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We Are The Used Part 2

We Are The Used Part 2
Pairing: Quinn Allman/Robert Mccracken, Branden Steineckert/Jepha Howard
Rating: NC-17
POV: Robert
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: Follow-up to We Are The Used and I swear Dan was meant to be in this! He'll be in the unexpected third part instead

I breathed a sigh of relief when we left Utah, entering Colarado. I'd never left my home state before and now we were driving cross country.

I'd looked at a map last nigh, before packing the laptop away. It would take us through about 7 states and would take us a day and a half driving non-stop. Of course that was unfeasible at the best of times, so I estimated it would take us three days to get there.

Branden looked a little better than he had when I saw him last night. Jepha was back there, his head rested on his master's shoulder. Branden had made a call on his cell soon after we left the hospital, telling master Feldmann to transfer any further sales of our music solely to me.

"Officially, I died last night." Branden told us once we left Salt Lake City. "I paid the doctor that treated me to alter the records. So for all intents and purposes, I am dead." Jepha had tightened his hold on him and Branden smiled.

We'd stopped at the first town we came across and picked up some supplies. Branden also insisted we stop at a bank so that all the money he had could be transferred over to me. I'd not argued.

We past a sign for a truckstop coming up so I figured that was as good a place as any for us to stop, take a break and switch drivers.


The truck stop was fairly small, but at least it had bathrooms and a place to grab some food, even though it was just a taco stand. After eating we got back in the car, me in the back with Branden while Jepha took the drivers seat. Thank fuck he could drive, since Quinn hadn't learned and Branden was in no shape to.

"So, what's the plan?" Quinn asked from the passenger seat. "Once we get to NJ I mean."

Branden shifted slightly next to me, then spoke up. "Just before the tour started I was online and I saw this advert from the new Master Toro." The Toros had been the masters of New Jersey for as long as anyone could remember. As such it was news when a new one took over the role. "He's set up a programme and wants musicians and bands to come over there. If things had gone differently I would have bought it up once we'd finished touring." He winced and shifted again. "Once we're there we'll go see him, find out what we have to do."

I saw Quinn's blonde hair bob as he nodded. It was, as plans went, a fairly sensible one. Well, apart from the part where he had left the hospital before a proper recovery. I'd never met someone as important as Master Toro before. Our own state's master, Master Osmond, he wasn't exactly considered approachable so I didn't know anyone that had actually met him. Well, apart from my father.

I clenched my fists at the mere thought of him. Hurting Branden like this, almost killing him... I hated him, hated being related to him. I closed my eyes, taking a breath to steady my thoughts. There was no need to shoe the others I was worked up, they might get the wrong idea.

"It's a good idea. We just need to get there." Branden nodded at my words and I looked at him. "Are you alright?"

Branden stiffened slightly and nodded. "Once I'm there I will be." I nodded and left it at that. Branden was, well he was pretty private as a person. I still knew nothing of his family despite knowing him for almost two years. So I wasn't surprised that he was so cagey about his injury especially considering the nature of it.


I managed to get some sleep after that, then at the next gas station we switched seats. Branden moved up front with me, while our sluts were in the back. They'd talked amongst themselves for awhile, but now they were asleep.

I glanced in the rearview mirror to double check that they were. I saw Branden raise an eyebrow and I knew that meant he had noticed too. "What is it Robert?"

I smiled a little, keeping my gaze on the open road of the Kansas highway. "During the aftershows... Well, before that even. I... Realised something..."

"That you're a slut." He said it with such a bluntness, like it was obvious. I gave him a sideways glance and he let out a soft laugh. "Robert, I'm not blind. I could see that you liked it. Hell, it was obvious that night we used the dildos and you had cum from it. I even suspected before then, but I didn't want to say anything out of respect for you both as a master and my friend."

"Thanks." He smiled, but fixed me with one of his intense stares. I could tell he was willing me on, knowing I had more to say. I took a breath, then nodded. "You're right. I am a slut. I should have realised it sooner, like everyone else but..."

"Your father." He finished my sentence and I gripped the wheel tighter. "All your family are masters and mistresses, so you did what was expected of you right?"

I nodded and sighed softly. "Quinn knew what he was and when he told me... I wanted to be a master for him. To protect him, to keep him safe. I... didn't want to lose him."

"I understand that. I already knew I was a master when Jepha told me he was a slut, but I knew I had to have him. Had to... keep him safe. That's all I've ever wanted really. I tried not to make waves, tried not to make anyone mad because of him." I winced and he noticed, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Look, I don't blame you for what happened. It was your father that did this and he's a fucking ass." I smiled at that, nodding a little. Of course I had blamed myself for it. I couldn't help it. To hear him say that though, it made me feel a little better.

