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The Call Of The Sea Part 7

The Call Of The Sea Part 7
Pairing: Austin Diaz, Dan Torelli, Darran Smith, Jay James, Matt Davies-Kreye, Omar Abidi, Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Tentacles
Notes: So this has took awhile causa feeling depressed/icky/bleh, plus block. But yeah, here is the next part, part 7/fuck knows how many so..l
Part 7

I awoke to the sound of the ocean waves lapping at the shore outside. I stirred, feeling Omar's body press against my own, an arm lazily wrapped around me. He was still sleeping, his wet lips parted slightly. I leaned over and kissed his cheek, looking over to the open window.

Austin stood there, leaning slightly out of it, breathing in the sea air. It was something an urge that was becoming more common in all of us now, I'd noticed. Not that any of us knew why. The wind was making Austin's curls bounce and his eyes were lidded, as he inhaled the scent of the our beloved sea.

After a few moments he turned to face me and ran his fingers through his hair sheepishly. "Oh, I didn't realise you were awake..."

"It's ok, I've not been up long." I smiled at him, gently shifting out of the bed and crossing the room towards him. My belly was now as swollen as his was, and whenever I moved I found myself cradling it. It was strange, it had only been a month since the last of us had arrived and yet we were now all the same size. (Although Omar was slightly bigger, due to him being larger to start with.) "Are you ok?"

Austin nodded, his fingers running over his rounded belly. He bit his lip, looking down at my own before he spoke, voice soft. "Do you get the feeling we're close?"

I nodded, reaching over and stroking his arm. "Yeah, I do." I could almost sense that it was time, somehow. It was strange feeling, with a rush of emotions associated with it. I was nervous and eager and excited and, fuck, I'd be glad to be able to not waddle everywhere. Austin looked a bit worried and I shifted my hand up his arm to stroke his back. "You look worried."

He nodded, biting his lip again. "I just..." He shook his head then our eyes met. "You ever seen Alien?" I nodded slightly and sensed where this was going. The scene was famous and, like the shower scene in Psycho, even people that had never seen it knew of it. "Part of me just worries that's what will happen to us, you know?" He moved his hand on his belly, indicating the infamous chestbursting.

"I admit, it did cross my mind... But I don't think that's going to happen." I gave him a reassuring smile and gave his shoulder a squeeze. "Not that I know exactly what's going to happen, of course, but I don't think He wants us to die." Austin gave me a small smile and nodded slightly. "Do you want to come join us?" I nodded back to the bed behind me. "It'll be a bit of squeeze but I think we can manage it."

His smile widened and he nodded, following me back to my bed and squeezing under the covers with me. If we weren't all carrying eggs he'd have fit in nicely, but since we were he could just about fit.

It only took us a few minutes for me to slip back to sleep.


I purred softly as I awoke, daylight streaming through the window. I smiled at my two companions, rubbing my eyes before shifting under the sheets. I parted Omar's thick thighs so that I could get between them. I couldn't help running my fingers over them as I did, there was something so sexy about them. My hands shifted upward to his belly and I gently lifted it up to expose his erection. I licked my lips and parted them, leaning into him and taking his cock into my mouth. Out of the eight of us his dick was definitely the thickest and, fuck, I loved how it stretched my lips. I took a deep breath through my nose, then sank my lips down his length.

He shifted slightly and I heard him groan as he awoke from his slumber. "Mmm fuck Jay..." He purred above me, voice slightly breathless and croaky. "Fuck, your mouth is perfect." He squirmed, pushing up against me as I bobbed up and down on his full length. My hands stroked his thick thighs, which quivered as I sucked him off. "Shit, you totally missed your calling..." He wasn't the first to say that of course, far from it. I smiled around him, twisting my tongue against his aching length. "Ugh, Austin when did you get here?"

"Mm last night, had trouble sleeping." I felt the bed shift slightly as the youngest of us moved. "He giving you head?"

"Mmm...." Omar groaned and I could see his hands on his belly. He couldn't reach my head due to his extra weight, so he just stroked his skin instead. I hummed around his shaft, tasting his precum on my tongue.

"Fuck, Jay do me next man." I smiled and nodded as best I could, before realising he couldn't see me, so instead I shifted my left hand from Omar's thigh out of the cover, giving him a thumbs up. "Shit, it's times like this that I wish I could fuck you."

"You always wish you could fuck him." Omar said after letting out a groan and thrusting his hips up against my face.

"You're one to talk!" I could practically hear Austin grin as he said it. "Fuck I need to see this." Austin pulled the covers off us, casting it to the floor. I'd have looked up at him if I could, but instead I kept on sucking. Omar's thighs trembled and I knew that meant he was close. "So hot..." Austin whispered, voice awed as he watched me.

Omar groaned and his hips rocked up again. "Shit Jay..." My mouth soon filled with the thick salty fluid of his cum and I swallowed every drop. Something I'd noticed early on in my time here was how much each of us came now, much more than a regular orgasm. I licked along his underside as I eased off him, twisting my tongue over his soft head. "So good..." He whispered softly, panting heavily.

