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Kumivaate On Periaate

Kumivaate On Periaate
Pairing: Askeroth/Hannu Voutilainen
Rating: NC-17
POV: Askeroth
Warnings: Watersports, crossdressing
Notes: So after doing the post of this a few weeks back I've decided to finish it up. So I've copied it to the pad and made some changes. I can't recall how it was going to go so I'm winging it. So, sorry it took so long raisethesail but I hope you likes

Some said my homeland was the kinkiest, but I knew that the Finns could give us a run for our money. That's why I was here, in a Finnish fetish club, to enjoy the locals. I was dressed appropriately, in an outfit I'd worn on stage many times, a pair of tight black leather trousers and a rubber corset with buckles that glinted in the light.

From the moment I'd entered my eyes had been searching for someone to have fun with, but I'd found no one that interested me yet. From my seat near the bar, I kept one eye on the door as I drank from my bottle of beer. I'd been sat there for about an hour, watching the pervs and hearing the groans from other rooms absently, when I saw him.

He had hair almost as long as mine, though his was bleached blonde compared to my jet black locks. His outfit made me let out a soft moan. He was wearing a schoolgirl outfit, a white button up shirt with short sleeves that shown off his inked skin. He also wore a red, stripped tie and, the best part, a black skirt that didn't even cover his knees. Fuck it was so hot, and it made me wonder what he wore beneath. I knew I'd have to find out before the night was over.

He came closer, swaying his hips as he moved. I forced my gaze to shift back up from his legs to his face, studying it as he approached. He wore make up which made his skin paler, along with dark eyeshadow and black lipstick, which instantly made my mind think of where he could put those lips.

Those lips were smiling as he came closer to me and I realised he wasn't just approaching the bar, but coming straight to me. "Hello sexy." He spoke in the deep voice that his people all seemed to have, but it still surprised me, his tongue darting across his darkened lower lip.

"I was about to say the same to you." I replied back in Finnish with a smile. I'd took it upon myself to learn the language awhile back and it had proven to be well worth the effort, especially for places such as this.

"Mmm you're German." He purred, as he hopped up onto the stool beside me, reaching over and running his fingers along my arm. "And with nice strong arms too."

"All the better for holding naughty boys down with." I whispered to him with a grin, returning his gesture by reaching over to stroke his bare knee.

He returned by grin, licking his lips again and his legs parted, just a little. "Mmmm I like the sound of that, because I am a bad, bad boy." He shifted a little on the stool, then crossed his legs slowly. "I'm going to be honest, I came here looking for a fuck and the moment I laid eyes on you I knew it had to be you." He leaned in closer to me and he smiled, looking me in the eyes as his fingers stroked my arm, his nails covered in black nail polish. "So how about we skip the drinks and small talk and head straight out of here."

I grinned and nodded, downing the rest of my drink in one go. "Yeah, let's go."

He licked his lips as he stood, hips swaying again. "Great!" He grinned, leading us through the crowd towards the way out. "I'm Hannu by the way."

"You can call me Askeroth." I replied as soon as we stepped out into the cool night air, where we could hear each other better. He wet his lips again, his eyes glinting as he led us away from the bar.

He, thankfully, didn't live too far away from the bar so the trip was nice and short. Though I spent most of it watching his ass as his hips swayed. "Here we are." He purred, walking up to a front door, turning to flash me a grin. I took advantage, pushing him against the wall beside it and kissing him hard. He purred against me, caught off guard but he parted his lips in return, allowing my tongue to dart inside as I ran my hands along his sides.

"Mmmm... so good." He purred as our lips and bodies parted and he reached up, to get his key out of his shirt pocket, using it to open the door to his place. "Oh I do hope you're into as much as you are onstage, though your presence at the club seems to indicate as much." He grinned again as he stepped inside, pulling me in along with him.

"So you recognised me then?"

"Oh yes, as soon as I entered and laid eyes on you I knew. That's why we're here so soon, I couldn't pass up the chance to have you." He licked his lips, his eyes darting over me as he spoke. "Oh yes." He reached over to me, running a hand down my chest.

I smiled, pushing the door shut behind us. "I knew I'd have to have you the second you stepped through the door. And to answer your question, yes, I'm into everything I've done, onstage and off." He let out a low groan and I smirked, pushing him against the wall and pressing myself up against him. "So tell me Hannu, what is it that I've done that you want me to do to you?"