"I hate him, for what he did to you, for making us leave like this. And I hate that I have his stupid fucking name." I growled in frustration at that, then shook my head. "I wish I didn't have it."

"Then don't. We're heading to a new life, a better one.." Branden looked thoughtful for a moment. "Bert. That's what we'll call you, alright?"

"Bert... Yeah, I like that." Something about it just felt, well, right somehow. Branden smiled, nodding. "I was, well, if things had gone better." I took a deep breath again, then spoke, voice soft. "I'd have asked if you would take me as your slut. Would you have?"

"Yeah. I would." He leaned in, whispered in my ear. "I'd have fucked your cute little ass so hard." I swerved the car at his words, glad the road was clear. He chuckled, sitting back in his seat. "As it is though, I'm not up to it, not yet. Perhaps when I'm recovered, or when we have a new drummer..."

"A new drummer? You're not going to play with us anymore?" It was a thought that hadn't crossed my mind. I had been so worried about him making it through this journey, I'd not considered what would happen at the end of it. It was perhaps naive to expect things to go the way they had been.

"I'm not going to drum with you guys on stage anymore. It's safer in New Jersey I know, but... I don't think I can do an aftershow. Not after..." He shook his head with a sigh. "I'll do recordings, play at home... But we'll need someone else for shows."

I didn't, I couldn't, hold it against him. I nodded with a sad smile. "Yeah, ok. Whatever you want."

He smiled a little, then glanced at the rearview before nodding to the back of the car. "I take it your slut doesn't know about your recent revelation." I shook my head. Things had happened so fast these past few days, I'd not had the chance to take a breath and fully process everything. "Bert, once we're settled you should tell him."

I nodded slightly, knowing that I'd have to at some point. If it was becoming Brandon's slut he'd probably be on board with it, but for someone else? Well, I wasn't so sure. "Yeah, I will."

"Well, whatever you decide I won't think less of you." His words were comforting, which I'd not realised I'd needed and I smiled. "Just if you do end up being a slut, I want to fuck that ass." He grinned, leaning back in his seat. "I should've offered to be your first. That night with the toys."

I swallowed, tightening my grip on the wheel at the thought. Damn, I wish he had. He chuckled, shifting in his seat. I slowed the car down, giving him a concerned look. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah just..." He shifted again and bit his lip before shaking his head, chuckling again. "Thinking of you bent over begging to be fucked, it's given me a boner." I couldn't help but smile at that. "Pull over there." He pointed out the window at the side of the road just ahead, the tone of his voice made it clear it wasn't a suggestion. I nodded, turning and parking the car up on the side of the road, turning off the ignition once we'd stopped. I swallowed, looking back over to him.

"Now, I am in no state to fuck right now and Jepha is asleep so that leaves two options." He started counting them off on his fingers. "One: I get my dick out and jerk off. Since I know that would distract you I got you to pull over. After all I don't want to come all this far just to die in a car crash with my dick out." I smiled at that and he smirked. "Two: I get my dick out and you put your lips to work on it. What do you say?"

I could tell from his tone that I could say no, that he'd not mind whichever I went with. I swallowed and nodded, and he reached over, running his finger up along the exposed skin of neck. "I need an answer Bert."

"I want to suck you." The words tumbled out of my lips, seemingly all at once. "Please."

He grinned, nodding. "Well, since you asked so nicely..." He reached down and undid the zipper of his pants, reaching inside. There was something there, thick and white. I guessed it was something that the doctors put on him. His cheeks flushed as he pushed it down, pulling his dick out. "Go for it."

I undid the seatbelt and shifted, leaning down over him so that I was confronted by his dick. He was bigger than either of the guys I'd had at the aftershows. I took a breath, wrapping my fingers around the base of his dick, holding it up.

I parted my lips, taking his head into my mouth. I lapped at the sensitive skin, my tongue tracing along his slit. Above me, I heard him let out a soft groan, his fingers threading through my hair, stroking my head. I smiled and took him further, inching down his thick length, my lips stretched out around him. I knew I couldn't take him all, in part due to my angle, part my own inexperience and part Branden's size, so I moved my hand on the lower half of his dick. "That's it Bert, you're a natural you little slut..." He breathed out the words and I smiled, sucking him as best as I could.

I remembered what Quinn and Jepha did when they blew me and tried to replicate what they did as best I could. That meant pressing my tongue against his shaft, circling it around his head whenever I pulled back. My lips squeezed against him and, after a few bobs of my head, I started to hum. The boys could hum out their parts to most of our songs while they did this, which always drove me wild. I couldn't manage to quite do that, not yet anyway, but I tried my best.

