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New Experiences

New Experiences
Pairing: Hannu/Rich Boucher, Miikka
Rating: NC-17
POV: Hannu
Warnings: BDSM, sexytimes
Notes: Birthday fic for a certain raisethesail, sorry it's a little late. Based, partly on ye topping from the bottom suggestion. i'd filled the prompt already but it stuck in my mind and hence became this.

"Ugh, this place is so fucking boring." It was Miikka's idea that we take a trip away and he, for some reason, had chosen to come here. Wales, which I thought was a part of England until an angry local corrected me, much to Miikka's amusement. We had apparently arrived during the wet season, as all it had been doing since we got here was fucking raining. Even now, despite being inside, I could still make out the pattering of the rain

Currently we were in the local gay bar called Y Ddraig Enfys, though I had no fucking clue what that meant. It wasn't very big and was, for the most part, not much more than a bar. There was music coming from a sound system set up behind the bar and it was, to the places credit, not what passed for pop music that most gay bars seemed intent on playing. I didn't recognise the songs I'd heard so far, but at least they were rock and metally.

I took a drink from my beer that Miikka had gotten me and surveyed our fellow patrons. We could count the people here on both of our hands. Some were paired up and had been since before we arrived, but a few were around the bar, clearly looking like they were here looking for the company. One, a bleached blonde, was currently engaged in talking the ear off the bartender. The other two both had dark hair, with one showing off muscular, tattooed arms and another dressed all in black including a pair of rubber trousers that shone in the dim light. It was the closest to a fetish outfit this place had.

"Well, are you going to pick one to unbore you then?" Miikka said with a sly smirk, taking a drink from his own bottle.

I flipped him off, then grinned, nodding. "Yeah, one of those..." I was about to gesture at the two dark haired guys at the bar, when a newcomer caught my eye. He'd just arrived and the rain had made his t-shirt cling to his muscular torso. There was something about him, something I couldn't quite put my finger on, but I knew I wanted his dick in me. "Him."

Miikka leaned forward, looking over at the new arrival. "Mmm, well go get him tiger."

I smirked, finishing the dregs from my bottle before setting it down and rising from my seat. I made my way over to him, swaying my hips as I moved. He looked at me, raising an eyebrow as I approached him. "Hello, I'm Hannu." I purred, leaning in closer to him. He smelt of the rain he'd left outside. "And I want to ride your dick." I was used to being forward with guys back home and elsewhere in Europe so I may as well be here as well. Even if brits did seem more uptight by comparison.

His eyes widened slightly at that, and then he smirked. "You're not from around here are you?" He asked, licking his lips as he looked at me. "Name's Rich by the way." He added before I had a chance respond.

"No, I'm Finnish."

"Hmm, never had a Finn before..."

"Well, I've never had a Welshman before." I grinned, then licked my lips slowly, looking him right in the eyes. "How about we both change that?"

He gave me another quick once over, then nodded, running his fingers through his wet hair. "I take it you must be staying in a hotel somewhere then?"

I gave him a nod, trying to think of the name of the place. "Yeah, it's across town somewhere." Miikka was much better at retaining this kind of information than I was. "I think it's called travel... something."

Rich snorted and shook his head. "The walls are like paper there, no place to have real fun." Clearly he was more familiar with the place than I was, not a surprise really. "Besides my place is much closer."

I nodded in agreement, turning to wave Miikka over to us. Rich raised an eyebrow again as Miikka joined us. "And who is this?"

"Oh, this is just Miikka." I leaned in closer to him, replying in a low whisper. "He likes to watch."


Rich was right, his place wasn't very far away. It was pretty much just around the corner. The rain had eased off slightly for the short trip thankfully. It still wet my hair, but at least I wasn't drenched. As soon as we were inside I turned to Rich, gesturing to the window at the rain outside. "Is it always fucking like this?"

