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Shadows Die

Shadows Die
Pairing: Andrew Black/Zack Hall
Rating: NC-17
POV: Andrew
Warnings: Kinkverse, blood, gore
Notes: This has a lot of references to various things, as well as flashbacks too so...
Notes 2: also this is fairly long, I've had this in my head for awhile so had to get it out. (And, while there is a pairing, there's no actually sexytimes)

"I think it's time I finally dealt with my predecessor." Zack smirked at my words, nodding in agreement. "Bring him downstairs."

"Yes Master Black."

It was now seven years since I became Master of LA. I hadn't set out to become such a master like most people that gained such titles. In fact it just sort of... happened.

It was due to revenge.

Thirteen years ago my mother was taken from me. She was snatched off the streets, bundled into a black van with that fuck symbol. The skull with the bat wings. She was but one of many women taken over the course of a week and then, just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. I became determined to find out what happened, not that there were many leads to go on.

My father begged me to stop, to drop it, but I couldn't. I left home, knowing I'd find answers or die trying.

I followed sightings of the van, but by the time I got there it was always too late, it had moved on. I searched for the symbol, but no one seemed to know anything about it. Or no one was willing to talk.

And then there was Bonita.

It was a town in California and the disappearances had started there, but unlike other times they didn't end after a few days or a week. No, the group set up shop there. By the time I'd got there I caught sight of the van outside a bar with men dragging out women, mistresses and slaves alike and bundling them inside. In a separate van were a few males, although not as many and most were still inside the bar. I watched, helpless, as they set the place alight, the screams filling my ears.

I'd tried to help once the vans left, but it was too late. It haunted me to this day.

People started to leave en masse, scattering to the wind. Word was the town's master was part of this gang and that the women were being taken to be bred. And then one master confirmed something I'd long suspected, yet hoped wasn't true.

'They took the children.'

I shuddered at the thought even now.

Several of the masters and mistresses leaving said they were reporting this to my predecessor and were expecting him to deal with it. He never did of course. They weren't to know he was running the whole show. How could they?

I growled at the thought as I made my way to one of the other dungeons, I didn't want my personal one befouled by his presence. It wasn't far from my chambers, but it would still take Zack some time to lug the cunt from his prison in the tower. I barely saw the monster now. I think the last time I had was in the session on the anniversary last year. Others in the household had their fun with him, torturing and fucking him, though I could never bring myself to do the latter. The very thought of fucking the monster absolutely repulsed me.

As I paced the room, my fingers running over the various implements of torture, I thought back to that fateful day seven years ago, when everything changed.


I sighed softly as I entered The Shadow Side, heading straight to the bar and ordering a fresh, cold bottle of beer. The Shadow Side was a bar overlooking the bay and it was notable for being a masters-only place. I liked it because that meant it was a nice, quiet place, good for thinking. Good for meeting people too.

After Bonita became too dangerous I came here, to LA, hoping I could find something out. As of yet, though, I'd not had much luck. Indeed what was disturbing was the distinct lack of anything concrete. Master Sanders had been told about Bonita and yet he had done nothing whatsoever about it as far as I could tell. Last I heard was that Bonita was virtually a ghost town now, with just the thugs in charge of what little there was left.

That led me to believe someone high up was behind all this, someone who had Master Sanders' ear and was either covering it up or convincing him not to bother with it. That was my mission now, finding out who that was, though I had had no clue where to start.

It didn't help that Master Sanders was mostly based out on Alcatraz, making getting an audience difficult.

I sighed, heading for the corner booth where I was to meet someone. I'd had several meetings with people during my time here, but no one seemed to know anything. There were just rumours and suspicions, nothing concrete. Others were like me, looking for answers and hoping I had some. I hated to disappoint them.

Tonight I was to meet someone who referred to themselves as JS. They'd heard about me and wanted to talk, so I chose here. The sun was setting, it's orange glow reflected in the waves of the bay. I took a drink from my beer and then looked up when a shadow fell across the table.

"Master Biersack?" The man looked to he a little older than me and he had jet black hair which was fairly short. He had tattoos on his arms and he wore loose fitting black clothes.

"JS, I presume?" He nodded and I gestured to the seat across from me. "Please, take a seat."

