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We Are The Used Part 3

We Are The Used Part 3
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Quinn Alllman, Branden Howard/Jepha Howard, Dan Whitesides, Raymond Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bert
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: Following on from the other parts of We Are The Used and finally, we meet Dan! This is the third (and final?) part

We had been in Newark now for a month. Branden was recovered now. The doctor had checked him out a few days ago and said everything was pretty much healed. He could have anal sex again if he wanted and I still remembered Brendan's snort at that.

We had started playing again too, going over our songs in the practice room. Branden used the drumkit that had been provided with the house, while Jepha and Quinn preferred using the guitar and bass we'd bought along with us.

Our new neighbours were friendly as well. They were, like us, from across the country, drawn by Master Toro to this place and all were passionate about their music. Back in Utah we didn't even know another band. Here we shared a street with them.

To say things were better here than back in Salt Lake felt like a huge understatement.

Branden had gathered us on the plush sofa in the basement and it felt like our old band meetings. "I think that we're ready to perform for Master Toro." We all nodded in agreement and Branden smiled. "Ok, I'm glad you all agree. I'm gonna give him a call and arrange it."


Two days later we were back in the basement, only this time we weren't alone. On the sofa before us was Master Toro. He had a t-shirt on this time, which I had to admit was a little disappointing. Kneeling by his feet was his slave, Austin, who was watching us with interest.

Our set was only going to be five songs, which were chosen by him. It was a little strange, performing our songs to just two people, but I tried to do my best, doing the same things I would do if we had a crowd. This time though, I was performing almost naked, wearing just a pair of boxers. I kissed and groped both Jepha and Quinn during the set between songs, while also cupping my own dick as I sang.

I ended the show on my knees, my tongue on the underside of the mic I'd sang into.

Master Toro was grinning as he started to applaud us. "Oh that was quite the show! I can't wait to see you guys perform on a proper stage."

"Thank you Master Toro." I smiled as I rose to feet, attaching the mic to it's place on the micstand. I could see Quinn and Jepha take their respective instruments off, setting them carefully against the wall. My eyes were drawn back to Master Toro's crotch, as his legs were spread and he was noticeably hard. I swallowed, not sure what to do and I was thankful that Branden spoke up, having left his place at his drums.

"I'm glad you enjoyed the show Master Toro.". Our drummer had decided to go topless for this show, wearing loose fitting lounge pants. "What would you like to do now?"

Master Toro looked thoughtful for a moment, looking between us, before his gaze settled on Branden. "Master Branden, would you like to make use of my slave?" He combed his fingers through Austin's curls as he said the words. "I would very much like to have a show with your bandmates, if they are willing of course."

I almost sank down to my knees right then. Instead, I looked over to Branden. He wasn't my master, not formerly anyway, but I felt somehow that I needed his approval. "Of course Master Toro." He looked to us, nodding and smiling. "Do you guys want to?"

I remembered something one of our neighbours said, a guy called Alex who was a singer like me though he also played guitar. 'Have you been with Master Toro yet? Because he is fucking hung like a horse!'

I nodded, wetting my lips. "Yeah, I want to." Quinn and Jepha were nodding as well, both clearly wanting it as well.

Master Toro smiled and looked down at Austin. "Go and get Master Howard off in whatever way he wants."

"Yes Master Toro." He nodded, crawling over to Branden.

"Now, why don't you three come closer. And Bert, lose those." Master Toro pointed to my crotch and I nodded, shoving my boxers down to the floor in a heartbeat, stepping out of them and coming closer. By instinct I sank down onto my knees before him, Quinn and Jepha doing the same either side of me.

He smiled as he stood up, looking down at us, his fingers working to pull his t-shirt up and off, dropping it to the seat he'd just left. His fingers then went to his pants, but then he stopped. "Why don't you get these off for me." His eyes were on me as he said the words and I nodded, shuffling on my knees so I was closer to him. I reached up and popped the button of his flies with my fingers. I could see the very noticeable curve of his bulge, could feel it beneath my fingers. Swallowing, I leaned in close, taking his zipper between my teeth. I'd done this for Branden a few times since we'd arrived, but wasn't as confidant as Quinn or Jepha. Managing to keep the zipper in place, I tugged it down, my nose pressing against his bulge. Once it was down all the way I tugged at his pants, eager to see what was beneath.

