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The Slut Awakens

The Slut Awakens
Pairing: Askeroth/Hannu/Miikka
Rating: NC-17
POV: Askeroth
Warnings: BDSM, fisting, watersports
Notes: So this is a sequel to the fic I did before the Chris one, so...
This is a christmas fic for raisethesail, enjoy! Posting now cause it's after midnight so it's christmas eve yayy!

As the large man approached, Hannu ran his fingers through my hair, turning my head so that my focus was returned to him. "Askeroth, this is Miikka." I nodded slightly, not sure what I should do in this situation. Getting up and shaking his hand didn't feel like the right thing to do, especially with the taste of Hannu's cum fresh on my tongue.

"Before we get started you have to help me with this." The big man, Miikka, spoke up from where he stood beside me. Was he talking to me? Should I do something?

I didn't get time to think on it though, as Hannu leaned forward and reached for him, his nimble fingers working to undo his the button and zipper of his fly. With bated breath, I watched as Hannu reached inside and pulled out... A cage? I blinked, caught completely off guard by the sight of this huge guy with his dick sealed away in a metal cock cage.

I caught sight of Hannu smiling as his digits reached around the underside of the cage, undoing it before slipping it off, revealing Miikka's cock. He was soft, but he was quickly twitching to life now that he was freed from the cage. He let out a sigh, as Hannu manipulated his cock to hardness with his fingers. He was big, bigger than I was and I swallowed, looking between them. "What sort of things do you have in mind for our guest hmm?" Hannu whispered the words, his tongue darting out his lips.

Miikka looked down at me, his eyes which were so, so blue, sparkling as he spoke. "He needs something up his ass." He paused for a moment, sucking in a breath, his thick cock twitching in Hannu's hand. "Fingers, a dick, a fist." He smirked at the sound I made at that. "Think the German whore wants that."

Hannu smiled and nodded, darting his tongue out across his lower lip as he released Miikka's length. He turned to look down at me, his eyes meeting mine, his fingers running through my hair. He gripped my locks tight, tilting my head back slightly. "You have a simple choice now. You can get up and get the fuck out of here, head back to your hotel and jerk off to memory of what has happened over the past hour. Or..." He let the word hang in the air for a few moments, long enough for me to almost ask 'or what?' Maybe it was a test to see what I would do. "Or, you stay. And you do exactly what I say." He gripped my hair even tighter, enough for me to really feel it. "And I, we, will do exactly as I wish with you. And you will call me master." He smirked, looking down at me, his piss sodden hair clung to his skin, but his whole demeanour had changed. "You have until Miikka counts to ten to make your choice."

And with that he released my hair, leaning back in his seat and nodding to his companion.


I didn't have much time, so I had to quickly weigh up the two choices he had given me. Yeah, I could leave, that would be easy would't it? I could walk away and, yeah, I would jerk off about Hannu in that skirt, covered in my piss. But I would also wonder what could have been.


And after all, I had come here to Finland specifically because they were kinky fucks. I had gone to a fetish bar specifically for some action like I was being offered right now. Sure I'd walked in here the one in control, but there was something about them...


This wasn't exactly going to be an opportunity that I would get again. If I walked out, I definitely wouldn't see these guys again. But if I stayed, well who knows? Well, I knew I'd walk out of here more awkwardly then when I arrived that was for sure.


Hendrik would say that I was being reckless even considering staying, that I might not survive the night and shouldn't take the risk. Then again...


The whole time they both looked at me and the hunger was clear in Miikka's blue orbs. I swallowed, took a deep breath and then made my choice.

"I want to stay." Hannu raised an eyebrow, looking at me intently and then I remembered his words. "I want to stay Master."

"Good." He nodded, smirking and gesturing up with one hand. "Get up." I rose up, until I was on my feet before Hannu, who looked me up and down. "Lose those. Now." He pointed at my open trousers and I nodded.

