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Pairing: Askeroth/Hannu/Miikka, Juha
Rating: NC-17
POV: Askeroth
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: So next fic was meant to be Chris in boots, I even made a start of it, but then raisethesail gave me this idea and... Well. Part three of this.

I awoke the next morning, my arms aching behind me back. Miikka and Hannu had left me after stuffing the gag in my mouth, heading upstairs no doubt to sleep. It hadn't taken me too long to sleep myself, exhausted from the night's activities. My ass still ached from the fisting and fucking. I had a feeling that I'd be feeling that for awhile.

I wasn't sure how long it took for someone to come down. But eventually Miikka came into my eyeline. He was topless, wearing only a black leather kilt. There were several noticeable marks visible on his chest. He ignored me, striding through the room.

I couldn't see where he went, but I heard noises. Cupboards opening, taps running, something being unwrapped and cut. It become obvious that he was in the kitchen, clearly making something. There was a pop of a toaster, then I heard him come back in.

This time he stopped before me, looking large. He had a plate in one hand, with a few slices of toast on it. In his other was a glass, half full of water. "Master wants you to have something to eat, so I am going to remove your gag now. You will say nothing, just eat and drink. Do you understand, slut?"

I nodded and he set both the plate and glass down, so that he could reach over and undo the gag. Once it was unbuckled he removed it from my mouth, setting it to one side. I flexed my jaw a little, glad it had been a small one. "Now, eat." Miikka growled, shoving one of the slices in my face. I took a bite of it, chewing and swallowing it down.

He fed me in silence, occasionally giving me some of the water to drink. I had so many thoughts and questions running through my head, but I didn't voice them. I wondered what their exact relationship was for one. Miikka was watching me the whole time he fed me, those blue eyes of his seemingly boring into me. What was he thinking about me?

Once the plate was empty, he set both plate and glass on the small table next to the sofa and then he returned to me. He lifted me up easily, flinging me over his bare shoulder so that my head was level with his ass. I bite my lip to stop myself from asking anything and then he carried me out of the room. My head bounced as he moved, first into the hall, then up some stairs. "Master doesn't want to see your slutty face while he eats his breakfast." Miikka spoke, answering my unsaid question. "You will be put into storage until he is ready for you." A shiver went through me at that. Storage? What could that mean?

QWe arrived at the top of the stairs and he walked a few more paces before opening I heard him open a door. He stepped inside and dumped me on the floor face down. I didn't get much chance to process my surroundings from this position, but I felt him undo my arm binder. I let out a small sigh as he removed it from me and I was rewarded with harsh slap on my ass. "You are such a dumb fucking slut." He growled, fisting my hair and yanking my head back enough to hurt. I bit my lip, stopping myself from moaning and he held my head for a few more moments before letting go.

He rose, gripping hold of my shoulders and dragging me up to my feet as well. I stumbled slightly as he shoved me against a wall, raising my aching arms in turn, locking my wrists into shackles above my head. "Here you will stay here until called for." Miikka said his eyes meeting mine again. He turned on his heel, heading out the door, leaving me alone in this room.

Or so I thought.

Once I heard Miikka lock the door behind him, I started to look around the room. The room was large enough that it must have been a bedroom, though it was converted for 'storage'. There was a chest, wardrobe and drawers, but there was also cages and a sling folded away and a...

In one corner of the room, hanging from chains from the ceiling, was a body. The chains were attached to a set of o-rings that covered their outfit, which was a bright, neon pink. Between the rings was a strap that appeared to go around them, holding their tattooed arms at their sides. An equally pink latex mini skirt covered their crotch, though barely, and their boots were pulled up above them, also attached to the chains. Their face was covered by a mask, pale pink and covered in silver spikes. I could make out a ring gag stretching their lips, drool covering their chin, so I knew talking to them would get me nowhere. The only over features of theirs I could see, other than a thick pink collar, was their long hair which dangled towards the ground. I noticed that amongst the strands, there were pink bows.

It would appear, from their dress, that this person was female, but I doubted it. They didn't appear to have any breasts, which made me think that this was a guy. "Are you a guy?" I asked them, keeping my voice soft. I didn't want to be punished for speaking. They, well, he, nodded. Well then, this was another person to wonder about in this place.