I gasped at the sight of his erection and I heard him chuckle softly. Alex was right, he was hung like a horse. He was bigger than Branden in every sense and I swallowed, my eyes going wide. Part of me wanted it inside me, another wondered how the hell it would fit. While I was staring, Master Toro stepped out of his pants, nudging them aside. "Would you like to taste?" I nodded and he smiled, nodding for me to do so.

I leaned into him, parting my lips and taking his head into my mouth. I traced my tongue against his soft skin, circling his head. Master Toro spoke again, this time to my bandmates. "You, Jepha, lick my ass. While Quinn help Bert here." Quinn was soon right there, his cheek pressed against Master Toro's thigh. He kissed and licked along the sides of the base of his cock, while I relaxed my throat to take some more of him. I knew there was no way I could take him all first time, so was grateful for the help.

I managed about two, maybe three inches of Master Toro. It was the best I could do with Quinn right there, his tongue alternating between his dick and his full balls. Master Toro gasped and I wasn't sure if it was because of us or Jepha's skilled tongue up his ass. A thought crossed my mind as I sucked his dick, one I would never voice. Had Master Toro ever had anything other than a tongue up his ass? I banished the thought from my head as I sucked him, bobbing up and down what I could take of him.

I wasn't sure how long we worked on him, but he gripped mine and Quinn's heads, pulling us both off him. I felt breathless, but I kept my eyes on his dick watching as he gave himself a handful of strokes, enough to shoot hot and thick over our faces. We licked each other clean as soon as he finished and he chucked, easing Jepha away and pulling his pants back up. "I'll have to try one of your asses next time." My heart fluttered at the very idea and he grinned, looking over at where Branden and his slave must be. "Now, how about we have a drink to celebrate your full recovery hmm?"


Branden had decided to keep to his decision. He wasn't going to play with us onstage at gigs. He'd be more than happy to keep playing just with us, even to do new songs or record sessions, just not live. We all understood of course, but it meant finding a replacement for him.

Outside the apartments where musicians lived, there was a noticeboard where bands could put in requests. A few days ago Branden had put one up requesting a drummer for us. So far we had two people come round, but neither had been a fit for us.

There was a knock on the door and Branden got up, going to answer it. We were all in the lounge, having just finished lunch and we watched as he opened the door. There was a man there, with shoulder length dark hair and a purple shirt. "Hi! I'm Dan, Dan Whitesides and I'm here because I saw your request for a drummer."

Branden looked him up and down, taking in the sight of him. He was probably fixing him with one of his intense stares, though I couldn't see from this angle. "Come on in." Branden stepped aside, gesturing him to enter. "I am Branden and this is Bert, our singer, Quinn, our guitarist and Jepha our bassist." He pointed to each of us as he said our names and we all waved at him.

"Oh hi!" Dan gave us a warm smile, then looked back to Branden. "So what you play Branden?"

"I play drums, but I don't wish to play live shows anymore. There was an... Incident." Dan nodded in understanding. "But I don't want to deprive my bandmates of the chance to play live, hence the notice I posted." Another nod from Dan and Branden nodded for him to take a seat. "So Dan, here is how today is going to go. In awhile we will head to the practice area downstairs so I can see how you play. First, though, I am going to ask you some questions alright?"

Dan nodded, looking over us all again. "Yeah sure. What do you want to know?"

I sat back, studying him as Branden began his questioning. "Are you a Master or slut?"


"Do you have a slave?"

"No, I never got one before coming here and haven't found the right one."

"Ever been in a band?"

"Two before I came here, but they weren't serious. I've done some session work here, standing in for drummers who are ill or injured, but I'm not in one at the moment."

"So you've got experience doing live shows?"


"And aftershows?" Branden fixed him with one of his stares as he asked that.

"I have. I'm fine with taking it up the ass if that's what you're asking. It doesn't make me any less of a master."

Branden nodded, seemingly pleased by the response. "Got any specific kinks or fetishes?"

Dan shrugged slightly. "I like fisting, but I'm up for anything." His eyes sparkled mischievously at that.

"Are you in a cult?" That was a new question, added after our last candidate let slip he was in a luna cult.

"No, I'm not."

