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The Motionless

The Motionless
Pairing: Christopher Cerulli/Ricky Horror, Devin Sola
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ricky
Warnings: Kinkverse, BDSM
Notes: So, I've had the basis for this in my head for pretty much since I got into Motionless and finally decided to sit down an do some to it the other week. (Set sometime last year in kinkverse though not sure why)

Most people knew what they were in their teens. Once puberty set in people tended to realise what they wanted to be. Dom or sub. Top or bottom. Master or slave.

At age 18, here anyway, mandatory education ceased. People, often those inclined to be masters or mistresses, had the chance to carry on with their education in whatever area they wished but they didn't have to. As there were programmes in place in the state to encourage this most masters didn't end up getting a slave of their own until their twenties.

I hadn't come to any realisation when I hit puberty, even as all peers did. When asked I said I wasn't sure yet, but eventually I caved and just said I felt like a master. Perhaps I even came to believe it.

When I arrived at 18 I had my meeting with my education advisor to decide what to do next. It was something I had been dreading. Everyone else seemed to know what they want to do, what they wanted to be. I didn't.

If you have a passion, follow it. That's what the advisor told me. I'd thought about it for a few moments then said that I liked art. I mostly did drawings, but it was what I liked to do most.

I'd ended up, then, spending a few years in the art school in New Jersey. It was nice there, the atmosphere relaxed. I got to try my hand at everything, pottery, tattooing, painting, animation, even music. The campus was generously funded from Master Toro and so they had all kinds of resources there for people studying the arts. I could have stayed there forever, learning all there was to know about all the different forms and styles of art.

Drawing was still my preferred format, though I did enjoy other types of art immensely, even those I wasn't very good at.

Eventually, though, I came back home. It was out of necessity rather than desire. My parents had been involved in a car accident, which eventually proved to be fatal. There was no foul play involved, just bad luck.

So I inherited my old family home and I converted it into a studio. I made a decent living with my drawings and artwork, enough to get by. I did portraits of masters and some of their slaves, or sometimes I'd do designs that would go on to be used elsewhere.

Still, though, something felt missing.

I had no slave of my own and I rarely visited fucking parlours or anything like that. I didn't even work under a moniker of Master, just went by Ricky. It was when I was 27 that I came to a realisation.

I didn't feel right being called a master because I wasn't one.

It struck me when I was watching Channel 69. They were doing a series on some of the current masters and mistresses of the various states. There were two parts to each one. The first was an interview with that particular master. These varied widely in length. Some masters were happy to talk about themselves and what they seen their role to be. Master Toro's, for example, was the longest at about an hour long and feature him showing off his venue and the campus I'd attended. Master Lambert's, meanwhile, was only 15 minutes long.

The second part to it was a porn, featuring the master in question with a slave or slaves. Sometimes it was with their own personal slaves. Other times, it was with one provided by Master Stump for them to use. The production values were always very high on these videos and Master Stump confirmed in his own video that it was because he never knew if he'd get the chance to work with a specific master more than once, so made sure to make the most of it.

It was while watching these films that the realisation hit dawned on me, though I supposed it was something that had always been there. It was just now that I realised it, it felt awakened in me.

So with that realisation in mind, I decided to come here.

I took a deep breath as I walked up towards the Master's mansion of the Master of Pennsylvania, my home state. It wasn't as big as Master Toro's, whose place I had past a few times while in New Jersey, but it was still a fairly imposing building of mostly white brick. The way up to the house was fairly plain. There a lawn off to one side and a few trees separating the gravel walkway I was on from the main driveway.

Once I was at under the covered entryway, I took another deep breath. I knew that, once I went in, chances are there was no going back from this. I rang the doorbell and I waited.

Several minutes later, one of the large black double doors opened up and I was greeted by the sight of a naked man. He had a white collar around his neck, though it was partially obscured by his dark, shoulder length hair. Black eyeshadow and eyeliner surrounded his eyes and his lips were painted white. The only other think he had on was a shiny white rubber chastity device. I recognised him immediately from the video I'd seen. Named Devin, he was the Master's main slave. He fixed me with an intense stare, looking me up and down before speaking. "Who are you and what do you want?"

"I'm Ricky, Ricky Horror." He raised an eyebrow at that. I'd chosen to drop my family name when I returned, going by the name I chosen as an artist. "I'd like you see Master Cerulli if he's available." I swallowed as he looked me over again. "I er, I can come back if he's busy."

"Hmm." He paused, then opened the door enough to let me in. "Follow me."