"Yes Master." It felt a little strange calling him that, especially since not too long ago I was buried balls deep inside him. Nevertheless, I complied, reaching down to push my trousers down my legs to my boots, where I stepped out of them. I heard a thoughtful sound from Miikka, who had moved around me while I removed them. I felt a shiver run through me, then saw Hannu nod slightly. Seconds later Miikka's hands grabbed my wrists, yanking my arms behind my back. I let out a gasp in surprise, feeling Miikka push my wrists together so that he could hold both of my hands with just one of his. I looked to Hannu and he just smirked, leaning back in his seat with his legs splayed open.

"You know, you're not the first guy I've bought back here. Hell, you're not even the first German." Hannu spoke, his tone conversational as I felt Miikka reached for something with his free hand. I wondered who the other German was, but the chances of me knowing who they were was astronomical. Miikka let me go and I felt my breath hitch as he started to restrain my arms. "Tell me Askeroth, my newest slut, have you ever had anything shoved up your ass before? After all, you have such an... Impressive cock." Miikka snorted and Hannu smirked, leaning closer. "So tell me, ever had something inside you?"

I swallowed as Miikka buckled my arms in place and I realised that it had to be some kind of binder. "Just a few fingers Master and a tongue." This earned another snort from Miikka and s chuckle from Hannu. I felt my cheeks flush and I looked down as Miikka released me.

Hannu leaned forward in his seat, so that he was closer to me and he kept his voice low as he spoke. "Mmm so that means you've not submitted to someone have you slut?" I could smell the scent of my piss emanating from his hair and clothes, his lips curving into a smirk.

"No Master, I've not." I felt my soft dick twitch in interest, curious as to the possibilities for what was to come tonight. I knew that if I'd not cum just a little while ago I'd probably be hard by now already.

Miikka made that snort again, from somewhere behind me. "Well, that just means you have much to learn." Hannu reached over to me, his fingertips brushing up along my thigh towards my dick. "But first let's deal with this."

I expected him to work my cock with his fingers until I was aching and hard again. Instead, however, he bought his other hand to me, sealing my cock in the cage that had just been on Miikka. A gasp escaped my throat, my eyes widening as he locked it in place, my dick barely fitting inside it's new confinement. "Master..." The word left my lips before I could stop myself, and it earned me a harsh slap to the face from him.

"Your dick will be released when I am satisfied and not before." He gripped my chin, tilting it so that our eyes met. "Understand my new slut?"

"Yes Master." I whispered as his thumb brushed against my skin, just below my lower lip. It was gently, a sharp contrast to the slap that he'd just given me.

"Good slut." He whispered, his thumb tracing across my lips now. "If you be a good boy, I'll take your cage off and let you cum again." I swallowed, nodding slightly against his hand, our eyes meeting. He held my gaze for a few moments, then smirked, his eyes darting off behind me before nodding. It wasn't a nod to me I knew, but to Miikka.

The large man grabbed me, shoving me roughly across one of the chairs, a groan escaping my lis from the force of it. My ass was in the air, my caged dick pressed against one of the arms, my head hanging over the other. I had no idea what to expect next, a tremor of anticipation going through my body. For awhile though, there was nothing. Neither of them moved, said or did anything. It felt like time stood still, the only clues it hadn't coming from Hannu in my eyeline as he breathed and blinked.

I wasn't sure how long I waited there with baited breath and then, finally, Hannu spoke. "Beg. Beg for something inside you."

Ok, this shouldn't be too hard. After all, I had been on his side of things before. I allowed myself a deep breath before starting to speak. "Please Master, I want something up my virgin hole. I need to be opened up. To be stretched open and fucked. Please...."

Hannu smirked, saying nothing for a few moments and all I could hear was our breathing. Was that not good enough? Should I continue begging? I opened my mouth, ready to restart my pleas, but Hannu nodded, rising up from his seat. He crossed the distance to me in a few paces, moving around so that he was stood behind me. I let out a gasp as I felt a hand on each of my cheeks, Hannu's from the size of them, and he prised them apart. I knew that meant they were both studying my puckered opening, confirmed by the 'mmm' that Hannu made.

