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Pairing: Ray Toro/Raymond Toro, Austin Diaz, Ilan Rubin
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ray
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: I dunno why it has taken me so long to do this, I've been meaning to do a Ray/Raymond fic since it was first revealled in Presentation that Ray had ended up in kinkverse, but it has taken me awhile to actually do it so, here it is.

Fuck, I just had the strangest dream.

In it I'd woken up in Frank's living room, yet the furnishing were all different. I was bound, secured to a hook in the ceiling and he was circling me, rambling about how he was now the 'top master' and he'd have so much fun with me while he waved a knife around. But before he could do anything he heard a knock on the door and... it was me and Bob. Everything after that was a hazy blur.

What would someone make of a dream like that? I wasn't even sure what to make of it.

I let out a soft groan as I opened my eyes, blinking slightly. Huh. This didn't look like it was my room. I shifted to sit up a little... And my eyes found a man watching me. He was naked, his skin dark tan and he had a mass of dark curls atop his head. His face was one that was vaguely familiar, though I couldn't place it for the life of me. The only things he had on him was a collar around his throat and a cage around his dick.

His eyes went wide and he darted off to the corner of the room. I couldn't help but notice how nice the curve of his ass was, but there was a big question on my lips. "Who are..."

"Master Toro." He whispered, voice soft as he shook the man who sat in a chair in the corner gently. The figure let out a soft groan, then shifted. "He's awake." The figure I'd woke up to shifted to one side and the one in the chair stood up and I gasped. It was... he was... me.

I felt my eyes widen, not sure what I was experiencing. Was I still asleep, still in that dream? If this was real then what was it? This couldn't be... some kind of alternate universe right? No, I was spending too much time with the Ways to even consider such a thing.

"It's ok, don't be afraid." The other me said, stepping close to the bed. "You are completely safe here." His eyes narrowed slightly. "That filth Iero has been dealt with, he won't be hurting you again." Then he returned his gaze to me, smiling. It was strange to see my own smile on someone else.

"So that... wasn't a dream?" I sat up properly, pulling up the soft covers so that they covered my lower half. He shook his head, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"No, it wasn't. I'm just glad that we got there in time." He paused, looking me over and I looked down at myself. There was a bandage around my chest and several plasters on my arms. Had Frank cut me? I wasn't sure. "I'm guessing you have many questions." I nodded, running my fingers through my curls and he smiled.

"But first, introductions. I am Raymond Toro, Master of New Jersey. My slave there is Austin Diaz, he has been watching you while I slept."

"Master, slave?" I shook my head slightly, feeling more confused already. "I am Ray Toro. I was the guitarist in My Chemical Romance..."

"A musician?" His eyes practically lit up at that. "How fascinating! You will have to teach me sometime."

I felt myself smile at his excitement, despite myself. Unlike me and this Austin, he was clothed, dressed all in black. "I'll try. What do you mean by masters and slaves exactly?"

He looked thoughtful for a moment, and I could tell that he was composing his words. "I don't know much about where you came from, just bits and pieces. I've never actually met anyone from there before though. Not that I know of anyway." He paused, running a hand through his hair and shaking his head. "That doesn't answer your question though."

He took a deep breath before speaking again. "In this world there are two types of people, Masters and sluts." He pointed to himself. "I am the Master of all of New Jersey, which makes me the most important Master of the state. I inherited the role from my father, a rarity here but my family has long been respected. As a result, I have this house and what I say goes, in this state anyway. Beyond other Masters and Mistresses have control."

He gestured to Austin, who was watching us with interest from where he stood at the back of the room. "Austin is one of my slaves. I have three currently. Austin, Ilan and Aaron. Aaron is Ilan's brother and he is in charge of the local music venue and, as such, he has more freedom."

As he spoke, He gestured for Austin to come closer. "As my slaves, they do what I want and they are all very loyal. Most Masters, well, they mistreat their slaves. I think my slaves are beautiful though." He bought his hand up, cupping Austin's cheek, his thumb rubbing against his skin. I noticed that there were various marks on Austin's body. Bite marks, scratches, a few bruises. He didn't need to tell me that they were caused during sex, that was obvious. My dick twitched a little beneath the covers at the thought.