I tore my eyes from the mystery man to look around the rest of the room. It was just the two of us here, the cages and other restraints empty. There was easy space for at least half a dozen other people here. Across from me, on the wall, was a series of pictures. They were faces of men, clearly while having something done to them. Were they being fucked? Fingered? Fisted? It was impossible to tell of course.

I guessed these men were all Hannu's conquests. There didn't seem to be a type. Some had long hair, others short, one had thick curls and another was bald. Some had piercings, one of them had a noticeable tongue stud, which another had a series of lip rings. I assumed my face would be up there before the weekend was o... Wait. I squinted at one of them, a man with short black hair. Was that Till Lindermann? Till gets fucked? Nah, it had to be someone that just looked like him. Then again I'd not pictured myself getting fucked, much less fisted so maybe it could be...

I looked from the picture of maybe-Till to the others. I was trying to discern which of there was my current companion. There were no names or anything that could identify who these people were, but I could at least try to put a face to the body. I eliminated some right away. Maybe-Till, curly hair, fluffy hair and the one above the others was clearly Miikka. It seemed unlikely that he was the bald man too. His hair was dark so that took away a few more. No lip piercings discounted more...

I turned to the door as I heard it unlock and then open. Miikka stepped inside, still in just his kilt. In one hand he had a bottle, half filled with milk, or what looked like it anyway. He kicked the door shut behind him and crossed the room towards the bound man. Miikka picked up a funnel from a nearby chest of drawers, slipping it into the ring of the gag. "Breakfast time cunt." Miikka smirked, opening the bottle and pouring some into the funnel, a little at a time. I could see their throat working as they swallowed it down.

Miikka looked over at me, licking his lips. "Cunt, this is our new slut. It's name is Askeroth." As he spoke he gestured at me and I could see the pink man look at me again. "Slut, this is cunt. It's name is Juha." As he spoke he kept on pouring the fluid into the funnel and now the bottle was almost empty. Once it was, Miikka removed the funnel, returning it from where he'd got it from. "Master might want you soon."

I wasn't quite sure which of us he was referring to, and before I could ask, he was gone. I heard the door get locked and we were left together.

With this Juha guy gagged and restrained, I was practically left alone, which meant that my mind raced. Had all of the guys on the wall been kept in here like I was at some point? How many of them were kept in more extreme bondage like Juha? I suspected it was most, if not all, of them. I squirmed slightly against the wall, the chains on the manacles rattling slightly. Juha looked over at me, obviously having heard the sound.

I forced myself to stay still as my mind start to wander again. What was here, shut in the drawers and closets and chests? Obviously there'd be restraints and toys, some of which I'd be no doubt familiar with but I suspected there'd be things that I'd be utterly clueless about.

The lock clicked and I instantly turned to face the door, watching as the heavy wood opened. This two the two of them came in, first Miiikka and then Hannu behind him. Hannu was wearing just a simple deep purple mini-skirt that shown off his thighs. I swallowed at the sight, saying nothing as Hannu smirked, taking in the sight of me, then Juha. He stepped to one side, nodding to Miikka. "Get him down."

"Yes Master." Miikka replied and he started to cross the room slowly. I wasn't sure at first which of us he was going to take down, and it looked like he was going to head past me to free Juha. Instead he turned to me, the key to the manacles in hand. He undid both of them, first the right, then the left, shoving me down to the floor with one of his big, big hands. A groan escaped my lips once I was on my knees in front of him. He loomed over me and I couldn't help but wonder how a guy like him had ended up submitted to Hannu. The thought was interrupted as he gripped my hair, taking a few steps back and pulling me away from the wall I'd been secured to.

He released my hair and knelt down beside me, his fingers starting to undo the straps of my corset. Hannu was across from me, looking in one of the drawers and I could only guess what for. He absently pushed Juha's shoulder, making the bound man swing. Miikka finished up undoing my corset and I repositioned my arms so he could remove it, relasing a sigh as I was left naked before them for the first time. Hannu paused what he was doing, giving me a cursory once over.

"Now slut, let's get to work with you." He smirked, picking up one of the items that he had selected and coming over to me. Miikka fisted his hand my hair again, pulling it out of the way of my neck. It became clear why as Hannu wrapped a black collar around my throat. He buckled it in place, pulling another strap up and over my head. It confused me at first, but then he pulled it more, slipping a hook into each nostril. When he released the strap it pulled back, the hooks pulling my nose up. Miikka snorted, releasing my hair and Hannu grinned. "A start."