"When we are through with you, this little hole will be stretched nice and wide." His voice was low as he spoke the words, his thumbs running along my cleft, brushing my opening. "And you will be begging, begging for every man you see to plough you. To fuck your face. To shoot deep inside you." He leaned down over me, not close enough to make contact with me, whispering softly. "You'll never want to fuck someone again."

I swallowed, his words making me shiver. I felt, from his tone, that his words required a response. "Yes Master." It was all I could think of, but it seemed to satisfy him as I felt him straighten back up. He kept his hands on my ass, but I felt fingers on me alongside his. Miikka's. He ran two slick fingers along my crack, which meant he must have lubed himself at some point back there.

"Tell me slut." Hannu spoke up, as Miikka pushed one of his fingers into me. "When was the last time you had something inside you?"

I took a steadying breath as Miikka's worked his invading digit slowly into me. My brain seemed slow to process an answer. In fact, I couldn't even remember the last time I had fingered myself. "A few months ago Master." I supplied, an answer vague yet likely close enough to the truth. Miikka snorted again, pushing his finger even deeper into me, making me let out a groan of pain. He didn't stop until it was full inside of me, the rest of his fingers curved against me. A choked sound left my lips, as my hips pushed forward, causing the metal of the cage to dig into my skin.

After a few moments, Miikka started to retreat his finger, wiggling it around inside me as he did. "That is much too long." Hannu purred the words as Miikka pushed the finger back inside me. "Faster." Hannu growled, his hands squeezing the flesh of my cheeks. "I want this cunt open wide."

"Yes sir." Miikka spoke up and, when he next withdrew his finger he worked a second into me alongside it. A groan left my lips and I squeezed my eyes shut, my thighs trembling as he fingered me open. He didn't say anything else as his fingers twisted inside my hole.

Hannu, on the other hand, didn't stay silent for long. "I love seeing guys like you awaken as sluts." As he spoke Miikka's fingers moved steadily faster inside me. "Big strong men who've never had a dick before coming to realise they need it, they crave it." He flexed his fingers that held my ass open as he spoke. "You're far from the first and you certainly won't be the last."

I wondered again about how many others that he has had in this position, a thought that made my cock ache in it's cage. A gasp escaped my lips as Miikka's fingertips brushed my spot. "Another." Hannu sounded slightly breathless as he said the word and his hands left me. Miikka placed his other hand on me, holding me open as a third finger joined the first two, my eyelids fluttering.

Hannu moved around me until he was standing before me, looking down at me. "Your hole looks all pretty, nice and stretched open. Almost ready to be used." I found myself pushing my ass back against the fingers that were in me and Hannu chuckled, clearly noticing. "See? That's your inner slut starting to come out."

"Please..." The word tumbled from my lips before my brain had even registered it. He twisted his fingers in my hair, yanking my head back so our eyes met.

"Please what?" He said, a smirk playing on his lips. Miikka stilled his hand, all three fingers fully in me.

"Please Master." I whimpered, actually whimpered, out the words. "You're so right, I need a dick in me, please..."

Hannu nodded behind me and Miikka started working his fingers again, spreading them inside me. "Soon, you pathetic needy slut." I groaned, Miikka catching that spot deep inside that made me shiver. "First you need to take Miikka's fist." I let out a keening sound, the thought alone making my ass flutter around the fingers buried knuckle deep up my hole.

"I think he's almost ready sir." Miikka stated from where he stood behind me, his three fingers spread out in me. He pumped them out and in a few more times, before Hannu nodded to him.

A whimper escaped my lips as he pulled his hand back, so that just his fingertips remained in me. He paused, waiting for what felt like far longer than it actually was, before he pushed them back into me. I could feel his thumb and little finger join them, tucked in alongside the middle three. My eyes squeezed shut at the pressure of them breaching my hole. I'd never felt anything like it before, had never wanted to, but now here I was, sprawled across a chair, arms bound behind me with a hand up my ass.

As Miikka worked his hand deeper, his palm squeezing into me after the fingers, I realised something. Hannu was right. I squirmed against the chair, my cock aching against the metal bars of the cage that enclosed it. Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes as I felt my hole squeeze around Miikka's wrist. I panted, my eyelids opening to look up at Hannu.