He squirmed and I pressed my hips against his, and I could feel his erection through the material of his skirt. I had the distinct impression that there was something that he had in mind and that was confirmed by him a few moments later when he spoke. "There's a picture from a shoot you did, and it's of you pissing on a guy." I smirked, knowing exactly the one he meant, which had been part of the promo for Dogma. I'd been surprised that it got used to be honest, but it seemed that a lot of people loved it.

"So you dirty slut, you want to be doused in hot German piss huh?" The words made my cock ache at the thought as I spoke them.

"Oh yes sir." He grinned and nodded, making sure he put extra emphasis on the word sir as he pressed his hips back against mine. "I want to be dripping in it when you pound me."

A groan caught in my throat and I let out a growl instead. "Such a dirty little slut." I took a step back, albeit reluctantly, but I knew we wouldn't be doing it here. "Where do you want it you little whore?"

His lips quirked into a smile and he ran his hands down my chest. "Anywhere you want me." Something in the way he said it told me he'd been fucked in every room of his house, which wouldn't surprise me in the least.

I licked my lips, considering for a moment before smirking and stepping back. "Living room, now bitch."

"Yes sir." He smiled and led me through a doorway, turning the light on as we entered. The light revealled that it had pretty much standard living room stuff, a sofa and chairs, all angled towards a tv. There were shelves with dvds and books and a few discs on the wall, which I knew I'd inquire about later.

"On your knees little slut." He licked his lips, sinking down before his sofa. As he did so, I undid the zipper of my flies, pulling out my dick. Usually I'd have asked him to do that, but I didn't want to be more stimulated than I already was. Once it was free, I gave my shaft a squeeze, hearing the slut groan at the sight. I smirked, but made no comment, instead for him and pulling his bright red tie from around his neck. "Hands behind you." He grinned, but did as he was told without a word and I used the tie to secure his wrists there. It wasn't the most secure form of bondage, but fuck did it suit him.

I returned to my position before him and gave my dick another squeeze, taking a deep breath and willing myself enough to soften. It took a few moments to get soft enough with such a beautiful creature before me, but I managed it. I took another deep breath, sneering down at him as I let go, my golden stream splashing across his face and hair. He let out a low groan, leaning into it and parting his sweet lips. Of course, I aimed for the tempting target, grinning as his throat worked to swallow it down. Clearly this wasn't the first time someone had pissed on him. I made sure to soak his shirt as well, the material clinging to his skin as I did so. Fuck, he looked so good like this. He wouldn't look out of place kneeling like this in that bar's toilets, the piss of countless men soaking him.

I licked my lips as my flow started to subside, making sure to give his skirt a spray before finishing up, wiping the last few drops against those pretty lips of his. Fuck, he looked so beautiful, so much like the dirty slut he clearly was. My cock twitched and he smiled, licking the wetness from his lips. "Thank you sir." He whispered, his voice low. My cock twitched at the sight of him like that, on his knees and soaked in my piss. Fuck he looked so beautiful. His gaze was firmly on my stiffening cock. His lips parted, as if about to say something, but I cut him off.

"Suck it slut." i growled in his native tongue and he certain didn't need telling twice. The second the words left my lips, he leaned in and took my dick between his own. He gazed up at me as he started to bob steadily on my shaft, taking me down with the obvious ease of a practised slut. Not to brag but I knew my cock was on the thick side, and, as a result, a lot of people seemed to have trouble taking it. Not Hannu though. His tongue wiggled against my heated flesh as he moved on me and it didn't take him long to get me fully hard. He took me down to the base and I groaned, feeling the vibrations as he hummed around me. "Fuck, you filthy Finnish slut. How many cocks have you sucked hmm? Bet a dirty whore like you has lost count." He groaned, nodding slightly as he kept sucking on me, his head bobbing up and down steadily. I growled at him, reaching down and threading my fingers through his piss damp hair.

I internally debated what to do, weather to hold him in place till I shoot down his throat or to push him off me and save it for his ass. In the meantime I held onto his sodden locks, feeling his lips suckle on my dick, his tongue pressing against me causing another groan to leave my lips. If he kept this up...

I growled, pushing him back of my dick, albeit with some reluctance. "That's enough you dirty little slut." My voice was a little breathless from the effect that those lips of his had on me. "Now, bend the fuck over cunt, I want that ass of yours."

"Yes sir." He said with a smirk before rising from his kneeling position. Getting up with hands bound wasn't exactly easy, but I figured a slut like him would be practised enough to manage it. He wiggled his ass, before he bent over his couch, no doubt not for the first time. I reached up and grabbed the sides of his wet skirt, pushing the material up to expose... Fuck. He was wearing a pair of dark, lacy panties beneath his skirt. I licked my lips, the sight making my dick ache all the more.

