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Enjoy The Show

Enjoy The Show
Pairing: Tundra, Virta, Bobby Undertaker/Master Bates, MC Raaka Pee/RunQ, DQ/Spellgoth
Rating: NC-17
POV: Virta
Prompt: 20: Voyeur
Warnings: Fisting, sexytimes
Notes: Ok so this started out as just being Virta and then Tundra essentially invited himself along too, also this is based on raisethesail's suggestion for the prompt, hope ye likes

'You really need to see these guys!' Was the recommendation I got from Tundra about Turmion Katilot, one of the bands on todays bill. I'd heard of them of course, but I'd never seen them myself. I'd heard all kinds of things about their shows but had dismissed them as wild exaggerations.

And then I saw them, and I knew all those things were rue. The guitarist with the kilt, the bassist with the thighs, the singer with the kinkiest outfit I'd ever seen. By the end of the show he was virtually naked and had had several things shoved up his ass.

Now we were both in the band's room, in a fucking wardrobe, because Tundra wanted to see if the rumours were true. 'They have wild sex after their shows. The whole band.' He'd said and I wasn't sure how he'd convinced me to go along with this.

Through the wardrobe's slats we saw the room's door open and two of the band stepped in, the guitarist and bassist. "That's Master Bates and Bobby Undertaker." Tundra whispered in a low, awed voice. He'd given me a brief rundown of who was who on our way here, so I knew which one of the pair was which. The pair wasted no time, the larger of them, Bobby, pushing the other against the wall, kissing him hungrily and running his hands up those thighs.

"Mmm fucking love this, fucking love these." He murmured, licking his lips. I couldn't see much now due to their positioning, but I guessed he was referring to those thighs of his. "My little whore." I reached down, giving my crotch a squeeze, the whole sight making me hard.

"Starting without us again huh?" The singer chuckled from the doorway. It wasn't the kinky one, but the one Tundra said was named MC Raaka Pee. He licked his lips and stepped inside, the rest of the band following behind him. There was the drummer, DQ, the keyboardist RunQ and the perverted singer Spellgoth. Raaka reached between his legs and I could hear him undoing his fly as Spellgoth shut the door behind them.

More zippers got pulled down, though from my position I couldn't see much. That was the trouble with voyeurism. People said that it was like watching live porn, but in reality it was nothing like it. At least with porn you could see the good bits but our position offered limited visibility. We could see that the rest of the band, Raaka, RunQ and DQ, were all stripping off.

My eyes went back to Master Bates and Bobby. The latter was, to my surprise, on his knees. His head was under the skirt and I cursed myself for not being able to see what he was doing although I could guess. Beside me Tundra let out a groan and I nudged him with my elbow.

Thankfully they didn't seem to have heard him, I'm guessing being so close to him made the sound seem louder than it was. Raaka chuckled, his hand stroking his member as he watched the pair of them. "So hot..." RunQ tapped him on the shoulder, leaning in to whisper something to him. "Hmm is that so?"

I couldn't help but wonder what was said, though there was no way of knowing. He crossed the room, opening up a bag and rummaging around inside. As he did so RunQ hopped onto a table before us, thankfully giving us a good view. He spread his legs, displaying his aching dick for us. He wrapped his fingers around himself, stroking his length as DQ rubbed some lube over a drumstick, making it obvious what he was going to do although not to who.

Raaka came back into sight, a length of chain in his hand and I reached down to touch myself. Raaka stopped before RunQ, then turned to face us, a smirk on his face as he approached, running his fingers through the metal links. "I don't know who you are in there, but I do hope you enjoy the show." I swallowed and he coiled the chain around the handles of the wardrobe and I knew that meant we were trapped in here. He smirked, looking through the slats at us. "Well what do you know Janne, there's two of them."

I glared at my bandmate who just squirmed beside me. "So what are your names perverts?"

"Aleksi Virta." I replied in a clear voice, finding no point in hiding it. "And this is Sami Uusitalo."

