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The Call Of The Sea Part 2

The Call Of The Sea
Pairing: Jay James, Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Tentacles, knotting, sounding
Notes: Ok so somehow this part is even longer than the first, sorry not sorry. There's gonna be a part 3 soonish too.
Part 2

I looked out of my window over the sea, at the crashing of the waves against the shore. The day had seemed to go slow, though I knew that was an illusion caused by anticipation of what was to come. I'd felt it before in Bullet, on the days when there'd be first plays of songs or albums would be released or on the first dates of a tour.

Tuomas had bought me food at both breakfast and lunch. I had questions for him, though when he was here I couldn't seem to put them into words. He had told me a few things while I ate though.

Him and Werner were the latest caretakers. They had both received the call similar to what I had, Tuomas first over a year ago, while for Werner it had started only a few months ago. There wasn't anyone here when he arrived, though there had been signs of recent habitation. There were books which told him what his role would be and what to expect over the coming months and years. I wasn't the first, though he didn't tell me how many others there were. 'When the time is right you will meet them.' That was all he said on that.

Later, over lunch, Tuomas told me a little more about what he knew.

This had been going on for centuries, perhaps even longer. No one seemed to know what it was that work Him from the depths, but as the time drew near the call went out to draw people here. The caretakers were called first and then ones like me would get the dreams, feeling the intense urge that bought me to this place.

He was told I was coming just days ago, the same time I decided to come out here looking for answers. He had been given my name and knew to expect my arrival. He told me that he'd also had an image of me in his head, so that he'd known who I was. All of yesterday he'd been waiting for me, they both had, eager for me to arrive and to get me ready.

'I'll be back at 4:30 so you can have a quick meal. The time draws near.'

And then he'd left.

I looked down at myself, still naked since stripping off last night. The paint was still on me and in the light I could see it, how it sparkled. It was black and yet it shone with an otherworldly light. At first it was just like it had glitter running through it, but now it was like it was pulsing, a blue glow emanating from it. Tuomas had told me in his books were the patterns they'd drawn on me, though the exact meanings were lost. I ran my fingers over the glowing curve on my stomach, wondering exactly what he had painted me with.

"It's time to eat." I turned, seeing not Tuomas but Werner standing in the doorway with the food. It was, like last night, a steaming bowl of... something and bread. "Eat up, it's almost time." There was an eagerness to his voice and I nodded, sitting back on the bed and starting to eat.

"Where are you from?" I asked after a few moments of awkward silence.

"Does it matter?" He replied gruffly, then shrugged before sighing and shaking his head. "Not that it matters but I'm from Germany." I nodded slightly as I ate, watching him. "I'm not like Tuomas, I'm not a big one for talking. Nor do I have answers to the questions you no doubt have. Tuomas knows this shit better than I do, I'm not even sure I understand it." His eyes went from me to look out the window to sea, looking almost wistful. "I know Tuomas is jealous of the ones like you though... Gotta say I feel the same." He said the last part in a whisper, then shook his head and looked back at me. "Now hurry up."

I finished up in silence and then he took the tray away, leaving me alone once again.

The light of the sun was lower on the horizon now, obscured by grey clouds which meant it soon would be sunset. My whole body tingled and I could feel it, the pull again. It felt just like before going on stage, the adrenaline rush that you felt knowing it was time. I looked from the window to the door and there they both were, Tuomas and Werner in their robes.

"It's time." Tuomas said with a wide smile. "Come."

I stood up, following as they led me downstairs. My movements felt shaky and between my legs my cock was twitching in anticipation. 'Come to me.' I squirmed and I felt Werner's hands on me as we arrived downstairs, lifting me up into his arms. He gave me a slight smile, carrying me to the door as Tuomas opened it up.

When we were out of the building Tuomas started humming, or perhaps softly chanting, as he led us through the buildings. The sun was starting to set now, casting an orange glow over the grey buildings, like when I first arrived. We were heading towards the sea and I squirmed in Werner's arms. "Easy now, we're almost there."

Tuomas led us to a cove, shaped like a crescent out into the sea. I could feel it now even more, beneath the reflected orange of the waves. He is here. Tuomas headed around the cove, lighting a series of lamps that were every few meters around it. I squirmed more in Werner's arms, desperate, eager. The strong German set me down carefully so that I was standing, but held me back. "Not long now, shhh..." He guided me closer to the water, going slow, too slow for my liking until we were almost at the water's edge.

