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Tohtori Kuolio

Tohtori Kuolio
Pairing: Austin Diaz/Kuolio
Rating: NC-17
POV: Austin
Prompt: 6: Castration
Warnings: Gore, blood
Notes: I blame raisethesail fully for this! It took awhile to decide who to use in this, but I ended up settling on Austin because, fuck, he's so pretty

Touring in a band is awesome, but the trouble is you rarely get to see much of the places you go to. Usually you can just about manage one of the main sights or just things near the venue. I'd only been here to Finland once with Black Tide, on a brief European tour years ago. I sighed, shaking my head sadly. The band had called it a day a few months back, so we'd not be playing here again. Gabe did want me to play guitar on his new solo stuff, so maybe I would end up touring again.

I'd decided, though, that I had to get away and have a break first. And so I'd come here, to Finland. It was perhaps an odd choice, but it was a totally random one. I looked for cheap, European breaks and just picked one at random.

I was in a town called Kuopio, though I wasn't sure how to pronounce it. Thankfully the people here did speak English as fluently as their native tongue so I wasn't helpless in a strange town. Tonight, I decided to check out the local music scene to see what their stuff was like. I'd heard that European bands could get wild, so was eager to check things out for myself.

Thankful the gig hadn't sold out beforehand, so I was able to pay on the door and find a place to watch the stage. I look around the room, feeling very out of place. It's not just the feeling of being a stranger in a strange land, but they all look, well, rather intimidating. Everyone is wearing black and they look like they could crush me easily with their bare hands. It's no surprise then, that when the music of the first act starts it's a growling, rage filled kind of black metal. The performers look like they'd been plucked from the crowd, white corpse paint across their faces as they play. I have no idea what they're saying, what I can make out must be in Finnish or some other tongue. The crowd loves it though, they seem very enthused by it all.

The band that follows is similar, though the white corpse paint is replaced by red and white. These guys are less heavy, but the crowd seems to like them just the same. Neither band are probably what I'd usually listen to them, but you couldn't fault their performances and the crowd certainly loved them.

The third band was clearly the main one as a banner unfurled behind the drumkit with what must be their name and logo. Ajattara. The band was, if anything, heavier than the previous two. They didn't wear any paint, though they had what appeared to be blood over their broad chests. My eyes were drawn to their bassist, his long hair hanging past his shoulders as he growled into the mic. His chest was on display, the blood running down in rivulets, though it dried over the course of their set. There was something about him, that made my dick stir. Maybe it was because he was bassist, maybe it was because of how he looked, I didn't know. I'd have to look him up when I got back to the hotel after the gig.

After few songs in I was sure he was looking right at me, though I shook that thought off. He was just looking in this direction, he probably couldn't see me anyway in the dark and with the crowd.

The crowd was going crazy for them, the pit before the stage a writhing mass of people. I would have to see if I could find out exactly what they were singing about that was getting the crowd as worked up. Hopefully somewhere would have translations.

I found myself feeling disappointed when their set ended and they made their way off stage, despite not having a clue what had been said the entire time. It had been entertaining to say the least and I had a new band to look into.

I held back as the lights went up and everyone started to filter out, not wanting to risk getting crushed among the mass of people. I ran a hand through my thick mass of curls, taking a breath before slipping out behind everyone else.

The way back to the hotel took me around the venue and when I turned around the corner of it I gasped, spotting the bassist standing there, leaning against the wall beside the stage door, a cigarette between his lips. He looked right at me and he smirked, blowing out a cloud of smoke into the night. I swallowed, not sure what to do but he spoke first, though it was in Finnish.

"Hi, I... Err... I don't speak Finnish, sorry." I felt myself blush in the cool night air and he smirked.

"Ah, American huh?" I nodded, my curls bouncing and he licked his lips, taking another drag of his cigarette. "I spotted you in there, did you enjoy the show?"

"I... Yeah, I've seen you guys before and you put on quite the show. You looked so hot... Fuck sorry!" I reached up, covering my mouth, embarrassed that the words had just slipped out like that. Fucking hell Austin.

"Don't be sorry." He licked his lips, waving his hand dismissively. "I'm Tohtori Kuolio and you are?"

"Austin, Austin Diaz."

