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How I Disappear

How I Disappear
Pairing: Jay James, Matt Tuck, Moose, Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: ?
Prompt: 13: Snuff
Warnings: Gore, snuff
Notes: So I started this up weeks ago, perhaps a month or more, then stalled due to stress/block/depression and now things are sorted I've finished it at last yee. The vague idea came started from the waycest discord I recall that much of the conversation now, anyway here it be

I looked at the screen as the video started up, displaying a room that appeared to be a basement. Within there were four men, one of whom was naked, his arms cuffed above his head. The rest of them were fully clothed, dressed in black and checking to make sure the cameras were rolling. They were two others in shot, one behind the cuffed guy and one off to the left.

The one nearest this camera had short hair, strong arms and an expression that reeked arrogance. He smirked at the camera, stepping aside so that there was a clear view of the others. "I am Matt Tuck, lead singer of Bullet For My Valentine." He gestured to the other two men in turn, first to the one with shorter hair, then to the one with hair past his shoulders. "That is Moose and that's Padge." Padge gave a slight nod of acknowledgement at that, then Matt pointed to the naked man with the tip of his knife. "And that pathetic piece of slut shit is Jay."

Jay squirmed, his eyes wide as he looked at the blade. While the stocky man was naked he had a few things on him. A ring gag spread his lips wide, making him drool down his chin. On his chest there were a pair of metal clamps latched onto his nipples. Between his thick thighs, his cock was locked in a steel cage.

"If you are watching this chances are that you have had this slut at some point or other. He'll bend over and offer up his arse for anyone, or those pretty cock sucking lips." Matt sneered at him and Moose grabbed Jay's arm, twisting it to the main camera to show off a tattoo of the number 13. "See that? In one night he had 13 men, so we made him commemorate his whorishness with that." Moose released him, stepping back from Jay as Matt ran a finger along the base of the three.

After a few moments Matt gripped Jay's chin, turning him to face him before spitting in his face. He let go of him, turning back to the camera and smirking. "But we have now had enough of his slutiness, so we're going to deal with him." He tapped the flat side of his knife against his chin, the blade glinting in the light. "So we've decided to film his send off."

I reached between my legs, giving me bulge a squeeze as I kept watching the screen. Yeah, I'd had the little slut awhile back. He'd given me one of the best blow jobs I'd ever had.

"Now, shall we get started?" Matt wet his lips, then turned back to the others. Both Moose and Padge were now brandishing their own knives and they stepped closer to him. Padge and Jay shared this look, but then the camera angle switched to behind him. The three of them started to use their blades on Jay's skin. From the new angle Moose was the one most visible, cutting Jay's back, missing his lizard tattoo. The cuts were shallow, just enough to draw blood which oozed out of the fresh wounds. Most of the cuts were random, though Moose had cut the word 'slut' on Jay's belly.

Over the next few minutes the video switched between the three cameras, the three men marring Jay's skin with their blades. Jay cried out from the wounds, though the gag made the sounds come out as incoherent noises. Soon he had cuts all over his body, his arms, legs, chest, back, even a few on his face. The cuts were more careful than they looked as they missed his various tattoos, as well as veins and arteries. While most of the cuts were random, or at least appeared to be, Moose had carved the word 'slut' onto his belly.

Matt raised his hand and both Moose and Padge lowered their blades and stepped back from Jay. He was bleeding from his various wounds, his eyes wide and going between them, before focussing on Matt. Matt reached down, giving his crotch a squeeze and he licked his lips at the sight before him.

I shifted in my seat, undoing my zipper and pulling out my hard cock, giving myself a slow stroke as I watched them.

Matt smirked, his gaze running over Jay's body as he circled him slowly, examining the various wounds that they had left on him. "We're just getting started little slut." He purred the words when he was behind him, Jay hissing in pain as Matt stroked some of his cuts. He smirked, looking over to Padge. "Padge though, thinks you should have one last orgasm."

Padge stepped closer, he had discarded the knife somewhere off screen and instead he had a dildo in hand. It was thick, purple and almost as long as his forearm. Jay's eyes were wide as he looked at it, though I was pretty sure the little slut had taken it before, or at least something as big. Matt chuckled, leaning into Jay's ear but speaking loud enough to be clearly heard by all of them. "We all know how much you love stuff shoved up your arse, so of course we're going to oblige."

Jay's body jerked and the camera switched to behind him. Matt had shoved several fingers into him. From the angle it was impossible to tell how many exactly, though I guessed it was three. His hand moved, clearly thrusting his fingers in and out of him. He only did it for a few more thrusts, before roughly pulling them out of him. With his other hand he beckoned Padge closer, circling around Jay's body.

