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The Call Of The Sea Part 3

The Call Of The Sea
Pairing: Jay James, Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Tentacles
Notes: So here is part 3 so yeah, this is becoming a beast of a fic. By my reckoning there's gonna be 5 parts total at the moment, oops. So yeah, this weird little fic keeps getting bigger
Part 3

I stirred in the bed, having had a dreamless sleep for the first time in months. As I awoke, part of me felt that the events of the previous night were a dream, that my whole time in the cove had been in my head. After all, it was so strange wasn't it? Being fucked by a tentacled thing in the warm Finnish sea. No not a thing, Him. I smiled slightly as my eyelids flicked open, the way my body ached and tingled telling me that it had been true, not a figment of my imagination. I didn't think I could come up with something like that on my own anyway.

I shifted on the bed, some of the covers falling off me as I shifted to sit up. The paint was still on my skin, though it was dark again like it was yesterday. I reached up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, a soft groan leaving my lips. "Ah you're awake." I almost jumped, gasping at the voice which I now recognised as belonging to Tuomas. He was sat in a chair against the other wall, a smile on his lips. "I didn't mean to scare you."

I nodded a little, wetting my lips. "It's ok." I reached for the bedside table, taking ahold of a glass of water and taking a sip. "Last night... That was, fuck." I squirmed beneath the covers at the memory of all those tentacles on me, probing, exploring and then... A soft groan left my lips. Tuomas grinned at me, nodding.

"Yeah, that's what they all say." He smiled, standing and coming over to me. "You'll see them soon, the others, but first, well." He sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at me. "You're going to experience some changes." His tone was similar to how my dad had started his, blissfully short, puberty speech years ago. I frowned a little, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. Lifted the covers off me, pulling it down so I was exposed fully for him. I could feel myself flush, waiting for him to start with whatever he was wanting to me to know. He looked me over, an intensity to his gaze that was different to before and he smiled before finally speaking.

"The first change is that you will no longer want solid food." My eyes widened a little at that and he gave me a gentle smile. "So for the next few months, you'll be on soups, smoothies and the like. As such, you won't be shitting either." I gave him a look, wondering what this all meant, though deep down I had a suspicion. My fingers ghosted across my belly and he gave me a warm smile. "Yeah, I can tell you're realising why that is." He reached down, carefully stroking my belly, almost as if he was worried I would break if he pressed to hard. "Like I told you, He mates with His chosen and that means you have the honour of carrying His eggs."

He paused, letting the enormity of his words sink in. It was strange, I couldn't physically feel them and yet I knew they were there, deep inside me. That must have been what I felt last night, from the thing that didn't feel like I dick. I didn't know how I should feel about that. It was probably worlds away from how I did feel, but I didn't care. I looked down at my belly, even though it didn't look any different than it did yesterday, and I smiled. He was right, it was an honour and He had chosen me for it. I looked up, my gaze meeting Tuomas'. "Fuck..." I whispered the word out, feeling a little overwhelmed by it. "What's going to happen to me?"

Toumas grinned and nodded, clearly pleased by my response. "Over the next months they will grow inside you. I... admit that I'm not exactly sure on the exact length of time it will take, but none of the others have hatched yet." He shrugged slightly and I could tell that he wished he had more information to give me. "Your body will change slightly but, well, perhaps it's best to see." He stood up, gesturing for me to do the same.

"Come, it's time you met the others." He waited as I stood, feeling a little shaky still and he led me out, opening the door and leading me to the stairs. As soon as I got to the top of them I heard the familiar sound of a guitar being played and, as we got down, I could make out a voice accompanying it.

"He calls us in our dreams, out to the sea. He calls his chosen ones, to meet him in the waves..."

As soon as we were in the main room, I could see that there were three others here and they all looked over at me as Tuomas clapped his hands. "Boys, I want you to mee..."

"Jay! See I told you it was Jay!" I looked to the source of the voice, a grinning Austin Diaz, who was settling the guitar down beside him. He was the guitarist of Black Tide and his hair, a mass of dark curls, which provided a contrast to his tanned skin, made him instantly recognisable. We'd toured together a few times and, as such, had gotten to know each other quite well. Like me he was naked, painted markings and sigils covering his skin, though there were fewer than my own. His belly was slightly rounded, an indication he'd been here longer than I had. What surprised me most was his chest, which now had the beginnings of rounded breasts. He grinned as he came to me, wrapping his arms around me. "I saw you from my window last night as they took you out, knew it was you from that lizard of yours. Fuck, it's good to see you."

"You too Austin." I smiled, returning his hug and then I looked past him at one of the others. "And you too Darran."

