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We Are The Used Part 1

We Are The Used
Pairing: Robert Mccracken/Quinn Allman, Branden Steineckert/Jepha Howard
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bert
Warnings: Kinkverse, BDSM
Notes: So after writing The Used bio on the kinkverse comm I got asked to do this so... And damn, this has ended up being so long. this is the pic of them I used for referemce

"Do you know what you're going to be?"

I turned to look at my best friend, Quinn Allman, a swoop of dark hair covering his forehead. We had been friends since we'd met, there was something that just clicked between us. Now, at 15, we were both in that strange time when our futures were fast approaching. We were sat under a tree, overlooking the town, the shade keeping us cool in the summer heat. "You're gonna have to be a bit more specific than that." I replied with a small laugh, brushing my own hair from my eyes.

"I mean, are you gonna be a master or a slut."

Such decisions were made official at 18, once schooling had finished, however, I knew that many people in our year were already thinking of it. Some of them very clearly already knew. As for me, I knew what was expected of me. The Mccracken family were all masters and mistresses, well everyone I had heard of anyway, so I was expected to follow in their footsteps. I shrugged before responding. "I've not made any decisions, but we both know I'll end up being a master." He nodded in understanding, reaching over and touching my shoulder. "How about you?"

Quinn didn't have such expectations on his shoulders. His family line had both masters and sluts in it. Hell, his mother was one. He smiled at me, threading his fingers through his deep brown hair. "Oh, I already know what I am." The was a certainty in his eyes as he spoke. "I'm a slut. I want to get fucked, be controlled, be owned." I shifted slightly from his words, my dick twitching in my shorts. "I've seen porn, I know it's what I want."

I made a decision in that moment. I would be the one to own him. I guess that meant I definitely was gonna be a master then.

His eyes darted down to my crotch and he gave me a sly smile. "Can I jerk you off?"

"Y... Yeah." I whispered back and as soon as the word left my lips his fingers were at my flies, popping the button upon and tugging the zipper down. He would be the first person to see me hard and it felt, fitting that it would be him somehow. He tugged my dick out, a small gasp leaving his lips at the sight. I knew I wasn't that big, but I was probably the first hard-on he'd seen up close other than his own. He looked to me and I nodded, watching as he took me in hand.

He stroked my dick, moving his hand steadily along my length. It was a little strange, having fingers that weren't my own around my cock. He squeezed gently on every downstroke, soft sounds leaving my lips. His eyes were on his hand, watching intently as he jerked me off. He moved his fist faster each time and soon my hips were thrusting up to meet him.

My breathes were getting heavier and I knew that I wasn't going to last very long. I'd have been embarrassed if I wasn't a teenager and this wasn't my first time. I shivered, savouring my best friend's touch. His tongue darted out of his lips as he concentrated on pleasing me and I couldn't help but picture that tongue on or inside me. "Quinn..." His name left my lips as I came across my t-shirt, and across his fingers.

He smiled and I watched through half-lidded eyes as he sucked his fingers clean. "You taste good." He whispered, tucking my back into my shorts.

All I could do was look at him as I gathered my breath back. I wasn't sure what I should do in this situation. Should I offer to jerk him too, or kiss him or call him a slut? In the end, when I could find words, I settled for two breathless words. "Thank you."

He grinned brightly, leaning his back against the tree we were sitting under. He looked satisfied, content with what he'd done. I opened my mouth, though not sure what I was going to say but I didn't get the chance.

"Robert, there you are!" I scrambled to my feet at the sound of my father's voice, Quinn doing the same. I gave Quinn an apologetic look, but he just smiled, nodding. I gave his shoulder a squeeze, then jogged off to my dad.


Ever since that day last summer, my friendship with Quinn evolved. At least once a week, though mostly more, we'd sneak away and jerk one another off. Mostly it was him stroking me, while he told me what the latest thing he wanted done to him. Sometimes we managed to watch some porn too, but mostly it was just us.

Last month, for his birthday, I decided that we should take things further. Up in his bedroom, his gave me his first ever blowjob, showing off that he was a fucking natural. He had the biggest smile after he swallowed my load down.

Since then in our time alone he'd give me head instead of jerking me off, wrapping those pretty lips around my dick and bobbing up and down until I came.

My dick ached at the thought and I gave myself a quick squeeze through my shorts. He was going to be here soon so there was no point me jerking off. It was my birthday now, so I was eager to see what he had in mind.