The other me looked back at me, still smiling. "That's how things work here. Well, basically anyway. I don't want to overwhelm you with too many details." I nodded slightly. "Oh, where are my manners! Do you want something to eat, or drink?"

"I... Yeah." My stomach grumbled a little at the mention of food. "Do you have anything sweet to eat?"

He nodded with a smile and turned to Austin. "Get Ilan to make us some pancakes."

"Yes Master." He smiled, then he turned and headed out the door, leaving me alone with myself. He had a look about him, like he was more confident, more sure of himself. I supposed that came with the territory. He was looking at me, with a mix of amazement and hunger.

"What's going to happen to me?" I asked, meeting his gaze.

"I'd like you to stay here, with me. You'd be well looked after and I could keep you safe." He paused, taking a deep breath before continuing. "I don't know if there's a way back to your world, so I can't send you back to where you came from. And if you leave here, I don't know what will happen to you. That filth Iero found you when you arrived and look what happened to you." He gestured at me, at the bandage across my chest. "If I'd not get there, if Master Bryar hadn't seen... Fuck, I don't know what would have happened to you." He was shaking, I could feel it and one of his hands was balled into a fist. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and steadied himself. "I'd like you to stay. Please."

I nodded slightly and his smile returned instantly, a relieved expression settling over his face. "It's so strange... Back home Frank is one of my best friends, Bob was too. They were in the band I was in, with Gerard and Mikey..."

"The Ways?" He smiled brightly and I could tell he liked the change of subject. "Gerard is an amazingly talented artist. He's going to be doing some more work for me soon actually. His brother teaches domination techniques." The thought made me squirm slightly. "You say they were musicians, what did they play?"

"Me and Frank played guitars, Mikey was bass, Bob was drums and Gerard sang. We had four albums together and we toured all over." I smiled at the memory of all the mad shit we'd gotten up to. That's all I'd have now, memories, which were now more precious. "Good times."

Our eyes met again and I could feel him staring at me. "Can I ask you something?" I nodded and he leaned in closer to me, lowering his voice. "Have you ever been fucked?" The question wasn't as surprising as it perhaps should have been, but it still made me shiver.

I swallowed before answering. You didn't spend as long as I had with the Ways without at least getting curious about what it would be like. Following through on the curiosity hadn't been that hard either of course. "Yeah, I have."

He made this little noise, like a soft groan. He shifted even closer now, his breath hot against my face. "That's good." He reached up, his fingers brushing against my cheek. "Do you like it, being fucked?"

"Love it..." My voice came out at a slightly higher pitch and I felt my cheeks flush. It wasn't something I found myself admitting to often. After all I didn't look like the type to beg to be bent over and fucked until I cried.

I swallowed as he leaned in even closer. "That's good, because I love to fuck." I felt myself squirm slightly and then his plump lips were on mine, kissing me. It was weird, being kissed by myself, but it wasn't a bad weird. I parted my lips slightly, ready to admit his tongue...

And then I heard the door open, followed by a pair of high pitched gasps. "I.... Sorry Master, should I come back later?"

The other me pulled back, a smile on his lips. "No, that's alright Ilan. He needs to eat after all." I looked from him to the door, where Austin stood with someone else, who must be Ilan. He was slim and wore the same collar and cage as Austin. His face, like Austin's, was vaguely familiar with a mass of thick dark brown curls atop his head. Perhaps back home they had been in bands at one of the festivals or something we'd been at. He was holding, tightly I noticed, onto a tray with a plate filled with pancakes. There were two bottles alongside them, which I guessed had syrup or something to put on them.

My double shifted back a little more gesturing Ilan closer and he set the tray down across my lap. "Ilan here makes amazing pancakes." Ilan blushed slightly at his Master's praise and he was looking at me, eyes wide.

"I took the liberty of making some milkshakes." Austin spoke up, setting his own tray on the bedside table.

"Thank you Austin." He smiled at them both, then looked to me. "Please, eat." I nodded slightly, then got started, spreading some of the syrup over them before eating. Fuck, he was right, they were the best I'd ever had. "Have I had any messages?"

"Just to be expected Master, questions about the fire. I have your broadcast ready to be sent out this afternoon, that should clear things up. Master Way called back as well, he said he'd be honoured to do you a new piece. I sent along the details that you told me and some of the pictures."

