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The Call Of The Sea Part 9

The Call Of The Sea Part 9
Pairing: Austin Diaz, Dan Torelli, Darran Smith, Jay James, Matt Davies-Kreye, Omar Abidi, Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Tentacles
Notes: So this took awhile, as I was ponderiing the ending and such and wanted it clear in my mind. So this is the penultimate part, with the next part planned to be the last main part.
Part 9

I was in the depths again, the inky darkness surrounding me. I wasn't alone though, I could feel my children out there with me, swimming around in the dark. Of course, I couldn't see them, not at first, but I knew they were there. One of them was near though, I could somehow tell even before it came into view, it's body pulsing. It was larger now, it's main body the same size as my torso, while the tentacles were much longer. One of them brushed against my leg and I shivered slightly.

It came closer, tentacles wrapping around my chest and it pulled me closer, latching onto my breast...

I stirred awake, the warm water surrounding me confusing me for a few moments until I remembered that we were down here in this pool. I wondered if this place had always been used as a birthing pool. Thinking of that, I looked around for my children. One, the teal one, was curled up on my belly, it's tentacles wrapped around it's body. The others were out in the water, swimming with the children of my fellow chosen.

I looked back down at the one on my belly. Was it just me or was it already bigger? I shook my head slightly, dismissing the notion and I looked round at the others. Most were asleep, but Austin was awake too and he smiled at me. "Hey, Jay." He ran one hand through his curls, reaching with the other and stroking my arm. "You looked so peaceful and pretty sleeping, I didn't want to disturb you."

I felt my cheeks flush at his words, as I returned his smile. "How're you feeling?"

"I'm ok, it's just... Fuck this whole thing is so weird you know?" He gestured out into the water before us. "I mean look out there, we each have children now. That's just so fucking strange you know?" I nodded in agreement, knowing exactly how he felt. "I never thought I'd have kids, especially once I realised I didn't go for chicks and now, fuck, I have six."

I smiled and nodded at him, reaching over and stroking his arm. I didn't know if Dan had any kids, even now he was a bit of question mark, but the others were childless. I was the only one who had a kid before, from the one and only time I'd been with a woman. I'd tried to be there for her as best I could, but, well, things didn't really work out. "I don't think any of us expected to have kids like this."

"Yeah." His eyes drifted back to the water where our children were swimming around one another. The way they moved reminded me of how squid and octopuses moved, their tentacles propelling them through the water. "What do you think will happen to us now?"

That was the question wasn't it? Obviously for the short term we'd nursing our children but then what? Would we stay here and get pregnant again, or would we go back into the world, bonded by what had happened to us here. If the latter then what do we tell people? How do we explain our absence? As I comsidered it the child on my belly moved, swimming off to join the others. "I honestly don't know Austin."

He nodded and leaned closer to me, giving me a brief kiss on my cheek. "You know, I was wondering, if after this we could... Fuck, this sounded better in my head." He ran his fingers through his hair, his cheeks flushing. "Ok, fuck. I like you Jay, like really like you. I always have since I met you, and I hope that you might want to..."

I smiled and captured his lips with my own, reaching up and running my wet fingers through his curls. When our lips parted from each other I smiled at him. "Yeah, I like you too Austin." He grinned brightly and I pulled him close, leaning against him. I noticed out of the corner of my eye Darran watching us, a grin on his face.

I kissed Austin again, as he reached over to me and ran his fingers over my chest, along the curves of my breasts. "Can I..." He whispered against me and I smiled, knowing what he meant even though he didn't finish saying it. I nodded and he grinned again, shifting in the water so he was before me and pushing me back against the smooth rock until my upper half was out the water. His cock was hard and aching, and I couldn't help but reach over and run my fingers along his shaft.

He grinned, shifting closer until his legs were planted firmly either side of my body. With both hands he reached down, cupping my breasts. He gave them a gentle squeeze, then pressed his dick between them. Neither of us had done this before, so I knew he was just winging it. "You look so beautiful." He purred, his thumbs circling my nipples as he started to rock his hips against me. I couldn't help but lick my lips as the plump head thrust between my tits. "Fuck Jay, you're so sexy." I saw his cock throb between my breasts as he thrust between them, his hips moving steadily.

