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The Call Of The Sea Part 1

The Call Of The Sea
Pairing: Jay James, Spellgoth, Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: None so far really
Notes: I've had something like this in my head for awhile, but for some reason now I have had real inspiration for it so... Also it ended up being quite long so here is part 1 or 2 (or 3)
Notes 2: This probably turned out longer than I expected but it’s one of the dreamwidth fics I’m most proud of

The inky blackness surrounded me stretching out for as far as I could see. I was underwater, somehow in the depths of the sea, though I wasn't drowning or being crushed by the pressure like I should be. I tried to cry out, but all that came out were bubbles. I tried to move, to swim in the direction I thought was up, but it made no difference.

There was something out there in the dark with me. Something that was watching me, eager, waiting. I felt something brush against my bare leg, though couldn't see it in the darkness.

There was a low, unnatural rumble in the water, like some great beast moving, getting closer and closer and...

I gasped, my eyelids snapping open as I awoke. "Fuck..." I whispered, running my fingers over my sweaty brow. It was a recurring dream, one I'd been having for weeks, months now. It had become more and more frequent, until now it was every single night. I swallowed, shaking my head. I wished I knew what it meant and how to get rid of it.

Instead all I could do is sigh and try and get some more sleep. Hopefully it wouldn't return me to the inky blackness.


I drove, staring out the window at the grey sky. I could hear the sea, the waves crashing against the side of the cliff. I'd wound down all the windows to hear the sound of them, the salty air wafting in as I drove.

One night when I had the dream I'd heard a deep voice in the darkness. I didn't understand the words, if there were words, but I somehow understood the meaning. 'Come to me.'

And so here I was, out in a foreign land, Finland, and I was driving a rental car down a road I didn't know. My destination, too, was unknown but I felt this strange pull, calling to me. Maybe this was how birds felt during their first migration, or how fish would be drawn back to where they'd spawned.

I just hoped wherever I was being drawn to would put an end to these dreams and, hopefully, give me answers.

I'd been driving for hours now, civilisation long behind me. I'd not seen any houses, or cars for that matter, for miles. The road now didn't have any streetlights and it was clear it hadn't been maintained at all. Patches of grass and weeds were making their way through the concrete the road was made from.

As the car bounced over a bump I sighed and shook my head slightly. Maybe this was crazy. Coming out here alone, all because of a voice in a dream and a feeling in the pit of my stomach. Hell it wasn't even a voice, but a feeling of one.

Maybe I should just pull over somewhere for the night, get some rest and then head back to civilisation and forget all this.

I blinked as the car crested over a hill and there before me was a... well, it looked like a village. It was a collection of buildings, most of which were a single story tall and there was a jetty indicating this may have been a fishing village. It looked like it was abandoned, the buildings mostly in darkness but I could make out a light in one, the central building which towered over the others.

I drove to the edge of the buildings and parked my car up. Maybe whoever was in there had answers. At the very least they might have a warm bed for the night. I reached for the doors, winding up all the windows and took a deep breath before exiting the vehicle, pulling my backpack up over my shoulders.

Once I'd locked up the car, although that seemed pointless, I walked through the buildings towards my goal. The buildings were made of grey brick and some of them were crumbling. It was clear that no one had lived here in the village proper for a long time and I swallowed my slight unease at that. Why would someone live out here among all this?

The sound of waves crashing against the shore filled my ears as I headed towards the central building, which I guessed must have served as a village hall or some similar purpose. It was two stories tall, with a tower in the center of it that had to extend for another two. It was made of the same grey brick as the rest, though panes of glass filled the window frames which the other houses had lacked. I walked around the building slowly, until I came to a large set of double doors that faced out to sea. It was made of a dark wood, with what looked like brass hinges and had to be seven foot tall and almost as I wide. There wasn't any sign of a doorbell or other form of knocker, so I instead rapped my knuckles against the door and waited.

After a few minutes the door creaked open and a figure appeared in the gap, peering out at me. He was wearing a jet black robe, almost like a monk, though he didn't look very priestly. He said something in what I guessed was Finnish and I swallowed before speaking. "Er... Hi? I'm sorry, I don't speak any Finnish."

He regarded me carefully for a few moments, looking me up and down, then he nodded, opening the door wide. "You are here because of the dreams, yes?"

"I... Yes." I nodded a little, surprised by his words. Maybe this was where I could find the answers I sought. "How do y..."

"Come inside, we can talk." I bit my lip, then nodded, stepping inside. Beyond the door was a large room, which looked like it had once served as a communal space for the community that once called this place home. The furniture that filled the space was newer than the building, the tables and chairs looking like fairly recent additions. There was, to my surprise, electric light fittings and I wondered how they were powered since I'd seen no power lines. "My name is Tuomas, I am the caretaker of this place." He led me towards a worn sofa, gesturing for me to sit, which I did, setting my pack down beside me.