He gave us a nod and a smile. "It is time. We'll be here, watching, waiting." He leaned in and kissed my forehead. "Go to Him." And with those words Werner let me go.

As soon as I was free I stepped into the water, feeling sand beneath my feet as I entered it. The water was warm, which I knew it shouldn't be, though I wasn't surprised. I kept going deeper into the water, the paint now glowing on my skin. It was when I was over waistdeep that I first felt movement in the water with me. He was here. I wasn't sure what I should do, if I should say or do anything. This all felt like it was happening so fast.

The sun slipped below the distant horizon as the water reached my neck. I took a deep, steadying breath and heard the rumble. 'You are here, you have come to me.' I nodded, swallowing before speaking in a shaky voice. "Y... yeah, I'm here. I... what do I do?"

'You stay right there pretty one.' I felt something brush against my leg, just like in my dream and I looked in the water. Despite the now glowing markings on me, I couldn't see what it was. After a few moments it brushed me again, this time my other leg. I gasped softly, craving His touch. As if sensing that, I felt Him get closer, the water moving around me. It was then I caught my first glimpse of Him in the water as it approached, running along my arm. It was a tentacle, about as thick as the neck of a beer bottle and it was a deep purple in colour from what I could make out anyway. It wasn't like an octopus tentacle, it was completely smooth with no sign of suckers or anything like that. I squirmed slightly as it stroked my skin, another joining it to run up my leg.

'You are much prettier in person.' I felt myself blush, the first tentacle moving to my face, it when along my cheek and I squirmed again. It felt strange, slick and slightly slimy. "Th... Thank you." A third tentacle stroked my leg and I wondered how many it had. 'You have answered my call, are you ready?' I shivered from the words, which I heard in my head and I nodded, though I wasn't sure what to expect. Tuomas had said last night to expect sex, though hadn't elaborated further today. 'Good.'

There was more movement and a fourth tentacle wrapped around my waist, holding onto me. My dick ached in the water and the tentacle that was running up my leg brushed against my length lightly. 'Yes, so pretty...' One of the other tentacles brushed against my cleft, pushing between my cheeks. I sighed as it pressed against my opening, my eyes lidding. The tentacle shrank slightly before easing into me. A gasp left my lips as it did so, feeling like it was a finger entering me, though it was so much better. As soon as a decent amount of Him filled me up, the tentacle expanded inside me, opening me up. It was a strange sensation, like having one of those inflatable plugs filled up, but that didn't quite compare to how this felt. I groaned as it steadily opened me up, going much slower than I wanted. "Please..." I gasped, my whole body aching in the water. The sound that filled my head was like a chuckle and it expanded further inside me.

'I knew you were, what is it you humans say?' It paused and I let out a soft moan, as the tip of the tentacle in me wiggled against my insides. 'Ah yes, a slut. That's what humans would say anyway. They think you're a cocksucking slut. Or at least they do in their respective languages.' I knew that He meant my caretakers, which I knew were watching from the shores, though I didn't want to turn back to see. His voice continued in my head, the tentacle expanding further. It felt like it was bigger than Werner's cock. 'I saw you even before I called you, even before I called Tuomas to serve me. I know you have been with many men, more than you can even remember.' I squirmed in the water, finding myself nodding along to His words. There was no point denying it, not that I would. 'You even got on your knees last night, taking both of your caretakers in your pretty little mouth.' The tentacle inside me expanded, stretching me further, while the one on my face brushed across my lips. I parted them for Him and He pressed it gently between them. It tasted strange, slightly salty though that could be due to the water.

I gently sucked on the soft flesh between my lips. It was softer than a cock, more pliant, like nothing I'd ever had before. I ran my tongue over Him, the tentacle twitching in my mouth. The tentacle up my ass kept on expanding as I sucked, stretching me open with an ease I'd never felt before. The tip of it was wiggling, pressing against my spot. 'You like that don't you?' I groaned, nodding as it rubbed against me. 'Good, you're almost ready.' The tentacle that brushed my cock wrapped around my shaft, stroking it in the water.

