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Dream Machine

Dream Machine
Pairing: Gustav Schafer
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gustav
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: So I wasn't going to do a kinkverse fic with the other guys of Tokio Hotel, but then this idea came up after I was looking for a pic of him for raisethesail and something about that pic, plus the last fic they did, inspired me to do this.

From the windows of my office had the perfect view over the main floor of Dream Machine and I could hear the moans of pleasure and pain coming from down there. Technically speaking it wasn't my office, I shared it with two other masters, Georg Listing and William Kaulitz. We'd set this place up together several years ago and over that time our little club had grown, becoming the main fucking parlour in Leipzig.

I was quite proud of that. It had enabled us to get more slaves and more equipment to use on them. We now had ten slaves a mix of male and female, some modified, to serve out customers various needs. I smirked, seeing a slim male slave with big tits riding a master, head tipped back as he cried in pleasure. On the other side of the room a female one was being whipped, tears glistening on her cheeks. Strapped to a machine that fucked all three of her holes she couldn't even moan in pain.

My phone buzzed, and I looked away from the sight, answering it with a disinterested sigh. "Schafer."

"Hey Gustav, it's me." I rolled my eyes behind my glasses at Georg's voice. He was down in Berlin, looking to see if he could get any ideas from their fucking parlours to bring back here, something about keeping up with the competition. Nonsense really, I think he was just using it as an excuse to fuck some new slaves. Still, it got him out of my hair. He had to be in one now judging by the sounds. "Could you help me with something?"

"What is it?" I asked, irritated already by him. He had enough money surely, so what could he want?

"Well, I'm in this fuck parlour yeah? And there's this slave I have my eye on, but..."

"But what? You're a grown Master Georg, you don't need me to tell you what to do with a fucking slave!"

"That's just it." He lowered his voice, though I was sure anyone near enough could still hear him. "I saw one of Master Till's men here and, well, I can't remember what his slaves look like! What if the slave is his? I'd be in deep shit then!" Well, that was certainly a cause for concern. "Wait, I took a pic, let me send it to you, see what you think."

"Sure, send it away." He was an idiot, probably worked up over nothing. A little reassurance and then the fucker would be out of my hair.

"Ok, hang on." My phone buzzed as I received a message and one look a the picture told me the moron had sent the wrong one. It was some girl slave, with her pussy, lips and eyelids all sewn shut, her nipples pierced. "Shit, sorry! I figure that's something we could do to one of our slaves. Here he is."

The phone buzzed and I looked again at the screen. This time it was a clearly a male slave and I looked at the picture for a few moments. Master Till had two Masters helping him out, Richard and Oliver. Each of them had slaves, though Oliver had two. Doom would have been easy to recognise, as he used him for public fuckings, so even Georg could probably recognise him. His other one, Landers, was much more secretive. As such, it was wise of Georg to ask someone for confirmation.

It was also profoundly stupid.

I smirked, recognising that it was Landers almost immediately. "Well, is it one of his slaves or not?"

I could tell him the truth, which would spare him pain and then he'd be back here next week, excitedly sharing ideas with us of the things he had seen. Or I could be rid of the little fuck, most likely for good.

It took me all of ten seconds to decide.

"No, doesn't look like any of them. Go for it."

"That's great! You're a real pal Gustav. I'll see you guys soon." And like that, he hung up and I smirked, reaching down and palming my growing erection at the thought of the suffering he would soon receive.


He never did come back. Nor did we find out what happened to him. He wasn't punished, not publicly anyway. His pretty little head was probably mounted on a wall somewhere, at least that's what I'd like to think anyway.

William hadn't been to concerned by it either. 'The dumb fuck probably got himself in trouble. Either that or he's enjoying Berlin's slaves too much. Or maybe someone's finally made him into a whore.'

We gave it a few months, just to be sure. When it was clear he wasn't coming back, we split the profits of the company between us and decided what to do with his things. His place was next to the parlour, so I claimed it for my own, which William didn't object to. It was smaller than his place, so I knew he wouldn't fight me over it. Him and his slave even helped me move in.

Life was good.


Things were fine for the next few years. Better than that actually. We expanded, got more slave stock and we were more popular than ever. Even now I still found myself jerking off, or even fucking a slave, thinking of my former associate and what had happened to him.

He'd probably been fucked, violated, made to beg for whoever took him to kill him. Sometimes I pictured it as Master Oliver, over times Master Till himself ended it all. A few times I saw myself doing it. Those were the times I came hardest.

It made me wish that I'd done the deed. I could have easily and I cursed myself for not doing it. I should have told him the truth, got whatever ideas he'd had, then tortured him to death. Ah well. Still, in my thoughts he had suffered a million different ways.

Now though, my thoughts sometimes changed. Well, not so much changed as... Added someone. Specifically my co-owner, William.

Unfortunately he was tougher than he looked and not as stupid as Georg. I may have been able to take Georg but William? Still, a guy could dream and touch himself over it. I certainly did. His head would look good on a pike...

I reached down, about to undo my flies when the door to my office flung open and an imposing looking man stepped in. Dressed all in black, I instantly recognised him as Askeroth, at least that's what he called himself. "Please, by all means do come in." I looked at him, irritated by the interruption. I had a stun gun in my desk's shelf, which I could easily reach if he caused trouble. "How can I help you Master Askeroth?"