"I'm Jay and... Well, I'm not sure why I'm here exactly." I sighed and shook my head slightly. "No, that's not true, I'm here because of the dreams and because I felt, well, drawn here. Wherever here is." He smiled gently and nodded, taking a seat opposite me. He was barefooted and it appeared he was naked under the robes as well. "How did you know that?"

He ran his fingers through his hair, nodding slightly before speaking. "You are not the first to come here, won't be the last either. He awakens and calls out, drawing those He deems worthy here."

I frowned slightly at his words. Maybe this guy wasn't completely sane. "What do you mean, who are you talking about?"

"He has no name, none that we can pronounce anyway." He leaned forward, his eyes looking almost wild as he spoke. "He lives out there in the sea, deep beneath the waves. He sleeps and dreams down there in the inky black depths. But every so often, He awakens and when He does He calls out to the chosen, those He deems worthy." He grinned, looking at me with dark eyes. "He deems you worthy Jason James."

I swallowed, feeling more uneasy the more he talked and when he said my name like that... He could have been a fan of Bullet of course, but that seemed unlikely. My eyes glanced to the door behind him, wondering if I could outrun him to it. "Worthy of what?"

He smirked, his pink tongue darting out across his lips. "Worthy of mating with you." Ok, now I knew he was crazy. I stood up, pulling my pack up on my back and he just shook his head. "I can't allow you to leave." He didn't move from his seat though and made no move to stop me as I ran to the door. "You won't be leaving!" He called out behind me as I left, running back the way I'd came. The whole place was filled with a golden glow, the sun setting on the distant horizon.

I made my way through the buildings towards the car, grabbing the keys from my pocket on the way. I should have turned back or better yet never have came here. As I arrived at the car my eyes widened in horror. The tires, at least the two facing me, were slashed to ribbons and there was a pool of fluid beneath the vehicle. I swallowed and circled it, finding the other two had been slashed as well. There was no way this Tuomas could have done this, which could only mean that he wasn't alone.

Which meant I wasn't alone.

I cried out as I was shoved against the side of the car, a deep voice growling in my ear. "There is nowhere to run to. You can't escape your calling." I struggled but it was useless, as the man cut the straps of my bag, letting it fall to the floor before pulling both arms behind me there was a click and I felt cuffs bind my wrists.

"Let me go!" I growled and struggled, even though I knew he had a blade capable of cutting through the rubber of my car's tires. He chuckled and shoved me, ignoring my pleas as he led me back towards the building I'd ran from.

Tuomas was still there, in the same place he had been when I left him and he smiled as I got shoved back on the sofa. "Thank you Werner." The man that had assailed me was a heavier set man, with long black hair and a plump lips. Like Tuomas he wore the same robes only his were midnight blue and appeared to wear nothing else. "Get his things, we want him to be comfortable after all." He nodded and left us, leaving me alone again with this madman. "You should consider yourself lucky to be honoured as His chosen. I know myself and Werner would love to be in your position."

I shook my head, struggling against my bonds, though the cuffs held fast. "Then let me go and let whatever this thing is fuck you instead!"

"We each have our own calling." He said with a smile as he stood up and headed over to me. "Mine is to make sure that those He has chosen are kept safe once they arrive and are ready for Him." He sat down beside me, running his fingers through my hair. "I see why He chose you, you are very pretty." I leaned into hid touch despite myself and he smiled down at me. Maybe if I played along I could escape, find another way out of here. They had to have a car of their own right?

"W... What is going to happen to me?" I asked, my voice soft as I spoke.

"Well once Werner is back I will get you something to eat, we need to make sure that you'll be ready for the big night after all." He grinned down at me, still running his fingers through my hair as he spoke.

I looked over to the door as it creaked opened, his partner Werner, returning to us. He had my bags in his hands, my backpack in his left and my larger travel bag in his right. He must have broken into the car to get the latter of them. He hauled them in, dropping both against the wall and he smiled at us. "Shall I take him up to his room?"

"Yeah, then I can get started on the food for tonight." Werner nodded at Tuomas' words, striding across the room and lifting me up into his arms effortlessly. He carried me through a doorway, up some stairs to the second floor, the stairway opening up to a corridor with rooms either side.

"Don't worry you'll come to like it here." He smiled down at me, licking his lips. "And my companion is a better cook than he looks." He nudged a door open with his foot, carrying me over to the bed and setting me down onto it. He reached back behind me, undoing the cuffs holding me and then he stepped back. "Your things we will be bought up soon. Don't try anything, I'd hate to have to hurt you." He smiled and headed to the door, turning on the light before heading out and closing it. A click sounded after him, indicating he'd locked it behind him.

