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In Between

In Between
Pairing: Christopher Cerulli/Devin Sola, Devin Sola, Josh Balz, Ricky Horror
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ricky
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: Set immediately after The Motionless. This is my first fic started on my mobile and finished on the new laptop, woo! It's also ended up being long oops.

It was strange, being unable to move, even just a little. I took the time alone to examine what I could of the room I was in. There was a sword hung on the wall beside a door across from me. There was an oil painting on another wall, of a landscape. The frame was an old style so I suspected that the painting was as well. Master Cerulli’s desk was pretty organised. A laptop sat to one side, while on the other had a phone and some paperwork.
My eyes returned to the door we’d come through earlier as Master Cerulli returned. He looked much like he did earlier, only now he had the knife sheathed at his hip again. He looked at me, smiled and then he sat behind his desk, opening the laptop and turned it on.
He sat starting at the screen for awhile once it was fully on and I assumed he was reading something, probably his personal e-mails.

After awhile the phone rang and he picked it up. “Master Cerulli.” There was a pause as the other spoke and with his free hand he stroked the pendant he wore. “How damaged? Uh huh. Ok, well send me a few pictures and I’ll let you know.” He hung up the phone and looked at the screen intently for several minutes, seemingly urging whatever the pictures were of to arrive.

After awhile his eyes widened, which I guessed meant he’d received them and then he quickly typed out and sent back a reply. From his expression whatever it was pleased him.
He reached under his desk, opening something, which I guessed was a mini-fridge when he pulled out a drink, something that was orange. I guessed it was some kind of soda, though from my angle I couldn't tell.

As he drank he put on some music, which I recognised from my time in New Jersey. They were called The Used and I’d seen them a few times while I was there. They put on quite an impressive show and I wondered if Master Cerulli had ever seen them. After all, New Jersey was only the next state over.

I closed my eyes, recalling the singer strutting around the stage completely naked, his cock bobbing as he groped the equally naked blonde haired guitarist…
There was a knock on the door, shaking me from my memory and Master Cerulli stopped the band mid song. “Come in.”

I expected it to be Devin who stepped inside the room, but instead the door opened to someone else entirely. He entered the room and I got a dect look at this strange man. He had pale skin and dark eyes, a grey hood surrounding his face. His arms were bare, covered in a strange black body paaint. His clothing was equally unusual. Covering his torso was a dark grey vest which had another atop it, though the one on top had a series of large holes covering it. His pants were grey as well, simple lounge pants and he had a satchel over his shoulder in the same grey. On his hip was a sheathed knife. My first thought was he was from a cult of some description, though I'd not heard of anyone wearing clothes like that. "Lord Cerulli." His voice was soft as he sank to one knee, bowing his head.

Master Cerulli rolled his eyes, but didn't comment on the use of the formal title. Master's technically could choose whatever title they preferred to use, but Lord was used in formal matters."Messenger Balz. I've told you you have no need to bow before me."
"Sorry Lord Cerulli." He rose to his feet, then he looked right at me. "You have a new Motionless."

How could he possibly tell that? One of the things about the Motionless was the absolute anonymity that being ome provided. Master Cerulli didn't seem surprised in the slightest by that. "Yeah he is, it's his first time."

"Hmm." This Balz person said, looking from me to Master Cerulli, who was now rising from his seat. Balz had a hand over his satchel protectively and I wondered what was inside.
Master Cerulli stepped over to the door next to the sword, turning the key in the lock and opening it up. "Come on, let's see what you have." Balz looked at me once more, then went through the door, Master Cerulli following him in. I couldn't see what lay inside before the door was closed behind them.

Clearly whatever this Balz had brought with him was important, but what was it? Maybe it was whatever Master Cerulli used to make us Motionless, but that didn't feel right. Maybe it was some form of message from another Master. After all Master Cerulli refered to him as a messenger. It would fit, a courier from another Master carrying something important might be cagey revealling it in front of someone else, even one of the Motionless.
Yeah, that seemed plausible.