I heard the deep sound of the doorbell and I scrambled up off my bed, heading out my room and down the stairs. Once there, I opened the door, smiling at the sight of my friend. "Quinn, you came!"

"Of course!" My friend grinned, stepping inside when I shifted to let him in. "Happy birthday, dude." He pulled me into a hug, which made me realise he hadn't brought anything with him. "Come on, I have something for you."

I raised an eyebrow in curiosity as he toed his shoes off, before following him upstairs to my room. I pushed the door closed, even though it was unnecessary to do so. Everyone else was out, my parents were at work, and my siblings were all out with their friends. There'd be a small party with all of us later, where I'd receive whatever gifts they'd gotten me, just like always. "So, what's my present?"

He gave me a mischievous smile. "You need to unwrap it first." Since he wasn't carrying anything, I guessed he meant to undress him, so I reached over and pulled at his t-shirt. I tugged the material up and over his head, Quinn raising his arms to help in it's removal. Once it was off, I tossed it to the floor, being sure that it was in the opposite direction from my own. My fingers then went to work undoing the button and zipper of his fly, deftly opening them up. He was, as always, not wearing any underwear and I smirked at the sight of his semi.

"Mmm, is this for me?" I asked, pressing the heel of my palm against his dick.

"Yes sir." He replied, his dick stiffening against my hand. I grinned, pushing down the well worn jeans that he was wearing to the floor. He looked so pretty like this. "Now your present." He took my hand and gently guided it around his waist to the curve of his ass and... Oh. He grinned at my reaction, as I ran my fingers over the base of what had to be a plug. "I want you to fuck me, to be my first. Please."

I nodded, because how could I say no to that? "Up on the bed, face down." He grinned, climbing up onto my bed. Fuck, his ass looked so good. I rushed to undress myself, eager to get started. It didn't take me long to shed my clothes and get up on the bed between his spread legs. I sucked in a breath, taking ahold of base of the purple rubber toy and I eased it out of him. I suspected he'd raided it from his parents since it didn't look new. I set it on the bed beside his thigh and I prised his cheeks apart so that I could line myself up with his opening.

He was all slicked up already and the thought of him lubing himself up before coming here made me groan. I knew he was ready, so I sank into him, a low groan leaving his lips. Fuck, he felt amazing. So tight and warm and fuck...

I held onto his sides, starting to move almost right away. The room was filled with the sound of skin on skin, groans leaving our lips. I didn't say anything as I fucked him, I just couldn't find the words. I knew some masters used this to degrade their slaves, but I wasn't sure what to say. And besides, Quinn wasn't my slave, he was my friend, at least now anyway.

I hated that I felt my orgasm approach, like the crest of a wave, and I cursed myself for it coming so soon. I reached under him, grasping his dick in my hand. "C'mon..." I stroked him a best I could, feeling him rut against my sheets.

The pair of us came at the same time, him across my bed, me balls deep in him. "Fuck..." I whispered, laying across his bare back, my lips finding his neck. "S'good."

I felt him pant beneath me and I bought his hand up to his face, seeing and feeling him lick me clean. I knew that this wouldn't be the last time we'd do this. Hopefully, if we had time, it wouldn't even be the last time today.

I kissed his neck again, snuggling up against him.


Once we were 18, it was time for us to make our choice. Pretty much everyone had themselves figured out that in our last year. You could see it in the way people carried themselves. Future masters walked around, confident, assured. I didn't look or feel like them, but I still called myself one on my birthday.

My father was proud, he even got me an apartment of my own and he was ready to get me a slut when I finished school. But I knew who I wanted.

As soon as our schooling was finished I claimed Quinn as my own. He was moved into my apartment the weekend after our last day and we fucked the first time as master and slut as soon as he was over my threshold.

And so life was good.


"Do you know what you're going to be?" Quinn asked me, his head resting against my chest. We were in my, well our, bed. He always slept with me, I felt comfortable with his warmth against my body.

"What do you mean?" I asked, looking down at the shock of blonde hair that he now sported. It had been bleached blonde a few weeks back and I thought it suited him. I threaded my fingers through his soft locks, stroking his hair.

"You know, to do." I shrugged slightly, not having thought about it all that much. My father always said that work was for slaves. His own job wasn't hard, managing half the town's real estate. I hadn't done too well at school, and it wasn't as if I had a skill or anything. After a brief pause, Quinn spoke up again. "I was thinking, I'd like to be in a band."

