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Take Control Part 2

Take Control Part 2
Pairing: Austin Diaz/Raymond Toro, Aaron Rubin/Ilan Rubin, Aaron Rubin/Raymond Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Aaron
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: Well, ended up doing a second part of this for... Reasons

"This... Is my room?" I asked, looking around the room that Austin had led us to. It was big, probably at least twice the size of my old room and it even had a door to an en suite. The bed was big, easily large enough for for three and the tv on the wall was larger as well. I set my bags down beside the bed, Ilan setting ones of his own beside them. We'd not bought too much, mostly just keepsakes from back home and a few choice toys and clothes.

Austin smiled and nodded. "Yes it is Aaron." I walked around the room, still amazed by the size of it. This so wasn't what I was expecting when he said I'd have a room, I'd expected it to be smaller than the one I left not bigger. Ilan looked the same, his eyes as wide as saucers. "Master's room is right next door."

I gave him a nod, stopping at the desk where there were a paper of sheets of paper that looked like forms. "What are those?"

"Master wants you to fill those in tonight, there's one for each of you." Austin nodded, running a hand through his curls. "It's basic information, clothes and shoe sizes, any medical history or allergens, anything you particularly like or don't." He smiled, licking his lips as he looked between us. "He wants to take care of you, of both of you."

I nodded, still dazed, not sure what to say. "You'll both stay here tonight. Rest up and Master Toro will see you in the morning."


The next morning we were stood outside the door to Master Toro's room, which was right next to our one. That had been obvious last night from the noises that came from it. I had to admit I'd wished I could have been there and I had stroked my dick to the images of what could be happening in there. Ilan had done the same, making pretty little sounds as he came with me.

I swallowed and knocked on the door, rapping my knuckles against the dark wood. "Come in!" I heard Master Toro yell from the other side of the door and I opened it up, stepping inside with my brother. His room was larger than my new one of course, with an even bigger bed. There were cupboards and drawers around the room as well as art pieces adorning the walls, including one that was clearly of Austin. Everything felt luxuriant, like they weren't just functional pieces of furniture, but works of art all their own. My gaze was drawn to the bed though, where Master Toro lay, completely naked and glorious. Austin reclined next to him, his head on Master Toro's chest and he was naked as usual, although I noticed the cage was no longer around is cock.

Master Toro grinned at us then licked his lips. "Ah Aaron, so good of you to come. I hope you like your accommodation." His gaze flicked to Ilan and he smirked, his cock twitching noticeable to life. "And this must be Ilan, so good to meet you. Let me take a look at you." He circled his finger and Ilan glanced at me briefly before moving in a slow circle for him. Master Toro looked at him, an intense hunger in his eyes. "Oh yes, very nice. Very nice indeed." He licked his plump lips, gesturing for Ilan to come closer to him. He did so, climbing onto the bed and Master Toro grabbed a collar, which matched mine and Austin's. He bought it up, securing it around Ilan's throat, where my old one used to be. I'd removed it for the first time since I put it on last night, knowing Master Toro would want to put his own on. "This makes you mine Ilan. I am your Master now." Ilan nodded, eyes wide as Master Toro ran his fingers through his hair. "Though that doesn't mean you won't still have fun with your old one. Like now for instance."

Ilan looked a little confused and he spoke up, voice soft. "What do you mean Master?"

Master Toro smirked at that, licking his lips again. "You're going to take your brother's virginity." He looked over to me, gesturing with his fingers. "Aaron, get on all fours." I nodded and sank down onto my hands and knees before the bed. "Now Ilan, you are going to get him nice and open, then you are going to fuck him." Master Toro continued, voice firm but also somehow gentle at the same time. "I know it's probably your first time fucking someone too, but I'm confidant you know what to do." He smiled, stroking Ilan's hair again, then urging him over to me.