Austin grinned at me as he pulled back, taking my hand and tugging me over to them. "I knew you'd know each other the moment he said he was Welsh."

Darran was sat across from where Austin had been, a bass set down beside him. I'd not thought to bring one of mine but clearly they had. Darran was still as pale skinned as he had been, which made the markings on him stand out even more. His belly was rounder than Austin's and his breasts were more pronounced. He gave me a smile, looking me over. "Hey Jay. Nice to see He's chosen on of my fellow countrymen."

I returned his smile and nodded in agreement. Darran had been a part of Funeral For A Friend before they parted ways. We'd toured together and hung out quite a few times, both with and without clothing. It was always rather strange to see him without his usual black clothing though. "Yeah, same here, I'm glad to see familiar faces here." I smiled at them both, sitting down as Austin did too. My eyes then went to the other guy, who was standing in front of a canvas, painting something I couldn't make out from this angle.

"That's Dan." Austin supplied with a bright smile. "I dunno if you ever met him, but your expression seems to say not. He was the drummer for Madina Lake." The name rang a vague bell.

"The band with the twins?" Austin nodded with a grin and I looked back to Dan, looking him over. Out of the four of us he had the least painted on him and I could see that he had a pirate ship tattoo on his shoulder. He had shoulder length black hair and his body looked somewhere between Austin and Darran. He gave me a look, then a slight nod of acknowledgement before returning to his painting.

"Don't feel bad, he's not terribly social." Austin whispered to me, patting my knee. "Welcome to our little family."

I smiled, looking between them. "So, you all got the call too huh?" Darran and Austin both nodded.

"I've felt something since after we released Tales." Darran spoke up from the seat across from us. That was ten years ago now, far before I had the dreams. "It was nothing specific, just this... pull. It's why I left Funeral, though I couldn't quite figure it out, until I started having the dreams last year." He sighed softly, a smile on his face. "Then I just got this urge to come to Finland and then, well, I ended up here." He gestured around himself with both hands. "I was the first, then came Dan and Austin and now you." He smiled at me, his fingers running over his rounded belly. "I'm glad you're here."

"Me too..." I watched him, my gaze going up his chest from his fingers to his breasts, which looked to be full and heavy. "I er..."

"These?" He reached up, cupping a tit in each hand. "Yeah, they take some getting used to. Well, that's not quite right, I'm still not used to them!" Out of the corner of my eye I saw Austin's hair as he nodded in agreement as Darran grinned. "I was weirded out at first, we all are when they start, and they just get bigger as the weeks go on."

"Same here." Austin spoke up from from beside me and I looked over at him. Fuck, they were both so beautiful. "They're so soft and sensitive too, it's so strange. But fuck, it's all worth it. That one night out there with Him was... Fuck."

A sudden image filled my mind, of Austin out there like I was, His tentacles exploring his body. Then the image changed, so it was Darran being fucked by Him, the slimy tentacles running all over his pale body. Then I thought of the three of us out there, all being taken together. A groan left my lips and Austin smirked, as if to say he knew what I was thinking.

"Last night, after I saw you I laid in bed and jerked off, thinking of you out there." He licked his lips, nodding. "Images flooded my head of you, of what He was doing to you."

"I told you that's what happens." Darran said with a nod of his own as I looked at him. "You'll see Jay, when the next one comes."

"Next one? How many more of us do you think they'll be?" I asked, leaning forward a little.

"There'll be six of us total, so two more." Darran nodded as he spoke, saying the words with a confidence that meant he wasn't just guessing. "But that won't be for awhile yet, not till the next full moon."

"Yeah." Austin said from beside me, with a nod. "That's when we all came, on the eve of the full moon. And then the next night, well, He has us..." He smiled and I could tell that he was thinking about it. Again I thought of him in the warm water, the tentacles running up over his thighs...

I squirmed, my dick twitching between my legs and I could see Austin's was too. "That happens a lot." Darran spoke up and I could see his head poke out from under his belly. "I think we get linked somehow, so when one of us thinks of Him we all do."

I swallowed and Austin's cheeks flushed slightly. "Er, sorry about that, sometimes I just can't help it."

"Especially at night." Darran smirked and Austin flipped him off with a grin.

"Fuck off, I know you jerk off to Him too!" Austin grinned, eyeing him up. "Though I can see it's getting harder now..."

Darran snorted and I smiled at the pair of them, looking back to my fellow Welshman, at his belly. "Darran could I..."

