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Pairing: Ray Toro/Raymond Toro, Ray Toro/Robert Bryar
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: So after the last fic a certain someone gave me the suggestion to do this so, here we are. I had a better title but my brain ateded it

The Toro mansion was a huge place and I still wasn't sure how Ilan and Austin kept mental maps of the place in their heads. I hadn't seen much of it though, not yet anyway. My Master kept me in a few rooms and I knew that he was concerned about protecting me. Outside of him and his slaves (and Ilan's brother, Aaron, pretty much confirmed Master's type) the only other person I'd encountered was Master Bryar and that was only when he came to free me from Fr... filth.

Now though, I was in a new room. I wasn't sure what it's previous purpose was, but there were a collection of various new musical instruments in the room. There was a drumkit, three guitars and two basses.

"Well, what do you think?" Master said with a smile, watching as I made my way towards the guitars. They were in cases, stood upright and open. I lifted up the closest, an acoustic one, feeling the familiar weight of it in my arms.

"Yeah Master, it looks great." I strummed a little bit, just the opening chords of Ghost Of You. "Sounds it too." I returned his smile, running my hands over the curve of wood before setting it beside the case.

"Was that one of your songs?" He asked as I reached in, feeling for the strap I'd spotted when I pulled the guitar out. I grasped it from where it had slid to the bottom of the case and I undid the packaging as I replied.

"Yes Master, it was the opening of The Ghost Of You, from our second album." I knelt down, the plug in my ass shifting slightly, as I start to attach the strap to the guitar. Other than the collar around my neck all I had on was a series of straps holding the plug in place. "I can play it for you if you'd like?"

He was grinning as he nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, I'd like that."

I smiled, finishing attaching the strap and I lifted it back up into my arms, adjusting the strap so that it hung right on me. I got my hands into position, starting to play the familiar tune. It was strange playing it solo, without the rest of the guys with me. The look on Master's face though... He was utterly transfixed by my performance. He swayed slightly along to the music as I played, my fingers dancing across the guitar strings with practiced ease.

The second I was finished I finished, his grin returned to his face. "That was... Incredible!" I felt myself flush a little at his praise and he stepped close, reaching up to stroke my cheek. "You will have to teach me something."

"Of course Master." He leaned in and kissed me briefly, his fingers running through my hair. He pulled back after a moment, probably because of how the guitar was pressing against his bare chest.

There was a knock on the door and Master turned as it opened a crack, enough for Ilan to poke his head inside. "Master, Master Bryar is here to see you."

"Hmm? Send him in then." Ilan pushed the door open wider, holding it open for Master Bryar to step inside. I'd not seen him since that night over a month ago now, and even then it was hazy.

Master Robert Bryar looked much like Bob did when I last saw him, although his beard was a little more tamed. His ginger hair hung to his shoulder and he fixed me with an intense stare of his ice blue eyes, before glancing around the room. He was wearing black three quarter length shorts and a plain black t-shirt. "Master Toro, thank you for seeing me. How is your new slave doing?"

"Very well. He has recovered and his training is progressing well." I felt a swell of pride at my Master's words. "And how are you Robert?"

"I'm doing well." He smiled and I saw him look around the room again, his eyes lingering briefly on the drums. "Ah you thinking of starting a band?"

"No, my slave here was in one and I thought it would be nice to hear him play." He fixed master Bryar with a steady gaze before speaking. "So, what brings you here today Robert?"

"Well, I was thinking of how to use one of your favours and I wanted to discuss it with you." As part of my training I'd had a kind of crash course in how things worked here, even though it was unlikely I'd have to deal with such things. Favours were, essentially, a form of currency that Masters used. A Master would give another master a favour, which would entitle them to ask of the Master something of their choosing. For Master Toro, most of the favours that he gave out were used for one thing, to get fucked by him.

I wondered if that was what Master Bryar wanted.

"Oh? What did you have in mind?" Master asked, raising an eyebrow with interest. "I'm sure whatever it is I can accommodate you."

His eyes fell on me and I felt myself swallow from the intensity of his stare. "I was wondering if your new slave could give me head."

My Master chuckled and I wasn't sure how this was going to go. I knew that Ilan and Austin were used like this on a regular basis by other Masters that came here. "Well, Robert, if anyone else asked that I would reject them without hesitation. However, it is because of you that he is here with me. Without you he would be..." Master took a deep, steadying breath before continuing. "So I will allow this. Would you like him now?"

Master Bryar nodded with a smile. "Thank you Master Toro for allowing me this honour."

I removed the guitar and set it down beside the case, awaiting instruction. "Alright my slut." Master turned to face me, smiling. "Time to show Master Bryar what you can do."