Austin passed Ilan some lube as he got off the bed and headed over to me. He slicked up those talented fingers of his, then I felt him crouch down between my legs. Master Toro was watching intently, as was Austin from beside him, as Ilan parted my cheeks and ran his tongue along my cleft. A soft gasp left my lips as Ilan's tongue brushed my opening, then pressed inside me. "Fuck..." The word left Master Toro's lips and he sounded awed. Ilan's tongue twisted inside me, lapping at my insides. I purred, my eyes lidding as as his soft muscle explored me, brushing my walls.

He shifted back after a few moments, holding my cheeks open with his left hand, two of his his slick fingers pressing against my pucker. I took a deep breath as he eased his fingertips into me, easing them in, a groan leaving my lips. "That's it..." Master Toro purred and I looked over, seeing him lazily stroke himself at the sight of us. My dick throbbed between my legs at the sight, my brother's fingers probing deeper into me, opening me up. "Talk to him, tell him what you're doing, what you're going to do."

Ilan twisted his fingers, making me groan and then he started to speak. "I... I'm fingering my big brother. I have two fingers inside him, working him open for my dick." His voice wavered as he spoke, clearly sounding uncertain. I rocked my hips, pushing my ass back against his fingers. "Fuck... You're right Master Toro, I've never fucked anyone before. I've used my fingers though, fingered my brother so many times." He ached his fingers in me, rubbing against my spot, making me groan. "He likes me to finger him while watching the porn of you both."

Master Toro chuckled from his place on the bed. "Well, I think he's ready for your cock now, don't you?"

"Y... Yes Master Toro." He retreated his fingers from me, a soft whimper leaving my lips. I heard him slick himself up and then he stood. I felt his hands on each of my cheeks, prising them apart. He placed his head at my opening and I could feel he was shaking.

"It's ok Ilan." I whispered to him, hoping it would ease him. "Fuck me."

That seemed to settle him and he pushed into me, taking me for the first time, though I suspected it certainly wouldn't be the last. I knew how I should feel, a master being fucked by a slut, especially his own, was meant to be the ultimate humiliation and yet that's not how this felt at all. Maybe it was because Ilan was my brother as well as my former slave, or maybe it was because of how Master Toro was doing it. "Oh fuck Aaron, you feel... Fuck..."

"So do you Ilan..." I groaned softly as he filled me up. His dick was much smaller than Master Toro's but it filled me up nicely. He held onto my cheeks, starting to move steadily. It reminded me of our first time in my room back home, when he'd come to me. He'd told me that he thought he was a slut, that he needed cock up his ass. I decided in that moment that I had to be the one to do it and to be the one to protect him. I knew full well what happened to sluts and I didn't want those things happening to him. I shook such thoughts from my head, knowing I had to focus on the now and that Master Toro could keep us safer than I ever could.

Ilan groaned, his nails digging into my fleshy cheeks as he fucked me. "Aaron, you feel incredible..." I smiled, squeezing around his length when he was inside me fully. A moan left his sweet lips and everytime he rocked into me his dick caught my spot. I groaned at the feeling, the stretch of him feeling so fucking good. "C... Can I touch him?"

"Yes, jerk him off, make him cum." Master Toro's voice was breathless as he spoke and the second he did, Ilan wrapped a hand around my waist and started to stroke my dick. "Grab his hair too..." Master Toro murmured to my brother and his other hand went to my hair, running through my curls.

Ilan's sharp hips thrust against me, his hand moving steadily on my dick. I didn't know how long he'd last, or how long I would for that matter, but when his movements became more ragged, more desperate, I sensed he was close.

From the bed there was movement, and Master Toro got up, coming over to us, his beautiful cock in hand. He stood before me, his cock aching and it looked like it did last night before it came across my face. I felt Ilan lay against my back, his chin resting on my head and Master Toro groaned, shooting across our faces. "Such pretty boys..." He said, voice breathless and I trembled, shooting across myself from the praise. Ilan made this pretty, needy sound and I could feel him pulse inside me. It was a strange feeling and, fuck, it felt good.