Branden nodded again, looking to him. "Do you have any questions for us?"

"Yeah actually." Dan's eyes darted over the three of us, then to Brendan. "Are your bandmates all your slaves?"

"Jepha is. Bert loosely is and Quinn is his." Dan nodded, his eyes on me, clearly having more questions. "Where we were from Bert was pressured into becoming a master. He's since questioned that." Dan nodded slightly again. "Right, come with me, let's see how you sound."

Branden stood as did Dan, and he followed him down towards the basement. He wanted to hear potential replacements alone, without us to distract them. As soon as they were gone I looked at my bandmates. "What do you think?"

"He seems nice. I like him." Quinn said, brushing his hair from his face.

"Yeah." Jepha nodded with a smile. "Plus I can just tell he's packing. I want him to hold me down and work one of those big hands into me..." Jepha squirmed and then he grinned at us. "What? You can't say you weren't thinking of it the moment he said he likes it."

Quinn shifted beside me as well, his fingers cupping his equally bare crotch. "Well yeah, of course I did." He looked over at me. "How about you sir? What did you think of him?"

"I..." My thoughts were a little incoherent after them saying that. The thought of Dan fisting either, or hell both of them because he had two fucking hands after all, was such a hot one. I'd not been fisted yet myself, but I'd certainly let him. Jepha was grinning, as if knowing my thoughts. "I hope he's a good enough drummer for Branden."

The others nodded and I adjusted myself in my shorts, getting up to get another drink. I'd probably get them one too, after all they'd need a distraction from their dicks.


The first applicant Branden had downstairs for almost half an hour. The second was down there for just over half the time. Him and Dan were down there for almost 45 minutes now. Was that a good thing or not? I had no idea.

So when the door to the practice room stairs opened we all looked in interest. Dan was topless now, his t-shirt in one hand, sweat clinging to his skin. He had some form of tattoo over his left arm, a series of dark curls and swIrls. Damn he looked sexy. Branden followed behind him, a smile on his face that he lacked with the other candidates.

"Thank you Dan for showing off your skills for me. Is there anything I can get you before you go?" That was knew too. For the others he'd just sent them out after politely thanking them.

Dan was smiling brightly and he nodded. "Well, I find that when I drum it really gets me worked up you know?" I didn't know, but I had a feeling where it was going. "Could I use one of your sluts?"

"Of course." Branden smiled, gesturing for us to come over. Well, I wasn't sure if I was included, but I came anyway. Jepha and Quinn both got on there knees before them, while I remained standing. Just about anyway. "Which would you like?"

He looked between us, not just Quinn and Jepha but me as well. "I think one should give me head, one should offer me their ass and one should lick mine." Branden smirked and nodded, watching Dan dropped his t-shirt on a chair, reaching down and pushing his lounge pants down his legs, his cock flopping free. Jepha was right, he was packing. He was bigger than Branden but smaller than Master Toro. Jepha let out a groan and Dan chuckled. "You want this dick huh slut?" Dan palmed his erection, eyes on Jepha. "Where'd you want it huh?"

"Ass, please." The words came out, all high and needy.

"Branden, could you lube him up for me?" Branden nodded, going to get the lube we had down here. We had several bottles round the house, it was just easier than having them jsut in the bed and pleasure rooms. "Now you two..." He smiled, stepping out of his pants, pushign them aside with one foot. He reached down and cupped Quinn's chin, making him look up at him. "What would you want? To suck my dick or rim my ass?"

"Dick, please sir."

Dan smiled, shifting his hand to grip his hair, pulling his head closer to my cock. "I guess that leave you Bert." With his right hand he reached for my hair, holding it and pulling me close to him. "Wanna tongue my ass yeah?"

I nodded, a little breathless. I'd not done it too much, I knew I had much to learn but I wanted to please him. Beneath me I could hear slurping as Quinn started to take his cock. "Yeah I do."

Dan smiled, then leaned in to whisper in my ear. "If I end up in this band then you are going to be my slut, yeah?" My heart fluttered at his words and I felt this need deep inside me. I felt overdressed, my cock aching hard in my shorts. "Understand slut?"

"Yes sir."

