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Pairing: Ilan Rubin/Trent Reznor
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ilan
Warnings: sexytimes
Notes: repost, originally done as a request fic

I wasn't a fool. I could see the way people looked at me. I had since I joined Lostprophets all those years ago. Everywhere I went I could see the lustful stares from those that I played and toured with. Being in Nine Inch Nails was no different.

Trent probably thought he was being subtle, peeking at me when he thought I wasn't looking but I could see it. There was always a desperate, needy look in his eyes whenever he looked at me.

Usually I tried to avoid sleeping with members if bands I was in (though that hadn't lasted) and instead I screwed around with people at festivals or support bands. I'd had a memorable time at one festival where I'd ended up screwing an entire band over the course of a few days. I decided, though, that I was going to indulge Trent and fulfil his obvious desires, though probably not in the way he envisaged.

We were alone in the dressing before a show and I clicked the door's lock, smirking as I stalked over to him. "Hello Trent."

"Hey Ilan!" He gave me that look, that he was so bad at hiding and I licked my lips. "Is everything ok?"

"Kinda." He opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off as I approached where he sat. "I've seen the way you look at me, you fucking dirty old man." I growled out the words, looking down at him. "It's become obvious that you picked me to join the band so that you had some new eyecandy to perv on." His mouth opened and closed like a fish and I smirked, gripping his hair and pulling his head back. "Go on, tell me I'm wrong."

"I... I'm sorry Ilan I..."

"Shut the fuck up!" I slapped him with my other hand and he looked up at me with wide eyes. "Tell me Trent, how many times have you jerked off, thinking of fucking me."

"I..." He swallowed and he couldn't seem to look at me. "I've lost count."

I slapped him again and leaned down, purring in his ear. "You're a filthy fucking pervert Trent. But you should know, I might look like a twink but I don't get fucked." He let out a whine at that, his eyes looking even more needy. "So you have a choice: you can either stop perving on me and if you continue to do so then I'll leave and you'll have to find someone else to perv on." His eyes widened at that, no doubt wondering if I was serious. "Or, you submit to me right now, you strip and get on your knees and maybe, maybe, I'll fuck you."

I straightened up, released his hair and waited for his response.

He rose from seat, his gaze meeting mine and, for a few moments I wasn't sure which way things were going to go. There he reached down and started to pull of his t-shirt. I smirked, taking a step back to watch as he undressed.

This was something that I loved. He was stronger than me and could easily hold me down and take what he wanted. Yet here he was, head bowed, his fingers working to remove his pants. There was nothing that made me harder than making big strong men submit to me, especially if they were older.

"See Trent, I knew you were a filthy slutty sub deep down." I licked my lips, remembering the pictures and videos of him from years ago where he had long hair and did all kinds of kinky shit. For fuck's sake there were photos of him with a ball gag and a whole video of him topless and bound. "You've hid it for so long old man, but I can see it's still there, begging to come out." All he did was nod as he pushed his pants and boxers off, his dick hard and aching between his legs. I smirked at the sight of it and continued. "Maybe if you do a good job we can go and pay a visit to a sex shop, get you a new gag and a collar and some cuffs." He let out a half moan, half whimper at my words as he sank down to his knees.

"Now, tell me what you are." I started to circle him, looking him over as I did so.

He didn't answer right away, as if processing my words before speaking. "I'm a dirty old man, who has gotten off on perving on you so much. Fuck, since the first night I saw you I have." He whimpered out the words, sounding needy and desperate. "And you're right, I am a slut, such a dirty fucking slut. Please Ilan... Please..."

I smirked, placing a booted foot on his back and pushing, so that he fell forward and displayed his shapely ass. I wondered when he'd last been fucked, but that didn't matter. I reached behind myself and grabbed on of my sticks from the back pocket of my jeans. I'm fairly sure that there wasn't a drummer alive that hadn't used their sticks on someone like this. I grabbed the lube that I'd pocketed when I knew that I'd do this and I popped the top to spread some over the wood. "Spread your cheeks for me slut." Trent reached behind himself, taking a cheek in each hand and then pulling them apart for me, exposing his puckered opening for my eager eyes

I licked my lips, my dick aching in my pants from the sight and I reached up with my slick stick, rubbing the rounded tip against his opening. He gasped as I eased it into him, a groan leaving his lips. I went slow as I pushed it into him, marvelling how the wood disappeared into him. He wasn't the first I'd done this to of course and I always loved the sight of it. "You're such a natural slut, taking my drumstick so well. Not the first time you've had something up your ass huh old man?"

He nodded, letting out a breathy groan as I started to move the drumstick in and out of his prone body. "Yeah, yeah Ilan. I had so much... So much..." He pushed his ass back against the stick, his thighs trembling. "Please Ilan, please fuck me. I need it so much..."

I hmmed, twisting the stick inside him one last time before easing it out of him. I returned it to it's place in my back pocket, knowing I'd use it for the night's show. "Don't worry you slut, I'll fuck you soon." He let out this needy whine and I chuckled, using the lube to slick up my fingers. Just a little extra stretching should be enough, so I got to work, pressing both into him, hearing him let out a soft hiss as I opened him up for me. I worked quickly to prepare him, knowing that I needed to be in him as much as he needed a dick up his ass.

"There, that should be enough for a slut like you." I undid my fly, pushing my pants down until they hung beneath my hips and I gave my dick a brief stroke to transfer the remaining lube from my fingers to it. "Ready?"

"Fuck yes Ilan, please." The last word was a desperate plea and I smirked, planting my hands atop his and thrusting into him. He cried out in pleasure and I licked my lips, getting right into it straight away.

I fucked him good and hard, my hips thrusting against his cheeks, my cock pistoning in and our of him just like my stick had moments ago. "How's it feel old man, being fucked by someone that's young enough they could be your kid?" He groaned, pushing back against me.

"So good, so good Ilan. Fuck yes..." He breathed out the words, sounding so needy, so desperate. I felt his insides squeeze around my dick. "I... fuck, harder please..."

I chuckled shifting my hands, digging my nails into his flesh as I complied, fucking him good and hard, each thrust of my hips causing him to let out a sound. A groan, a cry, a desperate plea. "I bet you wanna jerk off huh? To stroke your dick like the pervert you are yeah?" He nodded, groaning again. "Say it and maybe I'll let you."

He let out a keening sound, then the words left him in a rush. "Please Ilan, let me touch myself. Need to cum so bad, thought of you so so much, please... I'll be a good boy, I'll be a needy, desperate slut for you whenever you want, please...."

I smirked, my hips crashing against his ass hard. "Do it you pervert, touch yourself." As soon as the words left my lips his hands were on his dick and I felt him stroke himself. "Look at yourself, look how much of a fucking slut you've become, all for my dick." He whined and then his head tipped back, his insides going wild around me. A sign that he was cumming all over himself. I spat on his back, grinning. "Dirty slut."

He rode out his orgasm beneath me, his twitching insides drawing out my own and soon his insides were splattered with my own cum. I panted heavily and pulled out of him, licking my lips. "Now get you clothes on, I want you to feel my cum drip down your thighs as we play tonight." He whined at my words, then reached for his clothes, quickly pulling them on as I pulled my own pants up.

This would be the start of something fun, I could tell. I heard someone rap on the door, no doubt to summon us for the gig and I smirked at him. "Coming!" I yelled to the person outside, then lowered my voice for him. "Well we just did anyway slut." I grinned, heading to the door and popping open the lock. "See you onstage, I'll be thinking how slick your ass is the whole night." I winked at him and slipped out, leaving him to finish dressing.

Oh yes, this was going to be fun.
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