It didn't explain, though, why Balz could tell that I was new with justt a single look. Although, maybe it was to do with my placement? Maybe all Motionless got placed here for their first day, which meant my mere presence in this position gave me away.
Yeah, that made sense.

They stayed in there for quite some time, doing what I could not say. All I could do was speculate and wonder what was going on behind that door.

After about 20 minutes the door finally opened up again, Balz leading the way out. "Thank you for your time Lord Cerulli as always." He looked over at me and nodded briefly.

Master Cerulli closed and locked the door behind them, smiling. "Of course Messenger. Is there nothing else I can do for you before you go?"

He shook his head., looking back at Master Cerulli. "No, thank you Lord Cerulli. I'll show myself out." He bowed slightly, then made his way towards the door, leaving us without another word.

Master Cerulli went back to his place behind the desk, glancing up at me. "Sorry about that. Messenger Balz has... issues trusting new people." He smiled, then turned his gaze back to the screen, turning the music back on.

His eyes scanned the screen again and I assumed he had some new e-mails since he was gone. Or maybe he was just catching up on older ones. He looked up as the door opened again and this time it was Devin, carrying a plate of sandwiches. Oddly I didn't feel hungry, despite it being clearly lunch time. "I thought you could use something to eat Master."

"Thank you Devin." Devin set the plate down on an empty space on the desk and Master Cerulli took one, starting to eat it and he smiled, nodding his approval as he reclined back in his seat. "Do you want any?"

"Thank you Master." He took one and sat down onto the floor beside the desk, starting to eat it. Occassional Master Cerulli would reach down, stroking Devin's dark hair between bites of his sandwiches.

"I'll be having a delivery this afternoon, should be at about 5." Master Cerulli said after finishing another one. Perhaps this was whatever the call had been about, or maybe it was something else. "I trust you can deal with it for me."

"Of course Master." Devin smiled, leaning up into his touch and purring. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Once we have finished eating lunch, you will crawl under my desk and work on my dick." Devin smiled and nodded, taking another sandwich once it was offered to him. "Mmm I'll have to make another trip to Newark to see these guys again." So he had seen them The Used before. "Let's see..."

He turned his attention back to the laptop, his gloved fingers typing at the keyboard. I still couldn't see anything, but I could guess that he was checking his schedule or if The Used were playing at the Newark venue any time soon. My guess was it would be one and then the other. "Hmm. They're doing a few shows, but the one on the 23rd seems doable." That confirmed what I'd suspected and Master Cerulli nodded. "Yeah, I think we'll go then"

Devin smiled and nodded, finishing off his sandwich. "Of course Master."

"Which do you want this time? I'll ask Master Toro to reserve us their aftershow ticket." Devin squirmed slightly at Master Cerulli's question, as he stroked his hair again.

"The drummer Master. I want his dick up my ass so bad..."

Master Cerulli chuckled, yanking his head back and Devin groaned. "You needy little slut. Get under the desk." Devin nodded and Master Cerulli shifted, to allow his slut to shift into position. Now all I could do was listen and imagine, since the desk obscured my view.

Well, it didn't take much imagination to work out what he was doing. He was getting out Master Cerulli's pretty cock, taking it into his mouth. Was he hard? Soft? Sporting a semi? If the latter I was sure Devin was working his mouth to get him hard. Master Cerulli let out a soft sigh and it looked like his hand was on the back of Devin's head. "That's it... take it all, swallow it all down."

I closed my eyes, picturing Devin's head as it bobbed up and down, his lips and tongue working to please him. His hair would probably be falling over his face, covering his eyes as he looks adoringly at his master. I knew if I wasn't drugged I'd be hard and needy. Fuck I was jealous of him too. I wanted to be the one down there on my knees, sucking Master Cerulli off.

Soft slurping sounds filled the air as Devin worked him with his mouth. I couldn't see anything, but Master Cerulli was smiling, making soft sounds of his own. "That's it, good boy..." He looked over at me, our eyes meeting through the rubber. He licked his lips and purred, running the fingers of his other hand across his neck and down his chest. "Such a good little cocksucker. You want my cum don't you?" I saw his arm move, nodoubt tugging him off so he could reply. "Say it."

