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The Call Of The Sea Epilogue

The Call Of The Sea Epilogue
Pairing: Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Trym
Warnings: Tentacles
Notes: So this took longer to do than I expected, but here it is, the Epilogue (and final part) for Call. 💙
Epilogue: Werner

I stood out on the cliff staring out to sea. The chosen were out there now, somewhere in the depths, with Him. The place was quiet now and it actually felt so empty without them. It had, in truth, felt like that since they had gone down to give birth.

I had always thought, though, that they'd come back up. It wasn't until the end of the first week of them down there that I discovered that wouldn't be the case.

I had asked Tuomas when they were going to be coming back into the house and he replied simply that they wouldn't be.

"What do you mean they won't be coming up?" I'd asked, looking him in the eyes.

Tuomas had shrugged and smiled, lifting up one of the glasses he'd prepared for them. "This is changing them and after the full dose they won't be able to breath above water. Then there children will take them out to sea, out to Him."

I'd had my reservations about that for several reasons, most of all because he wasn't telling them this. That night I dreamed of Him and He told me not to worry about them, that they would be safe and cared for.

I sure hoped so.

I turned away from the sea, making my way back towards the main building that we'd called home. There were things to do still.

Once inside I grabbed a book off the shelves and sat down, giving a sidelong glance at the drumkit that they had made. I'd have to give it a go sometime. As I sat, I flipped through the pages of the book, which had a list of names on each page. Each list was eight names, six chosen and two caretakers I assumed and they were all dated. i'd looked through it once before, noting the irregularity of the gaps between dates. When I reached the last entry, which was dated 2003 and ended with the name Teemu Raimoranta, I took ahold of a pen and started filling out the next page.

Toumas Rytkönen
Werner Kowalke
Darran Smith
Dan Torelli
Austin Diaz
Jay James
Matt Davies-Kreye
Omar Abidi

I closed the book, then set it down on the table before me with a soft sigh. I'd miss them, every one of them. Even Dan. For all his gruffness, especially early on, he was a good guy. They all were, I guess that was part of why they were chosen, though I wasn't privy to His exact preferences.

The book had, at a rough guess, fifty such entries. That meant, again roughly, that he had one thousand two hundred children over the years, and that was just the ones written in there. I'd wondered where they were, what they were doing out in the depths. Were they all like Him? Were the older ones calling their own chosen and doing this all over the world? I had no idea and Tuomas didn't seem to know either, or he did and wasn't telling me, which I suspected was just as likely. I had also wondered why nobody had seen anything like Him before, but then I was reminded how little we actually knew of the ocean depths, how little was actually explored and known about down there.

I sighed again, running my fingers through my hair before standing up, looking at the things that they had left behind. Their instruments, Dan's half finished artwork, a sheet of paper with scribbled lyrics on it. Yeah, I'd miss them all.

It was so quiet without them.

I looked up as I heard movement, Tuomas entering the room from the stairway. He was, like always, dressed in his dark robes and he smiled at me. "Ah Werner, have you recorded all the names?"

I gave him a slight nod, gesturing to the book on the table. "Yeah Tuomas, I did." I paused, running a hand down my own robe before continuing. "So what happens now?" It was something I'd wanted to know, but had avoided asking it. "Are you going to head back to Turmion or Horna or something?"

He shook his head slightly, his smile widening. "No, I won't be going back." The way he said it made me feel slightly uneasy for some reason. I'd met him before all this, our paths having crossed at a festival or two. On stage he was an exhibitionist, turning his shows into essentially porn. Off stage he was, of course, different, charming. It had been clear that he loved to perform, so I expected he would go back to it. Then again, since I met him here it was almost like he was a whole other person. "And neither are you."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, raising my eyebrow as I spoke. I felt apprehensive by that, but also, well I'd by lying if my mind wasn't thinking back to the nights after the chosen arrived, when they were out in the water being fucked by Him. I'd jerked off so many nights thinking of it, but had come to the come to the conclusion that it wasn't going to happen.

He just smiled at me, not answering my question. "Shed your robe Werner." I frowned a little at his non-answer, but I reached down and undid my robe anyway, sliding the dark material off my body and draping it over the nearest chair. Tuomas gave me a once over, then nodded and moved out of my eyeline. Was he hoping to distract from my questioning with sex? It wouldn't be the first time he'd done that.

I felt him come up behind me, not sure what to expect from him. I braced myself for his tongue or fingers against my skin, but instead I felt something different against me. It was soft and tracing a path along the expanse of my back. "Tuomas what are you..."

"Shush!" I bit my lip, keeping still as he continued doing whatever it was he was doing. It slowly dawned on me, perhaps embarrassingly so, what he was doing. He was painting me, like we had done with the others. That became more obvious when Tuomas came before me, brush in hand as he traced patterns over my skin. "You were so dismissive of this part of the process, you didn't see the need." He smiled, concentration clear on his features. "Now, though, you know what it means for you." He ran the brush down my belly, then along my erection, a smirk on his lips. He paused, dipping the brush in the paint and then he continued drawing the patterns over my thighs.

"Before the night is out you will have joined them beneath the waves. They still need a caretaker after all." He wet his lips as he drew some patterns across my bare chest. "Maybe He will fuck you as well, just like you want."

He set the brush and paint down, then headed away from me, grabbing a glass from the kitchen. It was like one we gave the other chosen a few days ago. It was filled with the same stuff too and in the light I saw how it shimmered. "You see Werner, this was your purpose. I have been dosing you with this since you got here, just small amounts but enough to start the process."'i balked at his words, my eyes widening. "Now, you will follow me now out to the cove, He is waiting for you."

He headed to the door, glass in hand and he gave me a look, expecting me to follow. There was plenty of things that ran through my mind, but all that left my lips was a question. "What about you?"

"He has a different purpose for me." He replied with that sly smile of his. "Now come on."

He held the door open and I took one last look around the place that had become my home. No, our home. My eyes lingered on the instruments again, reminding me of my time with Nachtblut, which felt like it was a different lifetime. One I'd never have back. I shook my head slowly, then followed Tuomas outside.

We made our way towards the cove, which was now so familiar to me. The crumbling remains of the buildings had always creeped me out. Tuomas had told me once it had once been a small fishing village, dedicated to serving him. What happened to them he didn't know, or rather, said he didn't know.

We arrived at the cove and he smiled, handing the glass to me. "Drink up, then get in." He smiled, reaching over and stroking my arm, the markings on my skin glowing. "It has been nice working with you, take care of them." I returned his smile, then bought the glass to my lips and drank it down. It was sweet and thick and... I started to gasp, reaching for my throat. Tuomas eased me into the water and I soon felt a tentacle wrap around my ankle, pulling me under the water.

'Hello Werner, you have done so well, now as your reward you will join us.' I squirmed slightly, as he pulled me down into the deep, joining them. I couldn't wait to see them again. Soon...
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