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The Call Of The Sea Part 8

The Call Of The Sea Part 8
Pairing: Austin Diaz, Dan Torelli, Darran Smith, Jay James, Matt Davies-Kreye, Omar Abidi, Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Tentacles
Notes: So this here we are, at the birthing that this was all building up to yess. I'm not sure what's to come next, so I need to figure that out (though I have a kind of idea) so, yee
Part 8

Once we were through the door, Tuomas led us down some winding stairs which were hewn from the rock. There were no lights here, but the walls were luminous, with veins of glowing blue rock running through them. I'd never seen anything like it before, not outside of films anyway. We all followed him down, heading deeper underground. It was clear that this stairway, which was wide enough for us to walk comfortably, was older than the buildings above.

After a few minutes the stairway opened up into a large cavern. The rocks illuminated the large space, which I guessed was about the same size as the building we now called home. Occupying the middle of the room was a large, shallow pool. Tuomas led us towards it and then turned to smile at us. "Please, get in the water."

We shared a look, then we all started to get into it. Around the rim of the pool under the water was a slightly raised area, which we all sat on, hands clutching our bellies. The water was warm and strangely soothing as I sank down into it. I let out a groan as I felt more movement inside me. I shifted one of my hands beneath the water, between my legs, running a finger over the membrane that covered my opening. A gasp left my lips as I felt movement behind it, my eyes going wide. Fuck...

"It's time for you all to give birth to His spawn." Tuomas spoke up from the edge of the water, looking over at us. I could feel the things inside me become more and more insistent in their movements. My eyes lidded slightly as they pressed against the membrane and I could feel them, how eager they were to get out. I shifted my fingers away from my opening, a groan leaving my lips. More movement as they wiggled and squirmed inside me. "Don't worry, I'll be here every step of the way."

The six of us were all crying out and groaning as they moved within us. They were seeking for a way out. Darran said what we were no doubt all thinking. "How will they get out, fuck..."

"They will find their way out, don't you worry about that." We all shared a look and I wondered if they thought as I did. It was all well and good for him to say that, but he didn't have these things wiggling in his belly.

I looked to Darran as he groaned, spreading his legs under the water and I saw movement between his legs. It was a tentacle, I was sure of it. The rest of us parted our legs in a similar manner and I looked over to Dan, noticing more movement between his legs. Austin gasped from beside me and he reached for me, taking my hand in his and squeezing it. I returned it, wanting to reassure him but the movements inside me made me groan. "Jay... ah!" I looked down into the water, but because he was so close I couldn't see anything past his belly.

I let out a half gasp myself as I felt a small tentacle brush against my inner thigh under the water. It was soon joined by another on my opposite thigh and I felt them take ahold me to pull itself out of me. I saw a cloud of some sort of fluid fill the water before me, and could see the others all had a similar one come from their bodies too. I felt the tentacles shift up and over the curve of my belly, gripping onto me as the first pulled itself up into view, giving me the first look at one of my spawn as it slithered up my body.

It was small, about the size of my hand and it was translucent blue. It had six tentacles, each about about the size of a finger and they were coming from a central rounded body, which was about the size of a golf ball. It shifted up towards my left breast and I could see the others start to come into view too, my belly shrinking slightly as each one exited my body. They all looked roughly the same, the only different between them being the colour. One was teal, one lilac, one was green, another was bright purple and the last was a deep blue. They were all scrambling over my body and seemed to divide themselves up. The first one and the lilac one went to my left breast, the teal and deep blue one went to my right and the last two went to my dick.

Somehow I knew that they weren't what He looked like. Like caterpillars or tadpoles these were just the early stage of life, looking nothing like the adult that they would grow into. How I knew that I wasn't sure, I just knew.

I squirmed slightly as they wiggled on my body and I felt them start to suck on me, on my nipples, on my cock. Austin gave my hand a squeeze and I looked to him, then to the others. They were all in the same state I was, with their spawn on their tits and cocks in the same places as mine. There were soft groans coming from each of us and I squirmed more in the warm water.

I gasped, my nipples tingling as they started to leak from the gentle sucking. We had realised, of course, that our breasts weren't just for show, but were full of and producing milk. Well, sort of anyway. I hadn't tasted human milk since I was a baby, but guessed it was meant to taste something akin to cow's milk. What we were making tasted vaguely like it, sure, but it was also very salty. I'd tasted everyone's after Austin and we all tasted pretty much the same, so it wasn't a fluke. I supposed our spawn had different requirements than we did, which made sense since they were so different from us.

It was strange feeling my nipples leak into the mouths of the ones on my breasts. I gasped, my dick aching beneath the water as they sucked on me, their tentacles wiggling against the sides of my shaft. "Fuck..." I gasped, my head tipping back slightly as they worked me over, making my body tingle from it.

From the sounds of it, the rest of us were the same. Groans of pleasure filled the air around us and it wasn't long before my body tensed as I came, feeling them suck it up just as greedily as the ones that were suckling my nipples. The force of my orgasm made my whole body tremble in the water. Austin squeezed my hand again as he came beside me, his spawn bringing him off just like mine had.

I panted softly, my entire body aching and tingling from the feeling of what they were doing to me. I felt tired and exhausted, even though I'd not actually had to do all that much. As I came down from my orgasm I looked down and watched in a daze as my spawn each detached from my body, their tentacles propelling them slowly into the water. I didn't want them to leave me, despite knowing they should. Around me the others had their spawn leave them too, each one heading out into the water before us. Somehow I could tell which of them was mine, it was like they were pulse in a way one I could see. I watched as they swam around one another, the thirty six of them all weaving amongst themselves, their tentacles brushing over one another as they did.

'Look at you, you did so well.' I smiled as I heard His voice in my head. 'Just look at our children.' I felt a little swell of pride at that. Sometimes I had felt like merely a vessel, a warm body simply to carry the eggs until this point. Sure I knew I had been chosen specifically to do it, but, well, I'd had a sense they weren't mine. Especially now they were out of me, swimming in the water. 'Oh my sweet, precious Jay, of course they are as much yours as they are mine. They may not look like you, but believe me they are yours. Just look at them. I know you can tell which ones you birthed, that's proof enough of your connection to them.' I found myself nodding as I watched my children swim with the others. 'They are like you, beautiful. Now you need to rest up, they still need you.' I nodded again, wondering if part of him was here, in the water or the walls, watching us.

I closed my eyes, feeling the tiredness wash over me. After a few moments sleep took me and I knew the others would be joining me.
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