"Thanks." I nodded and stepped inside, hearing the door shut behind me as soon as I entered. Devin had the marks and bruises expected of a slave and, when I turned around, my eyes were drawn to his shapely ass. My mind went back to the video, of Master Cerulli pounding furiously into him. I swallowed a groan at the thought.

We didn't go far, just to a room that was a little way down the corridor. Once we were inside he turned to face me. "Wait here. I will find out if Master wishes to see you. If not I was be back to see you out." Before I could respond to that he promptly turned and left the room, pushing the door closed.

I heard the lock click behind him.

I could feel myself tense at that, and I whispered to myself. "Just relax, he doesn't want just anyone wandering around." To try and calm myself a little, I took in my surroundings.

The room was fairly small. It was about the same size as my lounge back home and there were a few seats against the wall. A window overlooked the front lawn outside and I could see a cage hanging from atop a pole. There wasn't anyone inside it currently and it appeared to be fairly old. A clock hung on one wall, it's ticking filling the air. On one wall there was a large, framed photograph. There were three figures in it, dressed head to toe in white rubber. One was on their knees, arms pulled behind them. The second was hanging from the ceiling horizontally, their head appearing to face the floor. The final one was standing, their arms crossed against their chest, their palms outstretched.

I wasn't sure how long I had been left here. Despite the ticking clock, I'd not actually looked at the time when I came in. I knew it had only been a few minutes, but it felt much longer. That was probably the idea.

When I heard the click of the lock, my eyes went straight to the door as it opened. There stood Devin once again. "Master decided he wants to see you. Follow me." I nodded, stepping out of the room to follow him again. As we went deeper into the house, I saw several of those figures lining the corridors, standing completely still. Each one was in a different pose, staring straight ahead.

At the end of the corridor there was a set of double doors. Devin looked at me for a moment and I was sure he was going to say something, but he didn't. Instead, he pushed the door open and announced in a loud voice. "Master Cerulli, Master of Pennsylvania, I bring before you Ricky Horror."

"Devin don't be so loud. I told you to stop announcing people like that." Devin bowed his head slightly and I could see his cheeks flush pink. "Please Ricky, come in."

This room was much larger than the one I had been in. There were several of those figures in white again and there were several chairs arranged before a raised throne. On the wall behind it was a portrait of Master Cerulli and I recognised the style from New Jersey as belonging to Gerard Way. My eyes went back to Master Cerulli, who was sat in the throne and watching as I stepped closer.

He was beautiful, the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. He was tall, with black hair that hung over his shoulders. Silver horns glinted atop his head, the metal implanted into his skull. Purple eyeshadow surrounded his eyes, which were looking at me intently, and black lipstick covered his pierced lips. He wore a simple black t-shirt and a skirt that hung past his knees, covering the top of his boots. He had a pendant around his neck on a silver chain, a black stylised L which had a snake shaped like a heart. I had no idea what that meant or represented. On his waist there was a blade, sheathed against his hip.

My feet had carried me forward, until I was now standing before his throne.

"Hello Ricky. What brings you here to see me today? I hope nothing is bothering you." He looked over at me, a smile on his face. "How can I help you?"

I swallowed, trying to calm my sudden nerves a little. "Hi... I..." Devin walked past me, breaking my concentration as he knelt on the floor beside Master Cerulli's throne. His was gaze on me the whole time, unsettling me slightly for some reason. "I er... came to ask you something."

Master Cerulli smiled, leaning forward slightly and raising a carefully shaped eyebrow. "Well then, ask away. I'm all ears."

I had, of course, played this out in my head several times, but now I was here in front of him I couldn't seem to find the words. "I..." I closed my eyes, then opened them again. "I've never felt quite right as a master. I've never had a slave or felt the desire to have one. When I watched the series about the main Masters on channel 69... I realised I wasn't, not really."

He nodded slightly, a small smile on his lips. "You don't need to come to me to become a slut, or a slave. That choice is yours to make." He spoke the words gently and I nodded. There was a sizeable population of free sluts in the state, who did other things as well as get used by masters. And some masters did switch to sluts, or even back again. "But that is not why you are here, it's just what led up to you coming right?" Again, I nodded and he gestured with a gloved hand. "Then please, continue."

I think at this point he probably knew what I was getting at, but he needed me to say it. "I want to be a slut, but I don't just want to be any slut." He rested his elbow on his knee and leaned forward, his chin settling on his hand. "I want to be one of the Motionless."