"Please Master, cum down my throat. I need it so bad. Please..." Master Cerulli chuckled and I could tell he shoved him back down on him. Master Cerulli tipped his head back, his eyes lidding. He didn't say anything else to him, just enjoyed whatever he was doing.

It wasn't long before he moaned, that beautiful sound, and I knew he had came. He wet his dark painted lips, his arm moving as he stroked Devin's hair. "Good boy..." He stayed down there for a few more moments until Master Ceruli pushed him off. "Thank you my boy." Master Cerulli smiled, looking down at him. "Now, take the plate away and when I next see you I want something buried between those pretty cheeks of yours."

"Yes Master." Devin replied, his voice slightly breathless as he got up to his feet. He took the plate in hand and he glanced at me, smirking before he left us.

For the next two hours Master Cerulli spent the time checking paperwork, signing a few things. He typed on his laptop a few times too, probably e-mailing some people. He made a call, asking someone if something was ready, though I couldn't discern what. He also took a call, from someone who seemed to be annoyed about something. Master Cerulli spent most of the call rolling his eyes. Once he hung that one up he muttered something that I was sure was a swearword in a language I didn't recognise.

He looked up at the door when Devin appeared again, a smile on his white lips. "Master Cerulli, Master Toro is here." Devin stepped to one side and I could see that there was something big inside him, as there was a slight swell to his belly.

Master Raymond Toro walked through the door behind him, a smile on his face. He was wearing causal clothing, a black t-shirt and dark jeans. "Christopher, its so good to see you again!"

"Master Toro, Raymond." Master Cerulli smiled, rising from his seat and coming around the desk and pulling him into a hug. It didn't surprise me that they were so friendly, after all New Jersey was one of our neighbouring states. "How are you?"

"I'm well. Just the usual issues that come with the job." He smiled as they parted, taking a seat opposite the desk. Master Cerulli nodded to Devin, who left as he sat. "And you?"

"The same. I just had an angry call from the local fucking parlour. Turns out one of their new pleasure slaves is 4 months pregnant, despite only just starting there last month." Master Cerulli shook his head with a sigh. "I'm not sure what they expect me to do about it."

"Sometimes it seems they expect us to have the answers to everything." Master Toro smiled, shaking his head as he reclined back in his seat.

"Yeah, that's true." Master Cerulli smiled, brushing some of his hair from his face. "Anyway, since you're here, I was wondering if you could sort out an aftershow for me?"

"Oh really? You're coming for gig?" Master Toro leaned forward and I could tell he was interested, his head bobbing slightly to the music.

"Yeah, The Used on the 23rd. We were hoping to get Dan's ticket for the night, unless you were planning on using him yourself of course."

"Consider it done." Master Toro grinned brightly. "I love those those guys and I know you won't be disappointed. You're welcome to spend the night of course."

"Thank you. We will." Master Cerulli nodded with a smile. "How long are you going to stay today, the usual?"

"Yeah, 4 hours." Master Toro nodded, glancing up at me, then looked back at him. "Sometimes I wish I could stay longer but, well, you know how things are."

"Of course. It must be hard being so important." Master Cerulli smirked, chuckling softly. "You should clear your schedule sometime, then you could."

Master Toro grinned, nodding. "Maybe I will." He rose up from his seat, reaching down to remove his t-shirt. During my time in Newark there was something of a rumor about Master Toro. It was that half the masters of Newark had been fucked by him, the other half wanted to but were too ashamed to ask. Did this mean that Master Cerulli had also got fucked by him as well? My stomach flipped a little as Master Toro dropped his t-shirt onto the chair he'd occupied. He was definitely handsome, with strong arms and his soft curls hanging to his shoulders. Wait.

His curls were covering it but that was definitely a white collar around his throat. What did that mean?

Master Toro reached down, undoing the button of his flies and then his zipper, exposing himself for us. He pushed his jeans down his thick thighs and I noticed he was barefoot. he stepped out of them, bending down and picking his jeans up, dropping them on the chair with his tee.