He turned and went back to the drawers. "Has Miikka introduced you to your roommate?" He asked, tone conversational.

"Yes Master." I replied, the hooks starting to make my nose ache.

"Mmm." Hannu replied, pushing on Juha's shoulder again to make him rock. "Juha here is one of my more permanent sluts." I noticed that Juha's eyes were on Hannu the whole time. "He's not like Miikka there, he has different needs. Don't you Juha?" Juha nodded, gurgling something in reply. I assumed it was something like 'yes master'.

Hannu smiled, turning to the photos on the wall and gesturing at them. "I assume that you have guessed that these are all my sluts. Your face will soon be up there with them and others will join after you." He paused for a few moments and I could see him looking over all of the men's faces. "All of them have a need, deep down. A need to be dominated, to be controlled and used. Most don't know they have it, not at first, but I help bring it out, like with you." He ran his tongue along his lower lip, then turned his attention back to the drawers, grabbing something. "Yes, this will do."

He came back to me, the thing he'd picked up held behind his back. "Open up, slut." Dutifully, I opened my mouth as wide as I could, not sure what I should expect to have in it. He lifted up a gag, the part of which was inserted into my mouth shaped like a small cock. Sticking out from the gag, though, was a much larger black dildo and it looked like it might be bigger than my own member. Miikka strapped it in place, securing it tightly behind my head. "There, it suits you." Hannu smirked, wrapping his fingers around the shaft, stroking the rubber slowly. With his other hand he reached down, cupping my cage. "Feels much better then this little thing." I felt my cheeks flush at his words and he licked his lips, letting go of me. "Mmm, almost done I think."

He parted from me once more, throwing something to Miikka before opening up a wardrobe, looking inside. "Get started."

"Yes Master." Miikka replied and I heard him pop something open. I braced myself, preparing for another round of fingering like I'd experienced last night. Instead I felt something press against the skin of my back. It took a few moments for me to realise exactly what he was doing but once I did then it seemed utterly obvious. He was writing on me. I couldn't figure out what he was writing of course. "Stay still slut." He growled, despite me not having moved and he wrote something else, just above my ass. I could guess the gist of that one. He moved around me, writing on my arms before starting on my broad chest.

I looked down, trying to make out the words. Slut in English. Cocksucker in German. Something that looked like Finnish. He moved onto my thighs, adding an arrow along with the words. He wrote something on my other arm, then he stepped aside.

"Hmm, very good." Hannu spoke, approaching me with some sort of device in hand, two tubes dangling from it. "Restrain his arms." Miikka went and grabbed something, then yanked my arms back. I groaned around the gag, feeling him secure my arms behind my back. It felt like another binder, but this time it felt smaller.

Hannu knelt down in front of me, smiling. He attached one of the tubes around each of my nipples. He hummed softly, as he turned a dial on the box and I instantly felt this strange suction around my nipple. "There, that'll work nicely." He purred, strapping the box of the device around my waist before standing and looking me up and down. "Something is missing... Ah!" He held out his hand and Miikka handed him the marker he had used to write on me. Hannu popped the top off, then leaned in and wrote on my forehead. It was just one letter on either side of the strap attached to the hooks in my nose. Miikka snorted and I could see Hannu grin. "Perfect. Stay right there."

He left the room and Miikka looked down at me, a grin on his face. "You look pathetic you fucking slut." His words sent a shiver through my body which made him smirk.

Hannu returned after a few minutes with his phone in hand. Miikka took a step back as Hannu circled me, taking a few snaps with his phone of me. "Miikka is right, you do look pathetic." Hannu smirked, turning the phone around so that I was confronted with a picture of my face. The large dildo sticking out from my face dominated the picture but I could see how the hooks on my nose pull it up. It looked like a pig's nose and that was reflected in the letters either side of the strap along my forehead. It was a p and a g, with the strap representing the i, the english word for pig.

Hannu chuckled, running his fingers along the rubber shaft on my face. "Time to put this to work I think." He turned to look over at Miikka, stroking the dildo. "Suck it and get it nice and wet."