The Motionless, as they were called, were the various slaves that he had which were covered completely in white rubber. There exact number was unknown, but what was known was that they fell into three categories. The first were permanent slaves, which Master Cerulli owned completely. The second were free sluts, that came and submitted to the process. These would stay for a set period of time, then returned back to their lives. The third group weren't slaves at all. Masters that crossed Master Cerulli, or caused problems, became Motionless as their punishment, for however long was deemed fitting.

My dick ached at the thought.

Master Cerulli looked me up and down, nodding slowly. "Let me take a look at you. Strip."

I nodded, reaching down and starting to undo the buttons of my shirt. I shrugged it off my shoulders, settling it on the arm of the nearest chair. He watched me intently as I popped open the button of my fly, then worked my zipper down. I was sporting a semi beneath my jeans and felt myself blush as I pushed the material down my legs. Once I stepped out of them, I crouched down and removed my shoes, setting them beside the chair my clothes were on.

I stood before him, now fully naked, and I felt nervous again. Master Cerulli rose from his throne and stepped down so he was on the same level as me, though he towered over me. He looked me up and down, before starting to circle around me. "Mm." He nodded slightly in apparent approval when he was in front of me again. "On your knees." I sank down without hesitation and he smiled. "I have some questions for you now, alright."

"Yes Master Cerulli."

"First question. You recently realised you were a slut. Have you been fucked?"

"N... No Master Cerulli."

"How about here?" He asked, running a gloved finger along my lower lip.

"I have sucked before Master Cerulli."

"How many?

"Two Master Cerulli. Just to make sure I was a slut."

"Did you like it?"

"Yes Master Cerulli."

"Hmm." He paused, tapping his chin with his middle finger. "Do you want my cock?"

"Yes Master Cerulli. I do." My dick twitched and he chuckled, clearly noticing. My cheeks flushed.

"Do you know what being a Motionless entails?" He asked, running a finger along the curve of my face.

"Only what was on your video Master Cerulli. I don't know the... Specifics." None of the free slaves that were Motionless had spoken about their experience, not that I'd heard of anyway.

"Alright, then I will explain what would happen to you should you become one. Every free slut that comes to me goes through the process for one day first time. After that, they are given a choice to continue, either for a set period or on a daily basis."

"Before you are made Motionless you will be outfitted with a white collar. Then you will be given an enema. After you have been flushed out, a plug will be put inside you. A catheter will then be inserted into your dick. It will then be sealed before you are put into a rubber chastity device much like Devin's. At this point you are outfitted into your rubber body suit, this will cover your body up to the collar. It is at this point that I will inject you here." He ran his fingers along my throat, above were a collar would be. "The injection will paralyse you, the only thing you will be able to do is watch and breathe."

My dick twitched again, becoming fully erect between my legs. He smirked, leaning in close to me. "The hood will go on next, and then I will position you as I wish. There you will stay, until I decide to move you. Once a day, once it wears off, your suit will be undone. You'll be allowed to piss and shit, then given something to sustain you. Then you will receive your next dose and the process repeats." He reached down, palming his crotch through his skirt. "Is that what you want?"

"Yes Master Cerulli. Please." His dark lips curved into a smile, his thumb brushing my lower lip.

"Good." He pressed the pad of his gloved thumb into my mouth and I sucked it gently. "But first, I am going to fuck you. I can't very well have one of my Motionless be a virgin can I?"

"No Master Cerulli." I replied, voice soft, my dick aching all the more. "Please...

"Up." He smiled and I rose up to my feet, turning back to look at Devin. "Devin, handle his clothes and make sure I'm not disturbed."

"Yes Master Cerulli." I could see Devin give me a look, before stepping towards the chair that I'd set my clothing on.

Master Cerulli turned his attention to me, looking me up and down again once more before speaking. "Now Ricky, come with me." I followed after him as he left the throne room, heading through a different door than the one I came through.

I followed him in silence, not sure what to say, and even if I did, if I should. I had essentially submitted myself to him after all.

After leading me up some stairs, he pushed open a door, leading me into a bedroom. I didn't know if this was his main room or one he used for fucking. "Close the door." I nodded, pushing it shut behind me, looking over at him once I was done. He gestured towards the floor with a gloved hand. "Now, come here and get back on your knees."

I nodded, dropping down onto my knees almost instantly, crawling the rest of the way towards him. It didn't take me long until I was in position before him and I swallowed before looking up at him. His gloved fingers grasped my chin, tilting my head up so our eyes met.. "Tell me Ricky, how old are you?"