I shivered, the tentacle in me now had to be as thick as my wrist, if not bigger. I'd been fisted before of course, but this felt even better than any of those. I squirmed, gasping around the tentacle in my mouth. 'Spill for me.' As soon as the words entered my head I came, and shooting my load into the sea that surrounded me.

I whimpered as the tentacles pulled back, the one from my mouth and up my arse anyway. 'Don't worry pretty boy, I'm not done with you just yet.' More tentacles came out of the water, wrapping around my wrists and ankles. They held onto me firmly, pulling me further out into the sea, into deeper water. I was breathless from my orgasm, but I worried about Him pulling me under until I was submerged like my dreams.

I was bought out to the center of the cove, the full moon's reflection bright on the water, the sigils and patterns painted on my skin glowing in the dark. The tentacles moved me in the water, positioning me so my legs were raised up in the water. 'Tell me Jason James, Jay, are you ready?' I nodded, taking a few deep, steadying breaths. "Yeah... Though I'm not sure what for."

Something pressed against my cheeks, something bigger and firmer. 'For this.' I groaned and nodded, my voice spilling out moments later. "Y... yes, please." That rumbling chuckle filled my find and I felt two tentacles grip my cheeks of my ass, pulling them apart and holding them open. 'So pretty...' After a few moments it pressed against my stretched hole, entering me. A groan left my lips at the feeling of the length filling me up. It was easier bigger than anything I'd ever taken before, but it strangely didn't hurt at all. A groan of pleasure fell from my lips and my whole body trembled as the thick length filled me. 'Oh yes pretty boy, you feel so good.' My eyelids fluttered as it started to move, moving steadily out and then back inside of me.

"F...fuck..." I let out a shaky breath, groaning out into the night as He fucked me, the motion making the water churn around me. The tentacles restraining me kept me up and I knew instinctively it was to keep me above the water. My cock was twitching to full hardness again, the tentacle around it just stroking gently. The appendage inside me, dick didn't seem appropriate somehow, suddenly stopped moving out of me. Instead it just pushed in, going as deep as it could and then it stilled. The tentacles holding me quivered and the thing inside me pulsed along it's length. It was, yet again, another thing I'd never felt before. I cried out, feeling something enter me from it, pressing against my insides. It wasn't anything like cum, it was something else, something I couldn't describe. Maybe when He came this was just how it felt. The voice of Him in my head made sounds I couldn't understand. I had been with enough men though to know sounds of pleasure even in a foreign tongue.

He stayed in me for a few long minutes, His length in me pulsing and filling me more with whatever it was. My dick trembled in his touch, the tentacle still steadily working on me, though not enough to get me off again. Slowly, the shaft inside me retreated and I sighed, instantly missing it.

'I'm sorry for speaking in my native tongue earlier. Do not worry, I am not finished yet.' The shaft exited my body and the water shifted around me. After a few moments, I felt something else press against my hole, pushing it's way into me. Like the previous one this was firmer than the tentacles and something about it told me that cock was the appropriate term for it. It filled me fully, then started to fuck me as the tentacle on my cock started stroking me again.

More tentacles joined it, running over my skin. One ran over my lizard tattoo. Two pencil thin ones brushed my nipples, pinching and tweaking them until they were each peaked in the warm water. Another was on my balls, exploring the soft skin. I gasped, panting into the cool night air as another stroked my face, going towards my lips. This one was more blue than purple and I parted my lips to admit it, knowing that's what it wanted. I wondered again how many tentacles it had as they explored my body. 'Oh yes, you are so pretty.' I squirmed in the water as the slick cock fucked me steadily. I keened into the night, thrusting my hips and squeezing around the length inside me, pleasure rocking through my body. I groaned around the slick tentacle that was in my mouth, sucking and lapping at it's length. 'Oh yes, I made the right decision in choosing you.'

My whole body seemed to tingle, especially where his tentacles were touching me, I rolled my hips into the sea, between the large dick buried deep up my arse and the tentacle wrapped around my own. I had cum just minutes before and I needed it again. I swallowed down the salty taste coming from the tentacle in my mouth, my eyelids fluttering. Another tentacle ran over my dick, brushing over the head. It was a thin one, even more so than the ones that were still circling my nipples. It ran across my slit, making my twitch and ache. It thinned out even more and then it slowly pushed inside my cock. I gasped, my eyes lidding at the strange feeling. I'd had things up my dick before but nothing like that, it made me squirm even more in the water.