"I need to talk to your... associate." He was clearly furious, his fists clenching then unclenching. "He fucking stole something from me."

I raised an eyebrow behind my glasses and leaned forward, suddenly interested. "And what, may I ask, did he steal from you exactly?"

"A whore." He hissed out the word, glaring at me, though I knew he was angry not at me but William. This was anger that I could use. "There was an unclaimed slut, new in town but I was going to fuck the little cunt. And then that fucking shit stole him from me!"

Technically, of course, that was far from stealing. An slut with no master was fair game after all. Askeroth should just let it go, wait until William was finished and then fuck the slut, or even find a new one. He'd soon forget all about this one anyway. "Well I am sorry to hear that Master Askeroth. Unfortunately he is not here right now. This is one of his nights off night at home so he's probably there."

Askeroth stepped closer, leering down at me in his best intimidating fashion. "And where, exactly, is that?"

A good friend, a good colleague, would not tell someone like him what he wanted to know. They would lie, or stun the master and get him hauled out, banned for life.

"Tell me!" He growled and I let myself shiver. I had to make him think his intimidation worked after all.

"Fine. I'll give you his address." I tapped on the keyboard, bringing the address up on the screen before turning the monitor around so he could see. "Just promise you won't hurt him too badly."

His eyes scanned the screen, memorising the information and then he snarled, stalking out of the room. No doubt he would head straight there. My fingers hovered over my phone and for a brief moment I considered warning him.

Instead I got up, closed and locked the door, then sat back down, undoing my flies. Even if the brute didn't deal with William completely, he'd still do enough damage for me to do the job. And the Kaulitz twins heads would look oh so good hanging on the wall.

I smirked and started to stroke myself.


Askeroth was incompetant.

I practically handed William to him on a silver platter and he manages to lose him! The story he told me, no doubt utter shit, was that he went over there, catching William in the basement. He raped him in front of his whore, stashed him in a cage and then... left him.

The next day, he went back there and the cages were gone. The Kaulitz' were nowhere to be seen.

I didn't believe it of course. More likely William had bested him and then made a run for it, to where though I had no idea. I'd checked the house myself and, while there were signs of a struggle the cages were gone. Nothing else was though. No clothes were gone, nor any of his gear. So he'd left in a hurry and expected to me back. He must have took some kind of a beating though, because his car was still there so he must have taken a taxi or something, but no one seemed to know anything.

I cursed myself about it a fair bit. I should have followed Askeroth, made sure he got the job done. As it was, I had no clue what happened to him. Still didn't.

I gave him two months to show back up, but he didn't. As such, I took over his half of the business with no issue, becoming the sole owner of Dream Machine. As for his place, I had no use for it, so I sold it on, although I did keep some of his kit (and personal items just in case he did show up).

So, things had worked out, just not exactly the way I hoped.


Askeroth proved himself to be even more of a fool than I had anticipated. I never expected to see him being punished so publicly and by Master Till no less. The sight of him turned into a pig and giving birth to piglets... I had watched the video several times and it never failed to give me a boner.

It was a shame only Master Till could have animal slaves, someone done up like that would be a real crowd pleaser. As it was, I had to make do with getting a boy that looked much like Askeroth (albeit a scrawny, less intimidating version) and use nose hooks to give him a pig nose. It wasn't perfect, but he was still pretty popular. I'd even made use of him a few times myself and I was picky about using the slave stock.

I headed up into my office, ready to go home for the night. I'd had an alteration made so that I had an entrance to my place from here. The place was emptied out now, the slaves back in storage, the clients gone home. I pressed my thumbprint against the door sensor, hearing the familiar click and the door unlocked. I stepped inside, ready to just head straight home to have a nice, relaxing jerk off session when I froze.

There, lying across the floor before my desk, was a body. It was naked, it's back to me so I couldn't tell the gender. Who was it? And how did they get in here? I'd only been gone a few minutes and the door was locked... "Who the fuck are you?" I said with a growl, pushing my glasses up my nose. They stirred, clearly having been asleep. Asleep! In my fucking office! "Answer me you little shit!"

The figure stretched out, then sat up, turning to face me. I gasped, taking a step back at the sight of them. No. It can't be. There was no way it could be... But yet somehow it was.

There, staring back at me with a look of bewilderment, was Georg Listing. "Gustav... Where am I?" As he looked around, he suddenly looked even more lost and I suspected he had as much of a clue as to how he got here as I did.

"You are in my office, in my fucking parlour." I stepped closer to him on every other word, leering down at him. As I got closer I realised that his body was flawless. No scars, no bruises, no signs of torture of any kind. Typical, he didn't even have the decency to spend the last few years getting tortured. "I don't know where you've been but you've made a big mistake coming back here."

He looked truly baffled, watching me as I circled him, moving behind the desk. "Gustav what are you talking about? What's going on?" I reached under the desk, grabbing the stun gun and I fired it at him without hesitation. He may be dazed from waking but that wouldn't last. He screamed from the shock, his body spasming.

I moved quickly, forcing his arms behind him and cuffing them in place behind his back. "Don't worry Georg, I'll make sure your suffering will last a long, long time." I whispered the words right into his ear, not that I was sure he'd hear them.

He was still spasming as I hauled him through the door into his former home.

Oh yes, I was going to have so much fun with him.
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