I smiled and moved over so that I was between Austin's legs. I smiled at him, then ducked down, lifting his belly up with both hands and taking his dick down to the base in one go. He was nice size and I easily started to bob on his length, hearing him groan as I did. I could practically see him now, his pretty face tipped back in pleasure, his hands roaming over his chest, cupping his tits. We'd all come to like having our breasts felt up, but Austin seemed to love it the most.

"Fuck, let me..." Omar spoke, words breathless and I felt him shift closer. I didn't want to stop sucking Austin's pretty dick, but I could guess that Omar was groping him too and fuck, the image went straight to my own dick.

"Fuck Omar, like that yeah. Love your hands on my tits." I twisted my tongue against him, making him groan. I closed my eyes, picturing Omar's hands running over his full breasts, making the boy groan and squirm on the bed. The thought made me groan and I bought one hand from his belly, shifting it to cup his soft balls. That was something else I'd noticed, they'd gotten bigger. It wasn't just his, all of ours were now larger than they were before. It was very noticeable in the newcomers, Omar's and Matt's were now more than double the size than they were since they arrived. I ran my fingers over Austin's soft, full sac, purring around his erection.

He jerked up against my face and I could taste his copious pre-cum on my tongue. He'd never leaked that much when I sucked him off when we toured, so I guessed that was another one of the changes we had. I swallowed it down, circling my tongue over his head against his slit, then wiggling it against his underside when I took him back down fully. "Jay..." His hips jerked up against my face and his cock ached on my tongue, before shooting his load. I purred softly, swallowing everything he had to give me, savouring the taste of him. His was salty than Omar's was and the taste of him drove me wild. My cock ached against my belly and I was so fucking needy.

I pulled off him and moved up the bed to lay between them, Austin grinning dopily at me. "Fuck, you're amazing Jay..." I smiled at him, but before I could reply Omar started to move down the bed. Austin leaned in to me, his lips brushing against my neck, his hands moving to cup my tits. I spread my legs, as Omar pushed my belly up to take my dick. He'd gotten better at giving head since being here with us, but it was still sloppy, though I liked that. He took most of my length down his throat, starting to suck me off as Austin purred, circling my nipples with his fingers. "Once you've given birth we'll have to bend you over the table downstairs, give you the good, hard fucking we all know you need." I groaned, nodding, Omar's tongue running against me. "You want that don't you huh slut? To have seven loads of cum up your ass."

"Fuck, yeah.... Please..." That was the only thing I hated about this. I was here with seven hot guys and not a single one could fuck me. I rolled my hips against Omar's face, as Austin licked at my neck.

"Oh yeah we will. We'll fuck you over and over until you're begging for mercy." I squirmed at his words, each one going straight to my dick. "Then we'll fuck your pretty little mouth to keep you quiet." As he said that, he ran a finger across my lips and I swiped my tongue across his fingertip. Then he moved his fingers back down, giving my tits a squeeze. "And we'll fuck these too." I groaned softly at the thought. None of us dared risk giving one of us a tit wank, just in case we damaged the eggs accidentally, but once we'd hatched them.

"Fuck Austin..." I groaned and rolled my hips, my body trembling as I came, shooting down Omar's throat. I panted heavily, smiling at them as Omar moved from me, licking his lips. "You two are so hot..." I beckoned Omar up, kissing him and then Austin, wrapping my arms around them. Yeah, so hot.


We stayed in bed for awhile, content to be together, before finally heading down for breakfast. Dan was already there, as was Werner and Tuomas, who were sorting out the food. Soon after, Matt appeared, helping Darran into the room. He insisted to his friend he didn't need help, but Matt was having none of it, even though now he was almost the same size.

"I'm ok Matt stop fussing." He said with a slight smile, one hand on his belly. "I'm just hungry is all." His face scrunched up a little and he groaned, his fingers clutching himself.

Tuomas came from the kitchen, looking over at him, concern on his features. Then the marks on Darran's belly started to glow and Tuomas' expression changed to a grin. "No, it's time."

Dan let out a groan and I looked over to see him doing the same as Darran was, his hand clutching his chest. Moments let Austin did the same, letting out an exclamation of 'fuck' as he did so. And then I felt it too, it was a strange feeling, like a twisting movement. The sigils on my stomach started to glow and I knew exactly what it was. Matt and Omar both reached for their bellies at the same time and Tuomas moved quickly. "Come with me, all of you."

I stood up, feeling more unsteady than usual and I helped Austin and Omar to stand too. I let out a soft groan as they moved inside me and I knew that the eggs had definitely hatched, or at least started to. I felt a surge in me, a mix of excitement and worry and fuck. Tuomas opened up a door that we had never been through before and I wondered where he was leading us. I felt more movement in my belly, another groan leaving my lips, hearing my fellow chosen making the similar noises.
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