"Well Austin, since you find me so attractive why don't come home with me? I live right here in Kuopio so you can soon get back to your hotel tomorrow and anyone you came with."

"I came here alone so that's no problem, but fuck, I'd love to!" Of course there was a small part of me saying 'don't go with him' but I ignored it. Fuck he was hot and I could really use a good, hard fucking.

"Oh is that so?" His eyes sparkled in the dark as he extinguished his cigarette, stomping it out with his foot. "Come with me." He led me to his car and, once we were both inside, he drove us away from the venue into the night.

"Tell me Austin, have you ever been with a Finn?" He asked after a few minutes of driving.

"No, this will be my first time." I smiled a little, my nerves fading. "Though won't be my first time with another guy, certainly not!" I flushed again, realising I must be sounding like such a slut and he chuckled.

He smirked and kept driving until we reached his house which was at the edge of town surrounded by trees. "Well, we're here." He said with a smirk, pulling up outside the front door.

"It's a nice place you have here."

"Why thank you. Now come on, let's get inside." I nodded, undoing my seatbelt and opening up my door, following him to his house. I wonder if he felt cold since his chest was still exposed, but I guessed he was used to it by now.

He opened the door up and I followed him inside. The voice in my head said I'd not go into a strangers house like this, but I again shook the thought away. I was going to get a good hard fuck, what's the worst the could happen?

"Would you like a drink?" He asked once I shut the door behind us, licking his lips. "Or would you just like this?" He ran a hand down his chest, cupping his crotch. My breath hitched and he smirked, knowing my answer before I could say it. "Follow me." He headed upstairs, leading me up towards what must be his bedroom.

The second we were inside he turned to face me and growled, the sound making me squirm. "Now, strip you little American slut!" I instantly reached for my jacket, pulling it off my shoulders and tossing it to a chair beside the door. "You are going to call me sir, I don't want to hear my name passing your whore lips."

"Yes sir..." I whispered, my cock aching more as I pulled my t-shirt off. Over the years in my band I had many encounters like this and fuck, I loved it. Alas due to touring it meant that most encounters were one offs or in backstage areas, where I couldn't get a full bdsm experience. Maybe if things went well tonight we could do it again before I had to go.

I removed my sneakers and pants, putting them all on the same chair. He was giving me this look as I pushed my boxers down, a look of dark hunger and I felt like he was a predator and I was the prey. Once my boxers were with the rest of my clothing he snorted, his eyes on my erect dick. "Seems what I suspected is true, all Americans have inferior dicks to us Finns." I felt myself flush at his words, my cock twitching. My cock was bigger than average which made me wonder what his looked like. "Get the fuck on your knees!"

I sank down the instant the words left his lips and he smirked. Strangely his room was tiled not carpeted. "Well at least you know how to behave, let's see if you can keep it up." He removed his waistcoat, then reached down and undid his fly, pushing his jeans down. I gasped as he cock flopped free as soon as his flies were undone. "Yes slut, here's what a real man's cock looks like." It was bigger than my own, though it wasn't the biggest I'd seen, but it was pretty close.

"Suck me! Get your slut lips around my cock!" He growled the words, kicking his jeans aside.

"Yes sir!" I replied, crawling to where he stood and I parted my lips, extending my tongue to lap at his dick. I ran my tongue from base to his head, wrapping my lips around his tip. I started to take him down, humming as I took him.

He ran his fingers through my curls, purring. "Oh yes, I like these..." He growled, then gripped them tighter, pushing my head down so I was forced to take him all. "Fucking slut!" He growled keeping ahold of my head and I relaxed myself, letting him take control. He held my head tight, thrusting his hips against my face and he groaned. All I could do was squeeze my lips around him and ran my tongue along his length. I knew my voice would no doubt end up sounding husky in the morning from this rough treatment, but I honestly didn't give a fuck.

After a few minutes of fucking my throat he pulled back, a devilish grin on his face. His cock was shiny with my saliva and I tried to lean into it, which made him chuckle. "Needy slut." He let go of my hair and grabbed some lube, tossing it me. "You have two minutes to ready your slut hole for my cock."

"Yes sir." I slicked my fingers up with lube, reaching back and pressing two fingers against my hole. It had been awhile since I'd last been fucked and I didn't have the time or patience to use a dildo on myself. Hell, I didn't even properly finger myself all that often. Still I knew what I was doing and worked both my fingers into me, spreading and stretching myself open, readying myself for him.