I sighed, taking the room in. It was a fairly small room, though I'd been in smaller during the early days with Bullet. The bed filled most of the room, the double bed I occupied covered in black sheets. There was another door, which I assumed led to a small bathroom. I got up off the bed, heading towards the window which was large for the room and overlooking the sea. The waves stretched out into the night, the sun now set beyond the horizon.

In the pit of my stomach I felt that call, the one that had drawn me out here. It told thatI was here, that this was the place I'd been seeking. Out there, among the waves, was what had called me here, what had summoned me here. I knew it, I could feel it, even though I couldn't see any sign of it.

It knew I was there too.

"You can feel Him can't you?" I gasped, turning to see Tuomas standing there, a tray in his hands. There was a steaming bowl of soup and a small plate of bread, with a cup of something next to them. He settled the tray down on the bedside table, giving me a smile. He came over to me, looking out into the darkness. "He sits out there in the bay, watching, waiting."

"I... what is He?" I asked, voice soft and small.

"Honestly, I don't know." I wasn't sure if I should feel reassured by that or not but at least he sounded sincere. "Werner and I, we've talked about it, floated around all kinds of ideas. That He is an alien, or a demon, or something from another plane... Or that He has simply been here, that He has always been here out in the depths. Sit, eat and I'll tell you all I know."

I gave him a slight nod and sat down on the bed, taking the soup and starting to eat it. It was good, though I couldn't quite place it, and he sat on the edge of the bed by my feet, looking out the window.

"Here is what we know. He sleeps in the depths, coming up to the bay when He awakens. We don't know how many times He has done this, as this is our first time as caretakers." He smiled, turning to me, watching me eat some of the bread. "I have a theory that He likes music. Before we were called we were both musicians. As are you. As are the others." Others? How many like me were here? Or had been here. He smiled, reaching over and patting my knee. "As to what He looks like, well I'm not entirely sure on that either. We haven't been honoured by seeing His full form. We do know he has tentacles and you will see them soon." I shivered slightly and I felt my dick twitch under my clothes. Again he smiled, as if he knew exactly what my reaction was.

"Now, I'll leave you to finish up. Werner will bring your things up shortly." I nodded and he stood, heading to the door. He smiled at me and pulled it closed, but didn't lock it behind him. I looked at the wood and part of me wanted to leave, though that part was much smaller than it had been and it was shrinking. He was right, this was my calling.

Instead I settled back and kept on eating.


I was left mostly to my own devices once Werner bought my bag up and took the tray away. I'd found myself staring out the window, not that I could see much in the dark. The sky had cleared though and the moon was bright in the sky, it's reflection rippling on the waves.

It was at 11 when one of them opened up my door, Tuomas and he smiled at me. "Get naked and come downstairs, there is much to do." He then closed the door behind him and the second he did, I reached down and removed my clothing. This was far from the first time I'd undressed for another man, though I suspected what would happen next would be far different from the normal.

When I was full naked I left the room, making my way out and downstairs. My curiosity about the other rooms and their potential occupants wasn't strong enough for me to check on them. I swallowed and headed down the stairs, sporting a semi though I wasn't sure why. The lights were off, the room cast in an eerie, flickering glow of candlelight.

"Hello Jason James." It was Werner's deep voice and I felt myself squirm a little. "Come to us." I walked over to them, where they were stood beside a wooden table. Their robes were undone and I could see their skin beneath. Tuomas appeared to be heavily tattooed and he smiled at my approach. He gestured for me to stand before them and I felt their eyes burn into me as they studied me. "Tell me, are you a virgin?" Werner asked me and I heard Tuomas snort from beside him.

"No, I haven't been on for years." I swallowed, looking between them. "Did you call me down just so you could leer over me?"

Werner chuckled, shaking his head before Tuomas spoke, reaching for something off the table. It looked like a pot of something, with a pair of brushes. "We just have to get you ready." I raised an eyebrow and they each took a brush, spreading something against my skin. It was black and slimy and they were clearly making some purposeful patterns on me. I tried to make it out in the flickering light and Tuomas spoke up. "We are drawing symbols on your skin. I am drawing runes and sigils, why Werner there is drawing the patterns of Him." I could just about make out what Werner was doing, patterns like the curves of Celtic symbols. I shivered slightly as his brush ran along my thigh, a chuckle leaving his lips. "To follow on from my companion's question, when were you last fucked?"

I should have been offended by these two asking such personal questions, but my sluttiness had been an open secret when I was in Bullet, much like how Sean Smith or Gerard Way's ones were. However since leaving the band, I'd not exactly had much in the way of action which I hated. "I... Er... Fuck, it's got to be a months now."