He didn't sit, not right away anyway. "I'm Master Shaddix and... I've not come lone, may he join us?"

I nodded slightly, though inwardly I worried about it being a trap. He waved someone over, taking his seat and sliding across for the other person to take a seat. As soon as I laid eyes on the other man any concerns about it being some form of trap melted away. "Master Toro." I gasped, in awed surprise as the man took the seat next to Master Shaddix, setting two beers in front of them. The Master gave me an easy smile as he settled back in the seat, nodding slightly in greeting. Master Toro was the master of Newerk and by extension all of New Jersey. His thick, dark brown curls were unmistakable. "I... It's an honour to meet you Master Toro."

"It's a pleasure to meet you too Master Biersack." He turned to the man beside him. "Now Jacoby, what's all this about?"

The man sighed softly, taking a drink before continuing. "Master Biersack, a few months ago Master Toro dealt with a contingent of this group you're looking into. They were trying to set themselves up over there."

Master Toro nodded, his curls bouncing slightly. A flash of anger went through his eyes, but it was gone as quickly as it appeared. "Yes, though thankfully I was informed about their symbol by someone that had left Bonita. That meant I could deal with them swiftly. However, I've kept a watch out for them and any information pertaining to them."

Master Shaddix, Jacoby, nodded and swallowed some more of his drink. "That's why I've asked you here, both of you. I know you too, Master Biersack, are looking for answers." He swallowed again, keeping his voice low. "Unfortunately I have some."

"I am a doctor, a surgeon and I've come to fulfil that role for Master Sanders. I've only been in the position a few months, but I've noticed some irregularities over my time at Alcatraz." He paused, shaking his head before continuing. "Like there's never any Mistresses invited there, not a one. And not a single member of the staff or slaves there are female. I thought nothing of it at first, I prefer my slaves to be male after all myself, but once I noticed it seemed... Odd. And then there is the dungeon area. It's off limits to anyone apart from those Master Sanders allows there personally. I thought nothing of it at first, figuring he was just a private sort of guy. Occasionally I'd see crates come and go from down there and that's when I noticed. They all had that symbol, the skull with the bat wings."

He looked pale, but also determined. "I saw one unattended once and I looked in through one of the holes. The boxes all had air holes, so figured that there were slaves of some kind... But... But..." He was shaking and Master Toro gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze. He took a breath to compose himself, then spoke. "It was a child, a... A baby." Rage flickered over Master Toro's face, it looked like he would break something. "I managed to slip in the dungeon and... The dungeon isn't a dungeon. It's a... giant breeding room and those children are..." He couldn't say the words, shaking his head. "Master Sanders isn't just turning a blind eye, he's running it."

"Then it's simple, Master Sanders has to go."



The place creeped me out. It wasn't an island so much as a rock. The building atop was part of the Master's estate and was a large blocky building, not as elegant as the one in town. Half of the island was occupied by a dock that served it, though there was also a helipad atop it as well.

We had approached by sea in a small boat that Master Toro had rented for today. As one of the main masters he could get an audience with Master Sanders easily. It would be a short meeting if all went to plan.

I felt uncomfortable though. Master Toro could bring a slave with him, but all of his were back home in Newerk and he had no intention of waiting the time it would take to get one of them here. So the role fell to me.

I was topless, a collar secured around my throat. Secured around my waist was a burnished metal kind of panties which were covered in intricate silver designs. Hanging from them was a pair of lengths of light purple silk which ran down my legs though didn't cover them fully. My ass ached, making me walk a little funny. That had been my idea. 'Master Toro, no one will buy I'm your new slave if I walk straight.' He'd smiled that warm smile of his and, after asking if I was sure, he fucked me. I'd never been fucked before but last night, well I certainly saw the appeal.

I walked slightly behind him as a slave led us through the building towards the room where we'd meet Master Sanders. When we arrived at a large door, the slave pushed it open while speaking in a shaky voice. "Master Toro, I introduce the great and powerful master of LA and California, Master Sanders."

The room wasn't quite as large and grand as I'd expected it to be. It was basically rectangular, with the door we'd come through at one end while at the other, raised above the stone floor, was a throne. Seated atop it was Master Sanders and he smirked, leering down at us. "Ah Master Toro, what a pleasure to finally meet you. What brings you out here?"