"Not always." Rich said with a sly smile, running a towel through his hair. "We get a few days where it's not wet, and a handful of those this strange yellow thing appears in the sky." I chuckled and he smiled, tossing the towel over to me for me to dry my own hair. "So what brings you to our sweet land?"

"Just wanted a trip away and we'd never been here properly before, so we decided to come check it out." I spared a glance to Miikka, tossing the towel over to him. "Well, I say we it was mostly this one."

Rich smiled as he looked between the both of us. "So I take it you two are a couple?"

"Yeah, though we're pretty open being in a band and all." I glanced to the wall past him, spotting one of those fancy framed discs. I couldn't make out the name of the band from this distance, but I assumed they were all the same. "As are you I take it."

"I was." I was about to ask what he meant by that, but before I could he took the towel from Miikka, tossing it to one side and gesturing to the stairs. "How about we take things upstairs?" He led the way, leading the pair of us up them and down the corridor to one of the bedrooms. Once he opened the door and flicked the light on, it became obvious this wasn't a room for sleeping. Like similar ones in Tuomas' apartment and Janne's studio, this was a room expressly for fucking.

The main focus of the room was a bed with black sheets, that was clearly big enough for at least two, with restraints hanging from the four corners. A wardrobe was open, showing off a selection of fetish outfits and bondage gear. I could make out a spreader bar and rubber outfit among everything else. A chest of drawers on the other wall had a few dildos on top of it, among other things. "Nice place." I commented, after I looked around.

Rich turned to me, then reached up and wrapped his fingers around my throat, squeezing them just enough so I could feel it. "That's 'nice place sir'." My eyes widened slightly in surprise and he smirked, looking me right in the eyes. "While you are in this room you will call me sir and do as I say, understand?"

"Yes sir, I understand." I replied, licking his lips as he released his grip on me. Miikka smirked, heading to take the seat in the corner of the room.

"Now slut, take off your clothes." I nodded, then began to strip off the layers of clothing that I wore. Jacket and t-shirt went off first, being discarded on the other, unoccupied chair. Next, I reached for the zipper of my fly, tugging it down quickly. As soon as it was undone I tugged my jeans down, letting them fall to my ankles. I hooked my fingers under the waistband of my boxers, pushing them down to join them. Doing so exposed my thighs, which bore various scratches and bruises from when Miikka had last marked them just a few nights before. Rich noticed, raising an eyebrow but saying nothing as he removed his own t-shirt, exposing his muscular, tattooed torso. His nipples were both pierced, the balls of them glinting in the light. The whole sight made my semi twitch.

I stepped out of my jeans and underwear, toeing off my shoes and casting them all on the chair with the rest of my clothing. Now that I was fully naked he circled me, looking me over like a piece of meat. It made my dick stiffen, especially when he spoke. "When did you last fuck this slut?"

"This morning." Miikka replied from his seat. "Fucking shit is insatiable."

Rich chuckled and I felt his fingers brush over my ass cheeks. He leaned in closer to me, growling in my ear. "Get on your knees you little slut." His words sent a shiver through me and I sank down, licking my lips. It was far from an unfamiliar position for me to be in, I found myself on my knees often especially with the rest of the band. Rich moved around me until he stood before me. He reached down, undoing his flies and pulling out his stiff cock. Unlike me, he'd not bothered with underwear, clearly knowing he'd get some action tonight.

He was certainly impressive, which I'd somehow expected the moment I'd seen him. Miikka had joked I had a sixth sense for guys with big dicks. Rich wasn't the biggest I had, but he was pretty close. "Well, don't just stare at it slut, suck me!"

I smirked, parting my lips and extending my tongue and swiping it over his head. I then took him into my mouth, taking a breath through my nose as I swallowed him down. Above me, he let out a low groan and I smiled around his shaft. I slowly eased off him, until just the head was in my mouth, then I went back down on him. This time I took him fully, hearing him making sounds of approval above. He was probably not used to someone taking him so easily, at least so quickly anyway. I remained there for a few moments, with him fully down my throat, before starting to move again, bobbing steadily along his erect shaft.