Through it all Master Cerulli remained seated, watching, nodding. "You are really beautiful Raymond." He rose then, circling around the desk to stand before him and he ran his fingers down over Master Toro's chest, towards his cock. He stroked a finger along the stiffening shaft, smiling. It was no secret that Master Toro was big, the porn he had done confirmed it, but it was one thing seeing it on screen and another seeing it in person. Master Cerulli kept stroking him until he was fully hard and then he let go.

"Thank you Master Cerulli." Master Toro replied, wetting his plump lips with his tongue. He was still, his arms by his sides.

The door opened up again and when I looked over there was Devin. In his arms there was a white rubber suit, which appeared to be similar to mine. and he came over, setting it down on the floor carefully. "Thank you Devin." Master Cerulli nodded to him, then he looked at Master Toro. "Put it on Raymond."

I swallowed, not quite believing what I was seeing. Master Toro stepped into the suit, pulling it up his legs. The white rubber clung to his skin as it covered him and he slipped his arms into the sleeves of the suit, one at a time. At the crotch of his suit, unike mine, there was a hole and Master Cerulli reached down so that Master Toro's dick stood out straight from it. Master Cerulli circled behind him, zipping the suit up before running his fingers over the rubber. "You look so beautiful like this." He smiled, brushing a few curls from his neck, kissing just above the collar. "Say it."

"I am one of your Motionless Master Cerulli." He whispered, voice soft.

He parted from him, going to the desk and I heard him slide open a drawer, pulling out a syringe. It was smaller than the one he'd used on me, understandable if it was only for four hours. Master Cerulli returned to him and brushed some of Master Toro's away from his neck, slipping the needle into him and injecting him with it. He let out a soft sigh, before it took effect. What Master Toro had been given had to have been different than what I had. While my dick was still soft, despite what I was seeing and had seen, Master Toro's remained fully erect between his legs.

Master Cerulli smiled, his fingers brushing across Master Toro's plump lips briefly. "Devin." He held out his hand and Devin nodded, handing him something. It was some more white rubber and he bought it up, covering Master Toro's face in it. It was, I realised, a mask version of the hood I wore. He adusted a strap, so it held in place and he smiled, nodding. "There we go."

He pushed Master Toro's rubber clad form down, until he was in his knees before him. "Devin." Devin smiled, stepping closer, a tube of lube in his hand. The way Devin knew what to give him each time, it was clear this wasn't the first time this had happened. Master Cerulli opened it up, lubing up two of his gloved fingers. He crotched down undoing a zipped over Master Toro's ass and he reached inside, probing with his fingers. Master Toro remained immobile as he got fingered. "Such a good boy." Master Cerulli whispered, his fingers working in him slowly, then glanced to Devin.

Devin seemed to know what was required of him and he reached down, undoing a harness that he had been wearing since he came in. It was white, matching the cage and collar he also wore. The harness held a large white dildo in place inside him which was attached to the seat of the harness. He set it down to one side carefully, then got down on his knees. Master Cerulli reached around Master Toro, holding his dick in one hand as Devin pushed back, his dick filling him up. Fuck.

I tried to memorise everything I was seeing, knowing that I would probably neevr see anything like this and that I'd need to remember all of this for when I was back home. Not so I could tell anyone (who would believe me if I did?) but so I could jerk off to it.

Devin groaned as he pushed back onto Master Toro's erection, the thick dick disappearing into his fat ass. Master Cerulli let go of his dick, his arm moving as he fingered him. "How's it feel hmm? Becoming a glorified dildo for my slave?" Master Toro didn't, couldn't respond and Master Cerulli smiled. "That's all you are really isn't it, a monster cock fucking masters and slaves alike. Everyone begging for you to fuck them because they want to know what it feels like."

He reached around to Devin's crotch, his fingers pressing against the rubber encasing his cock. It slipped off, dropping to the floor and Devin started to get hard, his hips rocking against Master Toro.