"Good." He smiled, reaching over and stroking Ilan's cheek gently.

The three of them watched as I ate, occasionally taking a few pancakes of their own and we drank the sweet chocolate milkshakes that Ilan had done for us. There was a strangely comfortable silence, with Austin and Ilan joining their master on the bed, his fingers occasionally brushing through their curls.

I licked some of the syrup from my lips and I felt them stare at me. "You... certainly have a type."

The other me grinned, his fingers threaded through Ilan's hair. "What can I say, I love the feel of curls." Ilan leaned into his touch. "Have you enjoyed your food?"

"Yeah, they were amazing! Easily the best I ever had. Thanks Ilan." Ilan smiled at my words and the other me leaned in close to me, his tongue extending to lap at my chin. The action was accompanied by gasps from the others.

"You had some syrup on your chin." He said with a sly smile as he leaned back, licking his lips. I felt myself blush at his words and Ilan took the tray from the bed, setting it to one side. "Since you're a musician, I was wondering, does your world have aftershows?"

"Well, once a show is finished we would go see fans after cleaning up a little. You know, talk to them, sign things, have pictures." I could tell from his curious expression that that wasn't what he expected. "What happens here? I'm guessing it's different."

"Mmm." He said with a slight nod. "At every gig there are tickets available, usually one for each member of the band. Those tickets are for the aftershow. Once their gig is finished, the band will go to a separate room in the venue, then people with those tickets will be admitted. They can then do what they want with the member who they have tickets for."

"What do they do with them?" I asked, leaning closer, curious.

"Well, I guess the best way to describe it would be to use an example. My last gig was a few weeks ago, with a band called The Used." My eyes widened at that and he tilted his head slightly. "Ah, so they must be a band in your world too. Well as the main Master here I am able to get first pick of the tickets should I attend. This time I went for Bert, as his lips look so pretty stretched around my cock." A small groan escaped my lips and he smirked a little before continuing.

"So after the show I headed down to the back room and waited for the band to show up. I only recognised Master Bryar who had Jepha's ticket. Once the band was in there ready, we went to our respective band members and we did what we wanted. Bert was already naked from the show, so all he had to do was get down on his knees and..." I shifted slightly under the covers and I could tell he noticed. "Well, he has a talented tongue."

I swallowed, my mouth feeling suddenly dry. "And the others?"

"Fuck, fisted, stomped on." I tried to pictured which member each fitted to, but my brain gave up. "I didn't stay to see what else was done to the, though."

"Fuck..." I whispered, voice soft. "No we don't have anything like that at all. I wish we did though." He smiled, licking his lips. "Does that mean all band members are slaves?"

He shook his head, his curls bouncing a little. "No, usually bands have at least one Master. It's just that once you are in a band the aftershows are part of the territory. There are a few masters in bands that are so... intimidating that at the shows they are the ones that fuck their ticket holders. Most masters in bands become flexible out of necessity."

I nodded slightly, thinking that I was understanding this place. It made me wish that I had been a band here, being used like that, the mere thought made my dick ache. From the look he was giving me, I could tell he knew it.

"Would you like that Ray?" He asked, voice low as he leaned closer to me. "Would you like to be used? To be debased? To be fucked?" I gasped, a high whine escaping my lips and he smirked. His fingers brushed against my side, making me shiver. "When you feel a little better." I let out another whine, his fingers tracing a path up my body, over the bandage and across my chest towards my throat. I squirmed slightly, the lust clear in his dark eyes and I knew he had to be as hard as I was.

For a few moments, there was silence between us. There was a look in his eyes of desperate want and I had never had anyone look at me like that before. I could tell that he was holding back that he wanted to push me down on the bed and ravish me. "I... I feel ok. I mean..." I swallowed, my brain not supplying the words. "I want it."

"Want what?" He whispered, his fingers stroking my neck. Exactly where a collar would be. "Tell me what you want." He looked me in the eyes as he spoke, his thumb tracing over my adam's apple.


"I want you to hold me down against the bed, spread me open and fuck me." The words came tumbling out of my lips. I heard one of his slaves gasp and I couldn't tell which one did it. If he heard it, it didn't show. He grasped my chin with his fingers, tilting my chin up. "Please..."