"Feel my belly?" He smiled when I nodded at him, feeling a little awkward asking, but I just had to. "Of course, just don't expect me to be getting up." I returned his smile, standing up and heading over to him, carefully reaching to stroke the curve of his belly. His skin was so soft and, well, I wasn't sure what to expect to feel. I couldn't feel anything moving or feel the eggs, not that I knew what to they would feel like. With my other hand I reached up, running my fingers gently over his full breasts.

"Fuck this is so strange." He smiled and nodded in agreement at my words, studying me as I gently stroked his tits. "Do you know how many you have?"

"Six. We all have six." He nodded as he spoke with certainty. "I can't physically feel them, not by stroking my belly but I just... know."

"Yeah, the eggs they're kinda like frogspawn we think." Austin spoke up, moving to stand beside me. "Like they're all soft and squishy, which is why we can't feel them." I nodded slightly at his words. It made sense, in a strange way. Well, as much sense as this whole thing made anyway. I kept stroking Darran's skin, my fingers tracing along the symbols that marked him, hearing him purr softly from the contact. "You should see this too." I glanced over to Austin and gasped slightly, the sight making me shift my hands from Darran.

Austin had turned away from me and he'd reached back, grasping both of his ass cheeks with his hands, pulling them apart. I looked between his cheeks at his pucker which looked, well, strange. I leaned in slightly, peering at it. It looked like them was something stretched across the opening of it, sealing it up. It was pale blue, a stark contrast to the colour of his skin and hair and I looked puzzled. "I... Wait, do I have it too?" I found myself turning so my arse was to Darran, not for the first time, and mirrored Austin's actions.

"Yeah Jay, yours is just the same." I turned back to Darran after he spoke the words, confirming what I'd asked. "We all have it." I looked back to Austin and he gave me a slight nod. Gently, I ran my finger along Austin's crack, pressing my finger against it. It was soft and moved slightly at my touch, but I somehow knew it would be unyielding.


Austin nodded, curls bouncing as he turned back around to face us. "Oh yeah, totally."

"Yeah, man I miss having something up my arse." Darran said with a groan. "But then I think of Him..."

I saw Darran in the water, tentacles wrapped around his pale skin. One was down his throat, the purple tentacle stretching his lips. Blue ones were on his chest, playing with his peaked nipples. Another was between his legs, working it's way into his cock. And then there was His cock, hige and thrusting deep in Darran's body, making the water churn around him...

Darran gasped and then the image was gone. "I... Fuck..." He shook his head slightly, cheeks flushed. Unlike the rest of us he had one of the sigils on his face, curving along his right cheek and going up and around his eye. "Sorry about that..."

"It's ok man, don't worry about it." Austin said, though his voice was slightly breathless with need. "Though fucking hell, my boner is aching."

Darran chuckled, his own voice a little needy too. "Is it ever not?" Austin grinned at his words. "You'll get used to that too Jay, being aching hard a lot, though I suspect for you that's nothing new." He smirked at me and I wanted to say something witty back, but he was right and he knew it. "I think, though, that we need to deal with these things yeah?"

I nodded in agreement and looked back over to Dan, who had to be as hard as we were. His canvas was unattended though and he was no where to be seen. "Like I said, he's not terribly social." Austin spoke up, stroking my back gently. "I'm not sure why, maybe he was always like that, but..." He shrugged slightly. "He's family now you know? I just wish he'd open up some more." I nodded slightly, hearing the hint of frustration in hIs voice and stroking his arm. He smiled at me, shaking his head. "But enough on that, this is about you, about us." He grinned, looking at Darran. "So what should we do? Hand or blow jobs?"

Darran smiled, eyes on me. "Blow, because fuck, I've missed those lips Jay." I grinned and sank down to my knees before him on instinct, watching him spread his thighs. I gently lifted up his belly with one hand, before leaning in and snaked my tongue out across his head. He shivered, a gasp leaving his lips. "Oh yeah, fuck..." I smiled as his fingers ran through my hair and I leaned in, taking his length between my lips. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Austin sit beside Darran, hear Darran's moans swallowed by his lips.

Smiling, I bobbed up and down on his shaft, running my tongue along his skin. I kept my left hand on his belly as I sucked up, my right heading up to stroke those breasts of his. I never was a tit guy, even the few times I had been with women, but there was just something about his. And Austin's too. I hummed around him, the bassline to Tears being one of the things that always came to mind when I was doing this. I gently stroked his breast as I suckled him, already tasting his precum on my tongue.

"Mmm fuck Jay... I..." His thighs quivered around me as he came down my throat. It was like Werner and Tuomas', hot, thick and salty. I swallowed every drop that he had to give me before shifting back on my heels. He looked a little sheepish, his cheeks flushed pink again. "Sorry Jay I cum pretty quick these days, it's embarrassing."