"Yes Master." He replied as Hannu moved away and Miikka crouched down before me. He looked me right in the eyes, his blue ones sparkling. He leaned in close to me, parting his lips and then... Fuck. He took the entire shaft in one go, like it was fucking nothing, which made me seriously impressed. He bobbed his head up and down and I could see he was working his tongue to get it nice and slick. After a few minutes he pulled back off, running his tongue along the rubber to add additional saliva.

"I could watch you do that all day." Hannu purred and I saw Miikka's lips curve into a smile. "But that's enough. Bring him here." Miikka nodded, shifting back a little so he could rise to his feet. Once he was back to his full height, he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me across the room to where Hannu was standing. He was standing behind Juha's hanging form, one hand on the bound man's left thigh.

Miikka let go of me once I was behind Juha and I had a feeling where this was heading. Beneath Juha's latex skirt his dick was in a chastity cage, also pink, and the base of a plug was also visible between his fleshy cheeks. Hannu reached over, removing the large, and predictably pink, rubber from him.

Hannu ran his fingers through my hair as he started to speak. "Now, here is what you are going to do." He spoke the words slowly, softly, the fingers of his right hand brushing the dildo protruding from me face. "This is going to here." He moved his hand to Juha, tracing his fingers around the curve of Juha's stretched opening. "Then you are going to move back and forth until I am satisfied." As he spoke, he moved my head forward and then pulled it back. "Understand?" I nodded and he smiled. "Good, now get started." He guided the head of the dildo to Juha's ass and then he pushed on the back of my head, the shaft sinking into Juha, making him groan.

Hannu said something in a language I couldn't understand and I guessed that was to Juha as I felt his body shiver. I started to move as Hannu asked, moving my head so that he dildo slid in and out. This was... so fucking weird. I never would have even thought of fucking someone like this. I heard the chains rattle as the motion of my head made his body rock. When the shaft was full inside him my vision was filled by his full balls, which spilled out from beneath the neon pink cage. I could see the head of his cock through a tiny opening in the plastic, obviously there so he could piss.

As I rocked into him, I could hear another moan, from somewhere behind me. It had to be from Hannu and I wondered what Miikka was doing to him to cause such sounds. Was he sucking him? Bent over before him? I tried not to let the thoughts that my mind conjured distract me from the task. I kept up my movements, rocking steadily in and out of Juha.

"Faster." Hannu growled from somewhere behind me. "Fuck him faster slut!" I would have nodded, but instead I increased the pace of my movements. The increased force made Juha's body rock more and I could hear him groan louder around the gag. I swallowed around my own gag, my nipples aching from the persistent suction from the thing Hannu had attached to them. They would surely be so sensitive whenever he removed it.

As I moved my head to change the dildo's angle I wondered how long Juha had his cock locked away and how long he'd been hanging like this. He made another choked sound as I thrust back into him, my own dick twitching a little in it's cage. It had been trying to stiffen for some time but the cage made it impossible. Fuck, I hoped Hannu would take it off soon, would let me spill even if it was just by my own hand. Maybe if I begged he would fuck me..

Juha's body trembled and my thoughts were disturbed as I felt something dribble onto my forehead. I opened my eyes and gasped around the gag in my mouth. Juha was, well it wasn't quite cumming, not as I'd seen it before. His dick wasn't shooting in thick bursts, but instead it was just... leaking out, dribbling from the hole in his cage. Soon my forehead and hair was covered in it and I was sure the letters on my forehead would be smudged.

After I rocked into Juha a few more times, there was a hand in my hair, pulling me back. "Mmm I see you made him cum, well, what passes for an orgasm for him anyway. Good boy." Hannu's voice was slightly breathless and I wondered if he had came too. "Clean him off."

Miikka leaned into me, running his tongue over me and I could always smell the cum on his breath. Fuck. I shuddered, wishing I could have seen that, despite being caged and unable to do anything about it. I squirmed as Miikka licked along the shaft as well, from base to tip before licking my forehead again.

Miikka finished up fairly quickly and he pulled me back towards a wall as I watched Hannu shove the plug back into Juha, whispering something to the shuddering body. A chain was attached to the collar, much like a leash, though when I looked back it was attached to the wall.

"Now, we have some things to attend to." Hannu spoke up, looking at me and smirking, crossing the space to me. "But we will be back soon." He ran his fingers up along the dildo again, which was still slick with Miikka's saliva, licking his lips. "Have fun."

And with that, they were both gone, locking the door behind them as they left me restrained with Juha's pink hanging body.

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