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The Call Of The Sea Part 5

The Call Of The Sea
Pairing: Austin Diaz, Dan Torelli, Darran Smith, Jay James, Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Tentacles
Notes: So here is part 5, which was originally going to be part 4. Honestly though, I'm not sure how many parts this is going to have now. Two? Three? I dunno any more
Part 5

I stretched out among the sheets as I woke, reaching down and running a hand across my belly. It was swollen now due to His eggs growing inside me and I smiled at that. I was now larger than Austin had been when I first arrived a month ago. It seemed strange that I'd been here that long. It seemed both so long and not long enough.

It was strange too, how happy I felt here, how much I felt like I belonged with my fellow chosen. It was something I'd not felt since Bullet and it was so much more intense then it ever had been back then. I knew that, no matter what happened, the four of us (soon to be six, eight if you counted our caretakers as well) would forever have this bond between us.

A large part of me actually hoped we'd never leave.

After all, what was there for me back home? Without Bullet I was... Nothing. I'd felt useless, hopeless. I had tried to start up my own bands since then but nothing had worked out. Here, here I had meaning, purpose. I had friends, family that cared about me. And there were the six lives growing inside of me, that I'd been chosen to carry.

I wondered if the others felt the same too.

I looked up as my door opened and Tuomas appeared, a smile on his lips as he bought a bowl of food over to me. "Morning Jay, how are you feeling today?"

"I'm doing good Tuomas." I replied as I shifted to sit up in bed, the covers shifting to reveal my breasts. He smiled, settling the tray with the bowl on my lap.

"Good, I'm glad." He perched himself carefully on the edge of my bed. "Now since today the new chosen are arriving you all have to remain up here out of sight, just for today and tomorrow though. We will keep bringing you food and you will see your brothers again soon."

I nodded slightly, fully understanding why it was necessary. At best, we could freak the new chosen out, at worst they could get violent and we could get harmed. I nodded to him as I began to eat, then he smiled and left me, no doubt to feed the others. As he left I heard the door lock, feeling safe because of it.

As I ate I looked at the painting on the wall across from me, smiling at the sight. It was the one Dan had been working on, a portrait of me when I was in the water, getting taken by Him. It was beautiful and I'd been so touched when he'd given it me. It led to the others having ones of their own.

I smiled, focussing on my food so my mind wouldn't wonder too much. There was plenty of time to think on it and jerk off once I was finished. I had a feeling my fellows had the same thing in mind.


It was about four pm that I sensed movement outside. I stood up, heading to the window and I looked out, squinting slightly to see what I could pick up on. There was a new car parking up at the edges of the buildings and I smiled.

They were here.

The car parked just on the limit of what I could see and I shook my head slightly. From my position I'd not be able to see much more of them as they approached, so I went back to my bed and laid down. I'd meet them soon enough and, if the others were right, see them tomorrow night.


The following day went by the same sort of way. It seemed to go by so slowly and I felt like I was going a little stir crazy shut up here without the others. Couldn't they have at least let us pair up?

However, now it was night and the moon was full, shining through the window. I stood by the window, looking outside. I could see movement below, figures heading out towards the cove. I could see Tuomas and Werner in their robes and with them there were not one, but two others. It seemed that both of the last chosen had arrived together. Did that mean they were a couple or had the call just been so strong for them that they just came at the same time?

Whoever it was I couldn't help but feel jealous about them. Soon they'd be out there in the waters with Him, something I craved to be. A few days ago we'd headed out to the cove but we knew even without going into the water that He wasn't there. When I put my toes in the water it was ice cold, nothing like it was for us. We'd all been disappointed and had headed back right after that.

I laid back in bed, running my fingers over my curves. It was still strange to me to think I had lives growing inside me, getting steadily bigger and....

Water. I was surrounded by it. It was warm and clear, and I knew exactly where I was. I was out there in the cove. I looked down and saw that I wasn't actually myself. Instead of my chest and body, I saw Him, one of His tentacles. Maybe this was some sort of eye stalk or something.