"It's ok." I smiled and kissed each of his thighs, shifting up and giving him a quick kiss. "Don't worry about it." He smiled at me and Austin shifted beside us, grinning.

"Come on man, I need to cum, and so do you." He kissed me, then pushed back back, until I was laying on the floor. Then he shifted around on me, until his slim, tan legs framed my face. "Best to kill two birds with one stone right?"

I grinned and nodded, not sure he'd see me. "Oh yeah... Fuck..." His lips were around my cock, making me moan, so I returned the favour, taking him between my lips. We'd had a few encounters on the tours we'd been on, not as many as Darran of course, but he was just so pretty and was pretty irresistible. I'd been content to let him take control, though he had sucked me off a few times. He was sweet like that, always making sure I got off too, more so than some would. I circled my tongue around his plump head before ducking down on him. His dick was thicker than Darran, so stretched my lips a little more and he tasted amazing.

I groaned around his length, the vibrations going through him as he pleasured me. Fuck, his skills had improved than I remembered, his tongue lapping in all the right places and his lips squeezing just right around me. His breasts pressed up against my belly, making my cock ache more in his mouth. Them, and his belly, obscured my view of his pretty face, not that I could see much of him anyway in this position.

He moaned around my, his hips thrusting against my face, his balls hitting my forehead and I could taste him. I smiled and hummed, lapping at his slick head as he pulled back, his hips doing most of the work now. I felt him quiver on top of me and he came down my throat, the taste of him amazing. It was just like Darran's, which made me wonder if it was to do with our new diet or what what we'd experienced. I didn't have much time to think much about it though, as my own body trembled with my orgasm.

My rolled off one another after swallowing each other's loads and Austin grinned at me, running his fingers through my hair. "Mmm, yeah, still taste so fucking good Jay." He licked his lips, giving me a brief kiss. "So glad you're here..." He smiled and we both shifted up into the seats we'd vacated.

"Here, you boys need to stay hydrated." It was Tuomas, who I'd completely forgotten about, which i felt a little bad for now. He didn't seem bothered though, as a smile was on his lips. He had a tray in his hand, with three glasses of water, which we each took and drank.

"Thanks Tuomas." Austin said with a smile, combing his fingers through his mass of curls. Tuomas just smiled.


After awhile of drinking and talking, Darran curled up on his sofa and drifted off to sleep. "He does that sometimes, moreso now." Austin said with a gentle smile, looking over at him. "Fancy having a jam with me? I'm sure he won't mind."

"Maybe in a bit, I think I'll see about Dan though." He nodded a little and I rose, heading over to check out what he'd been working on before going. It looked like it was recently started. It was fairly clear what it was though, a figure in the water, being taken by Him. I swallowed, then headed out the door, going outside where I had a feeling he'd be.

I stepped out into the cool air, though I didn't feel cold myself despite my lack of clothing. I looked around and there he was, leaning against the wall and looking out to sea. Beside him, on a set of stones, was a lighter and pack of cigarettes. "Hey, are you ok?" I said gently, coming over to stand beside him. He looked, well, sad. "Look, I know we've just met and all bu..."

"You, you're just like them, you're all the same." He took a drag from his cigarette, blowing smoke from his lips. He glared out to sea. "You know, all of you don't have bands. Darran left his, Black Tide split, you left yours." He looked at me, shaking his head. "Yeah, I know who you are. You all have nothing!"

He growled in irritation, taking another drag. "I was the same, Madina had split and that was it, no more band, no more music." He shook his head again. "And just as before the twins called me, told me they were wanting to reform, I get these fucking dreams. I was ready, I was all set to join them, to be with them onstage again, fuck I've missed it, missed them..." He growled again, stubbing out the cigarette, anger and sorrow in his eyes. "And then this.... The dreams got too much, the call too strong. I abandoned them, I let them down, all because of Him."

"I... I'm sorry Dan." He looked at me side on and he wiped his teary eyes. "Truly I am."

He sniffed and shook his head. "I... Maybe you are." He looked back out to the sea. "It's all just so frustrating..." He shook his head, picking up the cigarettes and lighter, heading past me towards the building. He paused before stepping inside, voice soft. "Don't get me wrong, I'm honoured to be chosen like this I just... Wish it wasn't now." He shook his head and stepped back into the building.

I sighed softly, then followed him back inside. Poor Dan, I wondered if the others knew why he was so closed off like he was? Perhaps we could do something that would help to make him feel better. I nodded slightly, certain that between the three of us we could work something out. In the mean time, though, I was feeling hungry. Maybe Tuomas had made us something to eat?
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