He licked his lips, his skirt tented, though he was making no move to touch his renewed erection. He smirked, eyes on me as Miikka moved his hand in me. "You should see yourself slut, you look so... Needy. In fact..." Hannu stepped aside, grabbing something I couldn't see and then he moved around me, Miikka's fingers flexing inside me. I heard a series of soft shutter clicks obviousy the shutter of a camera phone. I whined, my hole twitching around Miikka's wrist.

Hannu returned to stand before me, taking a snap of my face with his phone. "There, now you can see yourself." He turned around so that I could see the screen. My face filled the first shot, a sheen of sweat visible, my lips spread wide, my eyes half lidded. "See, you look like a slut." He turned the phone back around, changing the picture to show me. The new picture was of the rounded cheeks of my ass, the bottom of my corset visible at the top of the picture. Miikka's left hand was just below it, holding my cheeks apart. Between them, my hole was stretched so wide around the wrist that was inside me. It was a strangely enthralling image and I groaned again, squeezing around Miikka's wrist. "Tell me, how does it feel, slut?"

It took a few moments for me to find the words, a hand up the ass did make it hard to focus, but eventually they came, tumbling from my lips. "I... fuck Master, I feel so full. So, so full." My body trembled as I spoke, my eyes lidding again. Miikka flexed his fingers inside me again and lost my train of thought, such as it was. "Please..." It was the only word I could manage, my voice breathless and broken. I wasn't sure what I was begging for, but I just had a deep need...

Miikka started to move his hand, first by circling his wrist against mmy hole, then by starting to pull it out. I whimpered, not wanting to lose it and I heard him chuckle, the action making his fingers vibrate in me. "Fucking German whore." He pushed his fingers back into me, until his hand was seated inside me once more. I knew that I would do this again, that I needed it. I'd have to find someone back home to do this to me.

When I opened my eyes again, Hannu was looking at me, a smile on his face. His fingers were tracing a path across my cheek and I leaned into them. "Such a slut." He purred and I nodded, not really able to form words. "Bet you want some dick now hmm? To make you real whore." Again, I nodded, even though a part of me didn't. Not because I didn't want it, but because it meant I'd be losing the fist.

Hannu nodded to Miikka and I whined, his hand leaving me. My ass rocked back and I felt his other hand applying pressure, holding me down against the arm of he chair. "Fucking slut." I heard him mumble, before the hand that held me down left me as well. I knew deep down it was necessary, that he had to be lubing himself up. It was just that I felt so... empty.

His hands were back, and I could feel the slickness of lube still on his right hand as he took ahold of my cheeks. He held me open and I could feel the tip of his thick cock against my hole. I gasped, the feeling of need deep in the pit of my stomach growing. "Please..." I looked up at Hannu and he smirked at my desperation, nodding over me.

Miikka's fingers gripped onto me tighter, thrusting his cock into me in one go so that his hips pressed up against my cheeks. I groaned and the feeling of him balls deep in me. It didn't fill me up quite as good as the fist of course, but fuck. He started to move almost right away, the fisting meaning he didn't need to wait for me to adjust. Groans left my throat and my body shook with the force of his thrusts.

Before me, I saw Hannu reaching underneath his skirt and I wondered if he expected me to blow him again. I wasn't sure that would be a good idea, I didn't want to accidentally bite him or to choke on his cock. I wanted to tell him as much, but all I could manage was a drawn out moan as Miikka hammered against my spot. Hannu lifted up his skirt with his free hand so that his dick was in my face again. This time, though, it was soft. Miikka shifted his righthand to my hair, yanking my head back as Hannu started to piss over my face. I sputtered in surprise as the warm fluid hit me. "Open cunt."

I parted my lips and he instantly angled the stream for my opening. The warm fluid filled my mouth and I tried to swallow it as best I could, though Miikka's harsh thrusts made so much of it escape my lips and drip down my chin. "Fucking slut. The piss dripping look suits you." All I could do was groan as he soaked my hair in it.

