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The Call Of The Sea Part 6

The Call Of The Sea Part 6
Pairing: Austin Diaz, Dan Torelli, Darran Smith, Jay James, Matt Davies-Kreye, Omar Abidi, Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Tentacles
Notes: So heat has made me melty so this took awhile, but yay new part! Not sure how many are left as always but we'll see how it all goes
Part 6

"It was Matt I'm sure of it."

We were all gathered downstairs, much like it had been one month ago when I'd met the other chosen. I was seated next to Austin and Dan was sitting before a new canvas, sketching something out with a pencil. Darran, however, wasn't content to sit. He was pacing back and forth, looking up to the doorway every few seconds.

"And Matt was your bandmate right?" Austin asked from beside me, his fingers splayed absently across his growing belly.

Darran nodded, turning to face us. He was biting his lower lip. "Yeah, he was Funeral's singer... But fuck, he's scared of the water." He shook his head, then continued to pace. "Fuck I never thought he'd ever actually do something like that." He looked at the doorway to the stairs again, which had to be close to the hundredth time since I'd been down here alone.

"Look Darran, it's ok." I said, trying to be as soothing as possible to him. "He was protecting him, so we know if it is Matt he's safe, just sit down before you wear a hole in the floor."

He gave me a look, but before he could say anything the stairs door opened. It was Tuomas, who had gone upstairs some time ago. "Now you can meet the oth..."

"Matt!" Darran grinned and waddled over to the man that had appeared behind Tuomas, pulling him into a tight hug. He looked utterly bewildered as he returned it, his hands unable to meet around Darran's body.

"Darran..." He smiled and lifted his hand in a wave to me. "And Jay hey and... I'm not sure who you two are."

"That's Austin and Dan." Darran said when he let him go, pulling him over to us. Matt looked the same as I remembered him, slim with his glasses perched on his nose, though obviously there was the attention if the sigils and such that we all bore. A few of them curved across his chest, around each of his nipples. "Fuck it's good to see you."

"You too." Matt looked Darran over before he sat down, his eyes going wide at the sight of him, of us. "Though fuck, there sure is a lot of you now! Of all of you."

Darran grinned at him, nodding slightly. "Just you wait, you'll be like this soon enough!"

I glanced over to the door as another man entered the room, the last of us. Now I could see him fully I could see why he was. Omar Abidi, Fightstar's drummer. His rounded belly was covered in the markings we all had and several curved across his face. "Hey Omar." I smiled, gesturing for him to come closer to us. Our paths had crossed a few times over the years and, well he was better in bed then you'd think.

"Hey Jay." He said with a smile, eyes wide as he looked down at my breasts and then my belly. "You look... Fuck."

"Yeah I know." I smiled and nodded, shifting slightly so that he could sit beside me. "Though that is the one downside to all of this, not being able to get fucked."

He flashed me a grin, running his fingers through his longer hair. "Oh man, that must be killing you!" He licked his lips and then looked between us all, Darran and Matt talking animatedly across from us. "So er... I'm... pregnant?" He looked down at his belly and I smiled gently, nodding.

"Yeah, we all have six eggs growing inside of us. We've all been chosen for this. Darran was first, then Dan, Austin and me last month." I looked to Austin and smiled to him. "Austin, this is Omar, he's the drummer for a band called Fightstar. Austin was Black Tide's guitarist."

Austin grinned, running his fingers through his curls while sticking out his other hand. "Hey man, nice to meet you! I heard some of your stuff, you guys are pretty good."

"Thanks." Omar smiled, as he gave the boy's hand a shake. "Though we've not done stuff in awhile..."

"Yeah, that seems to be the theme with us." I could practically feel Dan looking at me and I gave him a slight nod. "For the most part."

Omar nodded and across from us, Darran was stroking Matt's arm. "I can't believe you actually got in the water like that..."

"Me either really." Matt blushed a little, biting his lip. "I mean if you had told me I'd be out there in the water a year ago I'd have called you nuts. But... Well..." He smiled and I could see in my head him being penetrated by one of the tentacles out in the water...