'Cum for me, I know you need it again. You look even prettier when you orgasm.' I cried out, my whole body trembling as I came around the tentacle inside my dick. It was a strange sensation, joining an ever growing list. My head tipped back in the surf, my whole body quivering. 'Oh yes, so pretty... And you taste good too.' Did the tentacles also taste as well as touch, or was it just some of them? I didn't know, didn't care.

The cock inside me kept moving, it's pace increasing inside me. The slick tentacle between my lips pressed further, sliding down my throat and my eyes widened slightly. 'Don't worry pretty boy, I'm not going to choke you.' The second those words entered my head I relaxed, the tentacle moving steadily, like it was a cock, even though it was so unlike one, it's whole length wiggling as I sucked it.

Between my legs my cock ached with need. I was still aching hard, not even starting to soften from my recent orgasm. I groaned around the tentacle, knowing He must be doing something to keep me erect. The tentacle in my dick wiggled, the sensation so fucking strange but oh so fucking good. I knew I'd be cumming again and soon, even sooner than would possibly be normal. But then all this was so far from normal it couldn't even see it.

The dick in my ass pressed deep inside me and I felt something press against my hole. It was part of the dick, larger and more round. 'Relax...' The voice in my head said again and I could the sense if it was spoken than it would be breathless. I took a breath through my nose and it popped inside me, expanding a little more once it did. A groan of pleasure left my lips as it locked the length in place up my ass and I realised what it was. Some animals, I knew, had this thing at the base of their cock called a knot, which would lock them in place while mating. I'd not experienced an actual one myself before, though I had used a dildo which had one.

The voice in my head filled my head with sounds I could not understand again. Every one of the tentacles on my body wiggled, even the ones holding me quivered. The ones on my nipples circled and tweaked them faster. The one on my balls held them, tugging and stroking them gently. The ones down my through and cock thrust in and out, their slickness filling me. The sound that filled my head could only be described as an intense groan and I felt the cock inside me spray my insides, filling me up more than any cock could. My body shook from the intensity of it and I knew I was cumming myself around the wiggling tentacle in my dick.

The cock inside me didn't stop, it kept on going for I had no idea how long, coating my insides. The closest I could think to describe it was it was like getting an enema from a hose, though this was so much more intense than that. It had to be going on for several minutes and my body quivered as I came again and again, groaning and squirming intensely. Fuck this was incredible.

I let out a soft whine as the tentacle withdrew from my throat. The others followed, sliding out my dick, shifting from my nipples, balls and shaft. 'Mmm you are amazing...' The voice said to me, the knot shrinking slowly inside me. 'So beautiful...' I was too breathless to respond, panting heavily and I knew if He wasn't holding me I'd be sinking into the water. When the knot deflated the length slipped out of me, the shaft only slightly smaller after it's orgasm, or what I assumed was one. I whimpered as it retreated from me, the tentacles on my ass cheeks letting them go at last.

He gently carried me through the water, towards the shore. 'They will take care of you beautiful.' He lifted me from the water and I could see the tentacles that held me, green and purple and blue. He set me down upon the shore, Werner and Tuomas coming closer to me. "W... Will I see you again?" I asked into the night.

'Perhaps you will, but I will definitely up in your dreams Jason James, Jay, my mate.' Each of the tentacles uncoiled from me, retreating back into the water from where they came. I whimpered, my body tingling, the sigils glow fading slightly.

Werner bent down, scooping me up into his big strong arms. "Come on, let's get you inside." Tuomas spoke up as the German carried me away. I twisted slight in his arms so i could keep my gaze on the water I left, almost as if I expected to see some part of Him emerge from the waves. I could still feel him though, feel him watch me as I was carried away, my ass leaking against Werner's robes. I reached around myself, running my fingers along my cleft, before bringing them to my face. The fluid was thick and opalescent, almost glowing in the dark. I parted my lips and tasted Him, the thick salty taste filling my tongue, but there was also something else there, something I couldn't place.

As soon as we arrived at the building exhaustion took ahold of me and sleep took me.
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