The camera switched to the front view and Matt wiped the fingers that had been in him over Jay's face. "Dirty slut." Matt reached up, pulling a chain up and over his neck, which had a small key dangling from it. He bought it between his legs, undoing the cage around his cock and removing it from him. "There, now you can get your last erection." Jay made a whimpering sound, though his cock started to swell, which made Matt chuckle. He nodded over Jay's shoulder to Padge and the camera switched back to behind him.

Padge held the shaft in his gloved hands and he was pressing the head between Jay's fleshy cheeks. He shifted one hand from the dildo, gripping onto Jay's side as he pushed it into him. Suddenly, a cry left Jay's stretched lips and he started to struggle. Matt chuckled again as Padge held him tight, working the shaft into Jay's body. "Do you like our special lube slut?" Padge hand shifted to the base of the dildo, as he pressed it home inside him. "Well, I say lube, it's actually hot sauce." Jay squealed, his body jerking again.

The camera switched to the side on one, Jay squirming, his cheeks going red. "Aww what's the matter slut? Don't you like it?" Matt sneered at him, licking his lips. "Or maybe you'd like some more hmm?" Jay shook his head, his hazel eyes looking wild and desperate. Padge reached around Jay's waist, wrapping his gloved fingers around Jay's erection. He started to stroke him firmly and it was clear his fingers still had some traces of the sauce still on them. With his other hand he was still moving the shaft inside the slut, his skills as a guitarist meaning he could move both hands with ease. I could see that Jay was crying now, his body shaking and I wasn't sure if it was because of the toy up his ass, Padge's hand working his dick or both.

Matt had stepped aside and he'd come back with a bottle, which must be the hot sauce they'd used. It wasn't a brand I was familiar with, the label on the side having a man that looked like some sort of fighter with the word victory on it. "You have five minutes to cum slut, or I will be adding more of this to that pathetic excuse of a cock." Jay whimpered from his words, more drool going down his chin.

Padge smirked and Jay's belly swelled every time he had the toy thrust deep into him. He cried out every time, Padge stroking his dick firmer. "Come on little slut." Padge purred as both his arms worked on him, his right hand twisting as he pumped Jay's cock, his left thrusting the toy hard into him. "Cum for us." His gloved fingers squeezed around his shaft, Jay's body trembling. A whimper left his spread lips and his hips jerked as he came, crying out as it landed across his stomach and the word slut Moose had cut there. He came a lot too, which made me wonder how long his dick had been locked.

Padge released Jay's member, wiping his hand on the slut's quivering thigh. He stepped back, leaving the rubber shaft in place deep inside him.

"Good cunt." Matt smirked, his voice sounding patronising. He turned his attention to look off camera. "Alright Moosey boy, you're up!"

Moose stepped into view, snapping on the second of a pair of pale blue surgical gloves. He gave the camera a smirk and then took ahold of a scalpel, the blade glinting in the light. Jay's eyes widened as Moose approached him with it. "Ah where to start first, there are so many choices." He circled Jay slowly, examining him carefully as he did. I suspected he had a few targets in mind and was just choosing which one to go for first. "Something simple first I think." He stood before the already bleeding bassist and reached up with the blade, making two quick cuts. Jay cried out in pain as the clamps, still holding his nipples, hit the floor beneath him.

Moose stepped back and smirked, his tongue darting across his lower lip as he bent down and picked them up from the floor. Jay let out a whimper as he saw them and Moose dropped them into a small tray that Padge held out for him.

"Now how about something bigger." He circled around Jay and the camera switched to the one behind him. I watched with interest as bought the scalpel up, sinking the blade in Jay's skin. He cut through it slowly, carefully tracing a path around the lizard tattoo. He cut a broad oval around the inked skin and, once he was done, he smiled and eased the blade under the skin. Jay let out cries of pain the whole time.

The whole process took several minutes and, by the end, Moose's gloved fingers were covered in blood. He carefully peeled the skin off Jay's back, exposing the flesh beneath. Matt stepped back into view, arms outstretched, and Moose draped the skin over them. Matt smirked and took the inked skin around Jay. "I think this'll look much better hanging on my wall then it ever did on you."

The camera switched to the one in front of Jay. He looked dazed, understandable from what was happening to him. His chin and throat shone with saliva. Matt took his skin off camera and Moose circled back around to stand before him. "Don't worry slut, I'll take the rest from you later. Now there's just one more thing..." He bought one bloodied hand up between Jay's legs, cradling his balls. Despite myself, I winced as he used the scalpel to cut them off, the sac filling his hand after a few cuts. Jay let out gurgly groan from his stretched lips, looking even more out of it.