"So're you Austin." I purred, reaching up and running my hands over his thighs. "You're so fucking pretty." His cheeks flushed a little and I smiled at how cute he was. He rolled his hips against me and I shifted a hand beneath the water, taking my dick in hand and slowly stroking. Fuck, it was strange being able to touch myself again. I gave my dick slow, steady strokes as Austin rocked against me.

I heard a low groan and I looked past him, seeing to where Darran was laid back in a similar position, not that I could see him as Matt was practically straddling him, his arse rocking back and forth as he moved. It was clear that they'd seen us and decided to try it themselves.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dan on the opposite side of them, his eyes on my fellow countrymen and his hand on his dick. Between us was Omar, the last of us and his eyes were on us. Like Dan he was wanking too and I licked my lips, squirming slightly below Austin.

"Matt's fucking Darran's tits." I told him, knowing he'd not be able to see. "And Dan and Omar are jerking off while watching." Austin grinned, then licked his lips and gave my breasts a squeeze.

"Mmm course they are." He purred, fingers circling my sensitive nipples. "Fuck... You're so hot." As he spoke he rocked his hips, his dick sliding along the space between my breasts and I could see from his face that he was getting close. After a few more thrusts, his balls slapping against me, he came hard across my chest, some landing of the spray landing on my face.

I smiled, licking some of the cum from my lips and he shifted of me, grinning and panting. "Mmm you look so beautiful covered in cum." He licked his lips and then he gasped, shifting and looking down into the water. "Hey what are you guys doing here?" Two of the children had come over and I knew somehow that they were Austin's. They swam closer to me and they gently took ahold of my legs, tugging me so I was more under the water again. "Hey what are you doing!" I gasped as they swam over me and I felt their mouths on me where Austin had came.

I smiled at the strange feeling, meeting Austin's gaze. "Well, seems I'm not the only one that loves your cum." He gave me a bemused look as he sat back beside me, leaning in to kiss me, reaching a hand between my legs, starting to stroke my aching cock.

"Mmm, well I think someone else needs to cum." He purred, giving my dick a squeeze as he stroked me beneath the water. If his children weren't on me I suspected he'd be getting me off a different way. I didn't mind though, I was feeling pretty close already. He kissed me again, bringing his other hand to stroke my breasts as his children left me, swimming off towards the others.

I gasped against his lips, my hips rocking up as I came into the water before me. Before I knew it two of my children were there, swimming through the cloud of cum in the water. I smiled at the sight, panting softly as Austin kissed me again, then rested his head on my shoulder.

More of our children approached us and soon they were on our breasts suckling in our nipples, eager for milk. I purred softly as they drank from us and I could see the same was happening to the others as well.

'So beautiful together...'


Tuomas returned to us when the children finished their suckling. Werner was alongside him and each of them had a tray with three tall glasses on each. "Here, we've bought you something for you all, since I know you must need it."

I nodded, feeling exhausted after my orgasm and subsequent feeding. Werner went to the other side of the pool and Tuomas headed our way, crouching down so that we could each take a glass. I gave him a grateful smile then took a drink from it. It was something new this time. It was sweet, kind of goopy, but it was nice. I drink some more as Tuomas sat the tray down on the rocks beside us and he reached over, running his hands through the hair of each of us in turn. "You are doing so well, all of you. It looks like motherhood is suiting you." He said it with a smile and I returned it between gulps of the drink. We never really knew what it was we were eating or drinking, though he'd reassured Matt that it was vegetarian, though I'd had my doubts. I guessed we were mothers to our children in a way I supposed. He looked out to our swimming children and smiled again, waiting for us to finish before taking the empty glasses. "We'll come back in the morning with some more." He stood up, Werner doing the same. "Rest up you pretty boys, we will see you soon."

I nodded and yawned softly, snuggling up against Austin, smiling as Omar did the same on the other side of him, sleeping taking us all quickly again.
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