"Now, clean each other up, faces first." I smiled, breathless as Ilan eased out of me, the pair of us sitting up. I ran my tongue over Ilan's face, imuch the same way Austin had mine last night and we kissed, sharing the taste of Master Toro's cum. Beside us, Austin was licking at the floor where I had spilled my load and fuck, this felt so right.

Master Toro ran his fingers through our hair, purring in approval before laying on the bed to watch us. "Once you are down we shall have breakfast and then the first part of your training will begin." I nodded, pulling back from Ilan to let him lap the cum from my face. I hoped eevry morning would start like this.


The first part of our training, it turned out, was a tour. It made sense that we'd need to know where everything was. Master Toro had to take care of some important business and so it feel to Austin to give us the tour.

"This is the first part of your training." He said as he led us from the dining room, down one of the corridors towards the main entrance. "After today you go through three more pieces of training together. The first two are to train your throat and ass to take Master Toro's cock. I know he is very eager to take you both and he will be personally overseeing that. The last one is the combat training. Then Master Toro will take you to the venue to become acquainted with that."

"Wait, combat training?" Ilan asked from beside me, asking the question that was on my lips too.

Austin nodded, stepping into the room I first met with Master Toro. "Yes. Master Toro is well liked and respected, and, as such, no one has challenged him for his position since he inherited it from his father. However he is aware that such a possibility could happen and, as such, gives us training to make sure we can protect ourselves and him." He gestured around the room before us. "Take this for example. This is a room where he does some of his business and where he meets unfamiliar masters and mistresses." Austin walked to one of the cabinets by the door, which held glasses and various bottles of alcohol. "As such..." Austin reached for the wood and pressed the middle of one of the raised decorations and a panel slipped back. There were two knives inside, curved like sickles. I gasped and Austin took one in each hand, slicing the air in front of him a few times before replacing them and closing the panel carefully.

"Does... Every room have things like that?"

"All of the rooms open to the public have them, the larger rooms have several of them." He nodded, smiling as if it was nothing. "Only the Toros and slaves of the family know they even exist."

"Have they... Ever been used?" I asked and he shrugged slightly.

"Like I said, Master Toro is well liked, there's been no cause for me to use them yet. I can't say if they've been used or not before then though." He smiled brightly, heading for the door. "Now come on, there's much to see."


The house was much larger than I'd expected. I wasn't sure why exactly that I was surprised, it was a Masters mansion and had been in the Toro family for generations. Austin showed us all the secrets he knew of, the secret panels in each room that concealed weapons and the hidden corridors connecting various rooms.

The tour ended at our rooms and then we all sat on my bed, with Austin telling us to ask him any questions we may have before we'd have lunch.

"How long have you been Master Toro's slave?"
"Since I came of age three years ago. He purchased me the day I arrived at he slave market, before I'd even been put out on display."

"Has Master Toro ever been fucked?"
"No! At least not while I've been here anyway."

"Does Master Toro have family?"
"His father has moved upstate and his brothers are each masters of their own towns. They get on fairly well though I don't think he sees them often."


The next few days were a rush of activity as Master Toro trained us up. Anal training, it turned out, involved a mix of things including fingering, fisting, piss enemas and taking dildos of various sizes until we could take the dildos of his cock. It was easier for Ilan then me, but fuck, did I feel proud when the whole thing was seated inside me.

I knew then I was ready for the real thing.

Now we were in Master Toro's room standing before his bed where he sat, smirking at us. "Well, well, well, what have we here." He licked his plump lips, his eyes dark with lust. "Two needy little sibling sluts clearly desperate for my cock."

"Yes Master Toro." I whispered, feeling my cock ache between my legs in anticipation. He chuckled from the bed, running his hands up his bare thighs. I thought of them crushing my head with them a soft groan leaving my lips at the thought.

