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The Call Of The Sea Part 4

The Call Of The Sea
Pairing: Austin Diaz, Dan Torelli, Darran Smith, Jay James, Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Tentacles
Notes: Well, this is not how I expected Part 4 to go. It was planned to be the introduction of the last chosen, but the end of the last one meant this one changed... So now there's gonna be 6 parts totally at least now, oops
Part 4

We all ate together, Dan included, though it was a fairly quiet affair. Werner had also joined us, having been outside collecting... well, I didn't know what as it was in a sack the same colour as his robes. I assumed it was food of some kind though, since he took it to the kitchen.

Once he finished eating Dan took his canvas and paints, and headed upstairs without a word to us. As soon as he was gone I turned to the others. "Has he ever told you what's wrong?" I asked, nodding to where Dan had gone when I was sure he was out of earshot.

The others shook their heads and I sighed softly. "He told me his band were about to do reunion shows. That's why he's like this, in answering the call he feels like he let them down." Tuomas hmmed softly at that and Austin looked dismayed. He ran his fingers through his curls, shaking his head.

"Aww man, I wish he'd said something. He's been like a clam, so unwilling to tell us anything." He shook his head again, looking to me. "Thanks Jay, at least we know now."

"Austin's right, he wasn't very talkative with me either, least this explains it." Darran said from beside him. "At least he has his art stuff thanks to Tuomas, which seems to help." Tuomas smiled a little and nodded. "Maybe we can figure something out to help him, he's gonna be here with us for awhile he may as well be in a good mood."

I nodded my agreement, wondering exactly how long we'd be here. Darran had been here for four months now already and I had a feeling we'd all be here much longer than that. "The question is, what do we do to help him?"

We all shared a look, and I knew that between us we could come up with something.


Between us we didn't know too much about Dan. He was a drummer for Madina Lake, he was American and he was one of the chosen like us. And, well, that was about it. He obviously hadn't opened up to them before I came, at least not enough to provide anything meaningful.

It was a shame really, how little we knew about our fellow chosen one.

With that little in mind we decided to make him a drumkit, or at least the closest approximation of one with what we could find laying around. It wasn't much to look at, being essentially a collection of pots, buckets and tins, and we couldn't find anything that would make good cymbals, but hopefully it would do.

All we had to do was wait for him to come down for dinner to see it and hope it would have the desired reaction.

Tuomas went up to get him and we all waited, curious to see what he'd make of it. "The other chosen have done something for you." I heard him say to Dan as they came down the stairs, Tuomas was selling himself short a little there as he helped us find everything we'd used.

As soon as he entered the room, he looked over to us, raising an eyebrow at us. Well, me an Austin, Darran was sat down resting, watching us with a smile. "So what is this thing?"

Austin smiled and we'd decided he would take the lead. "Jay told us what you said to him earlier and we all felt so bad about it, so we decided to do make something for you." Dan gave me a look which made me shiver slightly. Austin gave me a nod and we both stepped aside, revealing the make shift drum kit. Dan's eyes widened and Austin grinned. "So we've made you this for you! It's not perfect, but it's..."

Dan's face softened as he looked at it and then he smiled. "It's a kit." He went between us, taking a seat on the stool and picking up the wooden spoons Tuomas had found for us. He gave the various components a few experimental hits, sounding them out and then he smiled more, looking at us. "I, fuck, you guys." He shook his head, running his fingers over one of the larger upturned tins. "Thank you, I really appreciate this." His eyes met mine and he gave me a nod, then started up again.


It was a simple thing, but it improved Dan's mood extremely. He arranged the kit to his liking and played a few of his bands songs for us over the days and weeks that followed. He still wasn't the most open of people, but at least now he was much happier and more at ease with us.

Over the weeks I steadily grew bigger, my belly swelling up as the eggs grow inside me. My chest was also starting to develop breasts. It was a strange feeling, looking down at myself and seeing my body change. I couldn't feel the eggs exactly, but I knew they were in there. I also knew, though wasn't sure how, that I had six of them just as Darran said.

Since Darran had been here the longest I decided to pick his brains, to see what I could expect going forward. In a human pregnancy there was morning sickness and such to deal with. I wanted to be prepared for that, since I hated being sick.