"My slave is going to cum from fucking himself on your ridiculoous cock and all you can do is take it." Master Cerulli held Master Toro's rubber clad hip, working his fingers in him. "Hard and aching and unable to cum." Devin groaned as he moved his dick now plump and erect. He was bigger than I expected, his head looking smaller than his shaft. In the porn with Master Cerulli he'd been caged so I'd not seen him hard before. "This is how you should be."

Master Cerulli leaned in, purring in his ear. "I bet you want something up your ass huh? More than just my fingers." Devin groaned and Master Cerulli smirked. "You wanna get fucked huh? Then you'd have another use apart from that freak dick. You'd be a hole to fuck. What do you think Devin?"

Devin groaned and nodded, moving his hips faster. "I think you should fuck him Master." His voice sounded a little high pitched. "Fuck him and cum deep in him. I think he needs it Master."

Master Cerruli nodded, withdrawing his fingers and he picked up the bottle of lube again. "Yeah, my slave it right. You need a good fucking." He lifted his skirt up and spread the lube over his dick, letting out a soft moan as he did. He knelt down behind Master Toro, lined himself up and thrust into him.

I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. Devin, rocking his ass back against Master Toro's cock. Master Toro, clad in white rubber, Motionless like me. Master Cerulli, burying his gorgeous cock in him. Devin and Master Cerulli rocked against the man in the middle, one sinking on his cock the other fucking him.

Master Cerulli gripped onto his sides, fucking him roughly, whispering into his ear. "That's it, big man with your big cock, you just need a hard fucking once in awhile don't you? You should ask one of your precious bands, I'm sure they'd be willing to pin you down and gang fuck you, give you what you need." Master Cerulli growled, licking at the exposed skin of his neck. "But I know you Raymond, you love to fuck too much to ever let on that you come to me for this." Master Cerulli whispered in his ear, hips thrusting against the rubber. "Maybe I'll give your freak cock a ride later."

If I wasn't immobile I would have shuddered. Everything about this was so maddeningly hot and I couldn't do anything, even get an erection.

Devin's hips were rocking move, his cock aching against his belly, breathless, needy gasps left his lips. "Master..."

"If you need to cum, cum. I took your cage off for a reason." Master Cerulli growled, thrusting hard and deep.

Devin cried out, his head tipped back as he came all overr himself, as if all that was holding him back was needing permission. He panted heavily, still rolling his hips back on Master Toro and he ran his fingers through the mess of pearly cum, bringing it to lick it from his fingers.

"Look at that, a slut cumming from your cock and you unable to spill. Bet his ass feels so good right now, squeezing and twiitching around you. Devin knows what to do with that fat ass of his. Bet you wish you could fill him." Master Cerulli lowered his voice. "Well you're not going to, not until the 23rd and even then it'll be sloppy seconds after Dan has fucked him."

He licked the back of his neck, fucking him harder, his thrusts becoming erratic. "Devin, you can get off his dick now and put the harness back on."

"Yes Master." Devin whispered, voice breathless as he slipped off him, crawling to the discarded harness and pushing the dildo back inside himself.

"Gonna cum in you soon." Master Cerulli groaned between thrusts. "And then you are gonna bed laid down, your freak cock hard, needy, going untouched. Then maybe, maybe, if I feel in the mood, I will climb on you and ride you like the horse you are." He growled, heading tilted and he let out that moan. I knew he came, filling up the Master before him.

When he pulled out, he zipped the ass of the suit, pulling his skirt back down. "Help me get this slut on the bed, that's where he'll stay." With Devin's help, though I was only sure he needed it because he'd just came, he lifted Master Toro on the bed that, laying him down across it, so that his erect dick was roughly level with my face. "Thank you Devin, you may go for now."

"Yes Master Cerulli." He turned and left us, his dick still uncaged.

"My friend." He whispered, stroking a few of Master Toro's curls. "You are an amazing fuck." Master Cerulli smiled, then went back towards his desk, sitting down and taking a deep breath. He reached down, took a drink and I was left to wonder about what I had just witnessed.

And what his words promised I would witness later.
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