His stream didn't last too long, not as long as mine had earlier, but it was enough to leave my face and hair soaked. Hannu was sure to grab his phone and take pictures. I didn't care that he now had several obscene pictures of me and would likely have more before the night was out.

Miikka fucked me hard and rough, my whole body shaking from the force of it. "Sir..." Miikka spoke up, voice harsh and breathless. I wondered how long he had been in that cage.

"Cum in him. Be the first to fill the slut up."

Miiikka slammed into me deep, growling and gripping tighter on me as he came. I could feel it hitting my insides and, fuck. Why had I not been fucked before? I cursed myself for it, even as I felt Miikka move sliding out of me, Hannu moving around me. Another few shots of the camera shutters sounded and I knew Hannu's phone now had shots of my cum filled hole.

I didn't have time to process that, as I felt Hannu sink his dick into me. "Mm nice and slick slut. Just how you should be." All I could manage was a whine, my hips rutting against the chair, wishing he'd take the cage off. He chuckled, fucking me hard. "I bet you want to spill don't you? Want that cage off your dick hmm?"

I nodded, body trembling. "Please Master... I do. So bad."

Hannu rolled his hips against my ass, groaning. "Of course you do slut. Make me cum and I'll consider it." I nodded, my thighs trembling as I pushed back on him. He was smaller than Miikka so he easily slipped in and out of my hole, his dick no doubt covered in the other man's cum. I squirmed at that thought, squeezing around him as best I could. Then I heard more noises and Hannu groaned, hips snapping against me. Miikka was doing something to him, though I couldn't tell what from my position. Whatever it was, it was enough to make him lose his focus, as he didn't say anything else to me as he fucked me.

He didn't last as long as Miikka, his cum joining the other man's, spraying against my insides with a low groan. He reached around my waist, undoing the cage with an ease that came with practice. I could feel my cock swell already. "You have five minutes." Hannu spoke, voice breathless as he drew his dick out of me. "Then the cage goes back on."

I nodded and whined, instantly starting to rut against the arm of the chair. It was clearly going to be my only form of stimulation, as he made no attempt to free my arms from the binding that held them. I closed my eyes, remembering the fullness of Miikka's fist inside me and how amazing it...

A groan left me as I felt something against my ass. Not something hard like a dick or a finger, but soft. And then I felt a face press between my cheeks, their tongue sliding into me, lapping up the cum from them. It was Miikka, his beard gave it away and I moaned, squirming. I rocked between him and the chair, my dick aching as he lapped at my sensitive insides. It was too much. I cried out, cumming against the chair, my whole body trembling from the force of my orgasm.

Miiikka stayed where he was, his tongue twisting inside me, and I knew he was collecting every drop of their combined loads. Hannu was back in front of me and he tilted my head up so our eyes met. I was exhausted, completely spent from the night's unexpected activities. He smiled at me, his other hand behind his back. "Did you enjoy that slut?"

I nodded, gasping as Miikka pulled back from me. "Ye... yes Master." My voice was shaky, unsteady. I heard Miikka stand, felt him grip onto my waist and pull me back and down, so that I was on my knees beside the chair, confronted with my cum stain. I leaned in, paused and looked at him. Once he nodded I started to lick the salty drops from it.

"Tell me slut, how long are you staying in our fair country?"

"A week, Master." I answered simply as I finished up. I had a hotel room that I had booked into, which wasn't too far from where we met. All that was there was a small bag with a few things, mostly a change of clothes.

He nodded, licking his lips as Miikka shoved me back over the chair. "You have a choice." I nodded before he spoke. "Miikka will free you and then, once you are up to it, you leave, heading back to whichever shothole hotel a slut like you has. Or..." The word hung in the air for a few moments, the promise behind it clear. "You stay, spend your time here as my slut, and you will learn how to be a better whore."

It was the easiest choice of my life

"I want to stay Master." He smiled, moving his other hand from behind him and shoving the small ball gag into my mouth. As he did that Miikka put the cage back around my soft dick.

"I knew you would say that slut."

He smirked down at me and I shivered, the pair of them leaving me alone down there. I had a feeling that this was going to be the best week of my life.
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