I shifted my fingers from the wet material of his skirt, grasping the panties and pulling them down to reveal the curve of his plump ass for my hungry eyes. I grasped his cheeks in each hand and prised them apart to reveal his opening. His pucker winked under my watchful gaze and I smirked. "Half expected a whore like you to have a plug." I purred the words, my thumbs rubbing against his cleft. He whimpered, pushing his ass back against my touch.

"Please..." He whispered the plea, wiggling his ass before me as he spoke the words. "Please sir, fuck me."

I smirked, my cock aching from his words and I pressed my thumbs against his opening. He might not be plugged but it was clear that he'd been fucked recently or had at the very least been fingered open. Good, that would save me the trouble. I shifted my right hand from him and lined myself up with his opening. I growled, griping his ass with my other hand as I pushed my cock into him. He let out a groan beneath me as I filled him fully, with an ease that further demonstrated how much of a whore he was. "Fuck, you slut!" I moaned, his insides squeezing around my hard shaft.

I shifted my hands to grip onto his thighs, holding onto them and using them for leverage as I set a rough pace into him. My balls slapped against his shapely ass as I fucked him, his hole fluttering around me whenever I was fully buried inside him. He was moaning like the whore he was the whole time, the sounds filling the air around us. By contrast, I was much more quiet, focussing on the task at hand. I dug my nails into his wet skin, as I fucked him hard and deep with every thrust of my hips.

"You are such a fucking slut." I growled, his hole twitching around my shaft in just the right ways. I spat on his back, shifting my right hand from his hip up to grab his piss soaked hair. He let out a whine as I yanked his head back. "Fucking dirty, desperate little slut..." Between every word I thrust into him, hearing groans leave those sweet, slutty lips of his. "I'm not going to touch you." I purred, staying balls deep in him for a few moments. "If you can last until I've filled you then I might get you off, understand?"

"Y... Yes sir." He whimpered as he squirmed beneath me. I smirked and nodded to myself, before resuming my movements. It shouldn't take me long before I came, so it shouldn't be too difficult for him to hold off that long.

With one hand still tangled in his wet hair and my other gripping onto his thigh, I slammed into him. Over and over again I thrust into him, his body writhing beneath me as moans left his lips. "Yeah, fuck sir." He groaned, squeezing his muscles around me whenever I was balls deep inside him. "Please sir, fuck... Cum inside me, fill me up."

I growled, his words enough to tip me over the edge, my body shuddering as I came deep inside him. How many guys had done this to him? Ten? Twenty? More? "Fucking slut.." The words came out as a breathless whisper, as I eased myself out of him.

I moved quickly once I my softening cock slipped from his hole. I grabbed him and rolled him over so that he was on his back and I pushed his sodden skirt up. He was still hard, his surprising nice sized cock stiff above his panties. I licked my lips and took a breath before I sank down until I was on my knees before him. I was hardly the expert cocksucker that he was, especially after an orgasm, but it would do. I leaned into him, parting my lips as I took him between them. "Fuck sir..." He breathed above me as I brushed my tongue against him. He tasted slightly of my piss, but that didn't bother me. I hummed as I bobbed up and down on him, not managing to take him fully but that didn't matter. I could taste the salty precum leak from him onto my tongue as I lapped at his shaft.

He squirmed above me, soft gasps and sounds of pleasure leaving his lips. "Sir..." He whimpered, his shapely thighs trembling as he came in my mouth. I smiled, pulling off him as I swallowed the salty fluid down.

"Well, well, well. Seems like you found a way to entertain yourself." I turned, surprised by the new voice, which belonged to a large man with hair as long as Hannu's. I swallowed, not quite sure what to say to that. What was he to Hannu? Friend? Boyfriend? Master? Husband? Either way he didn't look mad to have caught Hannu with another man, which was a good thing.

I felt a hand run through my hair and turned back to Hannu. His hands were freed, though how he had managed it I wasn't exactly sure. "This is Askeroth, from that german band Nachtblut. He pissed on me, I sucked his dick, then he fucked me." Hannu smirked, licking his lips. "And I just came in his mouth."

I looked back to this new guy and he ran his fingers through his hair, smirking as he looked me over. "Well then, that's not a bad start." He stepped closer to us as he spoke, his heavy boots sounding on the floor. "But I think we can do better, don't you?"

Between my legs, my dick twitched in interest. Well, this was certainly taking an interesting turn.
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