what you hear?" A voice whispered in my ear, catching me off guard. I turned and was confronted by a guy in black with pale skin and blonde hair that was shaved at the sides. He was smiling proudly, his own head bobbing along to the music. There was something about him that I couldn't get put my finger on.

"Yeah, I do." I replied, turning back to watch the band.

"I produced their second album." He whispered in my ear after a few beats, which I guess would explain his pride. I was about to reply when the singer spoke up.

"Tim Skold's gonna join us for the next song!"

The guy was talking to be grabbed a mic and strode out onto the stage. He did growling vocals for the song as he stalked across the stage and my eyes followed him. There was something about the way he moved, the way his eyes scanned the stage. I shifted slightly, applauding as the song finished, he gave the singer a brief hug and came back over to me. He smiled, returning to stand just behind me, where he stayed for the rest of the set.

"Do you fancy a drink?" He whispered in my ear and I found myself nodding, following him when he made his way off the stage. He weaved his way through the backstage area with an obviously practised ease until we ended up outside.

I expected him to lead me to one of the bars, but he led me towards where the dressing rooms were instead. "So, you didn't tell me your name."

"It's Ilan Rubin and you didn't ask." I smiled slightly, looking over at him as he walked. "And you're Tim Skold I take it?"

He nodded with a slight smirk. "Yep, that's me." His accent, I realised now we were in the open, wasn't American. His last name sounded European so maybe that was why.

"When you asked me for a drink did you mean an actual drink or..."

"Or?" He slowed down, looking at me and wetting his lips. He knew exactly what I meant, but wanted me to say it.

"Or sex." I felt my cheeks flush slightly and cursed myself internally. You'd think by now that the concept wouldn't make me blush and yet it still did. Hell, I'd even engaged in casual sex myself so why did it make my cheeks heat up? Maybe because this was a stranger who I'd just met.

"First one, then the other." He replied simply, looking me right in the eyes. "That is, as long as you want to. If you're straight or just not interested just tell me."

"I'm about as straight as my hair." I snorted at the thought and he chuckled, smiling. "And you're pretty hot. So... yeah."

"Great!" He grinned and nodded, continuing to walk until we arrived at the dressing rooms. He stopped at one of the doors, for his band I assumed, and opened it up, gesturing me inside. It didn't look like it had been used at all, which made me wonder if the rest of his band hadn't arrived yet. Or maybe they were coming to the second day of the festival. All that was here was a single bag, which I assumed was his.

"So what did you have in mind?" I asked after looking around, hearing him close the door behind me. I pictured him pushing me down over the table, shoving his dick in me. He looked like the kind of guy that would do that. I brushed a few curls from out of my eyes, turning to face him.

"That depends." He replied, heading to one of the chairs, sitting down and looking at me. "What are your limits?"

It was an odd question for a place like this, at least I thought so anyway. Unless his lone bag was full of bondage and fetish gear which, well, from the look of him wouldn't entirely surprise me. "I'll try just about anything once, except for electricity or drowning." Not that he could do either of those things in here, not unless he had a water tank or cattle prod in that bag of his. "And obviously I'll still need to be able to play drums." I bit my lip, then added. "And since I don't know you I'd not be comfortable with you restraining me either." I was fairly sure that he could have some form of restraint in there, or something that could be used as such.

"Fair enough." He replied with a nod, looking me up and down, sizing me up. "Are you a top or a bottom?"

Most guys didn't ask that. They looked at me and all they saw was this twinky kid. And sure, I liked to be pined down, manhandled and fucked, but it was also good to, you know, be the one doing those things. "Either. Both." He raised an eyebrow and I let out a soft sigh. "I like either, but people tend to see this and just bang me." I gestured down at my body and he nodded. "Not that I don't like being boned, I do." I bit my lip and shook my head slightly, not wanting to put him off. "What about you?"

"Me?" He smirked, running a hand through his hair and then he shrugged. "I'm the same." He paused for a moment, smiling. "Can I see you naked?"

I nodded, reaching down and gripping my t-shirt, pulling it up and over my head. Most drummers seemed to have more defined muscles than I did, but I never seemed to get them. He watched as I crouched down, removing each of my shoes carefully, setting them by the door. Once they were off I straightened up, my fingers going to my crotch, popping the button of my fly and then doing the zipper. I took a breath, pushing my jeans down my hips, gravity pulling them the rest of the way down to the floor. I hooked my fingers under the waistband of my boxers, feeling my cheeks flush again as I pushed them down to join my jeans which were bunched around my ankles.

Once I stepped out of them and was fully naked before him, Tim stood up from his chair and came towards me. He circled me slowly, looking me up and down, examining every inch of my exposed body. It made me shiver, but also made my dick start to stiffen between my legs.