His dick twitched against my tongue and I could taste him. "Yeah, that's it..." His fingers flexed in my hair and I knew if I was Jepha he'd have shoved my head down until I took his whole length. I bobbed up and down, flicking my tongue against him, humming as best I could. "Close, you better swallow it all Bert."

I nodded as best I could with a dick in my mouth and I focussed my attentions on his head and the first few inches of his cock. He let out a low groan, tightening his grip on my hair as he came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of the salty fluid that he gave me and, once he was finished, he used his grip on my hair to pull me back up. "Good boy... Now, jerk off Bert, you'll be no good driving with an erection."

I caught sight of Jepha in the rear view mirror. He was awake now, watching us with interest. Quinn was still sleeping, his head resting on his shoulder. I undid the zipper of my shorts, pulling out my erection. I stroked myself, watching as Branden zipped himself back up, the taste of him still on my tongue.

It didn't take me long to cum all over myself like a teenager. My cheeks flushed in embarrassment and I licked my fingers clean, zipping myself up again.


We switched places again when we entered Missouri and I was now in the back with Quinn. Branden was asleep in the front passenger seat and Jepha was humming softly along to our first album, which was playing faintly from the speakers.

"Quinn, there's something I need to tell you."

He smiled as he turned to face me. He looked so beautiful, like he always did. "Yes master." He placed a hand on my knee, giving it a gentle, reassuring squeeze. "What is it?"

"Once we get to New Jersey, I'm changing my name. I don't want to share it with my father anymore, so I'm going to changing my name from Robert to Bert." He nodded in understanding, smiling.

"Of course Master Bert."

"There's something else." He looked at me with interest and I caught sight of Jepha glancing in the rearview mirror. I took a breath, reaching for him and stroking his bleached blonde hair. "I realised something during the past week. I..." Concern was clear in his eyes and I shifted my fingers to brush his cheek. "I'm not the master I should be. I'm like you, like Jepha. I'm a slut too." I felt myself shake slightly as I said the words and he leaned in, kissing me gently, reassuringly.

"I don't care. We'll figure this out, once we're in NJ. And if you are, then I will always be by your side." I nodded and smiled, kissing him back again. I was so lucky to have him.


The rest of the trip was mostly uneventful. We stopped the night in a place in Illinois and it was good to have finally slept in a bed. Well, slept and get fucked. For the first time Quinn had fucked me, having expressed a curiosity in doing so after I had made my admission. He'd been uncertain at first, but once he got started... Fuck.

After the night of rest, we continued on to New Jersey.

We spent another night in a hotel near the state line, Branden wanting us to be rested for our meeting with Master Toro. It also meant we could get a map of the city so we'd have our bearings.

Once we arrived in Newark, we drove towards the Toro mansion. Newark was such a different place to home, clear by the buildings that we past. There was an expansive art college and a music venue that looked better than any of the ones we'd played. I spotted at least three music shops on our drive, three! And each one looked bigger than the one in Salt Lake. Masters and slaves alike we walking the streets freely and everyone looked, well, happy.

The Toro mansion was in roughly the middle of the city and it looked so unlike the one back home. Master Osmond's one was surrounded by a high wall with barbed wire covering it. The Toro mansion, well it had a wall, but it was pretty low and the gate was open. Jepha drove us right up to the front door, something which would've resulted in tires being slashed back home.

I waited, looking at Branden to make the first move. He undid his seatbelt, opening the passenger door before getting out. The rest of us followed suit and the four of us made our way to the front door. Branden took a deep breath, then pressed the doorbell.

"This place, it's so unlike home." I'd only seen pictures of the grounds of the mansion back home and this was worlds apart.

Branden stiffened for a moment, then he circled his shoulders, which I knew was how he willed himself to relax. "Yeah it is."

The door opened and a man appeared. He had tan skin, with a thick mass of black curls atop his head. He was also naked, apart from from a simple collar and a cage around his cock. He looked between the four of us, probably to see if we were at all familiar to him. "Hello, welcome to Master Toro's mansion. How may I help you?"

Branden spoke up and the slave met his gaze. "We'd like to see your Master. We're a band from Utah and we came because of his advert that he did, encouraging bands to come here."

The slave nodded with a smile. "Please, come in. I'll go get him for you." He led us inside, to a room near the door that was clearly for meeting people. "Please make yourself comfortable." We all looked at one another as he left and then we sat on the plush sofa. The furnishings were nice, with some clearly older than we were, while others looked much newer, especially some of the art on the walls.