After a few moments he reached down, grabbing ahold of my hair tight and pulling me off him with a low growl. "Enough." He stepped back, pushing his jeans down and off his legs, then stepping over to the bed behind him. He mounted the bed, giving me a nice view of his toned, and no doubt tight, ass. I had to admit, I did wonder what it would be like to bury my face, among other things, between those cheeks. The thought made me squirm as he rolled onto his back. "Well, you said you wanted to ride my dick, what are you waiting for?"

"Yes sir." I grinned and rose from the floor, grabbing some lube I'd spotted and using the bottle to slick my fingers up. I had become, due to the nature of our band's aftershow sessions, very good at quickly fingering myself to prepare myself for a good fuck. Once I had my fingers slicked up, I reached back and pushed two of them into me. I let out a gasp, as I worked them deep into me, wiggling and scissoring them to get myself open for him. A soft groan left my lips, as I tipped my head back, figuring I may as well put on a show for him. After twisting my fingers a few more times, I removed them from my body and climbed on the bed.

I crawled up over his legs, shifting until my knees were either side of him. With one hand I reached beneath myself, taking ahold of his saliva slick member and holding it up. I took another deep breath and sank down onto it. Rich let out a low moan as I impaled myself on him and I was sure I could hear Miikka react from behind me as well.

As soon as he was in me I shifted my hands to his toned chest, bracing myself as I sank fully onto his dick. "Fuck..." I groaned, though I almost uttered it in my native tongue instead of english. It hurt, but it was the kind I loved. I wiggled my ass a little once I was fully seated on him. "Mmm are all welshman this big or is it just you?" I didn't give him chance to respond as I began to move on him, rolling my hips as I rode him. I ran my fingers up over him, stopping at his nipples to play with his piercings. "I guess I'll have to ride more welshmen while we're here to find out."

He growled, reaching up and scratching at my chest. "You're a filthy little cunt aren't you?" He growled, his hips thrusting up against my ass. "Bet you've been fucked every guy back home huh?"

I smirked, a groan escaping my lips as I spoke. "I'm sure there's a few outliers that haven't dropped their pants for me yet." Once I was fully seated on him again I clenched around him. "But I'm sure they'll soon fall for my charms." I heard a chuckle from Miikka and I flipped him off, before bringing my hand between my legs to my aching dick. "What about you huh, sir?" I ground back against him. "Bet if we had a black light this place'd fucking light up like a christmas tree."

He growled, thrusting up into me again as he added his own marks to my thighs. "What can I say, the sluts here love my d." His hips jerked up against me, his cock slamming against my spot, making me groan. My eyes lidded and I wondered if he'd ever been bent over this bed and rammed into the sheets. Another groan left my lips as I stroked myself harder at the thought, my release getting near. "As do you you filthy finnish whore."

A stream of Finnish swear words left my lips as I came across his toned chest, my head tipping back. He held me tighter, growling beneath me. "Fucking slut..." After a few more thrusts into my twitching hole, he came deep inside me. "You'd better fucking clean me up."

I smirked, breathless from his dick. "Oh, of course. You didn't need to say it sir." I licked my lips, getting off his cock and leaning down over him, licking the globs of my cum from off his chest slowly. Hopefully, after a drink or whatever these rain-soaked people did after a fuck, we could look through his collection and make use of them. Maybe I could even persuade him to take Miikka's cock.

I groaned, feeling something land on my back and I looked over my shoulder, seeing him stand there, dick in hand. He smirked at me, moving back to his seat and Rich chuckled. "It's obvious someone's used to being a cum covered whore. You should tell me about some of your exploits after you've finished up."

"Yes sir." I licked my lips, turning back to him and leaning back down to finish up cleaning his chest. This trip wasn't going to be as bad as I expected.
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