"How well do you take instructions?" He asked, whispering the words in my ear.

"I can follow them." I swallowed, staying still, my dick very interested. "What do you want me to do?"

"Get down on your knees and crawl to me." I nodded, my curls bouncing and he circled back around me, heading back to the seat he'd sat on previously. As soon as he was seated I sank down to my knees and crawled over to him, covering the short distance between us easily. "Alright pretty boy. You're gonna call me daddy alright?" I nodded from my place on my knees before him. I half expected him to ask me to get his dick out and suck it, but instead he asked me a question. "What do you think of my boots?" I looked down at them, not having noticed them before. They were black combat boots, with about a half inch platform.

"They look nice." I replied, not sure what to say to that exactly and then I caught myself. "Daddy."

"I like my boys to lick my boots." He added, lifting his right one so it was close to my face. Up close I could see some scuff marks and wear from age, though they didn't appear to be any noticeable dirt on them. That made me wonder, had someone already done that today? "Would you like to?"

"Yes Daddy." I replied to him and he nodded at me to get started. It wouldn't be my first time licking boots. I'd done quite a few things for Trent before now. So I leaned in, parted my lips and carefully started licking along the leather of the boot. I wasn't sure if there was a particular way he wanted them done, so just did it the way I'd done it before. I started at the toe of the boot and licked my way up along the side of it, following one of the seams to the top of the boot. I traced my tongue around the rim of it, them moved back down the other side. Once I did I shift to the sole of it, kissing the heel before working my tongue around the little lines of the treads towards the toe. I kissed the toe gently, looking back up at him.

"Such a good boy, you look so pretty polishing my boot like that. One of the prettiest boys I've had down there." I smiled, wondering who the others were and if they were anyone I knew. I licked along the toes of his boot some more, my tongue brushing along the side. "The other one is starting to feel a bit neglected though."

"Sorry daddy." I shifted back and he set the right boot down, lifting up the left to give them the same treatment. I watched him as best I could, lapping and kissing my way over his boot. He was staring down at me, watching me intently, a smile on his lips.

Once I was back on the toes of the left boot, he reached down, running his fingers through my curls. He grabbed a handful and pulled me back gently, a soft groan leaving my lips. "Mmm someone likes his hair being pulled." I could tell from his face that he was filing that away for later use. He shifted his boot down, pressing the toe of it against my aching cock. "And likes licking boots." He looked from my face down to my bare crotch. "You have a nice cock boy."

"Thank you daddy." I replied, squirming slightly as the toe pf the boot ran down my cock, stopping at my balls. His boot shifted away and I bit back a whimper at the loss, watching him stand up.

"Sit in the chair." I nodded and wondered what he had in mind. I rose up from the floor and took his place in the chair. He was at his back, unzipping one of the pockets and pulling out a bottle, which I knew had to be some lube. He came over to me, setting the bottle on the table next to me, so that it would be just in reach for whatever he had in mind.

"I must say, seeing you like this makes me feel a little overdressed." He bought his fingers down to his crotch and started to undo his own flies. He pushed his pants down his legs and I gasped at the unexpected sigh. He was hard, yeah, but I didn't expect his erection to be trapped in a pair of purple lace panties. He smirked at me, licking his lips. "Have you never seen a guy in panties before Ilan?" He nudged his pants away, giving me a little twirl. The soft material cllung to the curves of his ass and I swallowed, my dick twitching at the sight. "I'm sure I have a spare pair if you'd like some when we're done. I think you'd look sexy in them."

"I... thank you daddy."

He smiled, slipping his fingers under the waistband of them and he pushed them down to the floor. His dick was nice, slim like my own although he was uncut which was further proof he wasn't American. "You're a pianist aren't you, as well as a drummer, right?"

"I... yes daddy." I was caught of guard by that. Those that did recognise me tended to know I was a drummer, since I'd drummed in several bands and my curls gave me a recognisable feature. I'd only really played keys on The New Regime albums, which wasn't as widely known. So that meant he'd heard my solo project before or, more likely, he knew someone that did.

"Then you must be good with your fingers." He stepped out of his panties, looking down at me.

"Yes daddy."

He grabbed the bottle of lube again and handed it to me and I knew what he wanted me to do. I popped open the bottle and squirted some onto my fingers, spreading the slick fluid across two of them. It smelled faintly of blueberries. Once I was satisfied I set the bottle down, parted my legs and reached between them... "Stop." I looked at him in surprise, caught off guard. He grabbed my wrist, pulling it up, away from my crotch. "Your ass doesn't need to be fingered, mine does, so get to it."

"Yes daddy." I replied, surprised by his words. He released my wrist and turned around, displaying his pale ass for me. I swallowed and reached down with my other hand, pulling his cheeks apart gently to reveal his opening. I took a breath and eased my middle finger into him.