Raaka looked over his shoulder, stepping aside. "Any of you sluts heard of them?" RunQ had a drumstick up his ass now as had Spellgoth, who was bent over across the table beside him.

RunQ nodded, licking his lips as he looked in our direction. "The keyboardist of Finntroll is a Virta, I'm betting the other one is one of his bandmates." I felt a slight flush of pride that he knew who I was. I'd recognised him instantly as Tarot's keyboardist so for him to know my name was an honour despite the current circumstances. His hand was still on his cock, stroking his length steadily as he spoke.

Raaka nodded and I couldn't see his expression as he moved away, heading towards his bandmates. He took ahold of some lube from out of a pair of discarded trousers and started slicking himself up.

I reached between my legs, grasping the zipper of my fly between my fingers, tugging it down and hefting my cock out. Since we were trapped here now I may as well enjoy the view, after all my own bandmate had his dick in hand already and was stroking himself furiously already. I shook my head, taking ahold of myself and stroking my dick steadily.

Raaka's ass blocked my view of Janne, but he soon let out a groan which told me he was being fucked by him which was confirmed by the way the singer's ass moved. I glanced to the others to see if the view was better. DQ was on his knees beside them, his face buried between Spellgoth's cheeks, though I couldn't see things clearly. As for Master Bates and Bobby...

Bobby was sat down, his kilt around his ankles and the bassist was bouncing on his cock, running his hands over his now bare chest. Bates' shirt was also opened up, though Bobby's hands were on his thighs. Lucky bastard. I stroked myself slightly harder, wishing I had my hands on them. Or my lips. Or tongue. Fuck, I'd love to be licking and touching them.

Beside me, Tundra's breath hitched, which I knew meant he must be getting close. I spared him a sidelong glance and, like me, his dick was out, though his hand was moving much faster than my own. His eyes were wide, as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing play out before us.

I glanced back through the slats. DQ had stepped to one side and I could just about make out his hand was wrist deep up Spellgoth's ass. "Fuck..." Beside them Janne had his legs up and over Raaka's shoulders as the singer thundered into him, the sounds of Raaka's hips slamming against his ass filling the room.

As for the other pair, they were now up. Bobby was still inside Bates and he was holding him up in his strong arms as he carried him across the room. It bought them more into view as Bates' shirt slide off him to the floor as they moved. I wondered where he was carrying him to and then slam! The whole wardrobe shook as he slammed him against it. Beside me my bandmate groaned and I felt his body tremble as he came. The pair of them obscured our view of the others, but fuck. The expanse of Master Bates' back was covered in scratches and I had a feeling it was the man currently in him that made them, or at least most of them. He grunted as he fucked him, each movement making the wardrobe rock.

"Fucking slut." He growled in a low whisper to the man he fucked. "My fucking slut." He leaned in and nipped along his neck, making him groan in pleasure. I sped my hand up, feeling myself get closer. Yeah, I'd need to get a good hard fucking after this. He growled again and then he peered through the slats, his bright blue eyes meeting mine. "You filthy fucking perverts, thinking you can just hide and watch us fuck." As he said those words he fucked him harder, his eyes narrowing. "But don't worry, after we've had a few fucking drinks I'll drag you out by those curls of yours and give you the hard fucking you clearly want. You won't be as good as my slut here, of course but after taking our loads you'll be just as fucking needy." A whine left my lips and he smirked. "Go on then, cum you pervert, you may as well cause I'll make sure neither of you spill a fucking drop when you get let out." His words made Tundra groan and my thighs trembled before I came hard against the wardrobe's wood.

He growled and bit hard on the other man's neck, slamming in one last time with a low groan and I suspected he had spilled as well, though there was no way of telling. He stepped back, Bates still held up in his arms, and he carried him to a well worn sofa where the rest of his band were reclining, bottles of booze in their hand. They were all looking at us, smirking and I knew they had heard every word Bobby had said to me. I squirmed slightly in the confined space, biting my lip as I thought about whatever they could have in mind for us. That is, if they did go along with him and let us out of course.

Fuck, that would definitely be better than just watching from in here.
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