"It's ok." Tuomas said, voice strangely soothing. "Tomorrow you will have the best sex of your life." He sounded almost jealous of that. "We can't fuck you before then, but fuck, you are beautiful." My dick twitched to full mast at his words and Werner chuckled, running the brush over my stomach. "How are you at cocksucking?"

"I've been told I'm pretty good." I smiled slyly, understating it slightly so as not to sound arrogant. Werner smirked and I knew that I'd be on my knees soon for him, for them. "What does all this mean anyway?" I'd have gestured at myself but Tuomas was working on my arm so I didn't want to move them.

"It's all part of the process." He answered from behind me and I wondered what that even meant.

Before me, Werner grunted and shook his head. "Personally I don't think this is necessary, that it's something we have decided to do, not something that He requires." He shrank back a little and I guessed Tuomas was glaring at him, so he raised his hands dismissively. "Hey I did say personally."

I smiled a little and Tuomas backed off, circling around and snatching the brush from Werner, which I guessed meant they were done. "What happens now? Is there more to this?" I gestured at myself, at the candlelit surroundings.

"No, you're all ready." Tuomas smiled, setting the brushes down on the table he'd got them from. "But I know my companion here wants you to suck him, so if you want..."

I looked between these two men, who I'd never met or known before today and I did what I tended to do around men like that. I nodded and sank down to my knees. They shared a look, then each of them reached down and undid the rope the held their robes. Like I suspected they were both naked beneath them, their dicks hard. Tuomas's dick was pierced, the metal glinting in the flickering light, while Werner's was thicker. They both came closer to me until they were both looming over me.

"Well then, are you just gonna look at them or are you going to show off those skills?" As soon as the words left Werner's lips, I leaned in and took Tuomas' dick between my lips. He moaned above me, a hand fisting in my hair as I went down on him until my lips were around his base. I hummed around him, brushing my tongue along his underside, playing with one of the balls of his piercing. He squirmed as I bobbed along his length, moving steadily on him. With one hand I reached for Werner, taking ahold of him and stroking his dick. Fuck I'd missed this. All that was missing was something up my arse, though I knew that would come soon. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach, though it wasn't soon enough. Even though it was only a day away. Between my cheeks my opening twitched, needy, eager.

I squirmed, sucking Tuomas off, wiggling my tongue against him as I moved, up and down on him. His fingers gripped my hair tighter, gasps leaving his lips above me. He was getting close, I could taste it on my tongue. "Fuck he's amazing..." He thrust his hips against my face, a groan leaving him. "Oh yes He is going to love you..." A cry in a foreign tongue left his lips and he came down my throat, hot and thick and salty. I swallowed everything he had to give, then shifted off him, moving over to take Werner between my lips.

I took him just as easily as I'd taken Tuomas before him despite his increased girth. I'd learned years ago that I simply had no gag reflex, I could take any cock from the pitiful to the massive with equal ease. So I was bobbing on him just like I had on Tuomas the moment I took him fully. "Ah fuck yeah... Look at him go, he's taking me like it's nothing." Werner sounded awed, his dick twitching on my tongue. I hummed the bassline to Tears as I sucked on him, his fingers running through my hair.

"I know right?" Tuomas spoke from behind Werner, sounding breathless. "Just think how pretty he will..." He said something in what I assumed was Finnish and I wondered what it was. Whatever he said it made Werner ache, a growl leaving his lips as he started to fuck my face. I was content to let him, humming and lapping at him, knowing he was close too.

Tuomas said something else to him, and that made him cum. Like Tuomas' before him it was thick and salty, and I swallowed down everything he had to give me. When he pushed me off him he was panting, breathless. "Mmm we need to get you to bed, you need to rest pretty little cocksucker."

He lifted me into his arms again, carrying me upstairs. My cock throbbed between my legs, needy and unattended. As soon as I was back in the room, laying on the bed, I looked at them both. "Can I..." I nodded down to my cock, part of me wondering why I felt the need to ask for permission.

Tuomas shook his head slowly, his robe now retied so most of his inked skin was obscured. "No, but don't worry, you will cum plenty soon. Rest up."

Werner smiled and nodded, pulling the covers up and over my bare body. They left as soon as he'd done that, flicking the light off and leaving me to sleep, to dream.


As soon as I closed my eyes I was back there, deep in the inky black of the ocean. I knew He was there in the dark, closer than ever. There was a low rumble and I knew what it meant. 'You are here at last. And soon we will meet.' I felt something brush against my thigh in the dark, something soft. My dick twitched in the water from the contact.

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