We looked between one another, unsure what to say or do. What was the decorum in a Master's mansion? I had a feeling the others were much the same.

Soon, though, a man appeared in the doorway to the room. His hair was a mass of light brown curls and he had plump lips. He was topless, wearing a pair of leather pants. His arms looked toned and I was fairly sure he could lift any one of us with ease. Despite that he wasn't threatening and his smile lit up his face. He had to be him. "Hello gentlemen and welcome to my fair state. I am Master Toro." He looked over us all then stopped at Branden. "My slave tells me you are a band from Utah."

"Yes Master Toro." Branden replied with a nod. "We are The Used. I am Branden Howard, drummer, this is my slave Jepha who plays bass." He pointed to us each in turn as he spoke. "That's Bert, our singer and his slave Quinn, our guitarist. So far we have two albums..."

"Yes, a self titled one and In Love And Death." My eyes widened at Master Toro's words. There was no way he could have looked that up. "I am familiar with your work." I felt this strange mix of surprise and pride that someone as important as him knew our work. He grinned, looking between us all. "I try and get any new music that comes out from the various studios." He looked over at Branden, with a smile. "I'm glad that reports of your death have been greatly exaggerated." He turned to his slave, who I could see was just out of sight. "Call doctor Rickly."

"Yes Master Toro." The soft voice replied and the Master Toro entered the room.

"Doctor Rickly is my doctor, he will check over your injury and make sure you're healing nicely."

I let out a sigh of relief. Anyone who was the doctor of a Master had to be supremely qualified. Branden smiled, nodding and looking at him. "Thank you Master Toro."

Master Toro smiled warmly, looking us over. "I take it you left right after your last gig?" We all nodded. "So you don't know what happened to your assailant?" He looked briefly at me than back to Branden. I looked a little puzzled at that. My father surely wasn't going to get punished, accept maybe forced to pay a fine for the mess in the aftershow room. "Your last venue had a no weapons rule, which your assailant broke by bringing a knife in. The owner, from what I can gather, was pretty pissed about it, even more so when he heard you died. Unfortunately for your assailant, the venue owner knew Master Osmond..." He paused and I realised I'd leaned forward without realising it. "He was punished rather publicly bas a result."

"How?" It was Branden that asked what we were all thinking.

"He was fucked by Master Osmond. Then had most of his right arm amputated and he had a blade up his ass." We all gasped at that. I was shocked that such a thing would have happened to him, though he certainly deserved it.

Master Toro then smiled brightly, as if he hadn't just told us my father had lost a limb. "But that is your past, we should be concerned about your future." Master Toro sat in a chair opposite us, his legs spread a little. I had to resist the urge to look at his crotch, tilting my head to meet his gaze. "Once you have been checked over, I'll take you to your new place." We must have all looked surprised because he grinned. "There is a housing development on the edge of town near the venue just for musicians. There's houses for bands while musicians that came without one have apartments. I hope you don't mind living together."

"No, that is more than generous Master Toro." Branden replied with a broad smile. "We've lived together for the past two years anyway."

"Oh, well that's great!" He grinned, clasping his hands together. "Well once you're settled please take all the time you need, you must all be tired from your trip."

"Thank you Master Toro. You're being so kind to us." I nodded to Brendan's words. He was a world apart from any Master I knew about. "Is there anything we can do for you in return?"

"I'd like to see you play, when you're recovered. I know the experience has most likely put you off live shows, at least for awhile though, so it would just be us in your practice space." He smiled and nodded. "But like I said, once you're all rested and recovered of course."

"We'd be honoured Master Toro."

He grinned at Branden's words. "Excellent!" He turned to the door when his slave came into the room, another man behind him. He was tall and slim, dressed nicely and had a doctor's bag in one hand. "Ah doctor, thank you for coming."

"Of course Master Toro." He smiled and looked over at us, then back at him. "How may I assist you today?"

"My new friends here are from Utah, where Master Branden here got assaulted." The doctor instantly eyes Branden without being told who he was. He must have picked up on something that only a doctor could see. "I'd like you to take a look at him to make sure he's ok. Austin will escort you to somewhere more private."

"Of course Master Toro." The doctor nodded and smiled and Branden. "Please, come with me." Branden nodded and stood up, following the three of them out. That left us with Master Toro.

"Thank you Master Toro. Like Branden said, you've been so kind to us, which is more than I ever expected." He looked at me and smiled, nodding.