"A band?" I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by that. His dad owned the local store that sold musical instruments and he'd given Quinn a guitar for his birthday several years ago. He played it for me sometimes, just random strumming mostly, but I was enthralled. "Isn't that dangerous?"

"Not if you're with me." He looked up me, his eyes sparkling and I wondered just what I was going to be dragged into.


Quinn had done a bit of work in his dad's shop during his last years at school. As such, he knew a few of the customers and had decided to look them up after oking it with me first. Some of them were already in bands while others simply weren't interested in joining one for various reasons.

Eventually he remembered a master/slave duo, who were a few years above us at school. The slave who he spoke to, Jepha, sounded interested and so here we were, in their house.

Master Branden Steineckert had short, jet black hair and an intense stare. His nose was pierced up by the bridge of it and each of his ears had black studs in them. According to Quinn he had bought a drumkit from the shop for himself, with a bass for Jepha.

Jepha Howard was Branden's slave and he was naked, his arms covered in a myriad of tattoos. Like Brendon he had black hair, though his was longer. His ear lobes were both stretched, unlike his master and he had all kinds of other piercings over his body, from his lip to his dick. Unusually he had no collar. Instead he had one inked around his throat, with a ring pierced on either side. His eyes sparkled as he looked at the pair of us, and I could tell he was eager.

"Master Steineckert, thanks for agreeing to meet with us." He nodded slightly, gesturing for me sit down in one of the chairs. As I sat, Quinn moved to stand beside me, much like Jepha was for beside him. Like Jepha, Quinn was naked with just a simple collar around his neck.

Branden leaned forward in his seat, fixing me with his gaze. "My Jepha here says your slut called him about starting a band." He raised an eyebrow at that, looking briefly to Quinn then back to me. "Now, what makes you think that I'd want to do something like that?"

I swallowed slightly, knowing he'd be the one that we needed to convince. Quinn could probably make a better argument than I could for this, since he really wanted this, but I knew I was the one that had to do it. So, I took a deep breath, then started to talk. "We are thinking of starting a band, but we can't really do one with just the two of us. My slave is the the son of Master Allman, who runs the local music shop and he recalls serving you when he was working there part time. So I know that you have a drumkit and a bass from there, which means you have some kind of interest in music." He nodded slightly at that and I could see Jepha doing the same out of the corner of my eye. "I know that doesn't automatically mean you would have any interest in forming a band. Most of the masters that we have spoke to before that have instruments also have no interest in doing so, but you are the first that has agreed to meet face to face, which I assume means that you do."

I brushed a few strands of my hair from my face, trying to gauge his mood but he said nothing, just kept staring at me. "I bought my slave's guitar, it's in my car, so how about we play together, see how we sound. If you don't want to be in a band, then that's fine, I'm not going to force you." You could probably overpower me anyway, my brain helpfully supplied. "We'll leave and you'll never have to see us again. Hell, you can tell us that now if you want. But if you have the slightest bit of curiosity as to what a band could sound like, I hope you'll give this a chance."

There was a few moments of silence between us and I wasn't sure how it went over, or what he was going to do. He rose up from his seat and, on instinct, I did so as well. "Come with me." He turned and left the room, Jepha following, so me and Quinn trailed behind them. He stopped at a door, unlocking and opening it up and he flipped the light on and stepped inside, descending down some stairs.

My father used to tell me 'never step into another master's basement unless you know them'. For about five seconds I considered following his advice and bolt to the door, but I didn't feel like Brandon was going to do anything to us. So, I followed him down into the basement, fully expecting it to be a traditional dungeon set up. I was a little surprised by what I saw.

Clearly the basement had been one at some point. There were rings embedded in the walls and hooks on the ceiling, all of which had clearly been there for some time. However, the was also a drum kit as well as a bass, with a few other pieces of equipment. Clearly this was where they played together in the musical, rather than sexual sense.

"My Jepha has always wanted to be a part of a band." He spoke up, running his fingers through Jepha's hair and down his back. "I thought getting these would help work it out of his system, but it only made him want it more. Your slave can get his guitar, let's try this." Jepha and Quinn both grinned and then I nodded to my slave. He was gone in a heartbeat.


What was intended to be a brief session to see how things would go turned out to be an all day affair and we only ended up stopping when our need for food became too great. We ended up eating down there, me and Branden on a couch, Quinn and Jepha on the floor. I couldn't help but smile as they talked animatedly among themselves.