Moose stepped back, giving the camera a good look and the severed balls in his hand before dropping it into a jar that Padge was holding out for him. He went off camera then, though I could hear him discard the scalpel and snap off the bloodied gloves.

Matt stepped closer to Jay, gripping his wet chin and turning him so their eyes met. "Hello slut." Jay looked at him, clearly out of it, his eyes were unfocussed, his skin paler now then at the start of the video. "Don't worry little whore, we wouldn't let you go without taking some cock. In fact it's the last thing you'll do."

He reached up, undoing the restraints holding Jay up. As soon as his wrists were freed Jay's body crumpled to the floor, a soft groan leaving his stretched lips. His head shifted just a little to look up at Matt, who had a blade in hand. He knelt down before his prome body, ran his fingers through his dark hair and then he thrust the blade into Jay's side. Another cry of pain left him and that was quickly followed by a second as Matt slammed the blade into his right side. He let go of the blade, leaving it sticking out of the bassist.

"Come on boys, lets give this cunt the send off it deserves." And with that he reached down and undid his fly, pulling out his unimpressive dick. With his other hand he gripped Jay's hair and pulled his head up, ramming his cock into his wide open mouth.

From then on the camera's switched between them. Moose and Padge came closer, undoing their flies and pulling out their much bigger members. They hauled Jay up so he was about height with their dicks. Padge looked down at him, pausing for a moment to look at Jay before easing his dick into the wound Matt had made.

Moose removed the blade with a twist, then thrust his cock into him. While Padge went fairly slow and steady Moose started up fucking him hard and rough. The movements meant that that the thighs of his leather trousers were soon covered in Jay's blood.

I stroked my own dick firmly as I watched them move in tandem on the dying bassist. The three of them groaned as they used him and I felt a pang of jealousy. I wished I'd been there for this send off, no doubt others that were sent this felt the same as well. A gasp left my lips as I thought what it must feel like for them to be in his warm body, blood surrounding their dicks. No doubt they were feeling his squishy organs as they did so too.

Matt let out a growl, gripping Jay's hair tighter. "Yeah take it you whore..." He thrust his hips forward hard against his face and he came down Jay's throat. Well, the arrogant singer wasn't exactly known for his stamina. He spat on Jay's hair, pulling back and zipping himself up, watching the others.

Another groan left my lips at the sight of Jay's face, his eyes wide and glazed as he watched Matt. Fuck that was hot and it made my dick ache and long to be between those lips one last time. Shame that his last dick would be Tuck's.

Moose ran his fingers through the exposed flesh of Jay's back, becoming covered in his blood and he bought them up to Padge's lips, forcing them into his mouth and making him taste. It certainly had an effect on the guitarist, his thrusting now becoming harder into Jay's side. He ran his hand through the blood, running his hands over Moose's arms and face, making him even bloodier...

Despite myself I let out a soft cry, my eyes lidding as I came over my chest, the sight just too much for me. My body trembled slightly and it took a few moments for me to return my focus to the screen. By the time I had Moose had came himself and moved away from the bassist and Padge was growling, his thrusts now much more animalistic than when he had first started.

I bought my fingers to my lips, tasting myself as I watched Padge fill his insides up with a groan. He stayed in him for a few moments, then stepped away from him, watching as Matt came closer. He had Moose's scalpel in his hand, the blade still bloody. He gripped Jay's hair and lifted his head up, gazing into his eyes. "Goodbye Jay, you filthy fucking whore." And with that he slashed his throat, blood gushing out to spill out beneath him. When he let go, Jay's head fell to the floor, his body now completely limp. The only movement from him now was the blood from his many, many wounds.

The cameras lingered on his body for a few moments longer before fading to black, the video now over. I knew I'd watch it again at some point soon, I'd already seem it several times now since getting it. I glanced past the screen, to the wall where, in a simple frame, was a piece of Jay's skin, the part inked with the number 13.

"I take it you enjoyed it then it then darling." I smiled at the sound of Moose's voice turning to face him. He was leaning against the doorframe, a grin on his face. I wasn't sure how long he'd been there, but I guessed it didn't matter since I had cum drying on my chest. I felt myself blush, making no effort to cover myself up. He came over and kissed me, running a hand down my side. "You're so beautiful Luke." He purred and I returned his smile. "Well, if you loved that, you're going to love the follow up I just finished up editing."

"I thought that was all you'd filmed." I asked, quirking an eyebrow in response.

"No that was all of Jay while he was alive." He leaned in to me, lowering his voice to a whisper. "There's more of what we did to his body." I squirmed my curiosity piqued and he chuckled. "Soon. You'll see soon enough." He kissed me again, smiling. "Now come on, let's get something to eat."

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