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Pairing: Ilan Rubin/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Sexytimes
Notes: So this idea came from an rp I did and it stuck with me. Seeing Blade Runner made me wanna try do something with it, although it's ended up going (well the first part anyway) much much different than I had in mind (and a part of me wants to not do the next bit causa it, so we'll see

Rain. It was splashing against my windowscreen as I drove home, the wipers screeching as they cleaned the water away. Typical Welsh weather. It was getting worse now, but thankfully I was close to being home now. I glanced up, seeing the flash then hearing the rumble of thunder that followed a few seconds later.

"Fuck." I muttered to myself, before turning the last corner into my street.

Another rumble followed the first as I parked up outside my house, quickly gathering my things from the passenger seat and bracing myself for the rain outside. I pulled my key from the ignition, making sure the house key was facing out before taking a deep breath. The second I opened the door I moved quickly, getting out and shutting the door behind me before running inside.

Not that it made much difference, I was still soaked from the heavy rain by the time I got inside. Sighing, I dumped my bag beside the door and ran my fingers through my wet hair before taking off my jacket, draping it over the chair by the door. Another rumble of thunder from outside made me shudder.

"Hey Ilan, are you home?" I called into the house. The lights were on, which meant he most likely was here somewhere. I heard movement and after a few moments, he appeared from one of the doorways, a small smile on his face.

"You're back, I was worried this storm might hold you up." Ilan was over 10 years younger than I was, with a thick mass of dark brown curls atop his head. The slim boy was a session drummer from America and we'd met when I was over there on buisness. I was amazed I could get someone so beautiful, even more so that we'd made a lasting connection.

"It'd take more than a little storm to keep me away from you." I said with a smile as I approached him, hearing another low rumble from outside as I did so. Once I was before him I leaned into hum, kissing him. I felt his lips quirk into smile my own as he kissed me back. "How was your day?" I asked when me our lips parted after a few moments.

"Good, same as always." He nodded, his curls bouncing a little as he did so. Unlike my own, his work wasn't a standard 9 to 5. A few of the rooms in the back had been converted into a studio for his drumming. Some days he'd be working in there into the night, playing for people back in America. Other times he worked for local bands, who'd left long before I returned. A few times they'd be here when I got back and Ilan would introduce me to them, an arm wrapped around my waist. I knew he also gave lessons too, teaching a few of the bands that came what he knew, sharing his skills.

I'd asked him if this was enough for him, if he ever wanted to be in band, touring. I knew it was something he'd done in the past, but he was content not to. It wasn't for him, that was all he'd said.

Today I knew he had no commitments, so his time had been his own. "Come on, let's sort some food out, you must be hungry."

I smiled and nodded, following him as he lead the way into the kitchen, my eyes drawn to the curve of his ass as he moved. He lifted up the freeze door, bending over and leaning down into it, rummaging inside it. "Pizza ok?"

"Always." I purred, reaching for him and running my fingers over his ass. When he turned to look at me he grinned, pulling it out and slamming the lid down.


"Yours." I returned his grin, turning and opening the fridge, pulling out some beers for us as he shoved the pizza in the oven.

We talked, we ate, we drank, we watched dumb tv for hours. The storm rumbled on, the rain pattering the windows a constant background sound, even after the lightening and thunder had passed.

Ilan reached over to me, running his fingers along my thigh. Our eyes met and we both knew what he wanted. I smiled, parting my legs slightly and he returned my smile, shifting his hand up towards my crotch. He grasped the zipper of my fly in between his fingers, tugging it down slow. I squirmed slightly at his touch and he smiled, leaning in to kiss me. I parted my lips slightly, his tongue darting inside my mouth, lapping at my own. He pulled my flies open, his fingers pulling my boxers down to free my dick, his touch making me stiffen.

We parted and I let out a whimper despite myself, a smile curving Ilan's wet lips. He shifted his hands up my body, undoing the buttons of my shirt slowly. I shrugged it off as he removed it from me, exposing my inked skin for his hungry eyes. "Ilan..."

"Shush..." He whispered, pressing his finger to my lips and I nodded slightly. He cast my shirt aside, tossing it to the chair behind him. He reached down, pulling off his own t-shirt, exposing his chest for me. His skin was paler than my own and his body was slimmer than my own, though his arms were toned from his work as a drummer. Unlike me he didn't have a single piece of ink on him. Not because he was afraid of needles or anything, he just hadn't found the right thing. It meant he was a blank canvas and, fuck, he was beautiful. He stood up, a smile curving his lips as he ran a hand down his bare chest, dragging his nails across his skin. His fingers hooked into the waistband of the loose fitting lounge pants he wore and he pushed them down his legs.

A gasp left my lips as I saw that he wasn't wearing underwear, though I wasn't sure why I was surprised by that. Dark brown curls surrounded the base of his cock, which was almost fully hard between his legs. He swayed his hips, the clothing falling to the floor, though my eyes were drawn to his cock as he grasped it, stroking himself to hardness. A groan left his lips, his other hand running his fingers through the curls of his hair. Fuck, I loved those curls so much. They felt so fucking soft, so perfect.