"So, what do you think?" I asked after swallowing a mouthful of one of the pizzas he'd had delivered. "Do you think we could work as a band?"

He smiled at me, and I could see that it reached his eyes, softening their intensity. "Yeah, I think we could."


We settled on the name The Used for our band and it didn't take us long to have a few songs written. A few soon became many. We decided to do an album, which we recorded at a local studio.

We didn't expect the album to do as well as it did, which led to things both good and bad.

The good? Other than the money from the records a few local venues called, wanting us to do a few gigs. Jepha was working on persuading his master to go along with it. I knew it was the aftershows he was concerned about more than the performance. I, perhaps strangely, wasn't bothered by the idea of being manhandled. In fact the idea was kind of a turn on.

I had a feeling we'd be performing live soon.

The bad? My father found out. The idea of me being in a band absolutely disgusted him, almost as much as if I had came out as a slut. 'A musician is one step below a slut.' Those were his exact words. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was no longer welcome at my old home, that I was disowned from the family and I had 24 hours to get out of my apartment or I would 'lose something from my worthless body'.

Thankfully Branden was kind enough to take us in. We had been using one his spare room sometimes anyway when we played, so it wasn't that hard a transition.

As a result I decided we needed to take some down time, keep a low profile for a few weeks. That suited my fellow master just fine. By day we would practice what we'd written and work on new stuff. By night we would fuck our two beautiful slaves, making them moan into the night.


We soon had enough material for a second album. Being disowned like that sure gave me inspiration and so we released album two into the world.

"We will see how this does." Master Branden told us once we were back at his place once recording was complete. "If it goes well then we'll go on a tour. Yeah?"

Jepha grinned and kissed him, obviously glad that his master could be finally giving him what he'd wanted for so long. Quinn smiled at the sight, and I pulled him into a kiss of my own. I knew he gelt the same as he did.


Jepha and Branden were much like me and Quinn. They had been best friends for years and had been in the same year for all of their schooling. Like Quinn, Jepha realised he was a slut at an early age. By contrast to me, Branden knew he was a master early as well, while even now I was uncertain. Like us they were both each other's firsts and when they finished school Jepha became Branden's slave.

As for their families, Jepha's was similar to Quinn's, only his mother was a mistress and his dad was her slave. As for Branden... well, he never spoke about his family and we learned not to pry about it.

Branden worked in the local modification parlour, where he worked as primarily as a piercer. As such he had done most of Jepha's piercings himself. Sometimes Jepha was there at the studio as a model for their skills.

Branden got me an entry level position there once things had settled after I moved in with him. Mostly I just helped out and did the basic ear piercings. In time I'd be able to do some other ones as well.

It was when we got home from one day at the parlour that Branden gathered the four of us together in the basement. "Alright so." He took a deep breath, wringing his hands. He was standing before us, me on the couch and our slaves on the floor. "I had a call from Master Feldmann today." He ran the studio we'd recorded at and handled the distribution of our music. "Our new album has sold almost as well as the first and it's only been two months." He hissed out a breath and we smiled at one another, pleased by the band's success. I wasn't sure how far our music was getting out there, if even our cds were available outside of the state. "I made you guys a promise and I am a man of my word. So we are going to doing a tour. Master Feldmann is handling the details but as early as next month we'll be doing our first gigs."

Jepha shuffled closer to him, resting his head against his leg. Branden wasn't a nervous person by nature. He was confident, at times intense, but he had been kind to us. Right now, though, I could see he was shaking. Anyone else probably wouldn't have noticed but we knew him well enough to see it.

"It'll be fine." I heard Jepha whisper, his voice soft between the kisses he placed on his master's leg. Branden nodded slightly, taking a steadying breath.

"I'm going to order us some food, then we can start practising." And so he left us, going to use the house phone to make the call.


We practised a lot, going over all the songs we had done. We sat down with a few sheets of paper, organising a set list. Sets were roughly an hour long usually, so we made a list of our songs and their lengths, then started to fit them together. It took a few times until we got to one that felt right, but we got there and there were a few gaps for audience interaction.

Following on from that was what we'd wear. Jepha and Quinn would be naked of course, but me and Branden had to wear something. Branden decided on leather pants and a plain black t-shirt. I went with ripped jeans and a cheap white tee.