"You know, it's polite when you are begging to be fucked to call the person you are begging master or at least sir." He rubbed the pad of his thumb over my lower lip. "So let's try again. Please what?"

"Please Master. Please fuck me." Another groan came from behind him, again he ignored it.

"Better. Stay." He released me and rose from the bed, gesturing to his slaves to do the same. He turned to face them and I saw his hands move before them. The was a click and then one cage was tossed to the side. The same thing happened to the other. "Sit. Watch."

"Yes Master."

"Yes Master."

They both parted from him, taking up seats across from the bed. My gaze returned to him, watching as he undressed, removing his jacket and casting it onto an unoccupied chair. He turned to face me, his fingers slowly undoing the buttons of his black shirt. "Tell me Ray, when was the last time you had someone in you?"

I had to pause at that, thinking back. Since the band had split I'd not had the same opportunities as before. Sometimes I'd meet up with the others, Gerard or Mikey or even Bob, though he had virtually vanished sometime ago now. I swallowed, thinking of my last time. It was with Mikey, a month ago. I was on my knees, lips parted as I...

"A month ago Master. With Mikey Way." He made a soft little noise of interest, before shaking his head.

"That is much far too long." He pulled his shirt open, then off, joining his jacket. Physically, his body was much like my own, perhaps a little more muscular. "Here you will get it much more often." I let out a soft groan at the promise in his voice and he smirked, his fingers undoing the button of his fly, his hand cupping the curve of his bulge. "You want this, don't you?"

"Yeah Master." I swallowed, my body squirming on the sheets. I had never been this turned on in my life. "I need it."

He smiled, pushing his pants down his legs,his erection springing free. He wasn't wearing any underwear, of course he wasn't. His dick was identical to my own, just as long and thick. I'd never found anyone as big as I was, as we were. "Pull off the sheet, I want to see you."

I did so without hesitation, removing the cover, exposing myself for him. Not for the first time, I knew. He looked me up and down, taking me in as he stepped out of his pants. I parted my legs, our eyes meeting, his lust burning into me.

"Good boy." He turned and grabbed a bottle of lube from atop a chest of drawers, popping open the drawer. "You're going to need quite a bit of prep to take me after a month. And let's be honest, Micheal Way is a pretty little thing but he's not terribly... Endowed."

That meant he had seen Mikey's dick. Had they fucked too, only with the roles reversed? He popped open the top of the bottle, spreading the slickness over his fingers. "I want you to reach down, to hold those pretty cheeks open, can you do that?"

"Yes Master." I reached down with both hands, ignoring the ache in my arms as I took a hold of my cheeks, pulling them apart.

"Good boy." He set the bottle down beside my thigh and then he reached down, bringing his slick fingers up to my opening. He gave me this look and I nodded, which was all he needed. I felt him press his middle finger against my opening, working it inside me. I gasped as the digit filled me up, my eyes lidding, his other hand grasping my thigh. It was soon knuckle deep, wiggling inside me until I was squirming against the beds. "Want more?" I nodded and his fingers gripped me tighter. "Say it."

"Please Master, I need more of your fingers in me." He licked his lips, retreating his finger, but only so he could add a second, using both of them to open me up. The fingers quickly spread me open, soon joined by a third. It wasn't long before I was a squirming mess on the sheets beneath him. "Please..."

"Please what?" He asked, voice slightly breathless as his three fingers spread me open. "Say it."

"Please Master. I want your cock, need it. Please." He smiled, slowly removing his fingers from me, my thighs quivering. He popped the cap of the lube, quickly spreading some over his dick. Then he pushed my legs up as far as they would go.

"Hold your legs there, I want to see your face as I claim you." I shivered, but complied, my fingers moving to hold onto my thighs. He positioned himself at my entrance, his head pressing against my hole. "Say it, say what you want."

"Fuck me Master, fuck me hard. Please."

He smirked and nodded, hands holding my ankles. "As you wish." He slammed his hips against me, his dick sinking into me. I cried out, my body trembling as his dick filled me up. It felt, fuck, better than anyone I'd ever had. It was like he was the other half of a puzzle, he filled me so well.