"Yes Master." I got down onto my knees, starting to crawl over towards Master Bryar. I had to admit I was a little nervous sucking another Master off, but I knew I could handle Bob. I was halfway towards him when I noticed something, the edges of a scar from beneath his shorts. The scar was familiar, one that Bob had earned on the set for Famous Last Words, the heat from the flames burning him. But that's not something that this Bob would have... Unless....

The door opened again and I looked over, seeing Ilan stand there. "Master Toro, you have a call from Master Black, about the thing that you asked him about?"

Master nodded, looking between us. "I have to take this. I trust you can please Master Bryar in my absence." He fixed the other man with a stare, then followed Ilan out the door. I heard the click of the it being locked behind him, leaving us alone.

I took a deep breath, then crawled closer, looking up at him. There was something there, in his eyes, in the way he looked at me, and I knew. This was Bob Bryar. The Bob I knew, that I'd hung out with between sets, that joined My Chem, that was my friend, that I'd spent hours playing video games with, that I'd sucked off in the back of the bus while the others watched dumb horror films.

I wasn't sure what to do with this. It wasn't as if I was in a position to ask him about it and even if I was, what would I say? 'Hey, I saw your scar on your leg, which the Bob I know has so are you him?' And then what?

And what if I was wrong? Seeing what I wanted to see. The scar could have come from anywhere, as unlikely as that seemed, and he could just be looking at me with curiosity that should be expected.

No, I couldn't say anything.

I took a deep breath and reached up, my fingers undoing the button of his fly. I couldn't help but glance back down at the scar as I did. It sure did look like a burn scar, like the burn scar... Fingers gripped my hair, tilting my head back up so that I was looking at him. There was an intensity in his eyes as he spoke to me. "So, you noticed my scar huh?"

I swallowed and nodded as best I could with his fingers holding onto me. "Yes sir." His eyes narrowed slightly and I felt him tighten his grip.

"How did I get it?" I parted my lips then closed them, not sure how to respond. "Well, answer me!"

Well I may as well say it, there was no avoiding it now. "It was during the Famous Last Words video shoot. There was fire as part of the set, near your drumkit. You kept playing, but it became to much. It burned you... You almost died from an infection later."

His eyes widened a little and he nodded, his grip relaxing a little. "So, you are him. The Ray I knew." That confirmation filled my mind with so many questions. "I didn't say you could stop."

I nodded, my fingers shakily undoing his fly, pulling out his dick. He was already sporting a semi and I parted my lips, leaning in to lick along his shaft. He let out a soft groan and I saw him glance around the room. "Master Toro doesn't know. And he is not going to know, not from you, understand?" He practically hissed the words, glaring down at me.

"Yes sir." I whispered, my lips pressed against his dick, which was hardening against me.

"Who am I?" He tugged on my hair again, giving me an icy stare. "And how do you know me?"

"You are Master Bryar. You told my Master that I had been taken by filth. You came and helped save me. I have not seen you before or since until today."

"Good boy." He smiled, his fingers loosening his grip before stroking my hair. "Now then, why don't you be a good slut and get back to focussing on my cock hmm?"

"Yes sir." I nodded and parted my lips, taking him in my mouth. Well, I guessed I wasn't going to get any answers from him, not now anyway. Regardless, he had helped me that night, so the least I could do was suck him off and pretend he was from here, whatever his reasoning was. I kept my eyes on his as I bobbed on his dick. His cock was one of the biggest I'd had, before my Master's anyway. He groaned above me, his hips rocking against my face. "Yeah... Just like that."

I smiled around him, pressing my tongue along his underside, wiggling it just the way I knew he liked it. Did he have a slave of his own to do this to him? He probably did, some pretty boy trussed up in his basement, there to suck him off. He'd like that. I flicked my tongue against his head, taking a breath before swallowing him back down. He probably loved what had happened to filth too, after all it was the Frank back home that had been behind expelling him from the band, so he'd probably been just waiting for a reason to end him.

I tried to shake such thoughts from my head, to focus on the task at hand. I could, and no doubt would, think on all these questions later. So I reached up, pulling his shorts open a little more, my thumbs brushing his balls as I worked them out the opening of his fly. I slipped my lips off his cock and tilted my head slightly, leaning in close to lap at the soft skin of his balls. It was something I knew he liked and I smiled as I heard him moan. I kissed his sac before parting my lips and taking his balls in my mouth. He let out a breathy moan, tightening his grip on my hair as I twisted my tongue against him, my thoughts melting away.