It felt like we were ready as we'd ever be.

We were down in the rehearsal space again and Branden was standing again, looking at us all. "I think we are as prepared as we can be for the gig side of the shows. We have the best set that we can do ready to go. There is just one thing we are not prepared for." He looked over at me as he said the next words. "The aftershow."

Aftershows were an essential part of a band's live performance and I knew they were why Branden had rejected calls for us to perform. After a show tickets would go on sale, usually one for each band member. Whoever got a ticket could do what they wanted to the chosen band member. Usually the things done would be sexual, often humiliating. If a band performed badly members could get maimed or killed.

Quinn and Jepha would be fine with it. We had trained them well and they could both please whoever they came across. (Well, males anyway, if they had mistresses buying their tickets... well, they could guess?) For the two of us though, we were masters and so we hadn't done anything like that. I knew there were bands that had powerful masters, ones in such high standing that they weren't used at all. (And as result their tickets didn't sell, or if they did it was to fuck a master's slave.) Me and Branden though, we weren't important enough for that. And we both knew that masters in bands, other than important ones, always got fucked.

"I think..." Branden swallowed, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them again, he was looking down to Jepha, then over at me. "I think we need to have things up our asses." His cheeks flushed pink as he said the words and I knew he was uncomfortable with the whole idea. By contrast, I was, well. More curious than concerned. "At least if we get some practise we might get used to it before we get fucked."

Behind him, on a table, there were a pair of mid-size dildos along with a pair of full bottles of lube. He looked to me and I could see in his eyes that he wanted me to do this with him. I smiled and nodded, looking to Quinn. "Yeah, you're right Branden, we need to do this. And we may as well do it now." When I looked back to Branden he looked relieved for a few moments but it quickly passed.

The pair of us started to undress, removing our clothes in silence. This was far from the first time we'd been naked together. We'd fucked our slaves in front of another, as well as sharing them, before or after practices. Sometimes our slaves had done things with one another while we watched, mostly using toys or 69ing. Although I personally thought the hottest thing they'd done was when Jepha fisted Quinn, the sight of his inked hand disappearing into him always made me hard.

It.didn't take long for us to both get fully naked, after all we weren't wearing much. I watched as Branden beckoned Jepha over to him, picking the lube up. He tossed one over to me, which hit me in the chest and I scrambled to actually grab onto it before it dropped to the floor. I caught sight of the smile on his lips, his first since he'd gathered us down here tonight. We handed the lube over to our respective slaves.

The only thing I had had up my ass before, other than the obvious, was Quinn's soft, wet tongue. I suspected the same was true of Branden, though I'd not seen Jepha rim him. For a few moments we stood there, a little uncertain. Then Branden took another breath and then bent over the other couch. "Let's get this over with, Jepha lube up and finger me."

"Yes sir." Jepha nodded, squirting some of it onto his tattooed fingers.

I looked from him to Quinn and nodded, moving to the sofa behind me. Like Branden, I bent over it, planting my hands on the back of it and pushing my ass back. "Ok Quinn. Let's do this." I turned my head back to look at Quinn and I could see him smile.

He spread the lube across his fingers, then set the bottle down beside my feet. I turned back to the wall, feeling his left hand stroke the curve of my ass. He gently prised my cheeks apart and I could hear a hiss from Branden behind me, which I guessed meant he had one of Jepha's fingers in him. The thought made my semi twitch, though I'd not admit it. One of Quinn's slick fingers pressed against my asshole, gently circling the rim. I gripped tighter onto the worn sofa as I felt Quinn ease his finger into me. He kissed my ass cheek, as he pushed it in fully into me, a groan leaving me. It was a strange feeling, there was a little pain, but that was brief. His finger wiggled slightly. "More..." I whispered and he withdrew his finger until just the tip was in me. He then pressed another finger into me alongside first, easing them both in fully. I groaned again, my eyes lidding. My dick was fully hard against my belly as he started to move them. Fuck. It actually felt good, better than I expected and I knew I'd want him to do this again

Did that make me a bad master?

Quinn rocked his fingers in me, twisting and pressing them against my insides, opening me up. "More." I couldn't quite believe that the words were leaving my lips. Two fingers became three and I heard Branden growl. I wished I could see him getting fingered, the thought made my dick ache.

"Get the fucking dildo." My fellow master growled the words and I heard movement, no doubt Jepha grabbing it and slathering it in lube.
"Yeah Quinn, you get one too." I breathed out the words, hearing Branden hiss again behind me, which I assumed meant he was taking it.