"Well I'm no expert on pregnancy of course." He'd said with a slight smile. "But I'll tell you what I can. Thankfully, there's no morning sickness at all, at least there hasn't been for the three of us. The main changes are the obvious ones." At that, he gestured to his large belly and full breasts with a smile. "There's the horniness too, will is slightly annoying now as it's a struggle to reach myself. And, well, I do feel the need to eat more, though I'm not sure they actually need it at least now." He'd shrugged and smiled. "I do ache more and get tired easily, but that's down to the weight I think so expect that."

I smiled to myself at the memory of his words, looking out the window into the night sky. Hanging in the sky above the sea, the moon was almost full. That meant soon we'd have another chosen one here among us. Would it be someone we knew I wondered? Something deep down told me that I'd know him. And that I'd know the last chosen too.

I remembered a conversation I had with Tuomas as I headed to bed, climbing under the sheets.

"Why are we all male? Surely if He wanted to impreganate people women would be better right? I mean they already have these." I'd gestured at my now forming breasts and he smiled at me. The look he gave me told me it wasn't the first time he'd been asked this.

"As far as I can work out it's because there's something in the womb that adversely effects the eggs. So instead He choses males to mate with, to ensure that doesn't happen."

The answer had satisfied me, still did actually. I leaned into the sheets, drifting off to sleep, looking forward to my dreams which had returned to me soon after my arrival.


I was in the depths again, but I wasn't alone. He was here too, of course, as He always had been, His tentacles running over the new curves of my body. The others were here too, Austin, Dan and Darran, the four of us arrayed in a crescent shape. I knew somehow that it was actually them, not in my head.

'Look at you all. You are all so beautiful, practically glowing.' I could sense the pride in His voice in my head and it made me squirm. One of His tentacles ran along my belly. 'Just think, soon you will be like Darran, your belly all swollen with my eggs.' In my head He purred, another tentacle brushing across my tits. 'And these will swell too, and then you'll look even more beautiful.' I felt myself blush from His words, my cock twitching slightly from them. A tentacle brushed my cock, stroking my sensitive flesh.

I could hear the others groan somehow, knowing they were being touched in the same way too. I could sense how much He loved us, how much He cared. We weren't simply vessels for his eggs, He really cared about us. His tentacle wrapped around my shaft, stroking my dick steadily. 'You are so beautiful.'

I still had so many questions, so much I wanted to know, but I could never find the words. In fact I couldn't even think of the questions now I was with Him. His tentacles explored my body, carefully running over my belly, my breasts as he stroked my cock. Another came up to brush my cheeks and I leaned into it. All I could think was how much I missed those tentacles inside me, that amazing dick stretching me open. I groaned and I heard Him chuckle in my head. 'Beautiful Jay, my Jay, you want to be mated with as soon as you've brithed don't you?' I felt my flush, nodding into his tentacle, which nudged against my lips. I parted them, the slimy tentacle slipping into my mouth, caressing my tongue. "The others feel the same as well, my pretty chosen ones.'

I squirmed, a thought ending my head, the four of us in the warm waters of the cove, being fucked one after the other, tentacles roaming across our bodies, making us groan into the night.

He chuckled in my head again, the tentacle sliding down my throat. 'Oh yes, when you are all here you should certainly come to me.' I squirmed as one of his slim tentacles pressed into my dick, just like it had that night almost a month ago. Another stroked carefully, gently, along my cleft. The tentacle stroking my length increased it's pace on me, my head tipping back in the water. I was close and, somehow, I knew the others were the same.

I let out a low groan around the tentacle in my mouth, as I came around the tentacle that was wiggling inside my dick. Alongside me in the water I could tell the others were all orgasming as well, Austin, Dan and Darran's faces all clearly showing pleasure as they came, our bodies all trembling from it.

It was then, in the vague edges of my perception, that I sensed others out there in the water, further out from us. Somehow I knew who they were, our chosen brothers. 'Sleep well my beautiful chosen, for soon your brothers will be here.'

I could tell the others were as curious and eager to meet them as I was.
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