"Good, then get on your fucking knees like the other sluts and get your tongue up my ass." The moment he let go of my hair. I did as he asked, sinking down on my knees behind him, marvelling at the curve of his ass. I reached up, placing a hand on each of his fleshy cheeks. I parted them gently, leaning in and I extended my tongue, licking from the top of his cleft all the way down, over his opening to just behind his balls. I licked back up towards his entrance, circling my tongue around his pucker. He gasped above me and I felt him rock forward against Quinn's face.

I took a breath, burying my tongue into him, lapping at his insides. I'd done this a few times over the past weeks, mostly to Quinn but also Jepha too. I hoped to do it to Brendan sometime, but was reluctant to ask him due to his injury. I shook such thoughts from my mind as I twisted my tongue in Dan's ass. I could taste the slightly salty tongue of his sweat from drumming and I wished that Brendan would have let us see him play.

After a few moments I shifted back, licking back along his cleft, taking a breath. I could hear Quinn suckling on him, making Dan groan. Quinn was so fucking good with his mouth. Part of me wished I could see, another part was jealous of him. Instead I contented myself with the task at hand. I wiggled my tongue back into him, lapping and working my tongue in as deep as I could.

"Enough." The word that left Dan's lips was breathless and I felt proud that we had left him that way. "I want Jepha's ass." I heard shuffling and knew that meant Quinn was moving, Jepha coming to take his place. "Such a nice ass. I hope this isn't the first time I get to use it." I shifted back, as Dan thrust forward, burying himself in Jepha, who moaned loudly.

I licked over Dan's ass, planting kisses over his cheeks and he found a rhythm. I'd noticed, from watching Branden fuck (and being fucked by him) that he settled into a rhythm pretty quickly. The same was true of Dan. He'd thrust quickly twice, then slowly draw his cock out, hold it for a beat, then thrust back in. When I got the rhythm sussed out, I went back to work on his ass, burying my tongue back in him, moving my head along to his thrusts.

His hole twitched around me, which was something I recognised from when I did this to the others. It meant he was close. He groaned above us, his rhythm breaking slightly. "Yeah, fuck just like that. Shit..." His ass fluttered even more and I knew that meant he was cumming deep in Jepha, my bandmate moaning as well.

Dan stayed within him, for a few more moments, riding out his orgasm. "Quinn, come here and clean my dick." He groaned as he pulled out of Jepha. He threaded his fingers in my hair, shoving my head toward the open ass of my bandmate. "You clean up that."

I nodded, slipping my tongue back into Jepha, tasting Dan's load for the first time. I wiggled my tongue in him, lapping up every drop of cum that I could get with my tongue. Dan's hand held me in place the whole time, his grip on my head firm and making me ache in my shorts. I needed this man in my life.

Once he was satisfied he was done he let go of me and I saw him, grab his pants, pulling them back up his legs. "I could use a drink, fuck..." He looked at Banden, who was smiling.

"Go get whatever you like from the kitchen. And give us a moment will you?"

Dan nodded with a smile, brushing hair from his eyes, heading through the doorway Branden had indicated to get to the kitchen.

Branden looked at three of us, all on our knees. "What do you think of him?"

"An amazing fuck..." Jepha whispered, voice breathless.

"I like him, he seems really nice. Plus, I second Jepha's amazing fuck."

Branden nodded, then looked at me. "How about you Bert?"

"I... He's exactly what we need." I replied with a nod, licking my lips. "How was his drumming though?"

"He's a quick learner and he plays wonderfully. He has a great sense of rhythm and timing." He nodded, with a smile. "He'll be amazing playing with you." He looked between us all again. "So we're agreed then?"


"Fuck yeah."


Branden grinned at us, then called out towards the kitchen. "Dan, could you get back in here?"

Dan appeared almost immediately, a smile on his face, a beer in hand. "Yeah, what's up?"

"We just had a band meeting and we are all agreed. You're the right fit for us, so you're a member of The Used if you want."

Dan grinned, downing some of the beer. "Awesome! Absolutely I'm in! You guys won't regret this."

"I know." Branden smiled, heading to the kitchen. "Let's all have a drink to celebrate, the. You can decide if you want to join us here."

Dan smirked, his eyes lingering on me for a moment before he turned his attention back to Branden. "Oh I know I do already, I'll get my stuff over here tomorrow."

And with that, our band was complete and I knew that things had changed forever.
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