"I get that a lot from musicians out of state. I know most people aren't exactly supportive of those that choose to be in bands. It's a shame really, as I'm sure it puts off a lot of people that would be talented musicians from ever even trying." He shook his head sadly, then stood up. "Would you care for a drink?" I nodded and he looked both to Quinn and Jepha who sat either side of me. "How about you two?" They both looked at me, uncertain and Master Toro chuckled, his hair bouncing. "It's ok, slave or not you're my guests after all." Jepha nodded, then Quinn did the same.

Master Toro got out a glass for each of us and poured us each a glass of deep red wine. He sat, took a drink and then we all did as well. Wine wasn't exactly my drink of choice, but this one was nice, easily the best I'd ever had. For a few moments we just sat there, quietly drinking.

It was a comfortable silence, even though I wasn't sure what to say or do in the presence of a Master like him. He smiled, setting his now-empty glass down on the table. "Tell me Bert, are you a master too? Branden didn't introduce you as one after all."

"I... I'm not sure anymore." I replied, as honestly as I could. I loved being with Quinn, being inside him, fucking him. But I also loved what Branden had done to me in the car, in the middle of nowhere. I swallowed at the image that crossed my mind, of Master Toro holding me down with those strong arms of his. "I was always told I should be, never questioned it until the aftershows."

He nodded slowly as I finished off my own drink. I wondered if he had ever questioned it, since the pressure of being the son of a Master had to be greater than what I faced. It wasn't something I'd ever ask him though, but it didn't hurt to privately wonder. "Well, you are free here to do whatever you'd like. This is a new place for you after all, so you can choose whatever you want to be." I nodded and he smiled. "Do you think you'll continue to make music once you're settled in?"

"I'd certainly like to. I know Branden has... Reservations after what happened about doing live shows again." I knew Branden had made his mind up, but he could always change his mind and I didn't want to speak for him.

"That's understandable. I've had several bands come in with one or more member damaged from the experience." I saw him clench his fist and there was a flash of anger in his eyes, but it past quickly. "As such some choose to get someone else to fill in. There are a few musicians that have no bands, that came here wanting to join one so hopefully there'll be a drummer there that will be a good fit for you if you go down that route."

I nodded with a small smile. Part of me didn't want someone else to play with us, but I knew that was a selfish thought. Hopefully we would find someone who was a good fit for us. I looked to the door, seeing Branden and the others return and I smiled.

"Ah doctor, how is he?" Master Toro asked, looking over at them as well.

The doctor looked over to us and I was glad that he didn't look grim. "I wouldn't have advised him to make the journey that he did so soon after his injury. However the doctors that tended to him were more competent than I expected, so I expect him to make a full recovery provided he continues to rest and take the meds he's been proscribed. And no sex for at least a week. Though oral should be fine. I'll check you again in a week once you're settled."

I grinned, feeling overjoyed that he was going to be ok. I saw that the others were as well, especially Jepha. "Well that is good news! I'd offer you something else to drink to celebrate, but I think the better option would be to make sure you can get some rest. Thank you doctor." Master Toro smiled at the doctor, who nodded and headed out, leaving us. "Come, let's get you to your new home."


Master Toro led the way in his car and I followed in our own with Quinn. A lot of people seemed to recognise it as Master Toro's car as we drove and I saw people smiling at the sight of it. Some of them even waved. It was obvious how much he was genuinely loved here.

It took about 20 minutes to get us to the housing development that he mentioned. He pulled up outside a house that was obviously unoccupied and I pulled the car up into the driveway. The house looked nice from the outside anyway. By the time me and Quinn got out of the car, Master Toro, Jepha and Branden were making their way to the door, Master Toro leading them with a set of keys in his hand. "This place is yours now. There's some frozen food in the freezer and there's a pack on the dining room table with some details about the area. Maps, numbers for take outs, things like that."

He opened the door, gesturing for us to go in. "Here, though, I will leave you so that you can all get your rest. But please, let me know if you run into any problems and once you feel up to performing for me." He smiled and nodded to us.

"Thank you Master Toro, for everything." He smiled broadly at Branden's words, nodded and headed back towards his car.

We all entered the house and it was clearly new, untouched since it had been furnished. It was also, as we explored, bigger than Branden's house that we had left behind. There were four bedrooms upstairs, two fully outfitted pleasure rooms, the kitchen was fully kitted out with some things that I had no clue what they were. The lounge had a flat screen tv and the performance space, in the basement, was larger with a few pieces of equipment and instruments already set up there.

This place must have cost a fortune.

After having a good look round, Branden set us down in the lounge, relaxing on the sofa with Jepha. He was looking through the numbers on from the pack Master Toro mentioned and he smiled. "I think we should order in a pizza, then we can get some of our things in here and make this place feel like home."

I couldn't agree with him more.
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