The question threw me a little, but I responded anyway. "I'm 28, Master Cerulli, 29 in September. On the first."

He made a soft hmm sound, looking down at me. He was, according to his bio anyway, just two years older than I was. "Now, before I go and get the lube and get you ready, I am going to ask you again. Do you want me to fuck you?"

Some Masters, would fuck another master as soon as an opportunity presented itself. Others wouldn't (except as punishment) unless the master specifically wanted it. I nodded, and then spoke up. "Please Master Cerulli, I want, I need you to fuck me."

He smiled and nodded, seemingly satisfied with my answer. He went to the bedside table, picking out up a bottle of lube before returning to me. "Now, little slut, have you ever had anything inside you? You say you've never had a dick but how about fingers or dildos hmm?"

I shook my head, watching as he slicked up his gloved fingers. "I've never had anything like that Master Cerulli."

"Well, I'll be sure to go easy on you then." He smiled down at me, then slowly circled around my kneeling body. He did one full circuit of me then continued on until he was behind me. I heard a shuffling of fabric and although I couldn't see him I knew he'd crouched down. I felt a hand on the curve of my ass and I took in a breath, his gloved fingers pulling my cheeks apart. This was followed by two of his slick fingers circling against my opening. My eyelids fluttered closed as he pushed one of them, his middle finger, into me. A gasp escaped my lips as he filled me up. It felt so strange having something inside me, but it was a good strange, one that I wanted more of. His finger wiggled and squirmed inside me and I knew he was opening me up, readying me for more. "Ready for more?" He purred out the words, his breath hot against my ear.

"Ye... yes Master Cerulli." I gasped, feeling breathless and needy. He chuckled, retreating his finger until just the tip was inside me. Almost as soon as it was, it was joined by a second, his pair of fingers sliding easily into me. I gasped as they spread apart, opening me further than one alone could have. The tips of his fingers brushed against something, which made me let out an involuntary moan. I rocked back my ass back, wanting his fingers to keep touching me there and I felt him chuckle again.

"Every guy has this." He spoke almost conversationally as his fingers pumped into me, stretching me and probing that spot. "Or rather, every one is born with it. I've known masters that have it removed, not wanting to have something like this hidden away. They think it's degrading to even have it." He tutted softly, twisting his fingers, making me groan. "Other masters have them removed from their sluts, usually as a form of punishment. They don't think their sluts deserve to feel pleasure of their own, that they should focus solely on pleasing their master." I nodded, unable to form a response. "Personally, I like it. I love knowing that even the strongest of men can be broken with just a few fingers in just the right place." He drew his fingers out, then pushed them back in, adding a third along with them. "What about you Ricky? Do you love it?"

I let out a high keening sound as the three fingers pressed against me, nodding wildly. "Yes Master Cerulli, please..."

"Please what?" He asked, brushing my hair away from my ear with his other hand. "What do you want?"

I gasped, struggling to find the words, even though I knew exactly what they were. His fingers, all three, were lodged deep within me, wiggling and pressing against my insides but not where I wanted them. "I... I want, no I need... Need you to fuck me Master Cerulli. Need your dick inside me. Please."

"You're so pretty when you beg." He whispered, drawing his fingers out from me, a whimper escaping my lips at the loss. I heard him get to his feet and then the sound of him popping the lube open again. "Lean forward, so you're on all fours." I nodded, bracing myself with my hands and I sucked in a breath.

A few moments later I felt both of his hands on my ass, one on each of my cheeks, pulling them apart. "So pretty..." He whispered the word, pressing the head of his cock against me, the fabric of his skirt soft against my skin. His fingers gripped me tighter and then he thrust into me, filling me fully in that one movement. He was bigger than his fingers, the metal of his piercings brushing against my insides. I knew he had a ladder piercing from the porn he had down and, fuck, it felt amazing. He stayed balls deep for just a few seconds, though it felt like longer, before he started to fuck me.

I felt a strange sensation, a sense of how right this felt. It was something that I'd never felt before, certainly never when I had fucked any of the other sluts I had. It was often said that people knew what they were, what they were meant to be. Even before coming here I'd not felt that certainty, but now with Master Cerulli's amazing dick fully inside me I knew. This was where I was meant to be.

He was moving faster inside me now, his cock slamming fully into me with every thrust of his hips. I could feel my own dick ache between my legs, but I didn't dare touch it. "You're so pretty." He purred between thrusts. "Feel so good round my dick. Fuck, there's nothing like breaking in a new slut." I whined at that, knowing deep inside that that was what I was. I knew that I wasn't just a slut, but I was his slut. "I bet you want to get touched don't you?" He asked, his dick catching my spot, making me moan. "Say it, tell me what you want."