"Fuck, what was that?" Omar said from beside me when the image left us, squirming from it.

"Yeah, it's a thing we have. When one of us thinks of Him we all do." We all nodded at them and the pair of them looked us over, taking the sight of us in. "It does take some getting used to."

Darran smiled and stroked Matt's knee gently, and I could see the concern on his face. "You must have been so scared when you started having the dreams."

"Not really?" He shook his head, then looked to the Omar. "I was talking to Omar about it on the way here actually. It seems that I had a different dream to you guys, at least at first. When I first had it I was on the coast, looking out to sea. I knew something was out beneath the waves, watching me. As the night's went on I felt the urge to get into the water and, well, I made my way out into it. Eventually I was fully out in the water, it was only then that I got pulled down beneath the waves. The strangest thing was that by that point I wasn't scared. I knew there was nothing to be scared about."

Darran nodded, wrapping an arm around his friend and I smiled. "So are you and Omar a thing now?" I asked, looking between the pair of them. "I mean, since you came together and all."

Omar smiled, shaking his head slightly. "No, we're not. It's just luck really." Matt returned his smile before he continued. "I was on my way out here, not that I knew I was coming here of course, and then I spotted a car on the side of the road up ahead. I pulled up and, well there was Matt."

"Yeah, my car fucked up and I had no signal, so I was sat in there waiting, hoping someone would come along. And then there he was, my knight in shining armour." He flashed Omar a grin and his cheeks flushed a little. "Turned out he was out here for the same reason I was, so I was lucky. From what you guys said I was extra lucky because I could have been waiting for a month!"

"In my experience there's no such thing as luck." Austin said from beside me and I chuckled at his impression of Obi-Wan. It sounded nothing like him of course but his attempt at seriousness was funny.

Tuomas came over to us and I gave him a smile, although something seemed off about him. Then I realised what it was, his eyes,they looked... cloudy. He stopped before us and opened his mouth wide, almost unnaturally so and then words left his lips, though his mouth always stayed open. "My precious, beautiful chosen. Finally you are all here together, carrying my eggs. Soon enough it will be time for you to spawn them. You're all so beautiful. Soon..."

Tuomas' eyes returned normal and his jaw worked to close his mouth, then he smiled as wide as I'd ever seen him. "He spoke through me..." He whispered, voice soft and he left us, heading to sit down.

"I... Is that normal?" Omar asked, looking between us, eyes wide. "Or, I mean, what passes for it here."

"No, it's never happened before." Darran said, looking as bewildered as we no doubt all did. It had to be because we were here at last, all of us together. I found myself running my fingers across my swollen belly again and I smiled. Soon.

I looked over at us, the assembled chosen and I was glad that I'd found myself in such good company for this all this strangeness. Across from me, Matt squirmed before speaking. "Well that was strange, but this whole thing is. Is anyone else hungry though?"

"Yeah." I nodded with a smile. "I'm sure Tuomas will fix us up something in a few, after all we are all eating for seven now!" Matt looked down at his belly, his fingers roaming over it, Omar doing the same with his. Fuck, they're going to look so beautiful when they start to show. My dick twitched against the curve of my belly and I knew once we ate I'd have to have a good wank, though I suspected it would become a group thing as it often did. I licked my lips at the thought and I could see Tuomas move towards the kitchen area.

"Are you ok man?" I asked and he looked at us with that smile still on his face.

"He spoke through me." He grinned and headed in to sort lunch out for the eight of us. I had a feeling that would stay with him for a long time. We'd have to ask how it felt over food. Now though, Matt had a hand in Darran's belly, much like I had a month ago. Omar gave me a look, then, with a nod, I felt his hand on mine, gently stroking my skin.

"You've never looked so beautiful Jay." He whispered, almost reverential and I knew I'd be enjoying his touch once we'd ate. He leaned in and kissed me briefly, then rested his head on my shoulder.

"You're so sweet Omar." I said with a smile, kissing his cheek and inhaling the scent of Tuomas' cooking. Oh yes, we were all going to have so much fun together.
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