"Yes sir." Quinn whispered and he kept his fingers in me, as I heard him shift around. The table was probably close enough for him to grab the rubber shaft and, when I glanced back over my shoulder, I saw he was doing just that.

He removed his fingers from me and I saw him lube the deep purple shaft up. I couldn't help but look back at Branden and Jepha while he did it. Branden's forehead was pressed against the wall, Jepha's fingers held his cheeks apart as his other hand was easing his own rubber shaft into his master.

I groaned, feeling the curve of the head of the dildo press against my hole. I took a breath and nodded, turning back to the wall. Quinn pushed it into me, going slower than I had with him. "Fuck..." I whispered the word, moving my right hand down to my erection. I start to stroke my dick as he filled me up with the toy. He started to move it in mean, making these soft little noises that I could barely hear. I realised now that I wanted this, that I wanted to get fucked. Maybe, once this tour was over, I could ask Branden to fuck me.

I let out a breathless moan, the thought tipping me over the edge and I came, over my chest and the sofa. I knew that last thought would require a lot of processing going forward, but at the moment I didn't care. "Clean me off..." I whispered to Quinn, as I fell limply onto the sofa, in a part that wasn't freshly stained. Quinn slipped the dildo from me, setting it down on the floor before he leaned down and started to lick my belly.

I couldn't help but look over at Branden. He was gripping the back of the sofa, growling low in his throat as Jepha pushed the dildo into him. From this angle I couldn't see if he was hard, but it was obvious he wasn't jerking off. He growled again, reaching back and yanking the shaft out of him, tossing it aside. "That's enough." He turned and sat down, grabbing Jepha by the hair and shoving his face down on his semi.

I swallowed, feeling a slight sense of worry for the coming aftershows. Hopefully he wouldn't do anything like that during them.


Master Feldmann had booked us three gigs for this tour. Park City, Provo and finally our home of Salt Lake City. Everywhere was within driving distance of our home, so we'd not have to worry about staying in a hotel or anything.

I thought our first live show had gone great. The crowd wasn't huge, perhaps a little over 100 people, but we played the best we could and they seemed to get really into it. Between songs I'd grabbed and groped both Quinn and Jepha, licking their necks and generally putting on a good show.

Now it was the aftershow, which I knew was what we were all nervous about. The room was just behind the stage and it was a little larger than it. There wasn't much in the way of furnishing, though I hadn't been sure what to expect. The venue, I knew, had a no weapons policy, which not every venue had.

We sat on the sofa and waited for our ticket holders to arrive. We were still fresh of the stage, sweat shining on our bodies. Some aftershows were a little after the gig, giving the band time to shower and changing, but this venue was only small so didn't have the facilities for a shower. All I'd managed was removing my tee.

After a few more minutes, the door opened and people filtered in. Some had little slips of paper in their hands, which I knew had out names and role in the band. In total six people entered the room and so I knew that some of them were slaves, as evidenced by collars around their throats.

We were each called by our names and went to the corners of the room with our ticket holders. I had gotten chosen by a woman, who looked to be about my age. She wore a black corset and a skirt that went to her knees. Her hair was a mix of black with streaks of bright blue. I had no idea what to say or do, even if I should ask her name. "Get down on your back, get your dick out and make yourSelf hard. I've never fucked a singer before so you are going to be my first. Keep quiet except tto call me mistress. Understand?"

"Yes mistress." I nodded and laid down on the floor, undoing my flies and pulling my dick out. I had never been with a woman before, never felt the desire to be with one and I'd not thought to prepare for the possibility. Thankfully I was running on the high from the show, so it didn't take much to get me hard. With my other hand I pushed my jeans down past my hips.

She nodded and lifted her skirt up, revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear. She crouched down over me, her pussy surrounding my cock. It was strange, warm and wet, completely different to Quinn's ass. "I am going to ride you until you shoot in me."

"Yes mistress." I replied and she placed her hands on my shoulders and started to ride me, rolling her hips. I could hear familiar sounds from the others, slurping and moaning and groans but I didn't dare take my eyes off her. I didn't want her to get offended or anything.