"Please Master Cerulli, please touch my slut cock." The words tumbled from my lips and I rocked back against him, needy, desperate. I let out a grateful groan when his right hand reached around me, grasping my cock. His fingers still had a little lube, making them slick around me. He stroked me firmly, despite how hard he was thrusting into me.

"I want you to cum before I do my new little slut." He growled out the words, his fingers squeezing my dick as he pumped me. "You are going to spill for me before I fill you up or you won't at all." I nodded wildly, his dick fucking all the breath from me. Heavy pants and gasps were all the noises I could manage, my eyes lidded as he pounded into me, his fist working my aching dick.

It didn't take me too long until I came with a long drawn out moan, my load landing across my belly and chest in what had to be the most amazing orgasm of my whole life. My body trembled and it took me all my strength just to keep on all fours.

"Such a good boy." He purred the words, his fingers going through the pearly fluid, bringing it to my lips. I licked his gloved fingers clean, dazed as he rammed into me the last few thrusts that he needed to get off himself. The moan he made as he came was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard. If I had not just came, I knew that would have been the thing that tipped me over the edge.

My arms gave out when he eased out of me, my body crumpling to the floor. I felt completely spent and when I looked up at him I saw that he was smiling. "Now, let's get you ready before you rest." I nodded, watching as he headed to a set of drawers, his legs a little shaky. When he returned he had three items between his hands, all of them white. He knelt down beside me and set them down, before using each in turn.

First, he eased a plug home up my ass. It was a nice size, not as big as his dick, but it still filled me up nicely. Second, was a rubber chastity device, which he eased my around soft cock before sealing it in place. Lastly, was a collar, which he secured in place around my throat, using one hand to hold my hair up out of the way.

"There, now you are all ready." He leaned in, kissing my forehead gently. "Now, rest up. You're going to need it."

He helped me up onto the bed and I felt myself start to drift off as soon as my head hit the covers.


I didn't see him again for the rest of the day. Devin came and woke me up, having bought me something to eat. He smiled a little when he saw my new attire and he gave me a nod before leaving me with the soup he bought. I wasn't sure what flavour it was, but it was nice.

It was 10am the next morning that I saw Master Cerulli again. He was wearing the same sort of attire as yesterday, but instead of it being black his clothing was a deep purple. "Hello Ricky. Are you ready?" I nodded and he smiled, striding towards the end of the bed.

"I'm ready to become one of the Motionless Master Cerulli." I noticed that Devin had followed in with a small cart that was covered in what he'd need to get me ready. Master Cerulli gestured for him to leave and his slave left us alone.

"Good boy. Now, stand up and let's get started." I rose from the bed to stand before him, feeling so small compared to him. "As one of the Motionless you will see and hear certain things, things that are not to be shared. Discretion and trust are the most important things I value in my long term Motionless."

"Yes Master Cerulli, of course." I expected something like that to be bought up. Masters like Master Cerulli had to deal with all sorts of issues from settling disputes to dealing with other Masters, as well as whatever other private affairs Master Cerulli might get up to. The Motionless would therefore be privy to all kinds of information that he wouldn't want to be made public knowledge.

"So to test you, you will be put in one of my private rooms. You will be the only Motionless in there, so if anything that happens today gets out I know it was you that did it." I swallowed despite myself and nodded. It was a sensible precaution, one I'd probably take if the roles were reversed. "Now then, let's get started."

He lifted up a bag from the cart, which had a length of hose attached to it. He gestured for me to follow into the en suite bathroom and then he bent me across the curve of the bath. "Now, just relax." I nodded, feeling him remove the plug, setting it down beside me. He then inserted the end of the hose into me. It didn't go too deep and I took a deep breath, feeling a gush of warm water fill me up. It was a strange feeling, being filled up like this. I felt my cheeks flush as my belly filled with the water, his fingers stroking my side gently.

By the time he removed the hose, my stomach was cramping a little and my eyes were lidded. I knew my belly had to be swollen from the amount that he had worked into me, but I didn't complain or comment. I held the water in as best I could, knowing that's what he wanted me to do, despite him not telling me.

He left me for a few moments, taking the bag away before coming back with something else. He helped me over to the toilet, setting me down so I was sitting atop it. "Such a good boy, now let go." I nodded, sighing in relief as I pushed the water out into the bowl beneath me. He gave me a few moments to recover and get my breath back. He smiled at me, stroking my hair with one hand and I nodded for him to continue.