We had wondered what His body actually looked like. Maybe it was like morpha from Ocarina Of Time, amorphous with tentacles and such forming as required. Or maybe He was more like a rathtar from Star Wars, a round body with a gaping maw and a mass of tentacles surrounding it. Austin had suggested He was like a netch from Elder Scrolls, basically like a jelly fish. Maybe He was just tentacles, with no central body as we understood it.

I looked down, but all I could see was the tentacle heading into deeper water. How deep was that cove? Or did it just look deeper because it was darker?

I looked back up as I saw two figures enter the water. I couldn't make them out clearly just yet though one was noticeably bigger than the other. The pair of them had the same sort of markings we had, all glowing just like mine had when I was out in the water.

Tentacles rose out of the depths to meet them, taking ahold of their wrists and ankles and holding them tight. Another one for each of them explored their bodies, running over their nipples, their bellies, their dicks and asses. He didn't seem at all phased by there being two chosen instead of one. I wished I could get a better view of them though. There was something about them, something familiar.

The left one was the larger of the pair, his belly much rounder. His skin was also darker, a few shades darker than Austin's. The other was slimmer, paler and there was something about him... Somehow I knew he was one of my countrymen, although I didn't know how I knew that. Maybe it was because of Darran and he saw something familiar I didn't.

The tentacles exploring the pair roamed over them and soon they were joined by even more. For each of them ones went to nipples, to cocks, to asses and out of the water to their faces. I still remembered how that all felt myself. Weird and strange and oh-so fucking amazing.

The larger one shuddered in the water, his cum spreading out in the water before him. After just a few more moments the other one followed suit, climaxing from the tentacles working his body. Out of the depths came two larger tentacles, though I knew that they weren't tentacles. It was larger than any of the tentacles and from this angle I could see it was translucent blue and pulsing. Further down it's length there was a bulb and I could see that within each one was the six eggs, ready and waiting to be impreganated into the chosen.

Each one sank into them, starting to move steadily into their bodies. I watched them both, the pale one's belly stretching noticeably as it
filled him up. I wanted to touch myself as I watched them, wanted to stroke myself from the sight and the memory or it happening to me. But I wasn't in my body. So all I could do instead was observe them.

I wondered, were the others watching through the same thing that I was seeing this, or where there three more things like this out in the deep?


The name floated into my head and I could almost hear Darran say it. Could that be who that man was? Matt? If so which one? It didn't look like Tuck, certainly wasn't as poorly endowed as he was. Maybe it was Funeral For A Friend's Matt, which would make sense.

I watched as the eggs started to move up through the 'tentacle' towards their bodies. Each one was roughly spherical with a dark spot within it and it reminded me of Austin comparing them to frogspawn. The comparison certainly seemed accurate, even moreso now I was actually seeing them. One by one they entered their respective chosen, and I saw the pair of them tremble again. Slim tentacles had worked their way into their dicks, just like they had for me, and I could see their cum disappear along them.

After the last eggs were deposited in them the 'tentacles' slowly exited their bodies. As they withdrew His cock appeared from the depths, or rather, cocks since it appeared He had one for each of them. I wondered if He had enough to take us all at once. I knew that the others were thinking it too. Fuck. The dicks were different from the tentacles and the egg ones, as they were more solid, not translucent. Each one was pale purple and they were in them as soon as the egg tentacles withdrew.

The cocks thrust into them, the tentacles playing with their respective body parts. I felt that pang of jealousy again, wishing I was out there with them, feeling the tentacles on my skin and inside me. I hoped we'd get to again before He went back into the depths, wherever he came from.

I wasn't sure how long it was, but soon the dicks locked into them and I could practically feel how He came into them. Was that how He fertilised the eggs that had just been implanted inside them? Or did the 'cum' serve some other purpose? It was another thing that we had debated amongst ourselves, with no clear answer.

Suddenly everything changed. I was no longer out there in the water, watching them, but back in my bed. My rounded belly was sticky and I reached down, feeling that I'd came as I'd watched them. i smiled and laid back, panting softly and stroking my belly, sleep slowly taking me.


'You're all here, my pretty boys, my precious chosen. You will soon fulfil your destiny. So... So beautiful..."
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