It took just a few strokes for him to get fully erect. It was a little thinner than my own, though slighter longer. I swallowed, my tongue darting out across my lips and I saw him grin. "Tell me..." He whispered, as he stepped out of his lounge pants, coming closer to me. "What do you want hmm?"

My mind raced, my own cock twitching at the thoughts that went through my head. Ilan on top of me, moaning as he rode my cock. Me on my knees before him, lips wrapped around him as I sucked him off until he came, thick and salty down my throat. The feel of his tongue lapping at my hole, his hands holding my cheeks apart. I squirmed on my seat, a soft gasp leaving my lips. So many choices... "I... Fuck, I want you. Need you."

He smirked, grasping the remote from beside me, using it to turn the tv off, ending the background noise, leaving just the sound of the rain outside and our breathing to fill the room. Tossing the remote aside, he reached down and tugged my trousers and boxers down to my knees, bringing his foot up to push them down to my ankles. Then he leaned in close, his fingers tracing a path back up my thighs. "Need me to what?" He breathed out the words, making me shiver. His thumbs brushed against my balls, making it hard for me to think.

"Want you... Fuck... On my dick." I squirmed, parting my legs slightly. "Please..." His lips quirked into a smirk and he reached under the side table beside the sofa, grasping the tube of lube we kept there. This was far from the first time we'd fucked down here after all. He popped the lid open, squirting it over his fingers, a soft groan leaving my lips as I realised what that meant.

He turned around so the curve of his ass was facing me, the shapely curve of it making me left out a soft moan. Ilan reached behind himself and, with a gasp of his own, pushed a finger into himself. Ilan worked it in all the, then removed it until just the fingertip remained in his hole. He pushed a second one in alongside the first and I had to grip the sofa cushion to stop from touching myself. His ass was so sexy and watching him finger himself like that drove me crazy. I bite my lower lip, thoughts of my own fingers working him open flitting across my mind. Or my tongue, as deep as I could get it in him. I was tempted to push him over the sofa and do just that.

He added a third, wiggling them inside him, opening himself up for me. Sweet groans left his lips, his head tipped back, his curls cascading over his shoulders. "Fuck..." He gave his wrist one last twist, before slowly removing his skilled fingers from himself. He turned to face me, bringing his digits up to his pretty face, sucking them clean in a manner that went straight to my dick. He smiled at me and, as soon as they left his lips, he mounted the sofa to straddle my thighs. I groaned, reaching under him and holding my dick up and the pair of us groaned as he sank onto it.

Once he seated himself fully on my cock, he leaned into me, his lips meeting mine as he kissed me. I groaned into his mouth, as his tongue lapped at my own, his hands gripping onto my sides. He stayed still on me for a few moments, wiggling his ass on my lap, before starting to move on my cock. His ass felt so fucking amazing around me. I bought my hands up, stroking along his arms up to his hair. Fuck, those curls of his his, I just had to get my hands into them. I ran my fingers through them, returning his kiss as I marvelled at the softness of them.

A groan escaped his lips when we parted, as he stared to rock up and down on my dick. "Fuck..." He breathed out the word, squeezing around my length. "Love you inside me..."

"Love your ass too..." I purred, squirming beneath him, playing with the curls of his hair. "And these..." I shifted a hand between his legs, tracing my fingers along his shaft. "And this..." Shit, his cock is so beautiful, everything about him was. How the hell I had ended up with him was a mystery to me. I groaned as he bounced on my erection, his hole squeezing around me. "Fuck, Ilan..." I kissed him again, my hips rocking up against him. I wrap my fingers around his shaft, stroking him steadily as he rode me, sweet sounds leaving his pretty lips.

He bucked up into my hand, his head tipped back and I couldn't help but lean in and run my tongue along the curve of his throat. I let my teeth drag along his skin, feeling him squirm on top of me. "Jay..." He purred, his ass fluttering around my aching cock and I knew deep inside that I was getting close to filling him up.

"Shit, you're so hot Ilan..." I groaned his name as I thrust up against his plump ass. He gripped onto my shoulders, his fingers holding me tight as he bounced faster on me. "I'm gonna..."

"Me too..." He gasped, voice breathless. "Fuck, fill me up, need it."

Those words were all I needed. With a low growl I came deep inside him, plastering his insides with my cum. I kept a tight hold on him as he kept bouncing on me, his movements slowing down. I stroked him as best I could to finish him off and it only took a few shaky strokes before he climaxed, his seed landing over our bellies.

We smiled at one another, both of us panting and breathless as we shared another brief kiss. I ran my fingers through his cum, bringing it up to my lips to taste him. I could never get enough of him, he was the best I'd ever tasted.

We stayed like that for awhile, content in each other's arms, until he finally shifted off to sit beside me. Neither of us cared that he was likely staining the cushions by doing so. I stroked his hair, kissing his forehead gently.

I wanted to stay like this forever.
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