It was like old times, a quick fumble in the back of one of the studios, him giving me what I needed, me giving him what he wanted. My nose pressed up against the wiry curls of his pubic hair as sucked his balls, the weight of them on my tongue making my cock ache between my legs. "Fuck..." I smiled at the sound, giving his balls a last lick before shifting back, extending my tongue to lick his dick from base to his plump head.

Our eyes met again as I took him back down my throat, setting into a steady pace. My head bobbed up and down on him, my lips squeezing around his member in all the right places, my tongue brushing against him. He tightened his grip, letting out a soft, breathy moan above me, his eyes half hooded by his eyelids. He was close, I knew it, I could feel it in the way he ached on my tongue. I took him fully down and I hummed the chorus of I'm Not Okay, which I knew did things to him. "Fucking... Shit...."

His fingers gripped tight on my head, the teeth of his flies pressing against my cheeks and he came, hot and thick down my throat. I swallowed everything he had to give, smiling as I heard him let out a soft breath. "That was..."

He didn't get chance to finish his sentence, as I heard the door open, seeing my Master come in a smile on his face. "Master Toro." Master Bryar gently eased my head off his softening dick, looking over at my Master. "He's a natural cocksucker, no surprise if he was in a band."

"I'm glad you approve." He gave me an approving look, and I could tell he was pleased. "Perhaps you'd like to hear him play something before you go?"

I saw Master Bryar tense, just a little, but then it was gone. "Yeah, of course. If your new slut is up to it of course."

"Good." Master said, the smile still on his face. If he had noticed Master Bryar tensing up, he didn't show it. He then turned his attention to look at me. "Feel up to giving us another song?"

"Of course Master." I rose to my feet and headed back to the guitar, lifting it back into my arms as the pair of them took their place in a long couch against the opposite wall. My song choice here was important, I realised. I could easily play something and Bob might react unintentionally to it. He'd performed so many of them beside me that he might, albeit unconsciously, move along to the music or tap a beat. The best thing, then, was to do a song that he had not worked on at all.

I got my fingers into position, starting to play. It wasn't one of the songs he'd played in the band, nor one of the ones he'd could have worked with us on from the last album. No, it was from my own album. I strummed along to Isn't That Something, watching them both. I could see the relief in Bob's blue eyes as I played, his head nodding along as I got further into the song. My Master was rapt, watching as my fingers move along the strings, filling the room with music.

When I finished he was grinning, looking to Master Bryar. "Isn't he talented?"

"Yeah, he really is." Master Bryar smiled, looking over at where I stood. "Do you think you'll have him play in front of anyone else?"

Now it was Master's turn to tense, but like with Master Bryar it was gone in an instant. "Perhaps. For now though it'll be mostly for me and my slaves. Then maybe for a few other trusted Masters that I deem worthy."

"Well then, I am honoured to be the first to hear him play." Master Bryar smiled and I could tell it was genuine. He reached for his short's pocket and I saw his cheeks flush a little as he realised Master hadn't given him chance to zip himself back up. He tucked his dick away, pulling his zipper up and then he took something out of his pocket, a small card. "I almost forgot to give you this."

Master Toro looked at the offered card briefly, then shook his head and waved his hand dismissively. "No, keep it." Master Bryar looked hesitant for a moment and my Master smiled, placing a hand on his shoulder. "After all, without you he wouldn't be here. A blow job and hearing him play seems like an ample bonus for that great service."

"Thank you Master Toro." He slipped the card back in his pocket and I caught sight of the word Toro on it. Was that one of his favours? He looked over to me, a smile on his lips. "I look forward to hearing you again if Master Toro allows it."

"Thank you Master Bryar." I replied, keeping my voice soft.

There was a shared moment of silence between us I wasn't sure if I was expected to play anything else or if either of them was going to say anything else. It felt like longer than it was before Master broke the silence. "Well Master Bryar, is there anything else I can do for you?" His tone was polite and friendly, but I could tell that he just wanted me all to himself.

"No, Master Toro." Master Bryar shook his head he rose up from his seat. "It's been a pleasure as always, Master Toro." He glanced over to me, where I still stood naked with the guitar in my hands. "Seeing you slut play has put me in the mood to go an see a show, so I think I'll see who is going to be playing tonight."

"Very good. My other slave will show you out. Have a nice night Master Bryar." Master Bryar nodded and Ilan, who I'd not noticed but must have come in with Master, opened the door for him. "Now, how about another song hmm?"

"Of course Master." I started playing I'm Not Okay, my fingers easily playing the familiar song. Master Bryar gave me one last look from the doorway a jint of a smile on his face, before he left us alone.
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