She rode me, rocking her hips against my cock. She squeezed around my cock, groaning and I watched, mesmerised by the sight of her. There was an intensity in her eyes as she rode me and her black painted nails dug into my shoulders. I gasped at the slight pain but it made my cock ache inside her. She smirked, whispering low. "I should have known you liked pain, you little slut." She scratched at my chest, leaving fresh marks over it. I couldn't hold back the moan of pleasure that the pain gave me.

I cried out as she pinched both of my nipples at the same time, my body arching up off the floor as I came deep inside her. "Good boy." She purred the words, rising up to stand. She clicked her fingers and one of the slaves, a pale skinned guy with hair in a mohawk, handed her a pair of black lace panties. She stepped into them, pulling them up her legs and then she turned and left with her slave.

I swallowed, pulling my jeans back up, zipping the flies closed over my softening dick and I looked over at my bandmates.

Quinn and Jepha were done with. My slave had cum over his pretty face, while Jepha was on all fours, some dripping from his stretched opening. Branden was still clothed, working his drumsticks in and out of the slut before him, the slut's master watching intently.

I smiled, resting my head back against the floor. Yeah, seems like things could work out.


The Provo venue was smaller than Park City, but they were a pretty good crowd and seemed to like us.

For the second aftershow it was Jepha and Quinn that had mistresses. A blonde rode Jepha, while a redhead fucked Quinn with a sizeable strap-on.

I took my first cock from a master, one with tan skin and dark hair. From my position on all fours I got a good view of the others and I watched as Branden took his first dick. The master in question wasn't well endowed, but even so I could see the discomfort on Branden's face.

As I watched, I had a feeling that the next gig would be our last.


It was tonight's show, at Salt Lake City, that I had been most nervous about. It was our home show and the largest of the three venues. Thankfully, the crowd was as enthusiastic as the ones at the previous shows.

That meant, going into the aftershow area, I was feeling pretty positive. All we had to do was make it through this last aftershow, then we could work on new music. If we didn't tour again, well at least these gigs had gone well.

The aftershow area was a bit more expansive than the rest. There was even a pair of beds, one at each end of the room. We sat on them as we waited, not sure what to expect from our ticket holders.

When the door opened three men came in. I guess that meant one of us hadn't hold a ticket despite the crowd. Two of the guys were familiar to me from school. Their names escaped me, but I'd seen them around. One of them headed over to Quinn, ordering him on all fours. The other came to me and smirked. "Strip Mccracken."

I nodded, reaching down to remove my jeans. My tee had been shed on stage, torn off by Quinn between songs. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the third man go to Jepha. Good, seems Branden was going to be left alone.

"I always knew you'd turn out to be a filthy little slut. You and your whore of a friend are made for each other." He sneered at me, palming his crotch. "Get down on your knees."

I sank down and he undid his flies, pulling out his dick. It was bigger than my own and it was obvious what he wanted me too do. So I parted my lips, took him in my mouth and started to give him head.

I had most of him in my mouth when I heard the sound of slow clapping from behind me. "Well, well, well." The familiar voice sent a shiver through me. "As if I couldn't be more disappointed in you. And yet there you are, on your knees sucking cock like a common whore."

Fear went through me at my father's words and I was glad that he didn't have mine or Quinn's ticket. That brief relief passed quickly when I realised that he had to be here because he had one. Brendan's.

The guy I was sucking pushed me off his cock, growling. "On all fours slut."

I nodded, shakily shifting into the position that he requested of me and I was left to watch my father stalk over to Branden. Branden shrunk back a little from my father's steely gaze. "On. Your. Knees."

I barely registered the cock that filled me, I was so focussed on the scene playing out before me. Branden got off the bed, sinking to his knees before my father. "A part of me knew that my pathetic excuse of a son would end up as a whore." As he talked he slowly stalked around Branden, barely glancing at us. "Hanging around with that piece of slut shit Allman was a sign, but when he took him on as a slut I thought he'd beat that out of him. Of course, he can't even manage that. And then." He stopped in front of Branden, gripping his chin, forcing him to look up at him. "And then he meets you and gets the idea of being a musician in his head. Maybe it was the other way around, I don't know or care. Fact is you were a master. You should have done better. Should have been a positive influence on him and yet..." He gripped his hair, turning him to face me. "There he is, being fucked. And it is your fault."

I could see fear in Branden's eyes, something I had never seen before in all the time I'd known him. "So when I knew you doing your pathetic shows, I knew I'd have to punish you. Even though it meant enduring your awful music and see my son make a fool of himself." He growled, releasing Branden's chin. "Strip. Now."