"Come here cunts." Master Toro petted the bed either side of him. "Come see what a real man's cock looks like." We both moved in unison towards him, climbing on the bed until we were sitting on either side of him. He bought his hands up, one going to each of us and he threaded his fingers in our curls. After a few moments he pushed us both down until our heads were on his thighs so we were just inches away from his magnificent dick. I parted my lips, snaking my tongue out to lap at his length. He chuckled and I saw him smirk above us. "Such an eager little slut. Worship my dick sluts."

Ilan joined me, leaning in and running his tongue over the other side of Master Toro's cock. As we both lapped at his length, our tongues occasionally brushed against each other, the three of us groaning. It still felt so surreal to be so near to his cock, to be tasting it and running my tongue along his veins. Ilan ran his tongue down towards Master Toro's base and I moved up, lapping at his plump head. He was leaking precum and the taste filled my tongue as I lapped at his slit, and it was amazing.

After a few minutes he gripped our curls, pulling us back. "As hot as it is to have two slutty brothers on my cock, I need to bury my cock in one of you." He smirked and looked at me. "You have the honour of riding me tonight slut."

"Thank you Master Toro." I felt a surge of pride at being chosen and I moved to straddled him, Ilan's fingers holding onto his base. His other hand held my ass open, guiding me down on his dick, my hole still slick from our training. I gasped as I felt his head at my hole for the first time, hopefully the first of many. My hands found my way to his chest, holding onto him as I lowered myself down on his dick, a groan of pleasure leaving my lips.

"Oh yes slut, that's it." I cried out as I seated myself fully on him, my eyes lidding. The dildo of him didn't do him justice, he felt so much better. His hands grasped my thighs, holding me down on him. "How's it feel cunt? To have your first real dick in you."

"Amazing Master Toro... Fuck, you feel incredible." My cock ached between my thighs and my eyelids fluttered open. "I can't believe I have your huge cock inside me..."

"Well you do sweet cunt and you'll be getting it a lot more." He dug his nails into my thighs, then shifted his hands. "Now ride me, make me cum you whore!" I nodded, instantly starting to move up and down on his cock, my own aching. He looked past me, to Ilan and then he spoke again. "And you, slut, use your tongue on my balls."

I felt Ilan lean in to do just that, his curls brushing against my ass as I bounced on Master Toro. "Fuck..." I whispered moving steadily on him, squeezing around his erection the way I'd learned during the anal training. Master Toro groaned, rolling his hips up to meet my ass and I knew I was doing a good job.

"Suck the slut." Master Toro growled after a few minutes and there was Austin, who had up until now been watching from the sidelines. He bent down and his thick, bouncy curls brushed against my stomach as he took me in his mouth, sucking me.

The four of us moved together like that for awhile longer and I amazed myself with how long I was lasting. But there came a point when Austin flicked his tongue just beneath my head when it all became too much. "Master Toro..."

"Cum for me slut." He whispered, voice slightly ragged as he rocked up into me again. "Cum deep down my whore's throat."

His words did it and I cried out, gripping Austin's curls with one hand as I came down his throat. Seconds later I felt Master Toro spill deep inside me as well and there was that sense of pride again. I'd made him cum too, fuck. I panted heavily as we rode it out, Ilan's tongue shifting up to my ass, no doubt eager to taste our master.

"Mmm yes." Master Toro purred, running his fingers through my hair when I collapsed against him. "You did well Aaron, my pretty new slut. I can't wait to sample your brother's ass in the morning."

"Thank you Master Toro." I smiled, breathless and content as I laid against his chest. I knew now that this was where I was meant to be. Ilan shifted up and he smiled as he laid down beside us, Austin on the other side of me. Master Toro was smiling, his other hand running through Austin's curls.

He looked as content as I felt.

I smiled, closing my eyes, listening to his heartbeat as I drifted off to sleep.
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