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Pairing: Hannu/Miikka
Rating: NC-17
POV: Hannu
Warnings: sexytimes
Notes: So I did this cause special awesome Welshie needs cheering, I hope it helps

I looked over at the sleeping form of Miikka, smiling at the sight of him. I'd never expected that being in a band of perverted idiots would lead me to someone like him. I ran my fingers through his long hair, dyed dark and smiled. I remembered when he auditioned for us, when his long hair was golden and he looked so sweet and innocent.

That, of course, didn't last.

I knew he didn't expect to fall either. He'd wanted to be in a band again for awhile and had hoped to join us because he'd heard what we got up to backstage. We knew he was the one even before he came to the studio to play with us, but of course, we had to be sure he fit right performance wise. The moment I saw him I knew he'd be joining us.

It wasn't long after that I realised that there was, something about him. After shows during our band sessions, I came to realise that I was heading straight to him. While usually we'd switch things up, I just wanted to be with him every time. It was Janne that actually pointed it out to me, before one of our gigs while we were getting ready.

"Do you you have feelings for Miikka?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well for the last twelve gigs you've gone straight for him after the shows, you really haven't noticed?" The keyboardist raised an eyebrow, his lip quirking into a smirk. "Wow, you really haven't have you?"

That night I went for Janne instead, stuffing my cock between his lips. I noticed Miikka gave me a look, but then he'd grabbed Tuomas and that was that.

Of course, Janne's words stuck with me and they made me realise that he was right. Of course then came the whole issue of what to do about them. At first I decided to just do nothing. Miikka was a great addition to the band and I didn't want to ruin that with talk of 'feelings'. But as time went on, this just got stronger.

Eventually, it got to be too much and I knew I had to say something. So the next time I found myself alone with him, I figured I should tell him. "Hey Miikka, can I talk to you?"

"Always." He'd said, with a cheery smile. "What's up?"

"I..." I'd swallowed, feeling nervous. "Alright, I'm just gonna come out with it: I have feelings for you." His smile widened, his blue eyes lighting up. "So I figured I should te..."

"Shush." He'd said as as he stood up and kissed me, slow and gentle. I melted into it and, well, that was that. We became lovers, with an open relationship with the rest of the band (as well as a few select others).

And I'd never been happier.

Beside me Miikka stirred, smiling up at me sleepily. "Mmm, hey beautiful, everything ok?" I couldn't help but smile at that. To me, he was the beautiful one. I ran my fingers over the inked skin of his arm, licking my lips.

"Everything's better than ok, cause I'm here with you." He smirked at that leaning up to kiss me gently.

"You're such a fucking sap." He grinned, his tongue darting out to lick along my lips, wrapping his strong arms around me. "My sap."

"Always." I returned his smirk, pressing my body up against him. "Feels like someone has a case of morning wood."

"You're one to talk." He grinned, reaching down and running his fingers along me hard on.

"Can't help it, when I'm with you." I whispered and leaned in, running my tongue over his cheek.

"Well of course, I am the sexiest one in the band after all." He grinned playfully, stroking my dick lightly. "How should we deal with these hmm?" I pulled the bed covers off us, then reached over to the bedside table, my fingers easily finding the the tube of lube that we kept there.

"I have an idea." He raised an eyebrow slightly, watching as I slicked my fingers up. Once I was satisfied they were slick enough, I used my other hand to I push him onto his back. I moved between his legs and smirked down at him, reaching up between his spread legs. I used one hand to hold him open, using the other to stroke his opening. I traced my fingers around his puckered hole, smiling at the sight. He gave me a nod and I pushed my fingers into him, slowly filling him up, a gasp leaving his lips. "Have I told you how pretty you look with something inside you?"

He squirmed on the sheets, his gaze meeting mine. "Once or twice." He licked his lips, pushing back against my fingers. "Or more like every time you put something up my ass." He grinned at me, squeezing around my probing fingers. I pushed my fingers deep inside him, working him open with practised ease. "Fuck Hannu..."

"That's what I'm going to do." I smirked, leaning down over him to kiss him. "That's another thing I love, being balls deep inside you."

A groan left his lips and his blue eyes met mine. "Then don't just talk about it, do it." I gave my fingers one last twist inside him, then retreated them from him, leaving his hole open and needy for me. I licked my lips, shifting between his legs, taking my member in hand and angling it to press against his opening. He gave me a look, hot and needy and desperate and I pushed into him, going nice and slow. I ran my hands up and over his body, my thumbs flicking his nipples as I eased into him. A groan left his lips, his fingers gripping onto the sheets as my balls hit his fleshy cheeks. "Fuck Hannu, please..."

"Please what?" I asked with a smirk, staying completely still within him, although it was a struggle to do so.

"Fucking hell Hannu, you gorgeous fucking tease, fuck me please!" His ass squeezed around me, making me groan.

Of course, I obliged him, gripping tightly onto his thick thighs as I started to fuck him good and hard. Before joining the band he'd never been fucked. He was still mostly toppy so I loved when I got the chance to sink my dick into him. "Mm you look so pretty love." I leaned down over him, running my tongue along the curve of his neck. "So fucking hot."

"Ngh, that's you." He reached up, one hand running over over my back, his other stroking my thigh. He loved them, something I'd taken advantage of with my latest stage outfit. "So fucking sexy."

"Mmm..." I covered his lips with my own, my tongue darting into his mouth as I fucked him hard, rolling my hips against his ass. Fuck, he had an amazing ass. I loved the feel of it, the taste of it, the way it felt around my dick. I reached up, wrapping my fingers around his shaft, stroking him steadily as I thrust inside him. "So pretty Miikka, my Miikka." I nipped at his neck, more groans leaving him, his ass clenching around me.

"Fuck Hannu, my Hannu, fuck I love you."

"I know." I purred against his skin, thrusting deep into him. "I love you." He gripped tighter onto me his dick twitching in my hand as he came over both of our chests. I grinned, nudging him playfully as his insides spasmed around me. "Didn't know that the l word was enough to get you off."

He panted and flipped me off, making me chuckle before I moaned his name, spilling deep inside him. I gave him a brief kiss then shifted back down his body, running my tongue through his cum on his belly to taste him before ducking down and lapping at his leaking ass. "Fucking, fuck Hannu, you and that tongue..." I pushed my tongue into him, sloppily lapping up my cum, well as much as I could get. If I wasn't breathless from my orgasm, I'd spend much longer on him, working and twisting my soft muscle around his insides.

As it was though, I only stayed down there for a minute or two before moving to lay beside him, giving him a kiss to share my taste. "You taste amazing. As always." He purred pulling me close to him and I rested my head on his chest.

"As do you." I whispered, kissing his chest, stretching my arm out to grab the bed sheets and pulling it up and over us. "Mmm wish we could stay like this forever."

"Mmm." He purred in agreement, running his fingers through my hair. "Well today will just have to do for now."
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