Branden nodded, pulling his t-shirt off, casting it off to one side. I could see his fingers were shaking as he undid his pants, pushing them down to bunch around his knees. Branden lifted each knee up, pushing them back off the rest of his legs.

"Face down. Ass up." Branden complied without complaint and my father moved behind him, undoing his belt and flies. I tried to look away, not wanting to see my father fuck anyone, not again. Branden cried out in pain and my gaze instantly returned to him.

We were all being fucked now, but I barely registered the dick inside me. All that mattered was Branden and how he was taking it. I could see that his eyes shone with tears and he was biting his lip as my father fucked him, rough and deep.

"You're just like him now. A filthy little whore." Branden's hands were balled into fists and fuck, I hoped he wasn't about to do anything stupid. "If I had my way musicians like you wouldn't have theres pathetic aftershows. You'd all be stripped, bound and given to the crowd, gang fucked until you had every last cock."

My father spat on him and growled, and I looked away, knowing he had came. "Too bad mine will be your last."

Everything happened so fast.

Branden screamed and I looked back. My father had pulled out of him, but in his hand was a switchblade, rammed inside Branden's ass. Blood spilled onto the floor. I screamed, Jepha screamed, Quinn cried out.

"What the fuck are you doing Master Mccracken?" The guys that had been fucking us moved round, pinning my father down, one kicking the blade away.

Branden crumpled to the floor, pain in his eyes as he looked at me. Jepha crawled over to him, stroking his hair and holding him close.

More people came in and a bouncer grabbed my father, forcibly removing him from the room. He was saying things, but I tuned him out. I felt lost, numb, unsure what I should do. So I just knelt there, watching.

The venue had an onsite doctor, who started to tend to Branden. Our ticket holders had gone and Jepha was crying, not letting Branden go.

"We need to get him to hospital." The doctor said, his words breaking through the haze that had settled over my head even since it happened.


The doctor drove us there and the three of us spent most of the night there, waiting as Branden got treated. It seemed to stretch on forever. Jepha had cried himself to sleep, his head resting on Quinn's shoulder.

I wasn't sure what to say or do, or how to make it better.

"He wants to see you." One of the doctor's said, eyes on me. I swallowed and nodded, glancing at Quinn and the sleeping Jepha before following to the room with Branden was laying on the hospital bed. He looked awful, his skin pale, but at least he was alive. He gestured for the doctor to leave and only when we were alone did he speak.

"Robert." His voice was weak and he took a drink of water before continuing. "You need to take care of Jepha. You need to get all your things and go."


He raised a hand to silence me, closing his eyes. "They were able to patch me up, but it might not last. Let's face it, the surgeons here... They aren't good. They want me out of here in the morning." He snorted, shaking his head slightly. "That's not long enough for me to recover. Not properly. But, it'll be enough."

"Enough for what?" I asked, my own voice weak.

"Go home, take Jepha. Pack everything you can up in the car and try and get rest." He closed his eyes, taking a breath. "Come back here in the morning. They want me out by 11. We can leave... Go someplace safer." He opened his eyes to look at me. "If we stay, it doesn't matter if I recover, your father will try and finish the job. Then he'll do the same to you all. So you need to be strong and do this for me, for us."

I nodded, knowing he was right. My father would destroy us all if we stayed, I could see that now. "But where do we go?"

"That's simple." He closed his eyes again, then looked over to me. "Newark, New Jersey. Master Toro, the new one, he really likes music. It's the safest place for bands. I... I should have moved us there sooner. This never would have happened..."

"But... We can't drive that far, not with you like this..."

"You can and you will. Now, I need to rest. Please, just do this for me."

I nodded, though I wasn't sure if he saw as his eyes were lidded again. I left him then, my body shaking as I made my way to the others. We'd have to move fast.


I closed my eyes, seated behind the drivers seat. The trunk of the car was full of a hastily put together collection of clothing, electronics and toys. Quinn was sat beside me, looking nervous. He was doubtful, I knew. Not about the plan, he thought that was a great idea, something we needed to do. No, he was doubtful about Branden and if he would last the journey.

Well, there was only one way to find out.

"Let's go get him." I whispered the words, then repeated them so that Jepha would hear, before turning on the ignition, leaving the house that had become our home for the last time. I turned out onto the road then started to drive back towards the hospital.

Whatever happened, things would be forever changed for us.m
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