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The Call Of The Sea Part 10

The Call Of The Sea Part 10
Pairing: Austin Diaz, Dan Torelli, Darran Smith, Jay James, Matt Davies-Kreye, Omar Abidi, Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Tentacles
Notes: So while the last one took awhile to do, this one came together quite quickly. Probably because I had the definite idea in mind since starting part 9 but, well, yeah. This is part 10, the last last main part. I'm intending to post an epilogue (or two) but yeah. Thanks so much raisethesail for coming along on this weird thing, that is so different from what I usually do 💜
Part 10

I wasn't sure how long we'd been down here. There was no way to tell the passing of time since we couldn't see the sky. We were all much too exhausted to leave here, or even leave the water.

After those first few days even moving to fuck each other's tits proved to be too much effort. When questioned, Tuomas said it was nothing to worry about, though offered us nothing more than that. Maybe he didn't know more than that, I didn't know.

The children were out in the water, swimming more confidently now. They had also grown a great deal since been born. The main body of each of them was about the size of Omar's torso, with each of their tentacles as thick as our legs. They still suckled on us, though due to their size they could only do it one at a time now.

They were still fairly squishly, though the bodies were opaque now. We couldn't see signs of eyes or anything like that on them, just their mouths. We had noticed, though, that there were patterns forming on their skin. It was Austin that realised one of his children had one of the sigils on him on it. From then we all started noticing things on them. Some of them had sigils or runes which we'd noticed were unique to us, but it was Dan that first noticed on his teal child the pirate ship he had tattooed on him. It was strange seeing our tattoos reflected in the skin of our children and they were perfect copies of them too.

If nothing else it made our children even easier to identify, which I supposed was the point.

I watched as they swam in the deepest part of the pool. It was obvious that this pool would soon be too small for them and I wondered if there was some way for them to get out to sea from here. I couldn't quite make out the opposite side of the pool from us, so maybe there was a tunnel or something over there. If there was, though, why hadn't any of them ventured through it?

Austin's head rested on my shoulder, his hair cascading over my skin as he watched his children too. "Do you think we'll feel less exhausted soon?" He spoke up, voice soft. I knew he had felt embarrassed when it first happened, though that eased when it turned out we all felt the same.

I shrugged slightly as I replied honestly. "I don't know, but I hope so." Maybe once our children finished suckling we'd get our strength back. I knew what he wanted and I felt the same, giving his thigh a squeeze beneath the water. I leaned into him and gave him a brief kiss, bringing my other hand up to run through his soft hair. He looked like he was about to say something else, but before he did I heard movement from above.

Tuomas and Werner stepped back into view, each holding those trays with the drinks. I think they came down twice a day with them, though wasn't 100% sure on it. Werner looked a little concerned as he took the drinks to Darran, Matt and Dan, though Tuomas was smiling as he bought them to us. It was the same thing they'd bought down to us after we'd given birth. Usually there was some variety to the flavours we were given, but not anymore. At least it tasted nice, whatever it was. "That's it, drink up..." Tuomas whispered softly.

I noticed Werner stand up and move around the side of the pool. Usually he'd be like Tuomas and stay crouched down until the others had finished their drinks. "What's he doing?" I asked Tuomas between mouthfuls of the drink.

He brushed a hand down his dark robes, then he smiled, gesturing out into the water. "Well, today is a big day! It's the day your children go out into the waters if the world." I smiled, giving a look first to my children, who were moving even more, clearly excited, then to Austin. He grinned and took another drink. "So Werner is going to open up a way for them to head out to sea." I nodded, having the way out being blocked made sense. It meant the children couldn't leave before they were ready and that nothing could come here and get them or us.

"Of course, they won't be going alone." I looked at him in confusion, but then heard a gasp from Darran. He was clutching at his throat, his eyes wide and it was clear he was having trouble breathing. Matt tried to help him, concern in his eyes but it was obviously he didn't know what to do. And then the same thing happened to Dan. Austin trembled beside me, looking scared, the glass dropping from his hands even before whatever it was started happening to him.

"Austin!" I cast my own glass aside without a care, reaching for him, even though I didn't know what I could possibly do to help him. "It's ok I'm her..." I gasped myself and it felt like my lungs were burning. All the breath left my body and I looked to Tuomas, my eyes going wide in fear. I felt myself becoming light headed, hearing Matt and Omar start to go the same way.

I felt tentacles wrap around my legs and I saw my children there. They started pulling me under and I wasn't alone. I struggled against them on instinct, though my exhaustion and trouble breathing meant it wasn't much of a fight. It didn't take much until I was fully underwater and I could see the rest of us were under with me, their own children pulling them under just as mine did.

To my surprise, the burning in my chest ease and I found that I could breath as easily as I had before. What the hell was happening to me? To us. I heard Tuomas speak again, though his voice sounded fuzzy. "You will be joining Him now, your children will take you out to Him. You will live out the rest of your lives out beneath the waves." I could vaguely see him wave at us and with that our children moved, carrying us through the water. There was a tunnel, with a grate that was raised, clearly opened by Werner.

Darran was taken through first, then Dan, then a scared looking Austin and then my children followed, carrying me through it. The tunnel was wide enough for us to go through comfortable and a vein of the glowing rock ran through the roof of it. It was perfectly smooth, clearly having been made so by something purposeful. I had a feeling He had done this, taking a natural tunnel and smoothing it out.

I wasn't sure how long we were travelling but the tunnel eventually opened up to sea. The chosen that went before me were there, waiting for the rest of us and I had to admit, I was relieved to see Austin. I reached for him, taking his hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

Omar and Matt joined us soon after, then we all started to move. Our children pulled us further into the water, so that the only light were the glowing markings on our bodies. We were pulled out and down into the depths and I could sense that He was out there.

The water rumbled and His voice filled my head. 'Ah, my precious, beautiful chosen. Darran, Dan, Austin, Jay, Omar and Matt. You are all here with me." I felt my eyes slowly start to adjust to the darkness and I could vaguely make Him out. "Here you will stay together for the rest of your days. Our beautiful children will remain here with us for awhile longer, until they are strong enough to leave us." His form became clearer to me and He was big, bigger than anything that I'd seen. Tentacles came out from Him, one for each of us and they wrapped around our waists, holding us in place. "Children, you may let them go." At that, the tentacles of our children released us and they swam out, towards Him. I blinked a few more times and then I could see Him properly for the first time.

His body was large, a mix of blues, greens and purples covering it. It descended even deeper and He had to be the height of several stories. Tentacles of all sizes covered His body and the ones holding us pulled our bodies closer to Him. If He had a head, I couldn't make it out.

I didn't know what was going to happen to us, but I knew I wasn't alone. I gave Austin's hand another squeeze and he did the same in return.

'You love him don't you Jay.' I nodded, not knowing if I could speak, or if I could if it would be heard. 'He feels the same. And soon you will be able to do exactly what you've been wanting together.' I felt myself smile, glad by that and I saw Austin turn to look at me, wondering what he had heard from him.

'Now you have so much to learn, all of you about your new lives...'

Austin squeezed my hand and I heard his voice in my head, soft and quiet. 'As long as I'm with Jay, I'll be ok...'
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