"Yeah, that's it." He whispered, pushing his ass back as I filled him with my finger. "I can take a second, I'm not some blushing virgin."

I wiggled it around inside him, then drew my finger make out, pressing my slicked ring finger alongside it. He let out a soft groan, his ring twitching as I eased them into him. I flexed both of them in him, trying to be careful. I had to do it enough to stretch him open but not enough to accidentally make him cum. Which, was something I had done before. More than once.

After a few minutes of me fingering him, he moved away from my hand, nodding slightly. "That'll do." He approached me and took up the lube again drizzling some onto my cock, sliding his fingers down my shaft to coat it in the fluid. "Do you want me to sit on your cock?"

"Please daddy. I do."

"Say it pretty boy." He whispered, brushing his fingers through my hair.

"Please daddy, sit on my cock. Ride me, please." The words tumbled from his lips and he smiled, satisfied.

"Good pretty boy." He straddled my hips and sank down on my cock in a way that told me he had done this plenty of times before. Once he was seated fully on my cock he spoke again, his tongue darting accross my lips. "Here is what's going to happen. I am going to ride your dick until I cum. You are going to be a good boy and not cum until I say you can, yeah?"

I nodded in understanding, groaning as he clenched around my dick. "Ye... yeah daddy."

"Good." He used one hand on my shoulder, holding me down while the other went through my curls. "And stay still." I nodded, groaning as he started to move on my cock, rocking on me. "Mmm you have a nice dick pretty boy." He rolled his hips as he rode me, his ass bouncing up and down.

"So do you daddy..." I groaned as he pulled oh my hair, yanking my head back. He leaned into my neck, licking and nipping at my skin.

"Mmm bet you want to suck it don't you, hmm?" I groaned and he tugged harder on my hair, squeezing around me. "Bet you'd look good on your knees sucking dick. After all, you are Trent's little whore."

I moaned, squirming at his words, his hand tightening on my shoulder. "Yes daddy."

"Yes to which part?" He asked, moving slightly faster on my dick.

"I want to suck your cock daddy. And I've been told I look good sucking cock." He gave me a look, hiving my hair another tug, the action going straight to my dick. "And I am a slut for Trent."

Tim leaned in close to me, purring in my ear. "I knew it. Bet he ties you up and gags you hmm? Uses all those toys he had in those videos of his." I groaned, my cheeks flushed. "Bet you look so good all sprawled out, tied down, ass filled, a ball gag stretching your pretty lips. Face covered in cum." I let out a high pitched whine and he chuckled. He tipped his head back, moaning a little. "Pretty little boy. Maybe I should keep you for awhile hmm? Keep this pretty dick all to myself."

I whined again, resisting the urge to to touch him, to move. "If you want daddy. Please."

"Please what hmm? What do you want pretty boy hmm?" He tugged my hair a little as he said each words.

"Please daddy, please cum. Please let me touch."

"Mmm well, since you ask so nicely, you can." I grinned and reach for his cock, starting to pump it as he impaled himself on my cock. "Mmm that's it, such a good boy. Such a good hand." He rolled his hips, between my cock and my hand and I groaned. He released my shoulder and grabbed my left wrist, pulling my hand over his dick. "Keep it there."

I nodded and I knew that meant he was probably close. I twisted my wrist, pumping him fast and he let out a low groan. He came, shooting into my hand and his ass tightened around me, making me let out a moan of my own. "Please daddy. Please can I cum too?"

He panted and bought my left hand up, my palm glisting with his cum. "Lick it up, then you can." He pushed my hand to my fast and I lapped at the fluid, a groan leaving my lips as I came inside him.

My eyes lidded and he released his grip on my hair, stroking my curls. "Such a good boy." I nodded, lazily licking at my own palm, my lids opening to look at his smiling face. He got up off my cock, turning around and climbing atop the table. "Clean me up." I nodded and leaned in, smelling the scent of the lube mixed with my cum and I licked at his ass, tasting myself.

It was a sloppy job, done quite quick due to how breathless I was, but I did the best I could. I licked at his hole, circling the rim and pressing my tongue inside, dipping it in a few times. He seemed happy with my job when he hopped off the table and smiled at me. "Mmm good job pretty boy. Now, I believe I owe you a drink, fancy a beer?" I nodded, leaning back in the seat, spent.

He walked over to his bag, still naked from the waist down and he felt inside, pulling out a pair of powder blue panties. "Put these on while I grab us some." He grinned, tossing the fabric over to me. "And then you can tell me all about yourself."

As he went to get the beer from the room's mini-fridge, I pulled the soft fabric up my legs, letting out a soft groan at the feeling.
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