He had been patient and deliberate in the build up to this, but once he was balls deep in me, that went out the window. He gripped my ankles tight, starting to move, easing out and then thrusting back into me hard. "Look at you. So fucking beautiful under me. So needy." Every other word was punctuated by a thrust of his hips. "So perfect."

I opened my mouth to form some sort of reply but I couldn't find the words. I couldn't form them. All that came out was a series of groans and each time he thrust his hips, a new one left me. He went at a fairly steady pace, fucking deep inside me, his balls slapping against my ass. The room was filled with the sounds of skin on skin, moans leaving us both.

"Please... Please...." The plea came out as a breathless pant, my own dick aching hard between my legs.

"Please what? Tell me what you want." He slowed his movements, until he was still inside me. I knew he did it so I could form a proper response, but it drove me crazy.

"Please Master, touch my cock. Let me cum. Please." He smiled and licked his lips, shifting his right hand down my leg towards my aching dick. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft of my cock, our eyes meeting as he started to pump me.

His hips started moving again, his movements now less steady. On every thrust the head of his dick slammed into my spot, my whole body shuddering. My head tipped back against the bed's pillows, incoherent sounds leaving my lips. I could feel it, in the pit of my stomach, that I was getting close. Everything he did was bringing me closer and closer to the edge and I knew I couldn't hold back.

"Do it." His voice came out low, almost breathless. "Shoot all over yourself."

I shuddered, a high pitched gasp leaving me as I came across my belly in what had to be the most intense orgasm of my life.

Through my own half lidded eyes, I could see how wide his eyes went, like seeing me cum beneath him was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. His hips stuttered and he let out this noise, like a cross between a growl and a groan. If I'd not already came hearing that sound, and feeling him fill me up after it, would have done it.

We both stayed like at, him balls deep inside me, our eyes on one another, for a few moments, though it felt like longer. Slowly he eased out, letting my legs fall back to the bed as he laid down beside me. We were both breathing heavily, too much to form words.

This reminded me of a conversation back on the My Chem tour bus. As a bunch of geeks, who had watched endless sci-fi shows and films, the question of would you fuck your double had come up. After some thought and discussion we all admitted the same answer. I'd just never have expected it to actually happen, or for it to be so incredible.

"Th... Thank you Master." He smiled, leaned in and kissed me. His his fingers running over my chest, through the sticky mess of cum. He brought his fingers up to our lips, separating from me and lapping at the pearly fluid, nodding for me to do the same.

"Mmm you taste good." I smiled at his words, hearing a soft sound from the end of the bed. I'd almost forgotten about the two slaves watching us, but I could see from their chests that they had both came as well. He followed my gaze to them, smiling. "Mmm, good boys." He turned his attention back to me, tilting my chin to face him. "Now, you need to rest."

I smiled and nodded, his lips brushing my own again as I closed my eyes, sleep rushing to take me over.


My Master pulled my arms behind me, tying them securely behind the chair. I let out a sort groan, my legs already tied to the chair's, my ass seated on the shaft of the dildo protruding from it.

It was two weeks now since I'd awoken in that room. The plasters and bandages that covered my arms and body that day we long gone now. The marks that were on my body now were from him alone. A collar, matching those of my Master's other slaves sat around my throat, making me as his.

Once I had recovered enough I became formerly his slave. That day was marked by him placing the collar on me and slipping his dick between my lips, letting me suck him for the first time.

After he asked me to make a list, of all the sexual things I'd done. It was lacking, but he promised that would soon change. Today, I knew, Master Gerard Way was coming to delivery some artwork. Master was considering letting him see me afterward, though he wasn't ready to have anyone other than his other slaves in the room with me.

"Now, almost done." My Master circled around me, smiling down at me. "Open up now, there's a good boy." I parted my lips and he picked up a rubber ball gag, gently pushing it into my mouth. He pulled the straps back around me, buckling it in pace among my curls. "There, you look so beautiful." He smiled, the fingers of his left hand ran through my hair, while one of his others brushed along my, saliva-slick plump lips. We shared a look and he leaned in, kissing my forehead. "Now be a good boy and stay nice and hard for me, I want Master Way to see you all needy."

I nodded and he paused for a moment, before turning and heading out the door, leaving me alone, for awhile anyway.
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