We approached and I glanced around, making a count of how many others were in the room. The slave that bought us had shut the door behind us, with him on the other side, so that was him out of the way. Other than Master Sanders there were two other men standing along the walls and, in the shadows behind the throne, was Master Shaddix.

Master Sanders was naked on his throne, his large cock soft as he watched us approach. His skin was covered in tattoos and he was impressively muscular. His hair was short, shorter than Master Shaddix and some of his teeth gleamed gold. I could see the utter contempt in his eyes, not just for me but for Master Toro. We'd have to move fast.

"I'm here to discuss an important matter with you." Master Toro spoke, when we stood at the steps before the throne.

"Oh?" He raised a dark eyebrow, leaning forward slightly. "It must be something awfully important to bring you so far from home."

From my position slightly behind Master Toro I couldn't see the expression on his face, though I suspected he was giving the man a similar contemptuous look. "Yes, an organisation from here tried to set themselves up back home I've come to discus it with you."

Master Sanders' eyes narrowed at him. "Ah, so that was you. I suspected as much." I felt a spike of fear run through me at his words, at the way he wasn't even attempting to deny it. "Ah well Master Toro, you've made a mistake coming here, which will be the last mistake you ever make." He smirked, looking down at us. "You're a fine specimen though. You'll make good breeding stock so I won't kill you, but I'll have such fun making the great Master Toro scream and beg." He licked his lips, reaching down and palming his growing erection. "And it will be oh so much fun to make you watch as I fuck your offspring."

Master Toro snarled and nodded to me. I reached down for the metal covering my crotch, my fingers finding two raised parts. "Restrain them." Master Sanders said, clicking his fingers to the two men.

Everything then, went so fast.

The two men approached us and Master Toro went for the nearest one, wrapping his large hands around his throat and squeezing. I pulled the pair of concealed blades from my crotch, advancing on Master Sanders throne as Jacoby moved from the shadows, a scalpel in hand as he stabbed the other man in the chest.

"What is this?" Master Sanders asked as I climbed up the steps to him. He looked angry so I knew I'd have to move fast before he had the chance to.

"Your reign is at an end you monster!" I slashed at his throat with the blade, tearing through his skin, making him bleed. The blades may have been small but they were extremely sharp, tearing through him like a knife through butter. I growled and, with the other blade, I cut his cock off, his member falling to his throne, his eyes widened, his hands coming up to his throat.

It was hard, oh so hard, to resist just tearing him in apart right there, or leaving him to bleed out. No, that would be too easy for him. No, he must suffer for this. I looked to Master Shaddix, where he stood over the body of one the man he'd slain. "Do you think you can stabilise him? I want this cunt to suffer more than I can accomplish now."

He smirked and nodded, coming over and jabbing Master Sanders, whose eyes were wide with horror, with something that knocked him out. "I think so, Master Biersack."

"No... It's Master Black now." Master Toro smiled at me as Master Shaddix lifted the former master up from his throne. "Master Toro, would you mind giving me a hand to cleanse this place of the filth that has infested it?"

"It would be my pleasure." He nodded licked his plump lips.


By the end of that day Master Sanders operation was destroyed. A few hours later I made an announcement, with Master Toro by my side as I told the world I was the new master of California. At the same time I revealed what Master Sanders had been doing, knowing that his disgusting operation needed to be bought to light.

Over the next weeks I worked to return the women under Alcatraz to their families, if they had any left. I exercised my right as new master to get a new community set up for them, where they would be safe to put their lives back together. Some of them were slaves, but I ordered that they weren't to be touched. No one argued with me.

Master Toro stayed on to help me get established, but it wasn't terribly difficult, not as much as I expected. People were all too willing to help a man that had ended such a disgusting operation and soon I had gifts coming in from the various other masters and mistresses across the country, including, of course, Zack.

We remained lifelong friends, Master Toro and I, and I would be forever grateful that he'd helped me to get my revenge.

Unfortunately my mother was already gone. According to records, she had died after giving birth to a child of Master Sanders. He'd killed her, though it didn't say how or why. I was glad for that, though part of me wished I knew the how so I could inflict it on him.