"Two minutes are up!" He growled and I eased my fingers back out of me. He stalked around me, kicking my legs apart with his booted feet. "Hold yourself open, I want to see that slut hole of yours." I gripped a cheek in each hand, pulling them apart so he could see my opening. He spat on me, then I felt the head of his dick at my hole. He waited a few beats, then thrust into me hard, his entire length filling me in one go.

I cried out from the feeling, my whole body trembling. It hurt, but it was a good hurt, the kind that went straight to my aching dick. He growled, starting to fuck me hard, not giving me a moment to adjust but that didn't surprise me in the slightest. I wanted, no, needed him to fuck me like this, to brutally slam against my ass, to make me cry out every time he penetrated me.

He gripped my hair, yanking my head back hard by my curls. "Stroke yourself you filthy little cunt, cum for me you piece of American shit." I groaned, reaching for my dick with one hand, my whole body shaking from his thrusts. I stroked myself firmly, groans leaving my lips as he snarled. "Look at you, you needy little cunt. I saw you during the show, you were practically fucking drooling during the set." I whined, rocking between his dick and my hand. "Bet you were fucking hard the moment you saw me huh? Thinking about this moment, when you're bent over and getting the good hard fucking you need."

I keened and nodded, knowing there was no point in denying it. "Yes sir, fucking I needed your cock the moment I laid eyes on you... Fuck sir, can I?"

"Yes you fucking slut. Cum, shoot your fucking load you disgusting little whore." I cried out, his words tipping me over the edge and I came hard over the tiles of his floor. He growled, gripping my hair tighter and he kept fucking me good and hard for several more minutes until he finally came inside my trembling body. "Now, you will lick up your slut filth and then clean my cock."

"Yes sir." The second he pulled out of me I shifted on the tiles. Maybe this was why he had tiles and not carpet, so it was easier for guys to do this. I bent down, licking the thick globs of my cum from off the floor, his eyes dark as he watched me. There was something to them, something I couldn't quite place, but I just put it down to him seeing me degrade myself like this. Once I'd gotten up all of my cum I moved between his legs, licking his softening dick clean.

Above me, he purred, running a hand through my hair. "How about that drink now slut?" I found myself nodding, hoping that we could do this again in the morning at least. Maybe he'd have some restraints he'd like to use on me too? I focussed on the task at hand, finishing up cleaning his dick with my tongue.


I groaned softly as I woke, my eyelids flickering open. My ass and throat both ached still from last night's fucking and I was hoping this morning would lead to... Wait. I blinked and looked around, realising that I wasn't in the bedroom. I was in a room the looked like an operating room. I could see medical equipment, scalpels and drips and fuck knows what else. I looked down, realising that I was strapped down to a table, still naked with my legs raised in stirrups. This wasn't the kind of bondage that I'd had in mind. "Tohtori!" I called out, using the name he gave me, my voice sounding rough to my ears.

I heard movement behind a screen and then he appeared. He was naked, his head tied back behind his head and a smirk was on his lips. "Ah good, you're awake."

"Tohtori, what is this?" I asked, struggling against the bonds. I felt strangely weak, which meant that the struggles didn't amount to much.

"Tohtori Kuolio is my stage name." He said, licking his lips as he approached me. He was, I noticed now, wearing surgical gloves. "In your slut tongue it means Doctor Death." I froze, feeling myself going pale and he smirked at my reaction. "I'm not going to kill you though, so don't worry your pretty little head about it."

"Wh... What are you going to do with me?" I whispered, feeling scared despite his assurance.

"I looked you up slut." He continued, not answering me. "Guitarist of a band called Black Tide which is now disbanded. That means no one's going to really miss you. But maybe you'll know some of my other patients."

"P... Patients?" Fuck, did that mean there were others here too?

He hmmed, again not responding to my question and he lifted up a straight razor. "Now, be a good boy and stay very still." I forced myself to remain as still as I could as he bought the razor between my legs, carefully starting to remove the thick curls of my pubic hair with it. I swallowed, watching fearfully as he used the blade to remove every hair from my crotch, especially around my sac. Why was he doing this?