He reached down between my legs, removing the rubber from around my dick and setting it beside the plug. "Now, take a deep breath and stay very still." I nodded, watching as he lifted up a length of tubing. It was shorter and thinner than the one that had just filled me, and I could see it had been slicked up with lube. With his other hand he held onto my dick and then he slowly worked the tube into my piss slit. I gasped, gripping onto the seat as he eased it into me. The intrusion hurt a little and it was yet another strange sensation to add to what I was already experiencing. "Good boy..." He whispered to me once it was inside me. A tiny amount of the tube hung out of my dick and he turned a small valve that was at the end of it. He stroked my thigh gently as he smiled down at me. "Now, up."

I rose onto my feet again and he reached over, flushing the toilet. He then grabbed the plug, inserting it into me before working the rubber back around my dick, enclosing it completely. It felt nice to be filled with the plug again and I found I missed it even though it hadn't been out of me for long.

Master Cerulli led me back into the bedroom, taking out a white rubber suit from the bottom of the cart. He set it out on the floor, looking over at me. "Step into it and I'll pull it up over you." I nodded and he helped me step inside it. His gloved hands then pulled the white rubber up my legs, covering me in it. It wasn't as thick as I was expecting it to be, but maybe the first one was thinner to get people used to it. The rubber clung to my skin as he covered my chest and arms with it and I marvelled at the sight of myself like this. Fuck, it felt so good too. Master Cerulli stepped behind me, doing up a zipper I hadn't expected to be there, sealing most of my body in the rubber. "You look so beautiful." He whispered above me, his voice sounding awed. "Now, are you ready?"

"Yes Master Cerulli, I want to be one of your Motionless. Please." I'd never wanted anything more, well with the exception of his dick yesterday.

He gotten a needle from the top of the cart and returned to me. "This will last 24 hours. Once it has worn off you will be freed." He leaned in, whispering in my ear. "And then I will fuck you so hard." I let out a groan and then I felt his hand on my rubber clad ass. "Or maybe I won't wait that long." I squirmed a little at his words and then he pressed the needle into the side of my neck, injecting it into me.

It didn't take long for me to start feeling the effects of it. Master Cerulli was standing before me, watching intently as it took hold of me. I tried, experimentally, to flex my fingers but I found that I couldn't. Not even a twitch. I tried my other hand and it was the same. I was frozen, paralysed. One of his Motionless.

He smiled and ducked out of view, grabbing something else from the cart. I knew it was the hood before I saw it and he pulled it up, sliding the rubber down over my head so that I was fully encased in it. Tinted lenses were over my eyes, and I could see him as he moved before me. He was grinning, running a hand over the rubber of my chest. "Beautiful..." He whispered, voice almost reverential.

He took a breath, then nodded to himself. "Let's get you in position." He easily lifted me up into his arms, no surprise really since he was so much bigger than I was. With one hand he opened the door, carrying me out and further into the mansion. Or maybe it was closer to the throne room that I'd been in yesterday. I had no idea.

Eventually we arrived at another room and he carried me inside. From what I could see, half of the room was an office, with a desk and computer while the other half had a bed and various closets. He laid me down on the bed face down and I wondered if this was where he was going to leave me. I heard sounds, but couldn't see what he was doing and I couldn't move my head to see.

He was back soon, manipulating my limbs so that I was spread eagled over the bed. For a moment I wondered if he was going to fuck me already, right here across this bed. Instead, however, I felt him attach things to my wrists and ankles. I wasn't sure what they were exactly, they felt like some kind of bracelet or something. I heard rattling of chains and heard the sound of clips open and close. Then my whole body was lifted up from the bed and I realised that chains had to have been attached to my wrists and ankles. The chains pulled me up until I was suspended over the bed, my head over the foot of the bed.

I saw Master Cerulli take his finger off a button on the wall and the chains stopped moving. I had to be hanging just below the ceiling, as my body was swaying a little. "There, you look perfect." I felt a swell of pride from his words and he nodded to himself. "Now, I have some things to attend to, but I will be back soon." He reached up, his height meaning he could reach me easily, and he stroked his hand along my nearest arm and across my chest. He grinned at me, then turned and left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

As I hung there I couldn't help but wonder what would I see during my time here. I was looking forward to finding out and I hoped Master Cerulli would return soon. Maybe he would have a slow day and fuck me early.
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