I looked over as Zack entered the room, bringing the former Master Sanders over his shoulder. His name, no, it's name now was Mattie. He carried him to the middle of the room, over a bath similar to the one in my own personal dungeon. I wasn't going to bathe in his blood though, it was only so that his filthy fluids wouldn't contaminate the rest of the room.

Zack attached him, via the rings that had been implanted in his back, to hooks from the ceiling and, after taking a steadying breath, I looked at him.

He was a shadow of his former self. His hair hung to his shoulders now and his muscles were all gone. His body was covered in scars, cuts and burns. He had no limbs now, each having been cut off, slowly and painfully over the years. He'd been forced to eat the flesh of them, it being the only thing he ate other than a tasteless gruel which was just enough to keep him alive. His asshole was busted permanently stretched open, the hole now like a blossoming flower rather than a pucker. He had only one eye now and no teeth, each having being extracted by pliers. I'd slashed his voice box early on, so he'd not spoken in years. On his chest were a pair of breasts, put there to humiliate him. Each nipple had been pierced with rings, but they had been torn off years ago. His crotch was bare, his balls gone as well shortly after he'd recovered.

With his one eye he looked at me, fear crossing the dark orb. Had the monster behind it died, or was he still in there somewhere? I didn't know, didn't want to know.

"Hello Mattie." I met his gaze, holding a small blade in each hand. "Do you recognise these?" His eye widened and he nodded. These were the ones I'd used all those years ago to slice his throat open and to remove his member. In hindsight I wished I'd taken more time with the latter, made him suffer for it, but, well. "I have decided that I am finally going to put you down permanently. I don't think you have suffered enough for what you did to all those women. To all those children. To my mother." I growled the last word out. He'd not known he'd killed my mother, not at first as she was just one among many to him. But I made sure that he remembered her, that he knew why he was suffering. "However, there's not much left of you now is there?" I gestured with one of the blades at his body, or what was left of it. "There's not much left to take from you, not many ways for you to suffer that you haven't already endured."

"So in the name of all those that you have made suffer, I am going to finally end your miserable, pathetic existence."

I started to cut him, channeling all the rage and fury and hatred I felt for this man. All that he had taken, from me, from countless other masters, from all those children. The razor sharp blades slashed into his skin and I circled, leaving no part of him untouched. I carved his breasts up, tore at his stomach, sliced open his cheeks. With every slash I cried out in rage, going at him like a man possessed. I cut his throat, though not as deep as I had all those years ago the blood oozing out of him and then I tossed the blades aside. Using them was symbolic but they just... weren't enough.

I took ahold of a sickle, seeing Zack collect the blades from where they fell, moving them so that I wouldn't accidentally step on them. When I returned to Mattie I instantly used the blade of it on him, doing greater damage. I cut each of his breasts off, the flesh of each falling into the bath beneath him, landing in his blood. I snarled, slashing through his stomach, which was now slick with blood and his entrails fell out of him, his intestines making wet sounds as gravity pulled them down.

A growl left my lips as I slashed his throat, properly this time, severing his windpipe and arteries, blood gushing out of him. His damaged skin was now covered in slick, wet blood. I howled and kept hacking at him, tearing his chest and remaining muscles apart until the rest of his organs fell too join his entrails. He was surely dead now, but I didn't care. I kept on hacking away, until His severed head fell too and then his rings holding him were torn out by blade, his body falling into the bath filled with his insides.

I stood there, panting and bloody, looking down at the pieces of the monster before me. I felt an arm around my waist and I dropped the blade, the sickle clattering to the floor before me. I broke, sobbing as I leaned into Zack's body, feeling as if I'd crumble to the floor without him holding me. "Shh, shhh it's ok." He whispered, voice soothing as he stroked my back. "He's gone now." I nodded against him as I cried into his chest. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up."

He lifted me up into his arms effortlessly, carrying me back to my chambers. I spared one last look at the bath, filled with the bloodied, broken remains of my predecessor. It was over. He was over. I closed my eyes, held tight onto Zack, and let him carry me up to my chambers. The sooner I'd have this blood off me, the better.
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