He reached up every few moments, brushing my curls from my crotch as he worked on removing every one of my pubes from my body. I'd never once considered doing it myself, preferring to keep myself natural and not wanting to accidentally damage myself. The way he did this was with an ease that obviously came from practise.

Once my crotch was completely devoid of hairs, he set the razor down and sprayed my balls with something, though I couldn't make out what it was. He licked his lips, then reached for a tray beside the table, grabbing a scalpel from it and I let out a whimper at the sight. "Please, don't do this." I felt tears prick my eyes as the words left my lips, I wasn't sure what he had in mind exactly, but I could certainly guess.

"Do you know how many parts of the human body are necessary?" I bit my lip and shook my head, feeling fear deep in the pit of my stomach. "You can lose quite a bit of your body and keep on living. Your arms, your legs, your nipples, genitals, eyes. You can even lose some internal organs." I looked at him, eyes wide and he smirked, running a gloved hand along my thigh. I tensed from his words and his tongue darted across his lower lip. "The second I laid eyes on you I knew you had to be my latest patient. Now then, let's get started..."

"Please don't! I'll do anything you want!" As soon as the words left my lips I knew that they'd sound hollow to him.

"What I want is for you to behave yourself, keep quiet and stay still." He smirked darkly as he looked down at me. "I'm never letting you go." His gaze moved down to my crotch and he bought his scalpel up. I swallowed, watching with wide eyes as he flicked his wrist, making an incision in my sac. I cried out, more from the sight of it than the feeling, whatever he sprayed me with must have numbed me. Or maybe he'd given me something while I slept. I couldn't look away, although I so dearly wanted to as he used his other hand to pull my open up my sac, reaching inside. "Ah, there you are." My eyes widened in horror as I saw that he pulled out two egg shaped pieces of flesh and I knew exactly what they were. I wanted to plead with him again, but my voice was just... gone. He reached up with his scalpel and I saw him cut the cord, severing my balls from me.

I let out a choked sob as he lifted his hand up, cradling both of my balls in them. I felt sick, but couldn't bring myself to. He smirked, showing them to me, his gloved fingers bloody. "There you go, you've just had your first removal." He smirked cruelly. "You won't be cumming ever again." He reached over, setting my balls in a jar. It had some fluid inside, no doubt to preserve them and I sobbed again, weeping at the sight of them. He set the scalpel down, grabbing a needle and thread and he sewn my now empty sac. "Your sac already looks so much better nice and empty."

He hummed to himself as he finished up, bringing his gloved hands to his face and he licked some of my blood from them. "Mmm you taste good..." He licked his fingers again then grabbed some wipes, cleaning my thighs off. "Now, rest up... There's still plenty that I need to take from you."

I whimpered and he gave me an injection, then everything went black.


I awoke and I let out a soft groan, feeling groggy. As my eyelids fluttered open I saw I was in a bed, a sheet covering me and my arms strapped down. I hoped that I'd just woke from an awful dream, though I suspected that wasn't the case.

I could see that there were other beds here, at least three others, all looking occupied though my vision was blurry. I could see that there were two people standing up though, heading towards me.

"So this is your new patient then?" I didn't recognise the voice and could make out that it's owner wore a short skirt, displaying his thighs and he wore a t-shirt with a red cross on it.

"Yes." That was Tohtori's voice, which I recognised. "Patient AD90, known as Austin. He's an American." The skirt wearing one lifted up a chart from the end of my bed, humming softly. "As you can see he's already had his first surgery. Make sure he has something to eat before the next one."

"Of course Tohtori." He paused and I saw him lick his lips. "He's very pretty.

"Hmmm that he is." Tohtori spoke again, smirking down at me. "Hoitaja, which do you think should be his next removal?"

He gestured at the chart with a smirk. "Hanen silmansa." He smirked and I suspected he said it in Finnish so I'd not know what he was saying. I whimpered helplessly, and the other man smiled at me, setting the chart back down on the end of the bed.

"Oh yes, well chosen." Tohtori licked his lips, looking down me like a predator again. "Do n't look so worried little one, we'll be taking good care of you. Now Hoitaja, let's get him something to eat and drink. He needs to be well for his upcoming surgeries after all."

"Yes Tohtori." The other man licked his lips and nodded, the pair of them turning and leaving me there. I let out a whimper of despair, closing my eyes tight. Surgeries... Fuck.
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